social media toolsMany people feel that Twitter is only a sales broadcasting platform, but I’m sure that you’ve heard of the positive causes that have been spread via Twitter as well.

The best way to keep Twitter a valuable, viable channel is to emphasize the social aspect, and one important way to do this is to show appreciation for your Twitter friends using lists. I’ll discuss 4 easy methods below.

#1: Follow @ListWatcher.

listwatcher@ListWatcher is a great resource that sends you a direct message (DM) when anyone adds, removes or changes you on any of their lists. This is such a simple reason to send a thank-you tweet for adding you to their list. It adds a special touch that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to thank someone for thinking of you. People love to feel appreciated and valued by their fellow Twitter peeps.

It’s also an interesting way to understand how others perceive your presence on Twitter. It may help you to change or modify your tweets if you feel it’s an incorrect perception. It may also give you a positive perception of yourself, which can be a great source of encouragement if you’re feeling a lack of motivation in your endeavors.

Seeing DMs come in from @listwatcher is also a great reminder to continue adding people to your Twitter lists. It’s very easy to forget about this relatively new feature, which provides a great way to connect and keep up with new and old friends by reducing Twitter’s noise.

#2: Support Your Twitter Lists With Hootsuite. is the holy grail of Twitter applications. Hootsuite has many incredible features, but we’ll focus on Twitter lists for now. Be sure to add your Twitter lists as columns in order to scroll down and take time to review them. Give back by retweeting great quotes, links and any other interesting tidbits that you discover.

The great thing about sharing your appreciation in this way is that it doesn’t take an enormous amount of time to retweet great ideas and content. All it takes is scanning down the columns of your Twitter lists and finding the ones that would be beneficial for yourself and your friends to retweet. When I find great tweets, I add them to my Twitter favorites, which is another way to show your appreciation. Others can view your Twitter favorites and find interesting people to follow from your favorite tweets.

Tweetdeck provides some similar features, but one of the best advantages of Hootsuite over Tweetdeck is that it doesn’t take up a lot of resources on your computer. It’s possible to view multiple columns of Twitter lists in Hootsuite without having to worry about resource issues. It also provides for a much faster response time—I used to waste time waiting for Tweetdeck to load. I’ve been an avid Hootsuite fan since I’ve made the switch.

#3: Ask Your Friends How They Want to Be Listed.

As I added my friends to certain Twitter lists, I thought to myself, “What if this person wants to be listed differently?” This prompted a blog post in which I asked my friends, Which Twitter List Defines You? View some of the responses and consider asking your friends, especially if they’re known for multiple talents. As you can see, Denise Wakeman shared a variety of different options.

It’s not necessary to write a blog post to ask your friends; it can also be accomplished by sending a private direct message or sending a public @ reply, depending on your preference.

The approach is your decision, but the goal is the same: discover your friends’ Twitter list preferences and share them. There are some people who find it hard to initiate conversation on Twitter. Simply asking for a person’s Twitter list preference can also be a great icebreaker in meeting new people.

This exercise helped me to better understand my friends, learn which Twitter lists they would appreciate being part of and can also help build a sense of community as others share their thoughts.

Twitter lists can provide a great directory at a glance without having to go to other websites such as Twellow or WeFollow, although these are great sites to find new relationships. Start thinking of how you would like to be listed so you’ll be prepared when you’re asked for your Twitter list preference.

#4: Share Your Lists on Listorious. is a fairly new site that features the top Twitter lists around the Twitterverse. Create a new account and add your Twitter lists to the directory. This gives exposure to your friends as you create and add your Twitter lists to this site.

Once you’ve added your Twitter lists, it’s possible to recommend people from Listorious after clicking on your newly created list. Just add in the person’s username and there’s an option to tweet it right at that moment. This is an incredibly easy way to show that you appreciate and value your friends. Take some time to search around and find some great Twitter lists to follow.

Make sure to check out this very popular post on How To Market Your Business With Twitter Lists here on Social Media Examiner. I learned some new things from this post, especially about SEO.

What do you think about these ideas? Share your comments below…

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  • rockstarbuzz

    Great list, Naomi! A couple to add are to manage and share twitter lists and where you can find followers based on similar users.

  • Great article. I am going to start applying this advice today! Thanks

  • Hi Naomi,

    I’ve never been a lists guy. I like to experience each user. That being said, thanks for sharing your insight. Anybody who uses lists mentions the tools you provided as being helpful.

