social media toolsAre you looking for Google+ apps and resources to enhance your marketing?

This article reveals five categories of tools and apps you can employ to greatly enhance your Google+ experience.

Check this out: Thirty-six percent of brands on Google+ have seen a 100% increase in circle size in less than 3 months, according to a recent study by Simply Measured.

This is a stunning metric when one considers that there’s no Google+ advertising platform to fuel campaigns. Brands are forced to use great content to engage and can’t “pay to play” by using sponsored stories or other advertising gimmicks.

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools

With this spike in activity, developers are scrambling to create tools to help businesses of all sizes manage, integrate and promote their Google+ communities. Below I’ve outlined some great tools to help businesses manage Google+. I’m sure this list is just the start of many innovative tools that will be created to help communities thrive on Google’s social network.

This new frontier is a bit rocky as the needs driving Google+ management are still taking shape. It’s important to remember that tools and tactics do not equate to strategy. Taking the time to research, listen and discover your community’s needs and strategizing to meet those needs is TOP priority.

You can learn how three of the top Google+ pages engage their audiences by reading my last post on Social Media Examiner, 3 Successful Google+ Pages and Why They Work.

Once you’ve got your roadmap, I hope a few of the tools below will help you on your journey.

#1: Google+ Widgets

These allow you to promote your Google+ business page on your company website.

A great little widget from displays your latest Google+ posts and +1s on your website and links back directly to your Google+ profile or page.

google plus widget allows you to specify a width and length for your Google+ widget.

A second website widget,, will allow you to choose the number of posts to display along with several other customization options.

appspot widget

This Google+ widget allows you to specify a number of page posts to display.

#2: Google+ Statistics

With these you can research your competitors’ Google+ pages and measure the results of your own campaigns.

Social Statistics is dedicated to Google+ data and includes the top 100 people on Google+, the top pages and even the top posts. Posts can be sorted by the most +1s, comments or shares.

This is a great way to discover what or who is trending on Google+ by the hour, day or week.

social stats top posts

Social Statistics will display Google+ posts with the most shares, comments and +1s.

Social Statistics has also developed a Chrome extension that allows you to see a graph of Google+ page or profile followers without leaving Google+. It works well for larger brands, but pages with a small base of circlers may not display any data.

chrome extension Chrome extension displays Google+ page and profile metrics without leaving Google+.

A free site, Allmyplus, aggregates Google+ stats for any profile or page. The platform records the number of posts, comments and shares displayed by day going back for several months. The tool also offers interactive charts displaying posting behavior by weekday and by the hour. Nice way to quickly calculate the most active days and times for your Google+ business page.

google+ stats will display post activity by the day of the week and by the hour for ANY Google+ page or profile.

Simply Measured is primarily a Facebook and Twitter reporting tool, but it offers a free Google+ report on ANY Google+ page.

The report features data on the:

  • Engagement rate by post type
  • Page activity for the last 2 weeks
  • Overall page engagement
  • Comment keyword analysis
  • List of the top users commenting on your page

The cool thing about this report is that it can be easily exported to Excel or PowerPoint. This feature makes it a snap to create a competitive analysis report on your competitors’ pages.

google+ brand page

Simply Measured offers a free Google+ brand page report that displays on-page engagement over time.

They have also published an in-depth Google+ brand page study that outlines Google+ brand page adoption, top 10 brands by number of circlers and the top industries on Google+. This is valuable information when attempting to determine if your target audience is spending time on the platform.

simply industries

According to Simply Measured, the top industries on Google+ include electronics, beverages, Internet services and apparel.

CircleCount is an awesome site that tracks the most popular profiles and pages on Google+. Quickly discover the most popular brand pages and gain insight into their follower history, growth rate and average reshares and comments per post.

CircleCount also offers some interesting Google+ demographic information, including gender distribution, top 10 pages, country distribution, job distribution and company distribution.

circle count jobs features graphs outlining top Google+ job titles, companies and countries.

#3: Google+ Directories

Now you can quickly target Google+ users who are influential in your industry.

PlusClout is a site that assigns Google+ users a PlusClout score based upon influence. Here’s how the tool calculates influence:

  • The PlusClout score is based on numerous public variables like number of followers, frequency and volume of information-sharing, etc. Mix in some mathematics and you have a PlusClout score.

You can sort through the most influential Google+ users by country, city, profession, employer and EVEN college they attended. Very cool!

FindPeopleonPlus, a sister site to, is a great directory of people active on Google+.

