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Your Role and Schedule

Your schedule is now live in InItLive! You should have received an invitation from InItLive to create an account and another email with your schedule. You should be able to view the schedule from the website and the mobile app.

Want to go above and beyond and pick up a few extra shifts. See what shifts are still open through “Pick and Request” on the web version of InitLive.

Need a refresher of your volunteer commitment? Review your Volunteer Agreement here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Pre-Event Volunteer Training Webinar

Prior to arriving on-site, we ask that you watch the recording of the Pre-Event Training Webinar which can be found here:
(Check your email for the password)

During this call, we highlighted the event, reviewed the schedule, shared our Service Vision, and provided some additional logistical information to best prepare you for your role as Event Staff.

Here is a copy of the slides.

On-Site Volunteer Training

All event staff are required to attend the staff training and kick-off on Tuesday, February 27th at 1pm to 6pm at the San Diego Convention Center.

SMMW18 Leaders (Networking Team Members, Room Host Leads, Speaker Concierges, Society Team Members, and Content Concierges) are required to attend a morning training on Tuesday, February 27th from 9am to 11am.

A more detailed training schedule will be shared once your role and schedule is finalized.

During the Event

You will be assigned specific roles and expected to serve up to 15-20 hours (not including your training day). In many cases you will still be able to attend some (or even all) of the sessions you desire. We try to accommodate your preferences, but your volunteer duties do come first. The good news is we do provide you a free Virtual Ticket so you will have access to ALL the recordings.

Take the Volunteer Quiz

Please take this short 20-question open-book quiz before Friday, February 23th at 5pm. An 80% passing score is required, but it shouldn’t take you too long. And you might even laugh a couple times. We ask all volunteers to take this whether it’s your first or sixth time volunteering.

On-Site Staff Information

Event Packet

Here is a your downloadable Staff Event Packet which contains information on our dress code, your meals, trainings, etc… all in one place

Packing List

Here is a quick one-page packing list made just for you.

Staff Dress Code

All staff working except for the Networking Team, Society Team and Content Concierge Team will need to wear the provided white staff logoed short sleeve shirt at all times. We recommend wearing white or natural undergarments. As the convention center temperature may vary, we recommend bringing a white long sleeve to wear under your shirt.

Please wear dark or khaki pants (no jeans) and nice, comfortable shoes (nice tennis shoes are fine).

Please bring a nice warm jacket with you, as there will be outdoor staffing needs. Average February/March temperatures for San Diego are high-60’s to mid 70’s during the day and low-50’s at night.

You will be provided a new t-shirt for each day you are working. You may keep your shirts at the conclusion of the conference or return them to Room 22.

When your shift is over and you want to attend a session, consider changing your shirt or putting something over it. Attendees will not know when you are on or off. If you are “off the clock,” we suggest changing so you don’t get asked a ton of questions. Also, if you are talking to sponsors, they will be more receptive to talking to you if you don’t look like staff.

Volunteer Office

The volunteer office will be located in Room 22 of the Convention Center. You are welcome to leave your personal items here but Social Media Examiner cannot be held responsible for watching your belongings.


In addition to all the meals included in the All-Access Pass, volunteers will be provided:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lunch (Hosted for Alumni and Leaders Only) – Alumni and Leader lunch with the Social Media Examiner team. Details will be sent privately.
Dinner (On Own) – Join a Meetup & Eatup group and check-out a local restaurant. Visit the Networking Page for more details.
Pre-Event Networking Happy Hour (On Own) – Join the SME team as we kick-off the event at the Marriott Marquis at 8pm.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Breakfast (Hosted for Assigned Staff) – Breakfast available for staff working the morning shift (6:30am – 9am)
Lunch (Hosted) – Lunch vouchers provided to ALL STAFF to eat concession food in Hall F.
Dinner (Hosted)  – Dinner will be provided at the Convention Center for staff working during dinner hours (5pm to 8pm). If you are part of the Midway Team, dinner will be provided on the Midway before attendees arrive. If you are not working during this time, you will be able to eat at the Midway Party (7pm to 11:00pm)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Breakfast (Hosted) – Breakfast available for ALL STAFF from 7am to 8:30am in the Networking Plaza
Lunch (Hosted) – Lunch available for ALL STAFF from 11:30am to 2pm in the Networking Plaza
Dinner (On Own) – Join a Meetup & Eatup group and check-out a local restaurant before going to the Second Night Party. Visit the Networking Page for more details.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Breakfast (Hosted) – Breakfast available for ALL STAFF from 7am to 9:00am in the Networking Plaza
Lunch (Hosted) – Lunch available for ALL STAFF from 11:30am to 1:30pm in the Networking Plaza
Dinner (On Own) – Join a Meetup & Eatup group and check-out a local restaurant as we celebrate the end of SMMW18. Visit the Networking Page for more details.
Post Event Happy Hour (On Own) – Join the SME team as we celebrate the end of a great event at the Manchester Grand Hyatt  at 8pm.

Evening Networking Parties
Once you are done with your assigned role for the day, you are welcome to attend both the Opening Night and Second Night Networking Parties as an attendee.

Conference attire is business casual for all events, including the evening events.

Attending Sessions
Once you are done with your assigned role/shift, you are welcome to attend sessions.

Please remember that when you are wearing your staff shirt, attendees will assume you are “working” whether you are or not.


Private Facebook Group

Want to connect with other awesome SMMW volunteers before the event? Join the conversation on the private #SMMW18 Volunteers Facebook Group by clicking the “Join Group” button.


Online Resources

Attendee Portal
Detailed Agenda
Speaker Photo and Bios
Networking Resources
International Resources

Content Concierge Study Resources

One-Page Cheat Sheet
Study Guide
Speakers at-a-Glance


Lower Level
Upper Level
Networking Plaza
Area Map

Speaker Concierge Resources

Speaker Concierge Responsibilities & Checklist

Room Host Resources

Room Host Lead Responsibilities & Checklist
Room Host Responsibilities & Checklist


Security Information
Please wear your name badges at ALL times.

We will have an overnight security guard on duty starting Tuesday. However, we recommend high value items, i.e. laptops etc., be brought each morning and not be left overnight.

Security Reminders
Your safety is important to us. It’s important to take the same precautions you do in your home.

When in your sleeping room, please use ALL locking devices (deadbolts and safety latches).

Utilize hotel room safes. If a safe is not available or will not accommodate your laptop computer, utilize a security locking cable or keep your computer with you at all times.

Please take your valuables (i.e. laptop, iPad, purse, etc.) and printed materials with you when you leave meeting rooms.

Please carry the name, address and telephone number of the hotel with you whenever you are away from the hotel.

To maintain the integrity of SMMW, please shred all event documents before leaving and please do not take them with you.

If you have any security questions, issues, concerns or require assistance during your stay, please contact Jaci Feinstein (650-996-0161).

Your Support Team

Volunteer Relations Management: Connie Albers – (407) 256-9607
Event Logistical Support: Jaci Feinstein – (650) 996-0161
On-Site Volunteer Support: Jay Austin – (816) 392-0475
Editorial information: Lisa Jenkins – (509) 552-9520
Sponsor/Media information: Emily Crume – (949) 444-8459
Phil Mershon’s assistant: Joanne Watt – (307) 421-2925
Mike Stelzner’s assistant: Jennifer Ocheltree – (760) 889-7219

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