social media how toHow can you quickly encourage people to become followers of your Facebook page?

This is the most common question I get from clients.  The truth is it takes time to build a new fan base from scratch.

From the day you set up a Facebook page, it does require an ongoing commitment to brand, monitor, and network with people who find interest in your product. Besides quality service, it’s important to build close-knit relationships with visitors.

How do you get people to like your Facebook page?  Here are 10 tips…

#1: Be Prepared With Quality Wall Posts and Consistent Engagement

If you want to be liked, be likeable first.  A disorganized Facebook page can turn off customers instantly. When reviewing a Facebook page, quality content and active engagements are great first impressions.

Several other factors people look for before joining a page include the brand itself, consistent posting of fresh information, and active engagement from both fans and admin.

#2: Reward Your Loyal Supporters

You may have just started your Facebook page, but your business is well-established. Encourage your loyal customers to join your Facebook page as supporters, reward them with customizable badges/tabs (to be placed on their profiles for visibility) and special deals for consistent support.

A shout-out from a happy customer is a lot more attractive than a marketing slogan, creating irresistible appeal for that ‘Like’ button.

#3: Leverage Your Existing Social Networks

If you’ve built a strong Twitter network for your business, utilize it to promote your Facebook page. Some people prefer not to overlap similar social contacts on both accounts, but why diminish your chance to be noticed? Your followers can broadcast your message on both of their social platforms by reaching out to a greater audience about your business.

A brilliant example of this is how Mari Smith rewarded her Twitter followers while attracting people to visit her fan page:

Did I mention that a few indirect promotions on your Facebook personal profile could work wonders too?

#4: Integrate Facebook Social Plugins to Your Website

It’s essential to have a main hub correlating all your social media activities. Your company’s website is the only place that gives you full control over content and brand management.

Integrate Facebook social plugins to encourage connections such as Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, and Comment stream.

As Facebook visitors increase, your page is more likely to show up on supporters’ news feeds and those of their friends, prompting people to find out more about your business page.

#5: Remind Your Fans to Like and Share

Facebook has some easy ready-made sharing buttons with which people can promote your tabs and pages to their friends.  Place a shout-out or reminder to ‘Like’ your status updates and instruct fans to click that little ‘Share’ button right next to your message so their friends will be alerted about the update.

#6: Utilize Forum Signatures and Membership Sites

If you’re an active participant in a forum or membership site, placing a signature with your fan page link is a plus. No-one will care about your information unless you stand out from the crowd.

Be an active helper in a LinkedIn Group or a frequent poster of special tips and tricks. As long as your participation in the niche community is appreciated, there’s a higher chance for other members to check you out.

Here’s an example of my signature at Chris Garrett’s Authority Blogger Forum.

#7: Take the Initiative: Request Help From Friends

It’s difficult to start a fan page with no engagement whatsoever. Why not initiate messages to your friends and buddies who are supportive of your business? Ask them to help out in some discussions, reward them with publicity or return the favor. It’s easier to ask a friend than a stranger if you’re worried about spamming people.

Make sure the question is interesting enough to get them talking. If you use your personal account and fan page strategically, you’ll discover a huge advantage of getting new friends to be your fans while they’re getting to know you better.

#8: Use Tagging and Acknowledgments

A great networking tool, status-tagging, can even drive in new connections.  Tag an author or a popular Facebook page to draw attention, but only if you have good reason to do so.

For example, selflessly promote a niche-post and how it benefits people who like your page. Be authentic, and the page admin (hopefully the fans as well) will appreciate you for it.

#9: Participate Outside Your Page

Use the Facebook Directory and Facebook Search to locate other Facebook pages in your niche and look for public discussions based on search terms related to your business.

Provide value to the popular pages; build credibility and relationships with the admin and members.  Get to know them better before asking them to look at your page. They just may reward you publicly.

