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Discover how to quickly attract quality customers, build loyal fans and grow your revenue with Facebook.

Social Media Examiner Presents Web's Largest Fully Online Facebook Marketing Conference

Dear Fellow Marketer;

Has this economy hurt your business growth? Are you looking for an easy way to tap the amazing reach of Facebook?

Could you use some guidance and fresh ideas?

Yes, the promise of Facebook is strong: Direct connections with more than 955 million customers and prospects who were previously unreachable. This means greater exposure and more business opportunity—all without costly middlemen.

And given this economy, who doesn't want more business?

But if you're like me, you're looking to choose your Facebook activities wisely , without getting consumed by all the options. You simply want to know what works best.

Social Media Examiner is happy to announce our third-annual Facebook Success Summit 2012—an online conference designed for marketers and business owners who want to quickly achieve Facebook success.

Twenty of the world's most respected Facebook experts have come together to share their strategies (see the great line-up on the right). They'll reveal all the latest techniques and proven business-building tactics you need to know to immediately benefit from Facebook.

If you (like so many) find yourself confused by all that Facebook has to offer, now's your chance to achieve Facebook marketing success.

Consider this: 98% of attendees at our last event said they'd recommend it to a friend and attend again. This year we have an all-new slate of professional development sessions fully focused on Facebook marketing.

1800 of your peers attended our 2011 Facebook summit!

Keep reading to see how this online summit works and to see if it might be useful for your business. And be sure to check out the free class from our prior summit in the yellow box above.

Here's to a bright future together!

Michael A. Stelzner
Founder, Social Media Examiner
and fellow marketer

P.S. In case you're wondering, Facebook marketing involves connecting with customers and prospects via Facebook's active 955 million-member community. The result: you'll increase your exposure, grow a following, improve customer satisfaction, build strong brand advocates and achieve sales growth.

P.P.S. Can I be blunt? Studies show that people prefer to work with businesses that have a strong social media presence. It's not too late to get your business engaged with customers and prospects via Facebook. But if you wait, you'll be giving your competitors a significant advantage that'll be hard to overcome.

P.P.P.S. You don't need to do this alone. If you like the thought of joining a welcoming community of like-minded peers (1800 people attended our last Facebook summit) who'll share their experiences and wisdom as you journey together down this road, keep reading...

Act now and get $647 in FREE bonuses! Click to register.

Watch this video for a quick overview of how Facebook Success Summit works as an online conference

WHO: This event is ideal for any marketer or business owner focused on business-to-business OR business-to-consumer. You'll recognize some of the organizations that attended our last Facebook event: Sony, CNN, Hewlett-Packard, AAA, UC Berkeley, Smucker's, Hilton, Lexus, New York Army National Guard, Air New Zealand, Virginia State Parks, Hampton Inn, ConAgra Foods, CareerBuilder, Epson, Autodesk, BP, Ford, Microsoft, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, ADP, Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, PayPal, Oracle, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mattel, IBM and hundreds of small businesses.

: This fully online summit will help you master Facebook marketing with how-to sessions from actual Facebook marketing experts and case studies from real businesses. Presentation topics include: developing a Facebook marketing strategy, growing a Facebook following, Facebook community management, generating leads with Facebook, selling with Facebook, newsfeed optimization, Facebook page design, Facebook metrics, Facebook integration, Facebook promotions, Facebook analytics, Facebook advertising, Facebook case studies and much more! A certificate of achievement will be presented to attendees who successfully complete the summit and pass an exam.

Here's the schedule: (or download here)

WHERE: At your home or office! You attend this live event using your computer (no long-distance bill or travel expenses!).

WHEN: Starting October 2, 2012 (spread over four weeks to accommodate your schedule; scroll down for the full schedule). Plus you'll get recordings and transcripts of all live sessions.

WHY: You'll be able to quickly implement effective Facebook marketing techniques, attract great customers and prospects and gain a unique competitive advantage. You'll also discover how to best measure the effectiveness of your Facebook activities and the newest Facebook marketing tactics. This event will help your business maximize the full potential of Facebook.

HOW: Registration is limited. Scroll down for the event costs. Click here to secure your spot and get $647 in FREE bonuses.

Event Highlights

Secure your spot in the largest online professional development conference for marketers seeking to master Facebook marketing. By attending this online summit, you will:
  • Discover the best ways to market your business with Facebook! (no guesswork... you benefit from the wisdom of those who've gone before you)

  • See how successful Facebook campaigns were executed and how you can achieve similar results (case examples from small and large B2B and B2C businesses will inspire you)

  • Implement new Facebook marketing strategies (you'll discover proven marketing strategies you'll be able to immediately apply to your business)

  • Uncover how to sell your products and services via Facebook (you'll discover the ins and outs of turning Facebook fans into paying customers)

  • Discover how to grow a loyal Facebook following via newsfeed optimization, creative promotions and Facebook advertising (you'll gain raving fans who'll become your standard-bearers without hesitation)

  • Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top experts (interact live with social media superstars such as Mari Smith, Dave Kerpen, Amy Porterfield, John Haydon, Brian Carter, Mark Schaefer, Jesse Stay, Chris Treadaway, Andrea Vahl, Phyllis Khare and many other social media pros!)

