Just as marketers are getting a handle on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, a fresh group of social media networks are poised to make a splash in 2010.

These networks have not reached mass adoption yet, so it’s not necessary to get active on all of them immediately.  But remember, Facebook only took 6 years to reach 400 million registered users.  You should keep an eye on these five upstarts to see if their innovative services attract large audiences in the near future.

Why You Should Pay Attention

Learning the ropes on new services before they gain mass traction can help you get value from them faster once they catch on.  Monitoring the innovations in the social media space also gives you an indication of how the market is changing and will evolve over the next few years. Marketers should stay abreast of broader market trends to assure their messages stay relevant.

The 5 Social Media Sites You Should Explore

#1: Foursquare This location-based social network/gaming application is rapidly gaining users and mindshare.  Users “check in” at local businesses and earn rewards for frequently visiting participating establishments.

The site receives more than 1 million check-ins per weekBusiness owners can get value out of Foursquare by offering incentives for users to check in, such as special offers for repeat visitors.

The site lists more than 800 establishments currently offering deals.  Those deals could include a free drink or appetizer for the Foursquare user who checks in the most (called the Mayor).

Currently available in 45 US cities and many major international cities, Foursquare has plans to expand further and grow its user base over the next year.  It has also signed major partnerships with TV network Bravo and restaurant guide Zagat that will expand its functionality and usage.


Google Buzz

#2: Google Buzz – Google’s latest entry into social networking has the potential to attract rapid adoption, due to its connection with the widely used Gmail and Google Maps applications.

Buzz allows users to post status updates and upload pictures and videos to a Google profile, not unlike Facebook and Twitter.  A user’s network is formed by contacts they interact with frequently on Gmail.

If a user makes an update public, the information also gets added to the “Buzz” layer now available on Google mobile maps.  Now, Google Maps users on iPhones and Android devices can view the things other Buzz users have said about businesses in the area.


#3: Loopt – Another location-based social service, Loopt aims to connect its users with their friends by visually displaying their location and availability on a localized map.

Users can connect with friends in the area, see reviews and recommendations of restaurants, and find events in the area that might be of interest.  Businesses have tapped into Loopt’s location data to offer targeted promotions.  The B.R. Guest restaurant chain in New York sent messages containing special discounts to Loopt users near their restaurants.

Loopt is accessible on more than 100 mobile phones, giving it the widest distribution of any of the location-based services.  It is currently used by about 3 million people, which should increase as Loopt expands to more cities.  Marketers should explore the possibilities of interacting and promoting their businesses through Loopt, as well as monitoring posts to judge the sentiment of user reviews.

#4: BlippyBlippy aims to connect people around the purchases they make.  Easily the most controversial of the applications profiled here, Blippy publishes the amount and location of customer purchases (with user permission, of course), which the rest of the community can then react to.

While the concept may not seem attractive on its face, the site has already signed partnerships with a dozen major vendors and is funded by many marquee investors.   If the service begins to attract a large user base, this community could be very valuable to retailers looking at general purchasing trends.


#5: Groupon – This site offers “collective buying power” by providing deals to groups of people who buy products and services in bulk from participating retailers.  The site uses social networking to get users to share offers with their communities, in order to reach the target number of customers the “Groupon” requires to activate.

Businesses could gain exposure and new customers by making offers on the site—if Groupon develops a large following. For instance, a colleague recently bought a golf lesson package from a local pro shop for 60% off, because he joined a group of 29 others in the “groupon.”  While the revenue from the purchase is helpful, exposing a large group of customers to your product is even more valuable.


This is by no means an inclusive list, only 5 exceptional companies striving to change the social media landscape with fresh ideas.