#10: Collaborate With Other Page Admins for a Social Event

You can collaborate with other page admins to create a special event that may benefit both your fans and bring in new connections. I find this to be very successful.  There should be a mutual understanding and proper planning to make it work for everyone’s professional goals.

For example, Social Media Success Summit 2010 was a successful live online conference with 24 social media experts who shared how to use social media to attract quality customers and grow your business.

There are many ways you can increase your Facebook fan base.  Remember, showcase the quality of your service and why it matters to be a part of your page community.

Cut through the noise and let your message be heard. Intelligently apply Facebook Applications to enhance your Facebook page while learning from these superstars to empower your social media presence. Quality networking starts with effort and time, but the return will be worthwhile!

What have you done to be “liked”? What rewards have you used?  What have you done to increase visitors to your Facebook fan page?  Let us know in the box below.

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  • Great list! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for the very informative post!^_^

    Had to learn most of the tips above by trial and error when I started social media marketing a few months ago. Learned some new tactics as well. ^_^ This will be a great help for those just starting out.

    #9 Participate Outside Your Page has been particularly effective for me and I regularly use Facebook search to find new pages I can participate in.

    The share button also becomes a very powerful tool IF you invest in quality content development in your site and if you optimize your website for SMM.

    Other viral tools I’ve used are polls, quizzes [readiness quiz], events [ a sponsored mass for entrance exam takers], a files tab [so fans can download free ebooks], an RSS tab, add to page favorites [cross advertising with related pages], etc.

    polls, quizzes and events are some of my favorite apps because they appear on the news feed of your fans’ friends.:D

  • You’re welcome, Christian, and thank you for commenting.

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  • Very well shared, Buzz. Facebook page is not limiting just within itself, you’re smart for utilizing facebook tools to maximize your page exposures and reach out to others. Free items are equally popular and effective. Thanks again for sharing the ideas. 🙂

  • aislynncampbell

    This website and your articles are very helpful. As a PR professional I have recently turned my personal addiction to Social Networking into to a business opportunity. So I can use all the info I can find.

  • Good to know, aislynncampbell. I really hope some of these ideas can help you to start off your Facebook experience too! Already setup a page yet? 🙂

  • This is really cool tips Ching, so many things I need to do with my page 😉 Thanks for this awesome article.

  • Awesome!!!!! This is super timely for me as I’m going to share my FB Page soon, so these will come in handy 🙂

    I especially like #2 Reward Your Loyal Supporters

    I can blast their mug all over the page LOL

    Thanks Ching

  • Thank you so much Latief for dropping by, sure is great to see you here. It’s ok, we’re all learning from one another. I’m sure I will have lots to learn from you once you get started. 🙂 All the best!

  • Hi Rob, ‘I can blast their mug all over the page’ –> now why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 Thanks so much for liking the post, I hope it helps. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message anytime. Enjoy the Fan Page experience!

  • Being new to Facebook pages, I had no idea that it was possible to collaborate with other page admins for a social event. Thanks not only for making me aware of this but also for providing such a great example. I always find your posts to be valuable and I really appreciate this one!

  • great tips!

  • Grant Perry

    Don’t forget paid ads on FB to drive fans. I’m finding it effective and every new fan is seen by their friends so you can get free additional visibility. Targeting friends of fans is especially effective for paid ads. It’s a great way to get the snowball rolling…

  • Whistler Heather

    I am loving the sharing and like option and am now going to add the like button to my blog… I really appreciate how information is shared over the internet… it really says alot about who we are as people in the world today… especially the no competition in Sicial media… because of the individual approach.. Thank you! ♥♥ Loved it

  • You’re most welcome, Sherryl. Thanks to SME for inspire me, they held an successful event collaborating with so many experts. It’s something we can definitely learn and try in near future to provide value to fans. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, it’s great to see you here.

  • Thank you Manuela, appreciate you liking it.

  • Thanks Grant for bringing this up. Indeed, I have yet to mass-try out ads on Facebook but it’s definitely in my list. Appreciate your comment.