  • Interact live with Facebook marketers from recognized businesses, including American Eagle Outfitters, Intel, 24 Hour Fitness and Autodesk

  • Gain a leg up on your competitors, helping you stand out

  • Ask live questions and get answers (you speak live to the experts—no chat boxes)

  • Attend in your spare time and eliminate travel (you participate via the Internet in live sessions that are spread over multiple weeks—plus recordings and transcripts are included!)

  • Network with your peers and share experiences via Social Media Examiner's Facebook Networking Club

  • Become part of a genuine community of marketers and business owners just like you

  • And much more!

"Attend" Any or ALL of the Following Sessions

At traditional conferences, groups of sessions are often held at the same time, so it's impossible to attend them all.

Not this summit.

When you register, you'll be able to take advantage of EVERY business-building opportunity. Even better, if you miss a live session, we'll provide you a recording AND transcript for FREE.

>> View/Print Flyer With Full Agenda

The Sessions

Review the following session list. But remember, you don't have to choose. You get them all!

EVENT KEYNOTE: Why and How Businesses Are Succeeding With Facebook

TOPIC: Facebook Strategy

The rapid evolution of Facebook has made it difficult for many businesses to stay current with their Facebook marketing efforts. In this opening session, Mari Smith (the world's leading Facebook marketing expert and co-author of Facebook Marketing) will show you what is possible with the right Facebook marketing strategy. She'll reveal top Facebook marketing pitfalls, teach you proven practices for marketing success, explore how to sell with Facebook and share upcoming Facebook trends. You'll end up with pages of actionable tips and inspiration to take your Facebook marketing to the next level. The result: better customer engagement, more loyal fans and measurable growth.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 2 at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)

Five Facebook Strategies to Convert Your Fans Into Quality, Lucrative Leads
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Porterfield

TOPIC: Lead Generation

Are you looking to use Facebook to generate quality leads, more customers and more profits? Then you won't want to miss this session. Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies, will reveal five creative techniques to get your fans jumping at the opportunity to sign up for your email list. Your Facebook fans will go from an anonymous numbered list to qualified business prospects who are eager to do business with you. Amy will also explore how to best use Promoted Posts to generate even more leads.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 3 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Achieve Business Influence Using Facebook
INSTRUCTOR: Mark Schaefer

TOPIC: Facebook Strategy

The Internet is a wild and wooly place without rules, leaders or structure. And yet people do accrue power and influence every day using platforms like Facebook. Mark W. Schaefer, author of Return on Influence and Rutgers MBA marketing faculty member, will reveal how anyone-from the self-employed to major brands—can use Facebook to create online power and influence. He'll explore the true power of a "Like" and the role of "social proof" in this new world. Schaefer will also showcase how individuals and companies are tapping into this new influence to help their businesses thrive.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 3 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How to Grow Active Facebook Communities

TOPIC: Facebook Community Development

Are you wondering how to best create a Facebook community? In this session, Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and Social Media Examiner's Facebook community manager) will reveal underutilized yet powerful Facebook community-building tactics. She'll explore how to combine Facebook pages, Facebook groups and your personal profile to create highly engaging communities. You'll discover how to reward special customers, what type of content sparks engagement, how to create Facebook editorial calendars and how to ensure your content is widely shared. This is a session you won't want to miss!

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 3 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

9 Likeable Strategies for Facebook Success

TOPIC: Facebook Strategy

Are you wondering how to use Facebook to create loyal fans who evangelize your products and services? During this session, Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Social Media, will reveal nine strategies used by successful Facebook marketers. He'll share case studies and best practices showcasing how businesses of all sizes are delivering Facebook marketing results. Today's consumers demand more from brands, making principles like responsiveness and delivering value mandatory. With Dave's insight, you'll learn how to make your brand truly likeable on Facebook.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Leverage Facebook's Timeline for Maximum Impact and Reach
INSTRUCTOR: Phyllis Khare

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Are you wondering how to best leverage the key features of Facebook's Timeline to enhance your brand? In this session, Phyllis Khare, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies, will reveal how businesses are using the Facebook Timeline. She'll show you why image size matters and how to adjust your photos for the best results. She'll also reveal creative ideas for pinning posts and how to showcase apps on your Facebook Timeline.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How Small Businesses Are Growing With Facebook
INSTRUCTORS: PJ Jonas (Goat Milk Stuff) and Randi Thompson (How to Market Your Horse Business)

TOPIC: Small-Biz Case Examples

Want to know how to use Facebook to fuel the growth of your small business? During this session, two small business owners (PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff and Randi Thompson of How to Market Your Horse Business) will show you how they're connecting with customers using Facebook. You'll discover the secrets of their success, what to avoid and how to use Facebook to drive sales.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

How to Improve Facebook Fan Engagement
INSTRUCTORS: Amy Porterfield and Andrea Vahl

TOPIC: Facebook Engagement

Want better fan engagement? During this high-energy session, Amy Porterfield and Andrea Vahl (co-authors of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies) will reveal proven engagement strategies to attract the attention of your fans. They'll show you how best to use images to spark conversation and get your fans to take action, along with tips to attract a larger, more invested audience that keeps coming back for more. You'll discover smart techniques to create buzz and effective ways to sell on Facebook so your product gets noticed!

