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Recordings and Slides Finalized
Recordings are now available for All-Access and virtual ticket-holders. Go here to log-in with the user ID/email and password that you used when you registered to access the recordings and slides. Note: Forgot your password? No problem. Just follow the “Lost Password” prompts.
ENDING TODAY: Social Media Marketing World 2019 Ticket Sale
Visit the sales booth in Networking Plaza or Online

Announcing the Winners:

Congratulations to the following winners from the Networking Bingo

SMMW18 Black T-Shirt: @Tamarraallen, @fullychargedmed, @sigruncom, @kelleri, @granolaflossin, @kathurst, @jessleearl, @kelleydenz, @bradwarm, @differentgravy, @FamTravelWriter, @Keriansart, @elizzralph,, @mrsdesireerose, @Kelphugger, @micheseco, @chinovv, @masiaslootweg, @BrehmMedia, @debmactweets, @stellarjpevents, @themummyproject, @madeleinemuller, @Leishsaps

Free annual membership to the Social Media Marketing Society: @julissar

G2 Crowd: @Vigraguraman

Ecamm Software license for Ecamm Live: @MiHazenberg, @outtatheboxmktg, @GigiSeimears

LoveHandle: 100 Free Custom LoveHandles with Custom Marketing Cards: @GvKanten

Scout’s Tip #30: Welcome to SMMW18!
We are excited to see you. If you have questions or need help you can use #SMMW18help to get answers or email
Scout’s Tip: Win big playing the Scout About Game
Pick up a game card and visit our sponsor booths in the Networking Plaza. Collect 8 booth stickers and enter to win prizes from our sponsors and a chance at the grand prize: an All Access ticket to 2019! Tip: Enter early for the best chance to win! (2/28/18)
If you have an All-Access Ticket (or purchased the Virtual Ticket)
Watch your email for instructions on accessing the conference recordings.
Scout’s Bonus Tip: Gather early for an Unofficial Meet-up
Join us for the unofficial pre-event meetup on tonight 2/27 at 8:00pm in the Hyatt bar.
PS: We do the same thing Friday night post event at 8:00pm (2/27/18)
Scout’s Tip #29: Know the Weather Forecast
We’ve got our own custom weather forecast from The Weather Channel’s Jennifer Watson
Scout’s Tip #28: Wifi Usage At The Convention Center
There will be free WiFi in our event space at the San Diego Convention Center. The network is SMMWorld. Streaming and live video will not be permitted on the WiFi network. We discourage any live broadcasts of sessions, workshops and keynotes. (2/24/18)
Scout’s Tip #27: Use the Event Facebook Frame
Watch this video to learn how to use our Facebook frame on your profile picture, stories and more.
Scout’s Tip #26: Never Eat Alone
Looking for your peers or a chance to discuss your burning question? Table Talks provide that opportunity and are open all day Thursday and Friday. At lunch, join your peers for a great discussion. See the schedule and topics here.  (2/22/18)
Scout’s Tip #25: Get Help Planning Your Schedule
Having a hard time deciding which sessions to attend? Wondering which speakers or topics are best for your business? Visit the Content Concierge Cabana in the Networking Plaza and our team will help. (2/21/18)
Scout’s Tip #24: Join a Networking Walk/Run (or Yoga class)
Don’t forget to pack your running shoes. Meet fellow runners and walkers in the Marriott Lobby at 6:00am. This is a great way to get in a little exercise and connect with someone else in a low-stress environment. If Yoga is more your style, go to the Marriott Fitness Center. (2/20/18)
Scout’s Tip #23: Connect With Our Sponsors
Check out what extras the sponsors are doing during the event. Click here to check them out. (2/19/18)
Scout’s Tip #22: Check Out Some Fun Exercise Opportunities
Enjoy a fun way to network and exercise by attending a Zumba and/or yoga session on Weds before or between workshops. Signup here! (2/16/18)
Scout’s Tip #21: Visit The Networking Embassy
Be sure to plan a visit to The Networking Embassy, located in the Networking Plaza. The Networking Team can help you connect with others who share your interests. We can also assist with questions about our Slack channels and the event app. (2/15/18)
Scout’s Tip #20: Plan What You’ll Wear
The conference and all networking events are business casual. The opening night party will be on an aircraft carrier, so ladies: avoid heels. You should bring a jacket or sweater for the evening parties as the temperatures do drop after sunset. Be sure to bring good walking shoes since the convention center is over 330 yards from one end of our location to the other. (2/14/18)
Scout’s Tip #19: Meet Your Peers and Discuss Hot Industry Topics
Want to discuss specific social media topics with your peers? Come to the Networking Plaza anytime on Thursday and Friday and connect with people who have the same interest as you. Additionally, during lunch on Thursday and Friday, we’ll be holding Table Talks. Download the Table Talk Map and Topic List here. (2/13/18)
Scout’s Tip #18: Plan Your Schedule
When you download our mobile app Bizzabo, you’ll get instant access to the agenda, hotel maps, and session descriptions, right from your phone or computer. Just click here to download (2/12/18)
Scout’s Tip #17: Make Meal Plans
Don’t forget to make MeetUp plans during Social Media Marketing World. Our Networking Team can help you!
New Keynote Speaker Added
Linda Lee from Facebook Messenger will be joining the Friday morning Facebook Messenger Bot Keynote. She joins Molly Pittman with Mikael Yang (ManyChat) and Andrew Yaroshevsky (ChatFuel). (2/8/18)
Scout’s Tip #16: Sign Up For Networking Meals