  • Robert Baracz

    Thanks for another easy to understand, easy to implement list. Good stuff!

  • steveborowski

    A lot of my small business coaching clients really struggle to carve out the time to figure out all this stuff and get results for their business from the time they spend on Social Media. The usually give up or do not participate to the level to get any results. A real dilemma for solo entrepreneurs. Great tips that I will share with them. Thanks!

  • Hi there!

    Thank you sooo much for all of the informative posts. I have a very new fan page on FB and am trying to get my fan base bigger and your articles are really giving me great ideas! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    Quick question, which FB plugin is the one above that shows who likes your post/page? Don’t think that the one I’m using is very good 🙁

  • Just found the “like” you used in your example 🙂

  • Right on the money, great post.

  • Great tips. I’m just in the process of creating my Facebook fan page and trying to learn all I can about how to maximize it.

  • I like #9 as a way to also see what the competition might be doing!

  • Hi Ching,Thanks for this wonderful list — each tip is a gem, and I plan to apply all! I especially like tagging in status updates and encouraging friends to “LIKE” and “SHARE”. I’m subscribing to socialmediaexaminer, and I look forward to your next article.

  • I learned a lot from your list. Cross promoting on Twitter is a great idea. Thanks.

  • Love your blog posts! So informative and helpful! Thanks again! 🙂

  • Diane

    Thanks this is most helpful and detailed.

  • Great article here from our friend Ching Ya.

    As usual great tips with some great follow up on how to actually utilize them.. Brilliant!

    Some of the tips here was great new tips for me, and some great reminders too.

    Article is bookmarked and tweeted ..

    Cheers.. Are

  • if you’re dealing with something like a blog or tutorial content, do you think it would do better on facebook if was set up as a brand rather than an individual. like social media examiner vs. ching ya (or michael stelzner)? or does that not matter?

    i’m just wondering since it seems like brands like this one make it more open to being a community off the bat, rather than individuals. curious to hear what people think.

  • Thanks for this list of ways to grow …I have been finding it a challenge to grow my fan page..but I guess with dedication and time as noted it will happen.

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    Excelentes ideas; gracias a Ching Ya…

  • These tips were very helpful. It was good to see that I’d already implemented one or two.

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    Great information. Will certainly be doing these. Very helpful. Thanks.

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    Wow, I’m in my first week and I would be lost without these tips. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the tips. I’ve passed them on to our community. This is great for bands (and anyone). We need more tips like this. Thanks. | web fuel for artists

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    A wee gem!

  • Awesome blog post! Thanks for all the ideas!
    MarVeena Meek

  • This will be my homework! Thanks!

  • Ldhaywood

    I’m definitely posting the link to this article on my fan page. A few other things I do to increase the fan base is to have a fan campaign. I send out an email blast to my client’s email contact list with an offer to become a fan to win such and such a prize. Their name gets entered in a drawing and we announce the winner. Another thing which is huge – a friend of mine built her business on Facebook using this tactic – is photo-tagging. People love to see pics of themselves at your event and they’ll tag their friends on that pic. Photo and video tagging are huge for building a fan base. Of course, like you said, it takes time and you need to have good content. Great article!

  • Thanks for a great article. Do you know where I could find out more about sharing an event with other page admins? I think this is a wonderful idea, but I am clueless unless there is a help article for it. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • DV, are you familiar with setting up an event tab on pages? If yes, then for the rest it won’t be too complicated, for example once you gather a few experts in your field and plan for an event (to avoid clashes, perhaps focus one page to be the main center with ‘Event’ tab), while others can promote via shout outs, customize tab or link back to the main ‘event tab’. SMSS is a brilliant example for this and what I love most is that they have an external official web page setup for this event besides Facebook, perhaps Michael can share with us how he planned and setup it up in a post in near future? 🙂 *wave to Michael*

  • That’s a wise move, Whistler. A good thing to follow the trend and do what’s necessary for the blog. Social media makes it easy and why not embrace it for its full potential? thanks so much for commenting, nice meeting you too.