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 11 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Grow Your Facebook Following Outside of Facebook

TOPIC: Facebook Page Promotion

Chances are your future Facebook fans are not looking for you on Facebook. With some creative out-of-the-box thinking, you can quickly grow a massive Facebook following. In this session, John Haydon (co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies) will show you how to use marketing channels outside of Facebook to boost your following. You'll discover how to best leverage email marketing, webinars, other social channels and events to build a larger Facebook fan base.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 11 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

Unconventional Facebook Marketing Techniques That Deliver Results
INSTRUCTOR: Emeric Ernoult

Topic: Facebook Marketing

Are you looking for new and creative Facebook marketing techniques that drive real results for your business? In this session, Emeric Ernoult (founder of AgoraPulse) will reveal outside-the-box marketing tactics that anyone can easily implement on Facebook. He'll show you how to gain leads directly from the Facebook newsfeed, how to drive tons of traffic to your company website and ways to enormously increase views of your videos on Facebook. You'll leave armed with new ideas that will take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 16 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Facebook Customer Relationship Management: How to Create Long-term Customers With Facebook

TOPIC: Facebook CRM

Facebook marketing can be a labor of love, but what are you really getting out of your efforts? Are your fans only there to look at cute pictures, or is there potential to turn them into loyal customers? Incorporating customer relationship management (CRM) databases in to your Facebook marketing efforts can prove to be a win for you and your customers. During this session, Jim Belosic (CEO of ShortStack) will reveal how to add CRM collection points into Facebook pages, best practices for encouraging users to submit their data and how to organize the data and leverage it for future marketing purposes.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 16 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How Business-to-Business Brands Are Leveraging the Power of Facebook
INSTRUCTORS: Ekaterina Walter (Intel) and Marielle Covington (Autodesk)

TOPIC: Business-to-Business Brand Case Examples

Wondering how well-known B2B businesses are using Facebook to engage consumers and prospects? Look no further! In this session, Ekaterina Walter of Intel and Marielle Covington of Autodesk will come together for the first time to share how they've achieved Facebook success. You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions live to our panel.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 16 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

Boosting Your Facebook Marketing Results With New Facebook Ad Techniques
INSTRUCTOR: Brian Carter

TOPIC: Facebook Advertising

Are you looking to increase your Facebook exposure? The average Facebook post is only seen by a paltry 16% of fans. Because of this, businesses are enhancing their Facebook marketing strategies with a paid component. In this session, Brian Carter, author of The Like Economy and co-author of Facebook Marketing, reveals cutting-edge, results-oriented Facebook advertising tactics. He'll show you how to best use promoted newsfeed posts, sponsored ad posts and how to combine YouTube videos with Facebook ads. Plus he'll help you ensure your results are accurately tracked. You won't want to miss this session!

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 18 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Measuring Facebook ROI: How to Capture and Communicate Metrics That Matter
INSTRUCTOR: Chris Treadaway

TOPIC: Facebook Metrics and Measurement

Marketers around the world are turning to Facebook to reach consumers online and on their mobile devices. However, many marketers still don't have a firm grip on how to measure their Facebook success. In this session, Chris Treadaway (co-author of Facebook Marketing) will show you ways to measure outcomes on Facebook. He'll explore how to leverage Facebook Insights and opportunities to go further with analytics to determine the return on your social media marketing investments.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 18 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How Big Consumer Brands Are Using Facebook
INSTRUCTOR: Jessica Berlin (American Eagle Outfitters) and Franck Ardourel (24 Hour Fitness)

TOPIC: Business-to-Consumer Brand Case Examples

Wondering how mega-corporations are using Facebook to engage customers? Here's your answer! In this session, Jessica Berlin of American Eagle Outfitters and Franck Ardourel of 24 Hour Fitness will come together for the first time to share how they've achieved success with Facebook.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 18 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

5 Simple Facebook Plugins to Effortlessly Enhance Your Website

TOPIC: Facebook Integration

Have you extended Facebook functionality to your company website? Wondering why and how? In this presentation, Jesse Stay (author of Facebook Application Development for Dummies) will show you how with just a few steps you can quickly leverage the power of Facebook to build an entire social experience on your website. He'll share five social plugins from Facebook. You'll leave with actionable ways to apply social design to your website!