This platform offers the AWESOME feature of detecting your Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections who are on Google+, displaying their PlusClout score and allowing you to quickly add them to your circles. LOVE IT!

find people on plus twitter will automatically detect your Twitter and LinkedIn connections active on Google+ and allow you to easily circle them. also will provide a recommended list of Google+ users to follow based upon several factors like where you live, where you went to college, companies you worked for and those with a similar profession.

Recommended Users is a directory that lists recommendations by topics such as women in tech, journalists, photographers, foodies, scientists, bloggers, LGBT, etc. This is a great site to help brands target Google+ influencers within their specific industry.

recommended users will suggest Google+ users to follow based upon specific topics.

There are several other Google+ directories with more being added all the time. Here’s a great post discussing some of the other options available (originally posted by Gabriel Vasile).

#4: Browser Extensions

With these you can streamline social communications and make workflow more efficient.

Extended Share for Google+ is a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to quickly share ANY Google+ post on a variety of different networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. The extension adds a “Share On” link below every post. One downside of this tool is that it links to the Google+ update and not the original content source.

extended share for google+ chrome

The Extended Share extension allows you to share ANY post to a variety of social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

G++ for Chrome and Firefox adds both Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google+ stream with full functionality. You can see incoming news items and Like, tweet or reply to comments from inside Google+.

google++ chrome interface

G++ displays Twitter and Facebook streams within your Google+ news feed, highlighting them with a unique background color.

SGPlus is my FAVE Google+ extender tool as it allows you to post links on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all from Google+. The posts look great and link directly to your content, NOT the post on Google+.

In order to get the LinkedIn feature, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version for only $8 bucks per month. The downside is that the tool is currently NOT functioning in the latest version of Firefox but it works just fine in Chrome. Another drawback is that the posts look great in Facebook but for some reason won’t import an image for a post on LinkedIn.

sgplus interface chrome

SGPlus allows you to post your updates directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with just one click.

Google+ Notifications app will allow you to view your Google+ updates from any webpage AND respond directly without having to leave the current page you’re browsing.

google+ notifications chrome

Google+ Notifications allow you to monitor and respond to Google+ notifications while browsing other websites.

Publish Sync WAS my favorite Chrome extension until it disappeared from the Chrome web store. If you were lucky enough to install it, you know that it allowed you to share posts to your Facebook profile AND Facebook business page. I LOVED this feature and haven’t been able to find another tool that allows for this functionality. Publish Sync also allowed a user to post to Twitter, LinkedIn and several other platforms all from Google+. If anyone has news on the future of this app or knows the developer, please share with readers in the comments section below.

publish sync facebook page feature

Publish Sync allowed you to publish posts to a Facebook business page from within Google+.

If you’re looking for more Google+ browser extensions, take a look at these great posts outlining additional tools for Chrome and Firefox.

#5: Management Platforms

Now you can integrate Google+ campaign and page management with other social media channels.

Involver was chosen as a Google+ partner and is only offering Google+ page management on an extremely limited basis. You can apply for exclusive access by completing a brief form.

Vitrue is also a beta Google+ partner. Vitrue publisher integrates with Google+ and can publish posts to multiple Google+ pages. The tool also offers real-time data on your Google+ community including impressions, recent posts, +1s and engagement. You can sign up for a demo of this platform to learn more.

HootSuite has also been admitted to the small club currently working with Google+ to offer page management services.  This blog post outlines the features that are currently available for HootSuite enterprise clients. Features include targeted publishing to circles, the ability to manage circles in-dash with add/remove and edit functionality and campaign measurement with Google+ analytic modules.

The other enterprise management platforms that currently have partnered with Google+ include Buddy Media, Context Optional and Hearsay Social. Contact them directly to learn more about their Google+ services and pricing.

So that’s a down-and-dirty roundup of some of my favorite Google+ tools. Hopefully you got a tip or two that will make managing and growing your Google+ page a bit easier. With new tools and apps being created daily, I’m sure there are some that I missed.

What do you think? What tools do you use to streamline and integrate Google+ with your other social media efforts? Be sure to comment on your tools, tips and tricks in the box below.

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  • $44796859

    Thank you so much for sharing, some great resources to check out! :)

  • Leon

    Does anyone have a great free tool to publisch all Twitter updates to Google+?

  • Jonathan Thompson

    Thank you! Looks like Google+ is coming right along. Love the idea of tracking competitors and most popular pages to get an edge over the competition.

