If you look at most Twitter users’ Favorites, this feature is often completely empty or seldom used. Many people simply don’t know the power of this tiny tool! There are so many creative and useful ways to get mileage out of selecting tweets to favorite (others’ and your own).

With the constant stream (river!) of information rushing by on Twitter, here are five fun ways to capture your favorite tweets and have a way to archive/refer back to them.

First, let’s make sure you know how to favorite tweets, what types of tweets to favorite, and where to find your Favorites URL/RSS Feed:

How to Favorite a Tweet

From the regular Twitter web interface, favorite any tweet by mousing over the tweet then clicking the star. This works for anyone on Twitter, whether you follow them or not.


On third-party apps, the Favorite button might be a heart like Twhirl:


Or, on TweetDeck, it’s actually a three-step process.


On the iPhone app Tweetie, you can slide your finger over any tweet for options and tap the star, or tap the star at the bottom of the actual tweet:


What Types of Tweets to Favorite

It’s really a personal choice, but you might want to favorite a mix of great content tweets from people you follow, your own tweets and @ replies to you that are endorsements/testimonials (I usually take screenshots of the latter to keep them separate).

Where to Find Your Favorites URL/RSS Feed

Look for Favorites” on the side panel of your Twitter page. If you right-click and select the link, you’ll get a simple URL like:


If you left-click the link to get to your page of Favorites, then scroll below the montage of your follower thumbnails, you’ll see “RSS feed of username’s favorites” with the recognizable orange RSS icon.


Okay, now you’re ready! Here are those five creative ways to make good use of your Twitter Favorites!

1. Publish to Facebook Via FriendFeed is an excellent feed aggregator; literally anything with an RSS feed can be combined into one feed and then that feed can be added to your Facebook profile. Here’s how:

  1. Register for your free account at if you haven’t already.
  2. Click on Settings at the top right.
  3. On the popup, look for the link that says ” add/edit” next to Services.
  4. On the next screen, click on one of the orange RSS icons (it says “Blog,” but can be used for any RSS feed).
  5. Paste in your Twitter Favorites URL. Mine works fine with the straight URL, but you may find you need to put the actual RSS feed URL in. I’ve heard it can be a bit buggy for some folks.
  6. Next, head over to Facebook and add the FriendFeed application.

Now, you should be able to favorite a tweet and go refresh your Facebook profile and see the new item on your Wall (and it goes out into the News Feed of all your friends).

I find this practice much more effective than automatically syncing all tweets with my Facebook updates. It gives me more control and means I can share more select content to my Facebook friends. Plus, with the ubiquitous Comment feature, your updates (Twitter favorites) can spark discussion.


Also, there’s always an abundance of great content to share on Twitter – if you’re away from your desk, for example, you can easily favorite a few tweets on your mobile device and that content goes over to your Facebook friends.

2. Favorite Content on Your Facebook Fan Page

I find the Facebook Fan Page to Twitter app very useful. You get a whopping 420 characters in the Publisher to create content. Then the app truncates around 120 characters and posts to Twitter with a link back to your fan page. You can choose what content to post to Twitter; for example, your Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events:


Then when the post goes out as a tweet, when you favorite the tweet, you trigger the sequence in #1 above: posting to FriendFeed and to your Facebook profile, thus giving you additional visibility and control over what content goes where.

3. Add Your Favorites to Your Email Signature File

WiseStamp is a really nifty Firefox extension that gives you an HTML signature file for any webmail. You can insert any content, plus WiseStamp pulls in the icons for the social sites you wish to share as well:


Along with your social media icons, there’s an option to add an RSS feed of your choice. Click the RSS button and paste in your Twitter Favorites RSS Feed, enter your own Feed Title and voila!! As you select tweets to favorite, your email signature file now has dynamic content!


4. Create a Widget of Your Favorites for Your Blog

Among the various cool widgets Twitter offers (Goodies, they call them), they have a Faves Widget which you can easily customize and add to your blog/website:


This allows you to not only have your own tweets in a Twitter widget, but also to share dynamic, select content on your blog/site.

5. Make an Ebook Out of Your Favorites is a little-known site that actually generates a PDF (plus XML backup) of your Tweets or your Favorites.

image uses Oauth, so no need to enter your Twitter credentials. Once logged in, click the tab for Favorites, then click the Generate PDF” button. If you have a ton of favorites, it may take a couple of minutes.