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 23 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Put Facebook to Work for Your Small Business

TOPIC: Selling With Facebook

When you have a limited budget, limited resources and limited time, you need to make sure that your Facebook marketing is working for your small business. In this session tailored for small business owners, marketers and newly appointed social media managers, Rich Brooks will explore how to make Facebook work for your small business. He'll show you how to build a fan base and then convert your fans into customers. He'll also reveal how to know when to network, when to market and when to advertise for maximum impact.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 23 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

Running Successful Facebook Promotions
INSTRUCTOR: Ben Pickering

TOPIC: Facebook Promotions

Promotions—such as contests and sweepstakes—are powerful marketing tools when amplified through Facebook. However, there are a number of important considerations when planning a Facebook promotion. During this session, Ben Pickering (CEO of Strutta, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer) will explore the differences between contests and sweepstakes, as well as the legal and marketing implications of each. He'll share important Facebook promotional guidelines and what they may mean to your campaign, and suggestions to help build the initial word of mouth that your promotion needs to succeed. He'll also review contest marketing best practices and showcase successful Facebook promotions.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 23 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

REMEMBER: If you miss a live session, we'll provide you a free recording.

>> View/Print Flyer With Full Agenda

Wow, that's some line-up! By the way, NONE of the sessions are off-the-shelf presentations that these experts have given a dozen times before. These are original educational experiences that have been created specifically for this summit—each containing insights, strategies and up-to-date tips that you can use to transform your business.

Want to know more?

Simply click on any of the sections below: open all | close all

How This Online Conference Works

How It Works

Studies frequently show people who attend such professional development events are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships and earn a higher income!

Here's how this event works:

1. Though this summit will take place online, it will be a live event.

The instructors will be presenting their sessions live in real time, right on your computer screen. You can listen and watch their presentations, and speak directly to the experts, asking questions and getting instant answers.

When you register, you'll be given a link and access information for each session. When the date and time arrive, you simply pull up your web browser, go to a web page, type in your log-in information and, voilà, you're "there." It's the virtual equivalent of walking into a room at a live conference and sitting down!

2. You can interact live with the presenters.

That means you can actually speak with the Facebook superstars.

During each session, you'll hear and see the lessons (so be sure to turn on your computer speakers!). The virtual room also offers interactive capabilities beyond what's possible at live conferences. You can participate in instant polls and download presentation slide decks to print out for note-taking.

Just like regular conferences, sessions last an hour, and will offer an opportunity for live questions and answers.

If you want to ask a presenter a question, we'll provide a toll-free number you can dial. A live operator brings you on the line (like a radio talk show) and you speak directly to the experts!

During live sessions, you can dial a toll-free number and speak live with presenters.

We also provide access to a Networking Club where you can interact with presenters and fellow attendees. You also get a downloadable video recording of each session with transcripts!

Session recordings can be streamed online using a computer, iPhone, iPad or other HTML-5–enabled mobile device—or downloaded to your desktop for playback.

3. Of course, networking is a big part of this event...

Our summits have active Networking Clubs for discussion and networking.

Many people who attend our professional development summits report the relationships they establish with fellow attendees are priceless… relationships that often continue to be a source of advice and support for years to come.

Between sessions, you can network with other summit attendees via our Networking Clubs—a place where you can get help and connect with your peers.

You also get access to Twitter-based chat rooms where you can interact live with your peers.

4. Designed to fit your busy schedule!

This event was designed by marketers for marketers. That means we built it to accommodate your busy schedule. We've spread the summit out over 4 weeks, with multiple sessions each week.

You don't have to stop working to attend (AND you can begin applying what you learn immediately). Video recordings and transcripts from each session are provided for further study.

Each live session is available for playback and downloading the same day, at no added charge.

We'll provide a certificate of achievement for attendees who successfully complete the summit and pass an examination.

Is this event a good fit for you?

Is the Facebook Success Summit 2012 a Fit for You?

First, you don't need to be a techno-geek or twenty-something to use and benefit from Facebook. You might be surprised to learn that many social media marketers are aged 30 to 60.

If you find yourself in one of the categories below, the Facebook Success Summit 2012 is a fit for you:

  • The Small Business Owner: You're looking for a boost—likely a consultant, coach, local business owner, writer, agent, blogger, artist or general "gun for hire"—and see the potential of Facebook marketing, but want to speed your path to success with the least effort and the greatest return.

  • The Corporate Marketer: You work for a corporation and have been tasked to manage the company's Facebook initiative. You likely face internal battles to convey how Facebook could help the company, but you know there's real potential.

  • The Experienced Social Media User: You've been using Facebook for a while, but want better results. You're ready to take your business to a whole new level by following the proven tactics of the pros and leveraging the latest techniques. Better response. Less work. More profitability.

If you find yourself in any of the above categories, Facebook Success Summit 2012 is an event you don't want to miss.