  • Mike Macey | ThinkUp New Media

    Lisa, your blog is awesome.  My head is spinning and feel like a kid in a candy store.  I appreciate your research, explanations, and ideas for implementing your G+ nuggets!

    I could write a post everyday for a couple of weeks focusing on each tool.  

    I recently watched a live video feed of Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki.  Guy said he uses Google + for 85% of his social media content.  Well, better make a list and see where to start:)

    Thanks again for sharing with our Social Media Examiner community.

  • Mike Macey | ThinkUp New Media

    Twitter to Google + |

  • Muralmaker1

    This is fabulous! I can’t wait to research and try out some of these! Thanks so much for the info.

  • lisapeyton

     Hi Leon,

    GREAT question! I’ve been looking for that tool myself. Currently I don’t know of anything that will drive tweets TO Google+. There a few that will post Google+ to Twitter –

    Twitter client in Google+  –
    Google+ to Twitter –,2817,2389341,00.asp

    Let me know if you find anything, Lisa

  • lisapeyton

     Thanks so much for the feedback Mike, it’s much appreciated. I’m glad you found the article helpful. I LOVE it that more and more of the social media influencers are promoting and using Google+. It’s my favorite. 😉

  • lisapeyton

    Thanks so much for the comments guys! You might know that Google+ implemented some design changes today. Be sure to jump into your Google+ profile and check them out. Here are some great resources to learn about the new updates:


  • lisapeyton

     Thanks Jonathan, I LOVE that idea as well. It’s always helpful to see what your competitors are doing, NOT so you can copy them but to help you differentiate. Have a good week!

  • lisapeyton

     Hi Leon – I’ve responded to your question with a few links to resources that will push Google+ to Twitter but it’s pending approval. I’ll tweet them out and you can take a look there. I haven’t been able to find a tool that will push Twitter to Google+. PLEASE let me know if you find anything with that functionality. Cheers! Lisa

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  • Steven Sefton

    Amazing Blog Post on google+ and the best I’ve seen so far.

    I’m going to implement these to my profiles and client profiles and will feed back what I love best.

  • Dave Nosker

    Thanks for a great post Lisa… Concentration on Google+ stuff is a welcomed subject and would love to see more posts like this in the future by you. Nice job! :)

  • Luis Galarza

    I’ve looking for a set of good marketing tools for Google+ for a while, I only found one, that let you cross post from Facebook to Twitter and G+… I personally like the app that let you manage Facebook and Twitter post right from inside the G+ platform!…. Awesome share guys!

  • Govind Choudhary

    Great info !! Thanks a ton for these amazing tools.Am gonna try them just now :)

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    I am seeing the focus of Businesses is changing from Facebook to Google plus. Is it going to be the end of Facebook?

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    Excellent resource

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    Hey lisa….Publish sync is called SocialBa and you can easily find it with it’s name on Google. 

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    Some of these extensions aren’t working right now after the latest changes. The developers are all scrambling to fix them it seems. 

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  • JEBworks

    Great and useful list. My favorite comment is this one though:

    “It’s important to remember that tools and tactics do not equate to strategy. Taking the time to research, listen and discover your community’s needs and strategizing to meet those needs is TOP priority.”

    Too many people still start at the wrong end with a focus on tactics and tools without and overall strategy.
    Makes success that much harder to achieve.

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    Thanks for sharing great list, really helpful. Its amazing how Google has always something new to offer.

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    A list of useful apps for marketing! Thanks for sharing and it’s really helpful! 

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    Great post.  I’m new to G+ and am trying to find my way around…this post was very helpful!

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  • Ana Lucia Novak

    This is indeed a thorough list of G+ apps and tools.  I do want to add OnlyWire as a tool to submit fresh content directly to G+ or G+ business page.  The basic monthly fee starts at $13.00. It’s used as a bookmarking tool and integrates well with WordPress or you can use an RSS feed.  It would be nice if Hootsuite opened up this feature to PRO users.

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  • Benjamin Wright

    Lisa: Have you seen any organization use Google Apps and Tools to create and manage a rich social network, supporting many different discussions among network members, akin to the networks one can create on Ning?

  • Métiers du web

    Thanks for sharing the information. Google+ is great, but I missed tools to better use it and to have some stats. Now there you are.

    Concerning shares for Google+, I have tried HootSuite, but images are not displayed properly. DoShare doesn’t work when my PC is off (and it adds horrible *(Mon04) to all scheduled posts).

    Publish Sync now is Socialba!, still Chrome extension. I look forward using it !

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