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social media how toAre you launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Want to use social media to promote it?

To reach your goals, you’ll need to use social media before, during and after your campaign.

In this article you’ll discover how to use social media to achieve crowdfunding success.

#1: Choose Social Channels for the Campaign

When you plan a crowdfunding campaign, focus on the social channels that will provide the most impact. To pick the right channels, consider these questions:

• On which channel do you have the most followers?
• Where do your prospects converse and share?
• What people have the greatest influence in your community?
• Which platform are you most comfortable with?

social media for crowdfunding campaigns

Discover how to use social media for crowdfunding campaigns.

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social media how toDo you need to raise funds to get your idea off the ground?

You’ve got a brilliant business idea, but your bank lacks your vision. (Or perhaps you lack the collateral.)

Maybe you reached out to friends and family, but you know they lost their shirts when your brother-in-law’s salmon-flavored energy drink flopped. Is this the death of your nascent business?

Not. So. Fast.

Social media is changing more than the way we market and communicate… It’s changing the way we raise capital.

Crowdfunding websites are popping up that connect entrepreneurs with investors, producers with patrons, and causes with contributors.

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