Common Questions Answered

I can't attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes. For each session, we'll provide a recording you can watch online or download to your desktop, so you won't miss a thing. If you have other commitments (like a day job) or if a session occurs at an inconvenient time, no need to worry. Even if you attend a live session, you'll still get the recording. You'll get access to recordings for 12 months from the day you purchase your ticket.

When are the session dates?

Here are the dates and times of each session. If you can't make a live session, you won't miss a thing! You automatically receive session recordings and transcripts. (Note: When you register, you'll get access to a downloadable schedule for Outlook, iCal or Google.)

  • Tuesday, October 2 at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)
  • Wednesday, October 3 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Wednesday, October 3 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Wednesday, October 3 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, October 11 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, October 11 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 16 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 16 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 16 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, October 18 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, October 18 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, October 18 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 23 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 23 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, October 23 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

Are you outside the United States? Click here for a time coverter. Note: Select location: U.S.A. - California - San Diego.

Where is the event located?

At your home or office. Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. And you'll get the recordings, so if you miss a live session, no worries.

When are the bonuses available?

You will gain access to the bonuses immediately. So you can get started right away!

Will there be transcripts?

Yes. We'll provide FREE transcripts of each presentation in Adobe PDF. This will allow you to study and scan the content of each presentation.

How long are the sessions?

Each of the sessions is one hour in duration.

How can I ask questions during the summit?

Two ways. First, during the live presentations, you'll be able to dial a toll-free number (U.S. and Canada) and speak directly with the presenters during the live Q&A portion of each session. Second, we'll leverage Social Media Examiner's Networking Clubs as a place where you can post questions and get answers from your peers and the instructor (and this can happen the moment you sign up!).

Can I purchase just a single session, or just the recordings?

You can attend any or all of the sessions (or catch the recordings if you miss any). However, a summit ticket is like a Disneyland ticket—you get access to everything. If you want access to any of this great content, you must purchase your ticket before the completion of the summit. After the summit has ended, this exclusive content will no longer be available for sale and the recordings will only be available to summit attendees

What if I still have questions?

You can send an email to summit@socialmediaexaminer.com and we'll get back to you right away.

Act Now and Claim Your 11 Free Bonuses Worth $647!

To further sweeten this offer, you'll be provided 11 valuable bonuses worth $647.00—that's ten+ hours of outstanding content you can immediately watch and apply to your business. These business-building materials are yours for FREE, just by signing up for Facebook Success Summit 2012.

Free Bonus #1: Facebook Timeline for Business: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for creative ways to enhance your businesses' Facebook Timeline page? In this video, Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and Social Media Examiner's community manager) will show you creative examples of Facebook Timeline pages. She'll reveal tips on how to create attractive cover photos, show you important Timeline features, including the admin panel, milestones, highlights and many more. Andrea will also demonstrate free and low-cost apps that bring enhanced Timeline capabilities to your Facebook page.

Free Bonus #2: Facebook Marketing 101: How to Build Your Facebook Page
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Porterfield

Wondering how to setup an effective Facebook page? Amy Porterfield (co-author Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies) shows you, step-by-step. This comprehensive video will make it easy for you to get up and running quickly. Amy will also show you how to optimize your page visually and share tips on fan engagement.

Free Bonus #3: How to Grow Your Brand and Following with Facebook

Newsflash: You don't need a huge Facebook following to achieve measurable results! Renowned Facebook marketing expert, Mari Smith (co-author of Facebook Marketing), shows you exactly how to grow your brand with a compelling Facebook business page. You'll discover how to attract GENUINE fans that love what you do and want to engage with you and your content on a daily basis! You'll discover a clear game plan for consistently generating leads and sales from your Facebook efforts!

Free Bonus #4: 10 Ways to Bring the Power of Facebook to Your Website
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

Is there an easy way to leverage the power of Facebook on your website or blog? In this video, Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner and author of Launch) will reveal how to extend the power of Facebook directly to your website. You'll discover how to drive more traffic and grow a loyal Facebook following using Facebook social plugins, Facebook's Open Graph and third party widgets. You'll leave with actionable steps you can immediately implement to tap the power Facebook.

Free Bonus #5: How to Develop a Raving Facebook Fan Base for Your Business

Are you looking for creative ways to connect with Facebook's more than 955 million active fans? These fans are among the most active members of the online world. Their activities can translate into amazing exposure—and revenue—for your business. In this video, Mari Smith (the undisputed Queen of Facebook for business and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day) shares her tips and techniques for attracting your ideal customers.

Free Bonus #6: Why It Pays to Be Likeable on Facebook

Is your business taking full advantage of the power of Facebook? Do you want to know how to grow a loyal fan base that loves your brand and isn't shy about letting their friends know? During this video, Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Social Media, shares key Facebook strategies and case studies from leading companies. You'll discover how to make your brand likeable via Facebook.