  • Thank you Robert, that’s the main objective and thank you for highlighting that. 🙂 Hope it’ll help others too.

  • Thank you Steve, I know what you mean. Sometimes we just need to think on behalf of our targeted audience what would they be interested in and how can we make them stay? It’s easier to start one step at a time without thinking ‘too much’ ahead, concern more on fans reactions then gradually implement new ideas to enhance it. I’m glad you enjoy the post, thanks so much for commenting.

  • I’m so glad you find the post useful. This is a question my clients have asked a lot during the past few months. Hope it’ll contribute in building your fan base too!

    Glad you found it, Colette. For those who are not sure it is a WordPress plugin, run a search and you’ll have loads of them. 🙂 Also, social plugins are equally useful:

  • Happy implementing it! Let me know how it went. 🙂

  • Thank you Fred, appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  • Congrats on starting up a new fan page! 🙂 It’ll be an exciting journey, I’m sure. Just take it one step at a time and hope the ideas can help in many ways. If you ever needed any help (I’m not expert but if I manage) let me know.

  • Smart move, Greg. 🙂 Sometimes you can learn a lot from your competitors.

  • Thank you Robbie and I appreciate you liking the post. I personally find tagging and a few shouts at the Wall posts can really make a difference if implemented moderately. I’m glad you find the post useful, if you ever need any assistance or have any question about fan page, drop me an email or message.

  • Thank you Kevin and yes it is. I have much to learn from Mari, she’s the queen of Facebook! 🙂

  • You’re most welcome, Shannon, just sharing a few observation and experiences along the way. I’m sure I’ll have the chance to learn from you too once you start up your page. Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Appreciate your kind words, Diane. Thank you so much!

  • As always my friend, thanks a mil for your support! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Oceangirl, you will, continue to persevere and you’ll get there some day. Success isn’t build in one day so we’re all learning along the process. Wish you best!

  • ¡de nada, Alfredo. Muchos gracias tambien. (my Spanish is getting rusty.. lol..)

  • Good work, Michael. 🙂 Hope you’ll find some more to try out in near future and if you have new ideas, feel free to share with us too! Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Thank you Elaine, and I appreciate your kind words too. Wish you best! If there’s anything I can help let me know. 🙂

  • You’re most welcome, toonmonk. 🙂

  • Kosuccess, you’re most welcome, just take it one step at a time. 🙂 If you need anything help just let me know. All the best!

  • Thank you sayvee, I appreciate your kind comment. It’s always encouraging to know the article can help others in their facebook venture.

  • You’re welcome, MarVeena, thank you for the kind comment, glad you find the post helpful.

  • Sounds good. 🙂 Be sure to update us your progress, Geneva. If there’s anything I can help, let me know.

  • Great share, Ldhaywood! And that’s a smart tactic too! Photo-tagging in events, that will be in my list in future if I ever had one. Also, love the idea to use draw to attract users. 🙂

  • Thanks so much, Sarah. 🙂

  • Mark W. Prasek

    Another way to increase your fan count is to get your fans to allow you to post messages on their behalf. A white paper describing how that app can be used for public service messages is at but the same technology could be used for any fan page.

  • jbaron41

    Thanks so much. This was a really informative post. I enjoyed the content. I learned soem new things along with reinforcing some practices I already was aware of. I look forward to your next post.

  • Thanks for yet another great post. I have linked to it from my Facebook Fanpage as I would like to share your 10 great ideas for increasing Facebook Fanpage followers.

  • Thanks its a very interesting list which I have saved.