Which up-and-coming social application are you most excited about? Who did we leave off the list that should have been included? Please leave a comment below…

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  • I definitely think Foursquare and Groupon are the BIG sites listed here. They work better for restaurants/bars, but could also do a lot for retail. And you’re right about the exposure your product/service/location gets from these applications. I have recently visited restaurants and bars because I saw a lot of people in my area checking in there on Foursquare. And I keep visiting the places I am ‘mayor’ of because I don’t want to lose it! As far as Groupon, I’ve only been using it a short time and already purchased coupons for four local restaurants- three of which I have bever even been to. I’d say these apps are working!

    I also think you should add video chat websites to this list. Chatroulette is the biggest right now, and although I’m not sure how it ca be used for marketing purposes (yet), it is too popular to ignore.

    Atomicdust, Saint Louis, Mo.

  • peterwylie

    Hey Danielle,
    I’m glad you’ve already started using some of the sites I listed. Although I’m a little skeptical that ChatRoulette will ever monetize or even be of use to businesses, other video chat sites and Skype for sure can be useful to businesses that do a lot of distance sales.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Adin Hunter

    There is another community I found, that has been undergoing a lot of transformations that I think in the future will be a big deal. It’s kinda like Twitter but with action, surrounded around what your intent is for the day & then you get support from other people. I dig it!

  • natashaattal

    What are your thoughts on Gowala? I already use Groupon and absolutely LOVE it. I like the idea of getting the deal if other people sign up for it as well. The variety is also great – it makes the site unique. As far as Blippy, I really am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. In a time when people already know so much about you, do I really want everyone knowing what I’m spending my money on?

  • peterwylie

    That’s a really interesting site. It seems very personal and positive, especially with the support element you mentioned. I’ll keep an eye on it!

  • I LOVE GROUPON! It is definitely a great site for consumers and businesses alike.. I get the emails everyday and everyone should… they have it for every major city

  • I agree that these location-based networks are popular and will continue to grow in popularity. However, as a stalking victim advocate I feel the need to remind everyone to be extremely careful with these networks. Too often I see people on Twitter even releasing their iPhone codes and posting FourSquare information. You may not always know immediately that you have a stalker. I founded Jodi’s Voice in honor of Jodi Sanderholm. Court records indicate that her stalker had been stalking her for 10 years and she was unaware of it until the day he killed her.
    We teach our children to be careful of what they put online. I urge adults to do the same! Enjoy the networks (I do too), but keep your own safety top of mind!

  • Thanks for the heads up!… Foursquare seems pretty interesting as well as Loopt! and groupon. I am not big fan of Google stuff and I hate when they try to sign me up even before I read my emails …

    I do not really see the interest of Blippy and to be honest i do not like the principle …

  • peterwylie

    So sorry to hear about that tragic event. It’s a very sober reminder for people to be mindful of how they share information in any capacity online. Location-based networks should stay laser-focused on protecting their users and fostering best practices for safe use as they grow.

  • peterwylie

    Thanks for your thoughts. Blippy certainly is not for everyone, and I see your points about the principle. For those willing to share however, it creates an interesting purchasing and shopping experience. Google Buzz had its share of headaches over the original opt-in settings, which it has largely mitigated by stopping automatic sign-ups and follows. Thank you for commenting!

  • Thank you. They should, but unfortunately it is not something that many people think about until they are personally affected by it.

  • Corinne

    I had heard of Groupon but haven’t used it – I definitely see a huge future for that one!

    The lastest issue of Reader’s Digest has an article about Austin Hill, who is in beta with a site called – which is about playing it forward with acts of karma. It’s pretty neat, and if it takes off, I think it will have a big impact.

  • peterwylie

    I think you’re right about Groupon. I will look into, sounds like an interesting extension of social networking.

  • whistlerheather

    I hope I can keep up… I certainly see the value in introducing these sites for tourism.. Not a big deal today in our small resort, but tomorrow comes mighty quick….and it is better to be ahead of the curve..also very good points about the importance of privacy…

  • PRRightNow

    I use Groupon and have recommended it for some of my clients. Foursquare has some great potential for marketing – again, I’ve recommended it to our downtown Bel Air association as something to look into for offering deals, etc. Blippy concerns me on a whole lot of privacy levels, and I’m not too keen on the data collecting potential of Google’s entries.