Free Bonus #7: Succeeding with Facebook Advertising
INSTRUCTOR: Chris Treadaway

It's relatively simple to set up a Facebook advertising campaign—but not necessarily easy to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. In this video, Chris Treadaway (co-author, Facebook Marketing) walks you through the process of setting up successful Facebook ads, monitoring outcomes, making adjustments, and dealing with the complexity of running an effective campaign.

Free Bonus #8: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Facebook, But Were Afraid to Ask
INSTRUCTORS: Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Want to know how to use Facebook to build a thriving community? Wondering how to generate leads and convert sales? During this video, the three co-authors of Facebook Marketing: All-in-One for Dummies share their marketing tips. All three women are renowned social media coaches and consultants. Together they will draw from their depth of experience and reveal what you need to know about Facebook.

Free Bonus #9: How Big Consumer Brands Are Using Facebook (Panel Discussion)
PANELISTS: Scott Gulbransen (H&R Block) and Daniel Sundin (PETCO)

Wondering how mega-corporations are using Facebook to engage customers? Here's your answer! In this video, Scott Gulbransen of H&R Block and Daniel Sundin of PETCO come together for the first time to share how they've achieved success with Facebook.

Free Bonus #10: Facebook Application Development For Dummies

Jesse Stay, author of Facebook Application Development For Dummies, shares how anyone can get their hands dirty with Facebook's developer platform. In this jam-packed recording, Jesse will reveal how you can gain an edge over your competitors on Facebook, and on your website or application. Even if you're not a developer, you'll gain something valuable from this presentation.

Free Bonus #11: 37 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page EdgeRank

John Haydon, co-author of Facebook Marketing For Dummies, shares 33 specific strategies and tactics designed to get more organic reach and engagement on your Facebook Page updates in this ebook. Beginning with understanding the three pillars of content marketing and ending with using Insights, this guide is extremely easy to understand so that you can get results now, not later.

I think you'll agree that these FREE bonuses will greatly enhance your social media success. They're all yours for free when you register for Facebook Success Summit 2012. You get them the moment you sign up!

How to Register/Event Cost

Traditional professional development summits—featuring a line-up of world-class experts and providing a chance to network with your peers—often cost thousands of dollars to attend. And that doesn't include the added costs of travel, meals, hotel accommodations, rental cars and lost work time. Ouch! Not at Facebook Success Summit 2012!

At Facebook Success Summit 2012, you have no costs for travel, meals, hotels, cars or lost time! Why? Because it's an online event.

The registration fee for Facebook Success Summit 2012 is just $597. That's less than $34 per session.


  • One Ticket, One Payment: Get one ticket to Facebook Success Summit 2012 for only $597 PLUS get $647 in FREE bonuses. Click here to reserve your seat.

  • One Ticket, Two Payments: Would it be easier to spread out the payments? Get one ticket for two monthly payments of only $299 each (one now, one 30 days later) PLUS get $647 in FREE bonuses. Click here to reserve your seat.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and PayPal. (Note: PayPal is only accepted for the single payment option.)

The event begins October 2 and runs through October 23 (scroll up to see sessions and dates).

Sample It Guarantee: You can try the first two days of the event and still cancel for a full refund if you determine this event is not for you. Scroll down for more about this guarantee.

If you discover just one strategy that will attract better clients and increase your social media success, the investment in your professional development will have paid for itself many times over.

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Isn't it time for YOU to get Facebook working for your business?

Yes, you can achieve success with Facebook marketing.

You just need to see what the most successful social media pros do, and then follow in their footsteps.

Facebook Success Summit 2012 paves the way.

Reserve your spot today.

Here's to your success!

Michael A. Stelzner
Founder, Social Media Examiner and fellow marketer

P.S. Don't forget that we record all of the sessions and provide you access for a year to this online event. So if you have a scheduling conflict, don't worry about it! You won't miss a thing.

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The "First Two Days Sample It" Guarantee

This summit offers the best Facebook marketing advice (from the biggest names in the industry). Experience the first two days of the summit and see if it feels right for you. Just give it a try.

And if you believe it's not right for you and you don't want to sit in on any more sessions or use the materials, just drop us a line at orders@socialmediaexaminer.com within 48 hours of the summit start (no later than October 4), and we'll gladly refund your money and cancel your access. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities and help you gain measurable results. In fact, just a few weeks from now, you'll be amazed when you look back at where you started and where you're headed.

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Facebook Success Summit 2012 is the third-annual live online conference that'll empower you to use Facebook to better engage customers (and prospects), gain more exposure and grow your business. The world's leading Facebook pros will show you and thousands of your peers how.

Join 20 experts, including Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies), John Haydon (co-author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies), Brian Carter (author, The Like Economy), Mark Schaefer (author, Return on Influence), Chris Treadaway (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Jesse Stay (author, Facebook Application Development for Dummies), Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies), Phyllis Khare (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies) and experts from American Eagle Outfitters, Intel, 24 Hour Fitness and Autodesk—just to mention a few (scroll down to see full list)!

