Creators: Discover how to grow your audience and build a business

Imagine this: Top bloggers, video creators, and podcasters show you how to grow your audience and build a business fueled by your content.

Then picture yourself mingling with marketers seeking influencers and creators.

“I love this event so much that I make it a big part of my annual plan,” said blogger Darren Rowse.

Keep reading to discover why you should attend and for the creator agenda.

“These are some of the smartest people in the world because they’re actual practitioners. We have people here who have built tremendous brands, six, seven, eight, nine figure businesses,” said video creator Roberto Blake.

Who is the Creator Ticket for?

If you’re a creator who wants to build a business then this is the conference is for you. The content in our creator tracks focus on:

  • Growing your audience
  • Monetizing your following
  • Refining your craft

With the Creator Ticket you get access to our keynotes and four tracks that are focused on helping bloggers, video creators, live video hosts, and podcasters.

You attract the brilliant and smartest and brightest people here,” said video creator Amy Landino.

Plus, you’ll get access to our Networking Plaza—the place where you’ll meet marketers seeking influencers and creators.

Marketers from businesses big and small will be attending. For example, in 2017 marketers attended from Apple, Cisco, CBS Interactive, IBM, Deloitte, Hilton, Humana, Macy’s, Mayo Clinic, McDonald’s, ReMax, Reuters, Sprint, Toyota, the United Way, UPS, and WalMart.

Here’s why you should attend this conference:

#1: Discover world-class content from the top creators: Take in practical, action-oriented training sessions from the world’s leading creators—all in beautiful San Diego, California. Keep scrolling for the creator agenda.

“It’s the greatest investment that I’ve ever had in any conference as far as what return it provides. And I will be back every single year that it’s here,” said podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft.

#2: Networking unlike anything you’ve experienced: Imagine connecting face-to-face with thousands of creators just like you—as you share stories, gather ideas, and build relationships that last for years.

We make connecting easy for you by building in extensive networking opportunities.

“Oh my gosh, they go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable with wherever you are in your networking life,” said live video host Luria Petrucci.

Also, we uniquely bring together marketers and creators.

“I’ve already made some good connections with brands, businesses, and creators that I want to facilitate even more,” said video creator Shaun McBride.

#3: Approachable speakers: We recruit speakers who really want to help. We encourage all of our speakers to make themselves accessible to you.

I get to interact with so many creators. Everyone is into the same kind of stuff. For me that is super exciting,” said blogger Leslie Samuel.

A small sampling of our expert creators include Darren Rowse, Tim Schmoyer, Luria Petrucci, Brian Clark, Zach King, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Grant Thompson, Shaun McBride, Cliff Ravenscraft, Amy Landino, Steve Dotto, Roberto Blake, Jordan Harbinger, Joel Comm, Pat Flynn, Lou Mongello, and John Lee Dumas.

Creator Ticket Schedule and Sessions

Below you’ll find 4 different creator tracks at Social Media Marketing World 2018. With your creator ticket you get access to them all.

“You know what? If it was in Antarctica, I would make the trip, because it is that great,” said blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn.

Scan through the list. Here are some of the world’s top experts we recruited to bring you original content in 2018.


Below you’ll find a sampling of our 4 keynotes.

Social Media Marketing in 2018: What the Newest Research Reveals
By Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner

Topic: Industry Trends

How to Build Super Fans That Speed Your Growth
By Pat Flynn

Topic: Audience Growth

The Past, Present and Future of Social Media
By Brian Solis

Topic: Future of Social Media

alt=Facebook Messenger Bots: An Alternative Future for Marketers and Creators
By Molly Pittman with Mikael Yang (ManyChat), Andrew Yaroshevsky (ChatFuel) and Linda Lee (Facebook Messenger)

Topic: Facebook Messenger

Creator: Blogging

Below you’ll find 11 sessions we will have focused on blogging.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known about Blogging That Will Shortcut the Growth of Your Blog
By Darren Rowse (Problogger)

Topic: Blogging Strategy

How to Create a Blogging Sales Funnel to Increase Your Revenue
By Leslie Samuel (Become a Blogger)

Topic: Blog Monetization

How to Leverage Blogging, Email, Podcasting, Facebook Ads and Webinars to Make a Million+ Dollars Annually
By Steve Chou (My Wife Quit Her Job)

Topic: Blog Monetization

Cashing in on Content: How to Master Affiliate Monetization
By Mark Mason (Late Night Internet Marketing)

Topic: Affiliate Monetization

How to Grow a Blog to a Multi-Million Dollar Business Without Advertising
By Robyn Openshaw (Green Smoothie Girl)

Topic: Advanced Blog Monetization

9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts (and Keep Sponsors Coming Back for More)
By Monica Pruett (Happy and Blessed Home)

Topic: Blogging Monetization

Next Level Blogging: From Content Creator to Audience Architect
By Brian Clark (Copyblogger)

Topic: Blog Content Development

Blogging as a Business Asset: How to Use Story to Drive Success
By Chris Brogan

Topic: Writing for Blogs

How to Generate Quality Ideas to Fuel Consistent Content Creation
By Heidi Cohen

Topic: Content Creation

Blogging Tools to Get More Traffic and Subscribers
By Syed Balkhi (WP Beginner)

Topic: Blogging Tools

From Click to Customer: How to Use SlideShare to Tell Stories That Sell
By Ana Hoffman (Traffic Generation Cafe)

Topic: Blog to Slideshare

Creator: YouTube and Video

Below you’ll find the 10 sessions we will have focused on YouTube and video creation.