I first came across this nifty site some time ago and just recently remembered it! :)” I’ve been adding to my Twitter Favorites since 2007 and have over 1500 favorites. The ebook I just created of my favorites is 104 pages! You’re welcome to download it here.

The cool thing is that any links in tweets are clickable in the PDF. The Twitter IDs are not, but @names and who authored the tweets are obvious.

Imagine the possibilities of creating your own PDF with your tweets/favorites!

These are just a few of the ways to use Twitter Favorites you may not have known. What other creative ways do you use Favorites? Add your comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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  • Awesome ideas. I’ve often thought that favorites is one of the most over looked but one of the most valuable assets of Twitter. I love your suggestions for making them more relevant and useful.

  • Cool, will definitely implement the wisestamp feature.

  • OK, I’ll ask a dumb but sincere question: Why? Why does any of this help me build my personal brand?

    Mari, I’m interested in what you have to say about marketing and social networking. If there’s an author or an article that you think is especially good, I expect that I’ll be able to read about it in your blog. But I’m not willing to cull through your list of favorite Tweets for good content. If you ask me to do that, my perception (maybe not fair) will be that you’re egotistical — assuming that I’ll be fascinated by everything that you find fascinating — or lazy — making me, your reader, dig through a pile of content.

    So it seems like doing this could actually harm my personal brand. What am I missing?

  • This is an excellent article! I love the design of your site. I found this via Twitter. Will go back and add it to my favourites now!

  • Excellent “how-to”, Mari! If you use Favorites to track testimonials, there’s a twitter app called Tweetimonials at that pulls your Favorites into a widget you can put on your site to share your testimonials. This is good for an About page.

    I like the tweetbook idea. Hadn’t heard about that one. Thanks!

  • editvdo

    What an absolutely creative new way to use Twitter! These ideas can be a (for now) unique way to build my brand. It can help build my brand by establishing me as a trust agent. As I am surfing the web (either casually or intentionally), researching, or from my followers, my “favorites” are useful links I’ve found relating to my business. People can then begin to think of me as someone who 1) is connected to smart people; 2) knows where to find useful information; 3) is willing to share things they’ve learned.

    Many of these points also help me be more visible (I’ve already installed Wisestamp) and “do” something with the cool content I find on Twitter, like content for my blog or Fan page.

    And thank you, Mari, for sharing this! THAT’s a Trust Agent. Not afraid to share new, cool ideas!


  • editvdo

    Thanks for that idea, Denise. I like that one, too!

  • Thanks, Chris!! Ya, I agree – so many peeps don’t realize the power of this simple feature! Robert Scoble sure does though: – his favorites is like having your own personally aggregated Google reader! 🙂

  • Other people can read my favorites? I never realized that! Thanks for the warning. I’m erasing them all right now.

  • Yay!!! I love Wisestamp. They’re on Twitter too – and very responsive to questions/customer service. I’ve found the RSS feed part of the signature sometimes a bit glitchy (it doesn’t refresh right away) and Wisestamp took care of it. I hope they win the Mashable Open Web Awards!

  • LOL, oh Larry what a funny response!! 🙂

    Okay, so, for example – I just mentioned Robert Scoble’s favorites above – Robert uses his Twitter favorites extensively. Skimming through at any given moment is just like having a human aggregated Google reader. Someone I know, like and trust (Robert), has taken the time to manually select headline news, interesting resources, quotes, links, etc. I fail to understand what “egotistical” has to do with it… unless someone was constantly favoriting all their own tweets!! lol.

    Reading someone else’s Twitter favorites is just one possibility. For me, I don’t like to sync up my tweets with my Facebook status update, for example; it gets too overwhelming for my friends and fans as Facebook moves a lot slower than Twitter. Plus, Twitter has its own entire language (with @, #, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.) that not everyone on Facebook understands. So, by selecting a small handful of tweets on any given day to slowly “push” content from Twitter to Facebook, you can add better value, imho.

    Regards your personal brand, for sure, you always want to be selective and strategic about what you share. When implementing any of my suggestions here, a simple click of the star can cause that tweet to show up in any number of places and you never know who’s reading it.

    Hope this helps!

  • Yay, Tara!! Good to see you here. Oh neato – your Twitter ID is @TEFL? What a fabulous service you provide. I’m following you now. 🙂

  • Ohhhhh, Denise!!! That’s a powerful #6 addition to this list. Good one. 🙂 Of course, if the widget is promoting testimonials only, I guess that would prevent from favoriting any other type of tweets. Hmm, I’d like to see Twitter amp up the favorites tool at some point just like the Gmail star system so we could direct favorites to different places/lists, eh!! 🙂

  • wow – I feel like I landed in a tribe meeting – I love and use (almost) all of these tools, too! It’s so nice to hear everyone’s experience with them. Mari – you are the best for sharing all of this. I especially like the Fanpage feedback loop.