Event runs October 2 to October 23 (fully online).


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If you'd like to get updates related to Facebook Success Summit 2012, simply fill out this little form. As our way of saying thanks, we'll provide you FREE immediate access to a class from our last summit called How to Grow Your Brand and Following With Facebook, taught by Mari Smith (a $59 value!).

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Meet Your Instructors

You'll join 20 of the world's leading Facebook marketing experts...

Mari Smith
Mari is a leading social media strategist and premier Facebook marketing expert. She is co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day and author of The New Relationship Marketing. Both Forbes and D&B Credibility named Mari one of the top ten social media influencers, and Fast Company dubbed her the "Pied Piper of the Online World." Through her consulting and training agency, Mari and her team work with companies of all sizes to help them turn social interactions into profitable brand loyalty.

Dave Kerpen
Dave is author of Likeable Social Media and the CEO of Likeable—an award-winning social media and word-of-mouth marketing firm comprised of Likeable Media, Likeable Community College and Likeable Local. Dave and his wife Carrie lead a team of 50 in working with brands, small businesses and individuals to better leverage social media. Dave's social media clients include Heineken, Neutrogena, Cumberland Farms, Uno Chicago Grill, Verizon, 1-800-Flowers and Stride Rite.

Amy Porterfield
Amy is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and a social media strategist. With 12+ years of marketing experience, Amy has worked with mega-brands like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, along with Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins, where she oversaw his content marketing team and managed online marketing campaigns. She currently teaches entrepreneurs and small businesses how to leverage social media to gain greater exposure, attract quality leads and turn their fans and followers into loyal customers.

John Haydon
John is co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies. He advises nonprofits on marketing strategy and the effective use of Facebook, blogs, Twitter and other tools. He also is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and an instructor for MarketingProfs University and Charityhowto.

Brian Carter
Brian is author of The Like Economy. Brian develops strategies and builds social marketing fan bases for companies of all sizes, including well-known entities such as Universal Studios, the U.S. Army, Hardee's and Carl's Jr. He has been quoted and profiled by Information Week, ABC News, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Mark Schaefer
Mark is the author of The Tao of Twitter and Return on Influence. He is also a marketing faculty member at Rutgers University and his blog {grow} is among the top marketing blogs in the world. Mark's a globally acclaimed business writer, marketing consultant, and innovator, receiving seven international patents for new product ideas with Fortune 100 companies.

Chris Treadaway
Chris is co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day with Mari Smith. He is the founder and CEO of Polygraph Media, a social data mining and analytics company that has worked with major corporations such as Wiley Publishing, Microsoft, Land Rover and the PGA Tour. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of social ROI and analytics and has written for major publications such as Forbes, Mashable and ReadWriteWeb.

Jesse Stay
Jesse is author of multiple books, including Facebook Application Development for Dummies, Google+ Marketing for Dummies and I'm on Facebook—Now What???. He's a speaker, author, blogger and entrepreneur who writes and consults on the topics of social media and new media architecture, bridging the gap between "technical" and "social" for both marketers and developers.

Andrea Vahl
Andrea is a social media coach, speaker and strategist and is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. She uses her improv comedy skills to blog as an entertaining character named Grandma Mary, a social media edutainer. She is also the Facebook community manager for Social Media Examiner.

Phyllis Khare
Phyllis is the author of Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She is a teacher, speaker, consultant and in-demand writer of all things social media. She co-founded the Social Media Manager School and writes for GSG World Media and iPhone Life magazine.

Ekaterina Walter (Intel)
Ekaterina is a global social innovation strategist at Intel. She is a recognized thought leader in her field, a vibrant speaker and is a regular contributor to well-known industry publications such as Mashable, Fast Company, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb and others. Ekaterina is a proud TEDizen. She also sits on the board of directors of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). You can connect with her on Twitter @Ekaterina or through her blog, Building Social Bridges.

Jessica Berlin (American Eagle Outfitters)
Jessica Berlin is a social media strategist with a background in public relations, marketing and social media in the entertainment and fashion retail industries. Currently the Social Media Manager for American Eagle Outfitters, a major clothing retailer based in Pittsburgh, PA she is responsible for the social media marketing strategy, campaign development and execution for their brands American Eagle and Aerie. She oversees the social content and experience for an active community of over 8 million Facebook fans. Prior to AE, Jessica ran social media for Cirque du Soleil based in Las Vegas.

Franck Ardourel (24 Hour Fitness)
Franck is Online Marketing Director for 24 Hour Fitness. In his role, he has been responsible for defining and implementing the strategy of distributed web properties i.e. 24hourfitness .com, mobile, My24 iPhone and droid Apps, kiosk and social media. His background is varied, having held management roles in marketing and web operations for large organizations such as Intuit, United Airlines, and GE Capital. But, he also worked at Zinio, a small start-up in the digital publishing industry. Franck has an M.B.A. in Marketing from Paris Sorbonne University (France), and in IT from International University of America.