Looking to meet new people? We provide a casual way for you to join other attendees at a nearby restaurant for a meal during times when food is not served at the conference. Signup for a MeetUp & EatUp. It’s a great way to meet 8-10 new friends! (2/8/18)
Scout’s Tip #15: Watch the Attendee Orientation Replay
We share 20 Ways to Maximize Your Experience at #SMMW18. Watch here. Download the slides here. (2/7/18)
Scout’s Tip #14: Use the Event Hashtag On Social Media
Follow the event hashtag #SMMW18 on Twitter and Instagram: Share photos and connect with other attendees. (2/6/18)
We just added a whole new track of expert interviews to the lineup. Check them out here. (2/5/18)
Scout’s Tip #13: Join a Pre-Event Networking Hour
Get insider tips and make some new connections at one of our pre-event hangout sessions. Mark your calendars for February 15, 2018 at 9am PT and February 22, 2018 at 3pm PT. Watch your email for registration links. (2/5/18)
Scout’s Tip #12: Download the Event Mobile App
Did you know that in addition to using our mobile app for the agenda and your schedule, you can also use it to network with fellow attendees? (2/2/18)
Scout’s Tip #11 Tip: Check Out The Introvert Networking Workshop
Plan to attend Wednesday’s highly interactive workshop — Conference Networking for Introverts with Jillian Vorce and Mike Bruny to learn more about networking and to make a few connections before the evening party. (2/1/18)
Scout’s Tip #10: Check Out Our Sponsors
We’ve got some amazing sponsors you’ll want to check out in the Networking Plaza. You can discover tools, tips, solutions and learn more about products and services designed to advance your business. (1/31/18)
Scout’s Tip #9: Plan Your Schedule in Advance
You can start planning your schedule now. Check out the detailed agenda to start planning the sessions you want to attend. (1/30/18)
Scout’s Tip #8: Attend Our Attendee Orientation Workshop
Join this attendee orientation on February 8th at 9am PT where we will share tips on maximizing your event experience. Click here to register. (1/29/18)
Scout’s Tip #7: Meet New People at our MeetUp & EatUps
Looking for people to share a meal? Join a group of 8-10 people for a meal at a local restaurant. Click here to sign up. (1/26/18)
Scout’s Tip #6: Make The Most Out of Your Networking
Check out these great 6 tips on conference networking. (1/25/18)
Scout’s Tip #5: Check Out Our Job Board On Slack
Looking for a new job? Want to hire someone? Make a post in our #job channel on Slack. Sign up here.  (1/24/18)
Scout’s Tip #4: Join Our Private LinkedIn Group 
Network with other attendees. This is a great place to find attendees, ask questions and discuss social media topics. Join here. (1/23/18)
Scout’s Tip #3: Tell Us Your Dietary Restrictions
Do you have dietary restrictions? Let us know by Feb 5th if you are vegetarian, vegan, kosher, or gluten or lactose free and we’ll provide special meals for you. (1/22/18)
Scout’s Tip #2: Find your tribe before you arrive in San Diego 
Slack provides over 90 channels where you can find people with similar interests and passions. Sign up here. (1/19/18)
Scout’s Tip #1: Order Your SMMW T-Shirt Early
You can order your Social Media Marketing World T-Shirt now and we will have it waiting for you on-site at Social Media Marketing World 2018. Available in Men and Women cuts. (1/18/18)
New Session Added 
After Facebook’s announcement about Newsfeed changes, we invited Brian Fanzo to do a session called Facebook Strategy in Light of the Facebook Apocalypse. See full agenda here. (1/16/18)
Take the Networking Interest Survey
Help us create networking opportunities at this year’s event that will maximize your experience. Click here to take a quick survey about your networking preferences. (1/15/18)
New Keynote Speaker Announced 
Brian Solis will be talking about the Past, Present, and Future of Social Media! Check out all the speakers here. (1/12/18)
Join the Social Media Marketing World 2018 Chorus Today
Complete this form to join our 4th annual SMMW Chorus. (1/8/18)
Join Us on Slack
Our Slack Group provides discussion channels based on topics we know you care about. Follow these steps to start networking now. (1/3/18)
T-Shirts Now For Sale
You can order your Social Media Marketing World T-Shirt now and we will have it waiting for you on-site at Social Media Marketing World 2018. Available in Men and Women cuts. (12/15/17)
Take the Networking Interest Survey
Help us create networking opportunities at this year’s event that will maximize your experience. Click here to take a quick survey about your networking preferences (12/12/17)
Hotels are Booking Up
We’ve added two additional host hotels for the event here. (12/6/17)
Session Titles Added
We’ve added titles for most sessions on the Agenda page. The detailed agenda will be announced in January. (12/6/17)
LinkedIn Group is Open 
The LinkedIn group is open click this link to join. (12/5/17)
New Keynote Speaker Announced
We have some exciting news! Pat Flynn is going to be the closing keynote presenter! Check out all the speakers here. (11/10/17)
Speakers Recently Added
Zach King, Peter Hollens, Dan Miller, Vincenzo Landino, and Sandy Carter (Amazon AWS). To see more go here. (10/20/17)
Thursday Night Party Venue Confirmed
We will host our Thursday Event Networking Party at Parq Entertainment Center from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. Learn more about our networking parties here. (10/13/17)
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