  • Ahh!! Beautifully articulated, Vickie. Thanks a mil for your contribution here. Indeed, I think in this vast tsunami of daily content, each of us is looking to a small select group of trusted individuals to personally aggregate content for us! And favorites is a way to do this and get tremendous mileage across multiple platforms!! 🙂 (Great to connect on Twitter too!)

  • Excellent explanation, Mari! I finally understand how the Facebook Fanpage to Twitter app works!

  • Thanks, Mari. That does help. So does Vickie’s comment (farther down) about “establishing me as a trust agent.” That makes sense.

    I think that “selective and strategic” is the piece that I missed in your original article. If I follow that advice, then I can enhance my professional image without making my friends read tweets about politics and baseball. 🙂

  • anthonycrecco

    Thank you Mari. this is excellent information. i will be implementing some of your suggestions. learned alot. thank you for the Live ISMA Training. it was awesome!!

  • Great info. Thanks to share your experience and expertise. Very helpful post.

  • I always check out someone’s favorites before deciding to follow. Sadly, many people (even experienced users) have NONE. I hope more will use it, I look at it as a way to bookmark people as well. Sometimes when I am on my phone I will favorite something I want to go back to when I am home on my regular computer as well.

  • Wonderful advice and tips! Thanks for all the step by step details and the illustrations. That helps tremendously!

  • GREAT screen shots. WHAT software used? I want! I used something awhile ago when I created a Word tutorial for Mahalo. Never found something I loved. Love the torn edges. I want more info, pls and thanks. MAC only.

    You do that yourself or outsource? I love screen shots!! Great teaching tools.

    Love Social Media Examiner. Not so crazy about his site design. A bit too much– we get it, social media is a jungle. It’s memorable! But his headers/subheaders waaaay too big. Text large, then the tags tiny in light orange. What is that about? Ah, that’s the designer/teacher in me.

  • Never even considered how to put it to use! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Wow.. Mari .. I Love you.. can I say that out load???

    Christmas is coming, and here I find one idea better then the other. This idea made my day here…

    I’m just filling up my Social Media/Blog Strategy on the go here.. Don’t you just love Social Media. Here I was all worried about my new plan, and then ideas pop up like ‘Mary In The Box..’

    Cheers.. Are

  • Tosk59

    Another use for favorites: Since I mostly access Twitter all through the day using my Blackberry (using SocialScope) I favorite (highlight tweet in SS and press V) those that link to articles I want to review. So, rather than trying to read the linked articles on my small screen, I can review them later in the evening using my desktop. Having read them I then unfavorite.

    So I have “permanent’ as well as “temporary” favorites (the above)

  • Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t even think about this, the more syncing the better 😉

  • Love this idea Denise! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  • Oh wow, Mari! I LOVE ebooks! LOL #5 is my absolute favorite new idea! Thanks for the great information as always.

  • Hi Larry,

    Try Jay Baer at He’s straight to the point & very useful.


  • LOL, oh Mari what a funny response to Larry!! 🙂

  • hehee – touché, Ivan!!! 🙂

  • Yes indeedy, Jay rocks!! 🙂 Two thumbs up.

  • Hi there Jenny! Thanks heaps for your input. 🙂

    I use Snagit for all the screenshots – available at also home of Camtasia Studio for making screen capture vids. They just recently launched Mac versions. w00t! (I’m ambidextrous: use both Mac & PC. hehe).

    Aaah, interesting feedback about the site design!!

  • haha, I love you right back!! Rock on – great ID. And do share the love with your peeps, there’s plenty to go around. 🙂 (Mary in the Box – love it! ha)

  • Mari – Let me know if you ever come across a Mac equivalent of SnagIt.

  • Eric

    I’m glad that people are realizing that pushing twitter content (unfiltered) to Facebook can be aggravating to Facebook users who do not understand the idioms of tweeting.

  • I’m also amazed that many people don’t use the ‘favorite’ option on Twitter. I find it invaluable to keep up with stuff I find from other people as well as things I RT from tweeps, with so much stuff going on it’s a ‘must use’ option.

    Great job on writing this post!