Marielle Covington (Autodesk)
Marielle is a social media lead with Autodesk, overseeing the social media strategies for the AutoCAD family of products. In this role, she is also responsible for helping to educate her colleagues on best practices surrounding leveraging the social web for marketing initiatives. Previously she spent five years managing digital media and new business marketing efforts for Allison & Partners. A graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Marielle also worked for the NBC Today Show.

Rich Brooks
Rich is founder and president of Flyte New Media, a web design and Internet marketing company focused on helping small businesses. He is currently an expert blogger at FastCompany.com and a regular contributor at Social Media Examiner. Rich is a nationally recognized speaker.

Ben Pickering
Ben is the CEO of Strutta, a leading platform for social promotions and a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. Prior to Strutta, Ben worked at Yahoo!, where he held senior roles in the display advertising business. Ben authors regular articles for publications such as Social Media Examiner and speaks at various conferences such as the Public Relations Society of America Digital Impact Conference and AllFacebook Marketing Conference.

Emeric Ernoult
Emeric is the founder of AgoraPulse, a Facebook marketing technology that has been featured on AllFacebook as the "low cost Facebook CRM alternative." Emeric is a member of the board of the Social Media Club in Paris, France and is a regular speaker at international conferences such as the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, Facebook Marketing Conference 2012 London, iStrategy, Digital Paris and eMarketing Paris.

Jim Belosic
Jim is the CEO of ShortStack, a self-service social media platform that allows users to create custom Facebook apps. Prior to founding ShortStack, Jim ran a successful graphic and web design business for 9 years. His company, Belosic ADG, was receiving numerous requests for custom Facebook page tabs, so ShortStack.com was born as an internal tool to meet those needs.

Randi Thompson
Randi is the founder of the multiple award-winning Facebook business page, How to Market Your Horse Business…Or Any Other Business. Randi applies over three decades of successful marketing experience, consulting, coaching skills and public speaking to a wide spectrum of businesses both in- and outside of the horse industry.

PJ Jonas
PJ is the founder of Goat Milk Stuff and has used social media to more than double her company's sales every year since its inception in 2008. She is recognized as a successful female entrepreneur and has appeared on the Today Show, the O Magazine and other traditional and social media.

Attendee Feedback

Here's what Facebook Success Summit 2011 attendees had to say:

"Amazing source of how-to information. The marketing, the developer tips and strategies: priceless!" Terry Eccles-Pettet

"I just have to tell what an impressive series you have put together. The caliber of speakers was outstanding. Never have I witnessed a better-run online series than what you have created. Bravo!" Gisela Clark

"Well worth the time and money. I especially like that there are no travel costs and that if you happen to have a meeting or otherwise can't attend, you can still read the transcript and watch the presentation." Ed Vawter

"This was a super, jam-packed series of presentations—and truly helpful for someone just out of the gate like I am. Thanks again, I'll be back!" Celeste Lawson

"Great conference—I've had at least 19 'ah-ha!' moments so far." Jeff Evans

"This summit was filled with amazing information that you can put into practice immediately!" Maureen Lloyd-James

"Finally, a summit that explains everything you need to know really, no frills." Eliana

"I stumbled across your Facebook conference by accident researching a client's business. I was intrigued. I must say that it is one of the most well-thought-out virtual conferences I have ever seen, both in content (speakers) and tools that allow you to watch it live and review it many months later." Hal Fraser

"Very helpful insight to Facebook marketing that saves you a lot of time from researching, trial and error." Natasa Bekiaroudi

"The amount of information blew my mind!" Todd Young

"Great stuff, great education, practical, you'll love it! Great speakers, rich content." Joy Ruth Morai

"I liked that we have time to review recordings if we missed one." Amanda Vogel

"It's great, up to date, relevant information and you're getting access to the best knowledge in the industry." Emily Magers

"The presenters were very knowledgeable. I liked the fact that the recordings were available right away if I wasn't able to attend live." Angela Remmert

"The presenters are experts in the field. Access to the materials for a full year helps to facilitate implementing what we learned." Lupe Lopez

"The information was very specific and relevant, with practical tips and action items that I could take away and use. Plus the presenters were personable and it was enjoyable to listen and learn from them." Carol Lynn Rivera

"This summit was extremely helpful for providing insights and best practices for Facebook strategy and management." Victoria Doucet

"A MUST attend!" Timothy Snow

"This was super-informative with intelligent and proven speakers." Migdalia

"This is the top online event in social media organized by wonderful folks from Social Media Examiner." Dmitry Lambrianov

"Knowledgeable presenters. Good examples of how to put recommendations into practice." Jeanne Cox

"The speed at which you got the videos out was impressive! I loved that." Caroline Chen-Whatley

"Thank you Mike and Social Media Examiner for a fantastic FB Success Summit! What a parade of quality speakers and quality content!" Rae Sanford

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