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This will convince any boss!

This page contains a template email and flyer you can email to your boss (scroll down). It also contains ideas to help you achieve success.

Ways to Convince the Boss

Idea #1: Play the “ideal outcome” game: Say to your boss, “what would be the ideal outcome for my marketing results this year?” If they say, double sales, or increase leads, or something similar then you are in a great position.

Now ask, “Are you willing to invest in my training so I can get us there?” If they say yes, you are ready to present the solution: Facebook Ads Summit.

Idea #2: Switch the conversation from expense to investment: Think about this. If you purchase something that generates more value than the cost, it’s actually an investment, NOT an expense.

With Facebook Ads Summit, you’ll get 11 live training sessions and the recordings of all the sessions–you do not need to travel.

So take the price, divide it by 11 and say this: “Would you be willing to make a training investment in me for less than $XX per session?” (The earlier you register, the lower your price will be).

Email to the Boss

The email below is a simple template you can modify to your specific needs.

NOTE: There are four areas in < > that you’ll want to customize. ALSO, if we have a sale going on you may want to mention that in the email.

SUBJECT LINE: <Insert Your Boss’ Name Here>, I’d like to register for the Facebook Ads Summit

Hi <Insert Your Boss’ Name Here>,

As you know, investing in Facebook ads has become more important for us. <you may want to customize this first sentence based on your unique needs>

The folks over at Social Media Examiner are offering an online training event called Facebook Ads Summit 2018.

I believe that taking part in their Summit will help me discover how to streamline our ad spend, increase conversions, and scale our results.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included:

* 11 live online training sessions taught by Facebook ads pros (recordings are included).

* The sessions focus on three core areas: (1) crafting compelling Facebook ads, (2) implementing innovative Facebook ad strategies, and (3) testing and refining our ads

Here’s the investment breakdown: Registration is $397. That’s about $36 per training.

With your permission, I’d like to secure our reservation to this event before it sells out. Please reply as soon as possible with your decision.

I feel like that is a bargain and will allow me to provide a strong return on investment for the company.

Thanks for considering it.

<Insert Your Name Here>

P.S. There’s a quick overview here:

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