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social media how toDo you need to update your social identity?

Are you looking for a simple way to make sure all your social channels are consistent?

In this article you’ll discover a checklist that will help you rebrand your social media profiles.

social media profile rebranding

Discover the steps you need to update your social profiles during a rebrand.

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social media how toHas your business changed since you first created your social media profiles?

Are you considering a rebrand of your company’s existing social identity?

With the right preparation, it’s possible to manage your social media rebranding efforts without losing a significant number of subscribers along the way.

Should You Rebrand Your Social Profiles?

Before we review the process of rebranding your social media profiles, consider whether a rebranding is truly right for your company.

According to Luke Brassinga of Likeable Brands, “True rebranding involves updating a company’s goals, message and culture.”


Your social networking profile branding plays a major role in your company's online image. Image source: iStockPhoto.

If you’re only conducting a rebrand because you like the sound of a new name better, your end results may not be worth the extra effort and potential for losses involved in the rebranding process.

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