  • Thanks i will favourite this tweet (how i found this). Does #5 work with TweetDeck i wonder.@MadKeet X:o)

  • That is excellent!!! So, using Favorites like your own mobile feed reader in a way. Genius. And I like how you clear out as a way to remind yourself you read that article! 🙂

    Btw, I’m a mega iPhone fanatic, but lotsa peeps ask me about Twitter apps for Blackberry and I refer them to OpenBeak (formerly Twitterberry) – do you like SocialScope better?

  • Yes indeedy!! There is just so much rich content on Twitter, it makes sense to propagate other sites/locations with our favorites as they are essentially hand-picked!! 🙂

  • Awesome!! Glad to hear you’re a fellow favorites user, Jorge!! 🙂 Thanks for adding your comment here!!

  • Ivan, thanks for the pointer to Jay’s blog. He’s got some great stuff there.

  • Jenny – We make the tags tiny because most people use search and don’t want to clutter up the page. I lived in Texas once. Does that answer your question 🙂

  • Mari, Great stuff. You surely added in all the top tools and tricks. I downloaded several to check out. Great seeing you at BlogWorld last October. I have your pen right in front of me.Dr. Dave HaleThe Internet Marketing Professor

  • I do the same thing w/ my Palm Pre. When I check Twitter in the morning or late at night, I’ll star a tweet if I want to look at it later. Then when I get to my desktop, I go through them and act further (either read an article, or reply, or take another action).

  • Denise – Thanks for sharing Way to share some of your fav tweets!

  • Sweet Mari! Check it out! There’s a Mac Beta of SnagIt and it goes way beyond the Windows one.


  • Excellent, actionable content with many new ideas… thanks for sharing, Mari —

  • Las Ratnayake

    Never knew you could do so much with favourites!

  • I thought I’d fall out of my chair after reading tip #5. Awesome, thanks Mari. You rock!

  • Tosk59

    On the BB I like SocialScope the best, though Ubertwitter is very close (difference is mostly look and feel though Ubertwitter can do multiple accounts, unlike SocialScope). The Seesmic app for BB has lists (which the others don’t at this time) but is not as polished (probably because it is pretty new). Twitterberry, Tinytwitter and others are behind these three (IMO)

  • Tosk59

    Yup, I think that works rather well!

  • Dino White

    Instead of calling you the “pied piper” can’t we just dub you, her royal highness “Queen of all Social Media” because you have so much invaluable tips and tricks about everything we need to be effective in this space as well as you now head a training organization to help others get even more knowledgable about it.

  • You’re SO welcome, Anthony!! It was such a delight to meet you and Liz in San Diego. I love your energy. 🙂

  • anthonycrecco

    Amazing Stuff. The call with the ezines was great!

  • Mari – I have been a Blackberry user for years – until this last week when I received a gift of an iPhone 3GS. I personally love UberTwitter as I can manage multiple accounts and also there is a feature to email a Tweet. It’s a great idea about making a Tweet a favourite to review however if you want to use your favourites function for ‘Twestimonials’ i find this keeps that feed clean.

  • Cool!!!! hehee, so glad to hear that, Terri!! 🙂

  • Way cool, Karen! Great idea with the favoriting on the cell to review later. I tend to use the email option and email to myself. loll! 🙂

  • You’re so welcome, Gavin! Thanks a mil for your comment.

  • Ohhh, nice!!! I know the SocialScope creator and must give it a whirl. Thanks a mil for the info!!

  • Ahhh, welcome to the 3GS club, Krishna – I LOVE mine to bits!!!

  • Hey Dave – wheee, that is so good to hear!! Big hugs to ya! 🙂

  • LOL – you’re so welcome, Marvin!!! Whodathunk this magic gem of a feature is right under our noses, eh! Twitter themselves don’t seem to promote Favorites a whole lot.

  • Oh my, Dino – I’m truly honored!! What a beautiful thing to say! 🙂 I am honored.

  • Awesome article and fantastic way to automate parts of social media activities. Time to take action and get a few of these gems in action. Thank you so much for sharing Mari!

  • Thanks for some great ideas for favorites. I wasn’t even aware of wisestamp or tweetbook so I am excited to check those out. I sometimes use favorites to mark tweets on my Blackberry that have a link to a tweetup for example or to an interesting article that I want to go back and read on my laptop…sort of like a modification of bookmarking a web site. However, the downside is I usually forget to go back to them by the time I get home. I bet I could clear out half of my favorites for being old tweetup reminders.