    I do think that there is, or should be, some concern about privacy and dissemination of data. One thing I encounter a lot with college age and younger markets is a sense that their online life is private, and can only be seen and is only seen by their friends. The idea that entities are collecting data about them from their participation always seems to shock them. I can’t help but wonder if there might not be a backlash to the micro-targeted advertising etc because of that looming in the future.

  • I love foursquare, but I don’t see much value in it, other than giving businesses lots of business. Can you tell us how it can benefit the average social network Jane and Joe? 🙂

  • peterwylie

    Presently, the biggest value of Foursquare is discovery and networking, as I see it. I’ve found new places to eat and go out based on positive recommendations on the network. It’s also fun to meet new people based on mutual interests and shared favorite restaurants/bars. Obviously, the deals that often accompany “checking in” at places is another perk for Foursquare users. Thanks for commenting!

  • peterwylie

    I agree completely that privacy needs to be a central concern here, as I commented earlier. As Facebook saw with Beacon, targeted advertising can draw the ire of consumers, so any of the location-based services that are planning to use location data in marketing need to be careful to honor the trust of their users. Great points to consider for future implementations.

  • shaune23

    I like many of these sites. In a smaller community sites like 4square don’t work as good yet. It’s easy to become the mayor because there’s only 3 or 4 using the site at the moment. We’ll see what happens as it becomes more popular.

  • Steve,
    Enough, can’t keep up with the social media merry go round. Need to be anti social otherwise, the wife could be left out of the social loop and that could be worse than offending Google.

    Great post, god I hope this all ends with some money in the bank as we are doing Twitter, Facebook, Facebook fan page, blog, web site and ocasssions getting 40 winks.

  • Peter,

    Have you seen any new players in the Business to Business world that are more regional

  • Ditto FourSquare and Groupon. I signed up for FourSquare a few months ago, but I’m still developing the habit of “checking in”. Yelp recently adopted the same functionality, which seems to have miffed FourSquare a bit. Very interesting space.

    Groupon rocks too. They’ve found their way into my morning routine of scouring my favorite deal sites. Picked up a $50 roundtrip luxury bus ride to Vegas a few weeks back–free food and wi-fi the whole way.

    Both sites/services are good, not only for consumers, but for small businesses looking to engage with the social media crowd in a meaningful way. Not that it’s mutually exclusive, but these modes seem more interesting than tweeting random restaurant or small business news items.

    A far smaller, local-business based site that’s interesting: CheapIrvine. Cool business model. They negotiate limited number of high-discount coupons with local businesses and release them at a set time each day, first-first serve.

  • I kind of like – I travel a lot and so does my circle of friends – it’s an interesting way to keep up with where everyone is going, copy them for my next trip and get recommendations on hotels/restaurants/etc from friends and not the randoms on TripAdvisor.

    (Because really, some of those people on TripAdvisor are crazycakes.)

  • Are you concerned about people knowing that you are away that you might not want to share that information with?

  • Hi:

    I think Four Square has huge possibilities for the tourism and hospitality industry. Think of the results for an attraction; drawing visitors who would not have considered checking them out. How about a hotel restaurant or lounge; the possibilities are endless.

  • sjakkmatt

    LOPPT has not yet discovered Norway…

  • The typical small business is resource limited and can’t be everywhere. Better to concentrate on a few social media points of presence and rise above the noise than dilute your efforts and be lost in it. You’ll get more sleep too.

  • is another up-in-coming social networking site which allows you to share local business recommendations with your friends & family, in an attempt to curb the problems of Yelp and other sites like it that have non-authentic reviews.