  • I recently started using Facebook and have found some awesome plugins that mean when I publish a blog post the link is not only published on my status update but is also posted on my wall and on the wall of my blog’s fan page. 🙂

  • Thank you so much Mark for sharing the link. Will give it a read! 🙂

  • Appreciate you liking it, John. May the tactics will bring positive results to your engaging fan base. All the best!

  • Thanks Sandra, it means a lot and hope your fans will enjoy the post. 🙂

  • Thank you Jeff for the kind words. May the post inspires you to engage better with your new fans!

  • Facebook apps definitely contribute a lot when it comes to blog-publicity, no doubt. I use RSS Graffiti and it works like a charm! Sometimes I prefer to personalize the link with messages/questions for fans to discuss, helpful to keep the conversation going.

  • I have done a very poor job of making my Facebook page engaging. It needs a lot more attention from me, and this list gives me some great ways to do it. Thanks!

  • Nice seeing you here, Brad. 🙂 It takes time and I hope some of these tips can help in some ways. Wish you the best and see you around.

  • Thanks for the screenshot. Fame is mine! 🙂 Nice article, too.

  • great information! 😉

  • Thanks so much for the good information. I am helping a nonprofit start their FB page, this will be very helpful.

  • Great post! I will be adding the “Like” button to my blog shortly. This post is such a great resource for us “small folks” without a huge marketing fund available.

  • Reservation

    Can you please explain me how to get the option to my page that people only can see the content of the page if they like my page? thank you my page is

  • DI

    Hi very nice post indeed. All seems true but when it comes to a fb fan page I find it much more easier to grow the number of fans if the company is about product. If the company’s provides a service is much more difficult.

    What do you think?

  • PG

    That’s really useful info, thanks! I’m a little confused about the ‘Participate Outside Your Page’ section though – am I able to do this without setting up a profile? Currently I look after a business page, but we haven’t set up a profile because of this warning: ‘Facebook profiles are meant to represent a single individual. Organizations of any type are not permitted to maintain an account under the name of their organization.’ We’d love to start joining in discussions etc, but don’t want to get kicked off Facebook. . . Hope you can help!

  • would love to chat with you about your fb customization! can we set up a chat? i’m in southern california.
    thank you for the great tips!

    Chief TRIbal Officer

  • You’re welcome Tanya. Let’s discuss this over at email: 🙂 Thanks so much for liking the post too. Talk soon.

  • That’s a good question, Mr. Tunes. Sometimes it varies, it depends how one is going to build it and the approach he/she uses.

    The benefit of using something like ‘social media examiner’ is that it can be identified straight by new visitors, without having to guess which niche it’s in. 🙂 And also easier to categorize. But all in all, most importantly is the content & value given by that brand, despite from publicity. For example, Problogger is well known as a blogging pioneer; Mari Smith is for her facebook knowledge & approaches.. both are quality content providers.

    Interested to listen what others think. 🙂

  • Thank you Ricky for allowing me to highlight you in the post.:) You’re a valuable member to have, all the more happy to do so.

  • Thank you and hope the information helped. 🙂

  • Great to hear, Lanny. Thank you for commenting as well. 🙂

  • ocfunguide, thank you for commenting. Continue to persevere and your effort will eventually pay off. Sometimes all you need is a little creativity. Do share with us if you have discovered more tips to improve fans engagement. All the best!

  • Thank you for commenting and if you interested with the source code, kindly email me at:

  • DI, a page’s success relies much on the management, promotion tactics and quality service/product provided. Not necessarily product will yield quicker success over service, but more on how the page is designed and planned out. It’s the quality that counts. 🙂

  • PG, to participate outside a page is optional, but no doubt a good way to build brand and relationship with other users/pages. Personally, although I have a fan page, but as a page admin I also network personally with own profile. It depends on how comfortable one is to be ‘visible’ for the sake of the brand. If you prefer to separate it, then try to limit the visibility of your profile or assign a colleague who can help in customer service, public relation etc, go out as a personal profile works a lot better than being just a brand image, people know who you are and that’s one of the ways to build trust.