  • Thanks for the great article, Mari!

    I’ve run into a problem in the last few days. I have been using my favorites to archive tweets I don’t have time to read at the moment (read: at work), to read later.

    I have hundreds of them I still haven’t gone back to but wanted to in the future. Only problem: Seems they’ve disappeared. Twitter support hasn’t responded to me yet on why, but was wondering if you had any clue as to limits on favorites, and why mine are wiped out. Any way to retrieve them?

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Mahdi – wow, that sounds odd. I haven’t heard of Favorites disappearing. Hm – you’ve submitted a ticket? How about also checking and search to see if anyone else has ever had the same problem. Oh, what you might do is subscribe to your own Twitter Favorites RSS feed in Google Reader and see if that retrieves the missing ones. Could be a nifty workaround.

  • Lucky Balaraman

    About the HTML signature, don’t email marketing experts say the open rate is more for plain text email than HTML email?

  • Ahh good point, Lucky! I use the Firefox plugin for my regular everyday email via Gmail. For my broadcasts to my database, I almost always use plain text via my system on 1ShoppingCart. Of course, including the straight URL (always with http:// so it renders as clickable) in any plain text emails is great! 🙂

  • I use social whale ( for my twitter favorites as I can categorise them there with tags and that gives twitter a delicious like feel.

  • Nice conversation going on here !! Great article, great comments and great responses..MAri..Keep writing and sharing your insights and gaining more from the commentators !!


  • Mari I’ve also created an method to tweet your favorite tweets. It’s uses your Twitter favs RSS feed and then modifies it for better updates. So here’s another way to use your favorite tweets

  • Woweeee, Keith!! You’re a total tech WIZ!!! I just read your retweetable Twitter faves instructions and LOVE it. I’ve yet to try Yahoo Pipes, but reckon it could be great for creating a blended RSS feed to pull into the Facebook Notes app, eh?? 😉

  • Yahoo Pipes are very powerful and allow you to manipulate data in a myriad of ways. Thanks again.

  • Thank u very much for this info Mari! So I set up everything as u described (set up friendfeeder and add the app to Facebook) and when I got to refresh Facebook, I don’t see it updating my new twitter favorites from FriendFeeder. I even put in the Favorites “feed url” in the “blog Url’ and still not working.

    Any suggestions?

    Thnx again!


  • Mari: Trying to set up my Twitter Favorites through FriendFeed to Facebook as you discussed. No Twitter feed when I right click Favorites so I went to RSS Feed and got the URL that way. Also tried your configuration. Then added FF to FB. Not seeing the posts. Help?BTW: Haven’t heard from Jesse about connecting Facebook Connect either. If you look at your Disqus Comments page, can you simply tell me how that was set up to include the Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Connect icons as they appear there?


  • Thanks Mari,

    As a newbie to Twitter, I really enjoyed these good tips on “favorites” option.

  • This feature is often completely empty or seldom used. Many people simply don’t know the power of this tiny tool!

  • Great, insightful post, Mari Thanks for these actionable ideas and pointers to efficiently control and automate content. Always good stuff from you Mari — thanks!

  • I’ve been wondering if there was really anything huge to write about Social Media at all. This article goes all out with stuff that no one could have just googled out and penned down (and if they did its a great job). Very Good article and amazed at what favorites can do to you! Amazing.

  • Hi Mari – Very interesting article. You might like our new website, Favorious ( which is solely basedy on Twitter favorites. We aim to become the most comprehensive service on Twitter favorites as we think it’s a very good filter for the good content on Twitter.

    The site aggregates the favorites and enables you to search them, find the most popular ones and explore them in various ways. You can also see what individual users have been favoriting (which can also be done as described in this post) and which of their/your tweets have been favorited (not available on We aim to add functionality so you can tag your favorites and, of course, export them to the various bookmarking services (well, at least the favorites that have links in them).

    The Favorious Team

  • great article, unfortunately it now needs some updating because with new twitter, i can no longer find an rss of my favorites 🙁

  • Alex Ristea

    I use it to view them later if I’ve seen the tweet on my phone. Because I don’t want to (or can’t) click on most links, I favourite them on my phone, to check them out later when I get home on my computer.

  • How do you recommend fetching rss feeds now after its been removed from Twitter?

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  • Jaana Huhta

    Thank you for your great tips!

  • Hi Mari,
    Superbly cool ideas. Thank you for sharing. I may try a couple of them.