  • I’m a huge fan of Groupon and I think businesses are as well. Every time I redeem one, I ask about the owner/manager’s experience and so far all comments have been positive. Some offers have overwhelmed businesses with new customers. The business itself doesn’t make much money, more of a loss leader, and the goal is to be so amazing that the new customers keep on coming back.

    I’m redeeming a groupon tonight in fact with 5 friends for a wine tasting event in L.A. A deal too good to pass up and a place I’ve never been.

  • I see the value for Blippy, Groupon and of course Foursquare and Gowala from a retailer point of view. I believe that the education process for retailers and other businesses to make the most out of these tools will take longer than educating the tech-savvy public, but someone has to do it 😉
    I’d like to point another emerging community web service, – in their words:”Yoink is the easiest way to get free things from people near you and give things away you don’t need”. Check it out.

  • khurram

    also checkout which is in beta testing currently and would surely revolutionalize the way people communicate with each other.

  • We have a local company that is doing an incredible job w/local savings. It is definitely a hot trend in our neighborhood. I definitely enjoyed my massage & facial at the Infinity Med Spa featured on their home page yesterday! 🙂

  • I get most of these, but not Blippy. Cultural standards change, and people are getting used to much more transparency via social media, but spending patterns in exact dollars and cents? A lot of people are still creeped out that the supermarket tracks their purchases and spits out targeted coupons.

    Also, not to get all buzzkill on you, but at my last two companies (MySpace and eHarmony), I witnessed the worst of the worst happening among millions of users, online and off. It’s only a matter of time before ugly stories begin to surface from location-based services. Nevertheless, I like 4sq and think Loopt, Blockchalk and others are good growth candidates.

  • kfromherz

    I have signed up for foursquare, but it is limited in my area (even statewide in CT). Haven’t tried Groupon, but was wondering what you thought about I created an account, but can’t find much information on how to use it well.

  • A very useful travel app is TripIt and two others, WorldMate and TripCase. All allow users to send their travel confirmations and build a trip itinerary around it. Another interesting tool for trip planning and sharing is Gliider a browser add-on letting you collect, store and share stuff you come across during the planning process.

  • Pete – There is a UK-based company called me2everyone PLC that has been in development on a new social networking concept for a little over a year. There have been a few fits and starts along the way and one or two major hiccups, but it all seems to be coming together rather nicely.

    The “business” side to things can be found at – while their first go at the “social” aspect is at –

    When you register on the company sets aside 2,000 shares allocated to you as their “welcome gift”. There’s really not much going on beyond that, other than connecting with some of the other 560,000 registered members and tracking your shares earned by inviting others to join you.

    When you sign up on you begin to experience what lies ahead as their social web site continues to evolve from a “test bed” to what will eventually become their fully integrated 3D social network, destined to set the standard for social networking in the years ahead.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am associated with M2E and yes, I do stand to benefit when someone registers with the company on the business side. There are no rewards for registration on the social site, beyond the pleasure derived from interacting with members from 170 countries representing 38 languages and sharing their experiences, cultural differences, videos, music, photographs, chat sessions and the future.

    If you do another “Emerging Social Media Sites to watch in 2011”, I hope you might find me2everyone worthy of inclusion in your review.

  • jaguarservice

    Out of all the 5 emerging media i just heard about the Google Buzz, i donot have any idea about others, let see they are also as good as google buzz.

  • Hey Peter, Thanks for the run-down. But do we really need anymore for these soc-med sites? I’m flat out getting a handle on and keeping up with my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin sites, not to mention bookmarking sites. If you have one of a type, what’s the point of having another? For instance, why have DIGG when you already have Delicious? Why have Google Buzz when you have Facebook? We only have 24 hours in a day and some of us actually have to work for a living. It’s now taking me close to half an hour just going through the stuff in my email inbox!

  • Gary, I hear where you are coming from, for sure! Just realize that these new sites are doing things the big boys are not and currently cannot. And in many cases they are achieving great traction. I think you need to look at your business model and decide what works best. – Mike

  • I agree with Catherine on the value of Foursquare to promote tourism.

