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social media how toWant better engagement for your social media campaigns?

Wondering how visual content can help?

Using visual content to support your messaging makes it easier to grab your audience’s attention.

In this article, you’ll discover how visual content can support your social media marketing.

visual content support marketing results

Discover four ways visual content can improve your social marketing results.

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social media examiner's little dudeWhen you’re a new parent, you have a name all picked out for your little bundle of joy, right?

But we never got around to giving our mascot a name. And his first birthday is just around the corner! And that’s where you come in…

Would you help us name our mascot? We affectionately call him “the little dude” around the Social Media Examiner offices. We want to make this fun, so we’ve got some great prizes we’ll give away to the readers who come up with the best names. See below for details.

The Dude’s Wild Ride

It’s hard to believe that Social Media Examiner is not yet even a year old! With the help of outstanding writers and a brilliant reader base (yep, that’s you!), we’ve achieved a lot.

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