How Top Creators Accelerate Their YouTube Growth and You Can Too
By Tim Schmoyer (Video Creators TV)

Topic: YouTube Channel Growth

Understanding the YouTube Algorithm for Short and Long Term Growth
By Dan Markham (What’s Inside)

Topic: YouTube Algorithm and Growth

How to Create Videos People Want to Share: Science and Applications
By Jeremy Vest

Topic: Creating Shareable Videos

How to Grow Your Following With YouTube Collaborations
By Owen Hemsath (Owen Video) with Antonio Centeno (Real Men Real Style), Jorge Narvaez (Reality Changers) and Peter Hollens

Topic: YouTube Collaborations

Making Your Sponsor the Hero: How to Crush a Brand Deal
By Shaun McBride (Shonduras)

Topic: Working With Sponsors

YouMake YouFortune on YouTube: Making Money on YouTube
By Steve Dotto (Dotto Tech)

Topic: YouTube Monetization

The Future of Online Video
By Zach King

Topic: Video Production

How to Automate Your Video Production so it Works Without You
By Grant Thompson (King of Random)

Topic: Video Production Processes

Vlogging Secrets From the Best Storytellers on YouTube
By Amy Landino (Savvy Sexy Social)

Topic: Vlogging

Mastering and Measuring YouTube Analytics for Video Marketing
By Roberto Blake (Always be Creating)

Topic: YouTube Analytic

Creator: Live Video

Below you’ll find the 8 sessions we will have focused on live video.

How to Create Closer Customer Connections With Live Video
By Vincenzo Landino

Topic: Live Video Strategy

How to Create a Live Video Strategy for More Views, Leads, and Sales
By Luria Petrucci

Topic: Live Video Strategy

Getting Over Your Live Video Fear and Thriving on Camera
By Amy Porterfield

Topic: Live Video Fear

How to Create Your Killer Live Video Show: Tools and Tips
By Ian Anderson Gray

Topic: Live Video Tools

From Fans to Friends: How to Create a Loyal Community via Facebook Live
By Lou Mongello

Topic: Community Development

Mass Seduction: Proven Techniques to Engage and Build Your Audience
By Alex Khan

Topic: Audience Engagement

How to Make Money With Live Video
By Kim Garst

Topic: Monetizing Live Video

How to Grow Your Influence and Income With YouTube Live
By Sean Cannell

Topic: Live Video Using YouTube

Creator: Podcasting

Below you’ll find the 8 sessions we will have focused on podcasting.

How to Make Your Podcast Stand Out: Tips from the Trenches

Jordan Harbinger (Art of Charm) with Mark Mason (Late Night Internet Marketing)

How to Build a Responsible and Profitable Online Business Around Your Podcast
By Cliff Ravenscraft (Podcast Answer Man)

Topic: Podcast Monetization

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience and Fuel Your Business
By John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) with Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Lewis Howes (School of Greatness) and Cathy Heller (Don’t Keep Your Day Job)

Topic: Podcast Audience Growth Panel

How to Leverage Your Podcast to Grow Your Revenue
By Natalie Eckdahl (Biz Chix) with Amy Porterfield (Marketing Made Easy), Cate Stillman (Yoga Healer) and Dan Miller (48 Days)

Topic: Podcast Monetization Panel

Monetizing Your Podcast: Real Life Strategies to Boost Your Income
By Dave Jackson (School of Podcasting) with Katie Krimitsos (Biz Women Rock), Gary Leland (Fixer Upper) and Darren Dake (Coroner Talk)

Topic: Podcast Monetization Panel

How To Choose The Best Podcast Monetization Model For Your Show
By Paul Colligan (Podcast Industry Report) with Tim Street (Authentic Shows), Dr. Buck Joffrey (Wealth Formula) and Dana Malstaff (Boss-Mom)

Topic: Podcast Monetization Panel

Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Audio Quality
With Ray Ortega (Podcasters’ Studio) and Mike Russell (Music Radio Creative)

Topic: Advanced Production Panel

Becoming an Interview Master and How it Can Massively Grow Your Podcast or Livestream

Michael O’Neal (Solopreneur Hour)


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