    Again, not a must, but it can be an added value. 🙂

  • Thank you Louis, I’m glad you think so. 🙂

  • Thanks again. 🙂

  • backupify

    How did you get the Member of the Month application? I tried searching for it but didn’t find it anywhere

  • PG

    Great, thanks for clearing that up for me. Much appreciated 🙂

  • These are awesome tips. The member of the month thing is such a great idea. It can be customized and tailored to the following/subject matter, but it’s really stellar. Thanks!

  • You’re welcome, PG. 🙂

  • backupify, I customized the MOTM tab myself using static FBML. 🙂

  • Personally I applied MOTM on my fan page, so far so good. Thank you for liking the idea, Tia. 🙂

  • HillaryDavisTravelTV

    This was the first succinct and easy to follow article on the topic that I have read. Good work!!!!! And thank you so much!!!!!!

  • I really like when bloggers respond to user’s comments on their posts. It really humanizes the author and I feel like I know them.

  • The key is quality content. If you offer that you will have people following you in facebook.

  • Christopherreynolds13

    Great information. Thank you.

  • Hi Ching,

    I love the look and feel of this website. And the content is outstanding! Thanks for sharing these great points on increasing your Facebook page following!

    Ilka Flood
    The Enlightened Networker

  • Appreciate the compliment, Hillary, I’m glad you find this post useful. Feel free to nudge me if you have any questions. All the best in your Facebook page venture. 🙂

  • Thanks Brosix, I appreciate your comment. 🙂

  • I agree, Pilar Torres. In addition to consistently respond and communicate with fans via discussions and comments. 🙂 Thanks for stressing the point.

  • Appreciate your visit and comment too, Christopher. Hope you’ll gain some needed info from the post.

  • Ilka, SME is definitely one of the best social media resource sites online. I’m glad you like it as much. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to post more often here. Feel free to drop me a message or visit my blog if you have any issues with Facebook that you’d like to discuss. I’m a facebook junkie (not an expert though:) so any ideas are welcome.

  • Nat

    Awesome post Ching ~ some fabulous points that I’m going to implement and see how I go with my page!

  • Thank you Nat, do keep us updated with your progress and hopefully share with us more ideas on how to promote your page to fans. Appreciate you liking the post. 🙂

  • erin

    I am trying to host a surprise gift drive for one of my friends since their daughter is sick . I want as many people to join, but don’t want her to see the group. What type of group do you suggest?

  • Kerry Walter

    Hi – I am learning by total trial and error. I created a company page that is linked from my profile page. I have the LIKE button on it and right now I only have 19 people that have clicked on the LIKE button – which is ok since I just started it. But I am finding that when I post a new status update on the company page – that information is not getting posted on the walls of the people that LIKE the page – can you please advise what I have done wrong and how I get this to work? I am just getting more and more confused reading all the various documents and so many of them are out of date!! Thank you so much for assisting!!!

  • This is what I call a GREAT article. Explain everything on simple steps. But considering those FB strategies, I’ll outsource my FB tasks pretty soon. Good or bad, I’ll see down the road.

  • Erin, if your group is only for a focused group of people/purpose and wish to have private control over its visibility (members join by invitations) you can try FB Group.

    As for a fan page, it’s more viral with higher visibility in search engines, and people can join freely. But if you are to create a page for a surprise gift drive it’s possible that your page may be categorized as a Community Page instead of official page (for business, product, organizations etc). Bear in mind that once the page becomes popular you will lose admin right and everyone can post freely to the page. You may also need to consider is this cause permanent and will you continue/discontinue this effort after some times? Is it ok to lose admin right? (Refer to ‘User-administered Community Page’:

    Basically, a lot of considerations involved so do think thoroughly how you plan to run the drive first. Also, if your friend is on FB , it’s still possible she’ll see her friends joining your page from her News Feed so it’s hard to completely shield her off the page. In my opinion, FB Group may be a better way to go for this.