    The New York Times, Zagats and Bravo TV have formed partnerships with Foursquare, each leveraging their content to promote special offers and tie-ins. Look for more such partnerships, with the reach to become highly targeted, highly localized.

    During the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, The New York Times provided recommendations to Foursquare users on restaurants, attractions, shopping and nightlife in Vancouver, Whistler and the town of Squamish – all fed by The Times’s travel and entertainment coverage.

    And with the Times announcing last November it would be forced to make 100 newsroom cuts by the end of 2009, while recently posting an ad for a Social Media Marketing Manager – the writing is on the wall, so to speak.

    Tourism and journalism are two sectors hit by the economic downturn and, like all businesses, must adapt their strategies to online media to reach a greater audience and survive.

    However, I also agree that these new tools encourage a level of information sharing that can compromise privacy. And that with so many new options, we will likely go through an initial glut with a few leaders eventually emerging from the pack. As Gary says, it is becoming harder to keep up, and while we all have the choice not to participate, depending on your profession, you may be required to invest the time to remain competitive.

  • Many people say they won’t use location-based services because they fear theft — this includes people who are active in social networking. So I don’t think they’ll catch on as well as non-location-based services. I’d love to be wrong… as long as no one is robbed because of them. Sites like are also putting the fear in some.

  • you are right. For advertisers community such as Blippy could open a market full of potential customers …

  • peterwylie

    Adding context on something as important as travel plans really shows the value of social interactions. Thanks for the comment!

  • peterwylie

    Denise, glad to see Groupon is providing value for you. I was on a panel yesterday and one of my fellow participants was raving about a Groupon deal she had gotten, too. I think the site is headed for big things with its innovative concept.

  • peterwylie

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look into Yoink.

  • peterwylie

    Will do!

  • Hey Meryl,

    This doesn’t seem to stop people from saying where they are on vacation on Facebook, etc. I think the deal is whether this information is semi-private or public for the world.

    I am sure such options will be coming soon.


  • It is unfortunate — unless their family will be home and it’s just the one person doing the traveling. Better to share after you return anyway. Or, if you’re looking to get tips for the location — don’t give away the timeframe of the trip. People do need to remember to review their Facebook to ensure everything is not too public.

  • peterwylie

    Antone, thanks for your perspective. I hope these sites can figure out how to avoid some of the problems you saw at eHarmony and MySpace.

  • peterwylie

    I haven’t used Socialight yet, but I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • peterwylie

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out.

  • peterwylie

    Gary and Michael, I couldn’t agree more. I wanted to point these sites out so that if a large amount of your customers begin using one, you could have a head start on deciding how it fits your model. Sorting through the noise online is a daunting task already, for sure.

  • peterwylie

    Alison, thanks for your thoughts. I think Foursquare will continue to add partnerships, too. I also agree that we will start to see winners in location-based social networking, and that’s why I wanted to point out a wide range to get them on people’s radar as the shakeout occurs. Thanks for commenting!

  • peterwylie

    Meryl, let’s hope so! I think keeping your residence and other important private information away from location-based sites is probably a wise idea. Thanks for your comment.

  • clarkhr

    Am a huge fan of Groupon and see huge potential for Google Buzz given the popularity of Maps and the use of Maps by mobile devices now.

  • Have you heard of yet? Its in beta now. It is sort of a Facebook meets Amazon – reviews and recommendations on products, websites, catalogs, etc from within your network. Ive played around a bit with it so far and think it looks good.

    Delver will be a single destination site where you can easily browse, find and share interesting stuff from all over the web. Add anything from anywhere… any retailer. Keep track of the latest and best pricing. Whether you’re just window shopping for fun surprises, a birthday gift or on the hunt for latest electronic gadgets, makes the thrill of finding products effortless and enjoyable! Torn on choosing between products, create a “Help Me Choose” poll and your friends vote on which is best for you…but there’s so much more. I won’t tell you everything as I want you to explore for what is your favorite feature.