  • randyjames

    Great list Naomi, thanks for sharing it!

    I was a bit confused about lists usage, but now I totally figured out how to do it. I will place more Twitter business related questions about it on if I have some doubts and off course continue following your advices here!

  • FAB Naomi – Yes – I do all these things – I highly recommend all of it! The other cool thing about is you can take a List URL and put it in and follow everyone on the List. Very cool when you find just the right List and want to individually follow everyone on it. I found that out from @shellykremer

  • alwaysasap

    Really helpful. Thanks for sharing

  • sammy

    Thanks for the advice. I have learned that HootSuite is much better than TweetDeck.

  • Hi, Naomi. This article is going into my Evernote app on my iPhone for future reference. There is so much information in here, that I am going to need time to digest and apply it. Thanks for your great research and sharing 🙂

  • You’ve certainly rounded it all up and laid it out nicely here, Naomi! Thank you. I haven’t been focusing at all on Twitter lists so your post has provided some much-needed incentive. 🙂

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Naomi. Once I switched over to Hootsuite, I saw the real power of lists and love it. Also didn’t know about ListWatcher so I’m getting set up on that right now.

    I agree it’s great to thank people for adding you to a list. Every now and then I check to see what new lists I’m on and send a public thank you tweet with a link to the list so others can check it out as well.

  • Good post. MustExist also have a tool at that uses lists to give you a sense for how others think of you (as opposed to what you put into your biography). Disclaimer: I work for the company. We are also working on a free widget based on that. You will be able to put it on your blog as a “Seal” or a “Badge”. So if you are interested in being an early adopter, please reply to @mustexist or @eugmandel or to me (@AlexSherstinsky), or simply click the Feedback button on and let us know how to reach you. Once again, good post — lists are a vibrant and practical Twitter activity.

  • ElizL

    Great post!! I love coming here to read your insights. It helps keep us 1 step ahead and give our clients a quality product!

  • Thanks for these resources!

  • Hi Ryan, Lists help me to experience each user in a unique way. Thanks for your response. 🙂

  • Awesome Phyllis! Thanks for that tip!

  • Hey Melanie, my local LA area bud! 🙂 It’s so great to see ya here. Twitter Lists are so easy to get overlooked so I thought it would be fun to provide a different twist. 🙂

  • Hiya Steve, I have Evernote on my Blackberry and I haven’t used it that much. Bad Naomi, I know! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me.

  • Jack D. Wilson

    Another way of using lists is to use them to sort people you are following. Our Twitter account ( was established with specific goals in mind, including the type of people we wanted to follow (for us it was a variety of tourism related categories). When Twitter implemented lists we did the categorization of the people we were following. During that process we identified a couple hundred that did not meet our criteria and we unfollowed them.

  • Sure thing Denise! I’m not sure what’s up w/listwatcher lately. I haven’t been receiving DM’s in a few weeks (well before I wrote this article when I was getting DM’s constantly). But I have been missing @ replies in my Twitter stream lately so I don’t know if it’s my account or what. I will see RT’s of my tweets on other networks like Linkedin but not in my Twitter stream. Strange!

  • This is a good and informative post about unique ways to use Twitter lists.These ways will be useful for me and I will try to follow all these ways.I did not know some of these information so now I will consider this information in future.

  • I don’t regularly keep tabs on what lists I’ve been added to. I mean I do check in every now and then but I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself being added to a list I didn’t like. Nevertheless, I do like the idea of using @ListWatcher as a way of keeping tabs on the lists I’ve recently been added to and sending a “Thank You” or other type of Tweet to the person who just listed me. It’s a quick and easy way to engage.

  • jonnylucas

    Thanks Naomi for your great advices. Now lists are pretty much useful than before!

    I recommend entrepreneurs to join the conversations on about twitter and other related topics.

  • I’ve just been removed from @DailyWordofGod’s list of interesting people via @listwatcher. That can’t be a good sign on Good Friday! LOL

  • Great, but the title somehow misguided me, I was thinking about 4 unique “strategies” to apply twitter lists, but your content is 4 ways to use external tools to help your lists 😉 great content anyway ! Keep it up !

  • There are internal and external examples here but they are all strategies. 🙂

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  • Im a horrible twitter lister.
    Someone should seriously beat me with a spoon