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** Free Membership Contest is now CLOSED **

Congratulations to the winners of the Social Media Marketing Society Free Membership Contest 2015.

Elina Mäkinen won the written contest, describing her biggest social media marketing challenge. Read her winning entry here.

And Chris McCormick (@ChrisLimboArt) won the Twitter contest by random selection.

Elina and Chris will be enjoying one year of membership in the Social Media Marketing Society–the exclusive new membership community from Social Media Examiner–free!

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2015 contest.

** Free Membership Contest is now CLOSED **

Want to win a free membership in the Social Media Marketing Society?

Social Media Examiner has launched an exclusive new membership community designed to keep marketers like you on the leading edge of social media.

And we’ve come up with two fun ways for you to get involved.

First, what is the Society?

The Social Media Marketing Society is a place where busy marketers and business owners get training to keep up with the latest in social media marketing.

win a social media marketing society membership

Discover how to win free membership to the Social Media Marketing Society.

The Society will help you discover new ideas, avoid trial and error, implement the newest social tactics and find what works best with social media marketing.

Watch this video for a quick overview.

Here’s what’s included:

#1: Exclusive Training: As a Society member, you’ll receive highly tactical (and live) training on the latest in social media marketing, delivered to you three times every month, no matter where you are.

society web page on mobile phone and laptop

Access online Society training and networking from anywhere, on any of your devices.

Here’s what Society member Diane Carson had to say, “I have been following Social Media Examiner for many years and have come to trust the high quality information that cuts through all the clutter about social media and provides me with some nuggets that I can put to use to help my clients.” 

We’ll show you, step-by-step, how to implement the latest in social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond.

#2: Community of Marketers: The Society is much more than just a place where you’ll receive top-notch marketing training. You’ll also be able to network with fellow marketers just like you.

Connect with your peers in our online forums and live Society Hangouts.

Society member Carol Hartmann said, “I think it is essential to reach out to others online who are outside your professional circle, share content, and create engaging conversations.” 

No longer do you need to wonder how your peers are tackling the same struggles you are. With the Society, you can easily connect with other marketers, share experiences and support one another.

Here’s the really cool part: Everything takes place online!

How can you win a one-year membership?

We’re giving away two free memberships in the Social Media Marketing Society, plus the opportunity to be promoted to more than 390,000 of your peers!

There are two spots up for grabs and two ways to win:

#1: Twitter Entry

Simply click the button on the right or tweet what you see below for a chance to win one ticket:

I want to win membership in the Social Media Marketing Society via @smexaminer #winSMMS15

You can tweet up to two times per dayEach tweet is an entry to win.

All tweets must have the #winSMMS15 hashtag included.

We’ll randomly draw one winner who will be awarded a free year of membership in the Society.

#2: Written Entry

Simply write about your biggest social media marketing challenge and why you should win a free Society membership. Post your entry in the comments box below (scroll down).

Our judges will select one winner who will be awarded a free year of membership in the Social Media Marketing Society, PLUS a mention in the Social Media Examiner newsletter (390,000+ subscribers)!

The judges—Phil Mershon (Director of Events & Operations, Social Media Examiner), Leslie Samuel (Senior Manager-Social Media Marketing Society, Social Media Examiner), and Erik Fisher (Community Manager, Social Media Examiner)—will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What you need to know:

  1. You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  2. Tweets must contain #winSMMS15.
  3. The entry deadline is Tuesday, June 30, 2015, and the winners will be announced in early July.
  4. If you’ve already registered for Society membership, no worries. If you win, we’ll give you a full refund. (In fact, we encourage you to join, since enrollment will close before the contest winners are announced and won’t open again until 2016).
  5. No purchase is necessary to win.

We look forward to seeing your written entries and tweets.

Good luck!

how to win a social media marketing society membership

Find out how to win free membership to the Social Media Marketing Society.

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