    (Kindly refer to this link about the differences of page vs. group:

  • Hi Kerry, thank you for commenting. First of all, your fan page updates will only appear on fans’ News Feed instead of their Wall. News Feed is only visible to user him/herself so there’s no way we can tell if they’re receiving it. If you are to monitor it, try to ‘Like’ the page via your profile as a fan and from there you can see how your updates appearing on fans’ feed. 🙂

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoy the article too. 🙂 Best wishes.

  • Our strategy incorporates many of the concepts discussed throughout the article, only reinforcing our beliefs up to this point. Great article I would be interested in returning to, and/or recommending to others, as a point of reference.

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    Pretty Dang Cool! :0)

  • Pretty Cool

  • Thanks so much for the support, Gordon. 🙂

  • Thanks for liking it, Olivier.

  • Hi Ching Ya,

    Like Brad I think I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of making my FB Page engaging so far – but thanks to your (as usual) great post & tips here I hope to improve that particular situation soon.

    Very best wishes


  • Thanks so much Will. It’s very thoughtful of you to comment and I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  • thanks for sharing, good article

  • Bill Wickwire

    I’m struggling aswell to get my Facebook page to grow as fast as I would like it to,but thanks to this page I should now have the knowledge I’ve been looking for!!!I’m a huge Mafia wars player!!My page is directed to that game completely.

  • I paused to go do #3 before reading the rest of the list. What a great bunch of ideas. I do find that the ability to “like” anything and anywhere has created a presence for my business on Facebook from Yelp, WeddingWire, Places (which I need to “claim”), and even WordPress posts that are shared. I hope that it doesn’t dilute the waters when someone is looking for me.

  • Kevin Daniel

    Thank you so much, I have been trying to find some great less expensive techniques for exposure, there was some great stuff I hadn’t thought of 🙂

  • Thanks Ching, this is a fantastic article and some very useful tips in your comments back to people who write in as well. Probably one of the most well written articles I have come across on this topic.

  • thanks for your great article/
    I have a question about this : “#5: Remind Your Fans to Like and Share”
    I know how publish an article with the note application ,,,but how can I publish it with my own like this picture :

  • Great article. I was thinking about this topic the other day and wrote my own list before searching around.
    I like the idea of rewarding loyal supporters so I’ll check out that member of the month app. Overall, I’ve been turned off by adding a bunch of apps since people have to accept terms and are often bombarded by ads. For example, the poll app.

  • Wish you a great success with your fan page, Bill. Appreciate your comment.

  • Thank you Jason for commenting. 🙂 Good to know you are benefiting from this article.

    Are you referring to the concern of diluting your brand from these multiple platforms? yes it can be quite challenging at times, and we just might spread ourselves too thin while hoping to satisfy everyone, and trying to be everywhere. I think we all need to work out our own priorities, our social media goals (what we need to achieve for each platform; how we are going to activate the audience & increase conversion rate etc). It’s an on-going effort and important point to ponder. Thanks so much for bringing this up!

  • You’re welcome, Kevin. Thank you for commenting as well.

  • Appreciate the kind words, Lydia, it means a lot. I’m glad I could learn from their questions too.

  • You can use the ‘link’ icon on your publisher – the great advantage with it is you can add your call to action before posting the update. Definitely worth the try.

  • Nice work with the article, Reid. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 That member of the month tab was self-customized with static fbml. I love how custom tab is allowing users to use their creativity to meet their page requirements. So many wonderful things you can do with it!

  • LoonaDesign

    Great tips! Will surely be using them to try and bring new likes to my newly formed FB page!

  • LoonaDesign

    Great tips! Will surely be using them to try and bring new likes to my newly formed FB page!

  • Of course it is always given that you have to choose a specific target on what in particular audience you are trying to have. And by starting with that you’ll be able to do better when it comes to making your facebook pages worth following.

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