  • lisanirell

    I recently blogged about how these online marketing companies are one of the most positive indicators of economic recovery:

    I also provided some tips to help people leverage these new platforms. Thank you for a great posting, Peter!

    “The Business Energizer”

  • allanmisner

    Another one I think you could look at is It is a language learning social network. Basically, it provides language lessons and allows users to correct each other’s writing and chat/talk online to build your skills. I’ve found it very useful and the free basic members is actually quite good while the paid premium membership has a ton of bells and whistles. I think they have a winner.

  • FourSquare looks like an interesting concept. I have been using GoogleBuzz for about 3 weeks now and I just can’t get excited about it. Another one is It’s been picking up steam in a few areas. I like the idea of posting the feelings of happiness, anger, frustration, sadness, etc, and posting a picture with it.

  • Good list, not sure I agree on Blippy, I would have included Waze as it is a little more important to the public to know about traffic patterns rather then spending patterns, however I can see where vendors will love the concept, maybe they should team up with Groupon to make it attractive to users to sign up. There needs to be a better “fair trade” for consumers to share that data.

  • Angela,

    You raise a VERY strong point and something I have been discussing in depth lately. Too many articles I read seem to be focused on either the accuracy of location information or the monetization of such services without addressing the privacy issues; the biggest factor in the survival of location based services IMHO. I spent several months trying to get the privacy model for our service right, and I have to say i’m not sure I got it 100% but I do recognise the importance of these issues as your post highlights and believe that it will be a continually evolving process given feedback from our users.

    I just wish more companies and CEOs were as concerned about making their services safe for their users as I am. All the best.

  • I think all those Social Networking sites are great. I will definately try them. Especially Foursquare and Blippy sounds useful not only customers but also business. I am wondering these kind of sites might not be helpful internationally since some of them are locatin-based SNS.

  • I’m a student at the Art Institute of Dallas, and being in the interactive media realm, I am experimenting with Gowalla and FourSquare both. I think these are GREAT applications and the world isn’t seeing how you can truly use these applications. I am going to show the world how I plan to use this application fully. I am going to launch my blog in three months, but I am going to post a YouTube video and show how anyone can get a great use from this social networking geolocation app!!

  • My Name is Andrea Scafidi, I am a netmarketer, always looking for Online Business Ideas and Opportunities.
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  • Hi, my name is Alex and I’m one of the Founding members of a soon to LAUNCH member’s site with a major difference. It is based on the premise “You can’t make money and sense at the same time, they are mutually exclusive.” which is something a great American the late R Buckminster Fuller was crystal clear about. I feel anyone who spends a few minutes looking at the US and global economies would, maybe with some initial resistance agree. Fuller is considered as one of the most original thinkers and one of the most important human beings of teh twentieth century. The NEW site is called Your Healthy ( ) and is already taking members. It’s FREE to join, and as a member you will receive discounts from other members who advertise on the Ethical Marketplace and it also has a Rewards Income platform designed to help grow a world that works for everyone!

  • ritaturkowski

    what about Living Social going up against Groupon?

  • Foursquare & Buzz I’m right behind – bags of potential (Gowalla too!).

    Then, the big “BUT” comes in – I’m based in the UK, where Loopt is not yet available for the iPhone; Blippy will have to wear down some of my British reserve before I want to start telling people what I’ve been buying, EXCEPT that if it’s made available for LOCAL purchases, best deals, etc, then I could be right with it.

    And, finally, Groupon I will watch with interest, and will participate as soon as I can, but they’re only available in London at present, and I’m 100 miles west!

    Sometimes we have to feel we’re living in the boondocks here in the UK, but we’ll catch up, don’t worry!

    Thanks for the post Peter, sorry I found it a week late (via email from @marismith, Thanks Mari!)

