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Media Scheduling Page

Social Media Marketing World is the event where you’ll find the best and brightest VIPs of the social media business world— the people whose thoughts and opinions change the way major brands operate and shape how ideas are disseminated all around the world.

We’re inviting members of the local media to meet, mingle—and of course interview these online celebrities in an on-site media experience at the San Diego Convention Center, running concurrent with the event.

Below are the names of the participants, along with their availability times and a few social media stats to get you started. Our media team can also assist in finding interview subjects based on your audience.

Name/URL Expertise Times YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook
Ann Handley Content Marketing Friday 428K 11K
Brian Solis Strategy 285K 87K 40K
Cathy Hackl Virtual Reality Weds and Thursday 30.3K  1.1K  12K
Chris Penn Analytics 98K 1700
Collins Key Video/YouTube Thursday 9.9M 11K 137K
Derral Eves Video/YouTube 465K 12.9K 17.7K
Grant Thompson Video/ YouTube 8.9M 39.2 311K 718.3K
Guy Kawasaki Strategy Thursday (PM), Friday (AM) 5.8K 1.51M 449.8K
Jasmine Star Instagram Thursday 45.5K 116K 221K 216.9K
Jay Baer Strategy Thursday & Friday AM 262K 11.9K
Jenna Kutcher Instagram 2.9K 173K 46.4K
Luria Petrucci Live Video 3.5K 216K 10.2K
Marcus Sheridan Content Marketing Friday 1.1K 22.9K
Mari Smith Facebook Thursday & Friday 13K 581.7K 207K
Mark Schaefer Strategy 1K 169K
Molly Pittman Facebook 39K
Pat Flynn Podcasting 89.8K 153K 35.6K 152.8K
Phil Mershon Event  7.9K
Robert Rose Content Marketing 49K
Tim Schmoyer Video/YouTube 351.8K 13.9K 12.6K 9K
Darren Rowse Blogging 4.6K 274K 92K
Jon Loomer Facebook 8.5K 27.4K 2.4K 170.2K

Please note: if the person you are interested in is not on the list, please inquire with our team for help facilitating an interview.

For further help contact:

Stefanie LaHart – Media manager for Social Media Marketing World 2018

Please note: This special media invite is only for you. Social Media Marketing World is a large social and digital media event. So as you can imagine, if we offered media invites broadly, that would pretty much open up our whole audience! If you have any questions – or want to invite other members from your team, just let Stefanie know and she’ll take care of it with you!

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