    Find me @hojomo

  • lesterzaleski

    Look forward to receiving Twitter marketing tutorial.

  • Cool list, I only currently belong to FourSquare, but will check groupon out asap.

  • Hey Peter,

    I was reading through your articles on here social media, and I this one caught my eye 🙂 I’ve never tried FourSquare but Google Buzz is pretty cool. Have you ever thought of using any metrics to measure how useful and how many hits your blogs receive on a daily basis? If you find my comment relevant or interesting, please comment back or feel free to email me!

  • claudiaguzman

    This is interesting. I’ll be sure to get to know more about these five social media emerging sites. Thanks for this post.

  • Ben_Lopez

    Interesting article, I would agree with your choices as being the social media sites with the greatest potential. Though I have investigated all of these and I have no interest in devoting time to any of these with the exception of Google Buzz and Groupon. As some of the others have shared, some of these sites are publicizing VERY personal information that I think is both unnecessary, and potentially unsafe. But even with those issues aside, I’m afraid I largely see these as time wasters (FourSquare in particular) and little genuine social interaction coming out of them.

    I hate to be so negative, so I’ll try to offset it with a positive find; I noted the suggestion of a guest I was not familiar with,, and am very impressed with it. This could be used to improve your business and work ethic, as well as your everyday outlook and sense of happiness. I see an EXTRAORDINARY amount of potential here because a site based on sharing emotions, aspirations, and dreams could build up genuine relationships very quickly. But I can predict that success ONLY if they transition their focus to the community aspect, which I honestly believe is pure gold. As it stands, it shows enormous potential, but the editorial portion seems to be a little too dominant.

    Things are changing quickly, folks. I haven’t seen a shuffle like this since the Facebook/Twitter boom during Myspace’s buggy period. Ironically, Myspace, which has fallen from glory, is probably still the most full-featured social media site online today.

  • businesshoroscope

    thanx for this post…….

  • Things are changing quickly, folks. I haven’t seen a shuffle like this since the Facebook/Twitter boom during Myspace’s buggy period. Ironically, Myspace, which has fallen from glory, is probably still the most full-featured social media site online today.

  • Great information…,,,well see…;-)

  • Quite informative material here. I am glad to stumble upon here and learn of these upcoming sites. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anyone had any success marketing their website with google buzz ?

  • another up-in-coming social networking site which allows you to share local business recommendations with your friends & family, in an attempt to curb the problems of Yelp and other sites like it that have non-authentic reviews.

  • Groupon is a great program and offers wonderful deals on a wide variety of products and services. With no cost to the user to sign up, it is a no-brainer.

  • LKelly

    I agree- Foursquare and Groupon are the highest on that list. 2 of these I have not heard of yet! eek.

    Its surprising how many companies need assistance with their own social media because they do not have the time to dedicate to their businesses social media or they just don’t have the know-how yet! Social media is exploding and I think we are all loving the progression. I know I always look like sites like ‘Yelp’ before I choose a restaurant! Or look at websites to view a menu prior to going! Does anyone else do this??

    If you need help with your social media:

  • LKelly


    Do you work for If you ever need help with Social Media for this business, feel free to contact me at

    I work for a Social Media company:

  • good work

  • I have the same problem Gary. Like Peter said its more about finding the ones that fit within your culture, and adopting those that might benefit you the most. The next big problem there is again, finding the time to research them all…

  • I’ll be excited to see what happens in 2011 for social media! Another something that may be an interesting article is social media sites for business.

  • Your article is very interesting and I mean very: I will print this and will study it thoroughly.
    there are potentially thousands of small-medium social media portals on the web that are quite unknown, but are rapidly getting more and more popular. Most of them will go bankrupt, however!

  • This is worthy website and the info so for. So i am sure in 2011 these social media website are become more important for the users.

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  • Groupon s by far the best new Social site. Some of the location based ones like foresquare I do not get?

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