***UPDATE*** Congrats to our winners: Andie Shaw (blog post winner) and Melyum (Twitter winner).

Want to win a free ticket to the largest online social media marketing event of the year?

Social Media Examiner has worked hard to bring you our fifth-annual Social Media Success Summit. This is our biggest event ever!

And we’ve come up with a fun way to get you involved.

First, what is this event?

Social Media Success Summit 2013 is a large online conference dedicated to helping marketers and business owners master social media marketing.

More than 1900 businesses have already signed up! Hundreds of small businesses and well-known brands such as Wells Fargo, Motorola, AT&T, 3M, World Vision, United Way, US Chamber of Commerce, Dell, Dow Jones, Penn State, US Air Force and PBS will be attending this year’s summit.

Forty-five of the world’s most respected social media experts will share their strategies with you.

Hear from Jay Baer (author,Youtility), Chris Brogan (co-author, Impact Equation), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner), Mark Schaefer (author, Return on Influence), Jesse Stay (author, Google+ for Dummies), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies), Michael Hyatt (author, Platform) and experts from Walmart, Salesforce, General Electric, Target, Sony, E! Online, Kelly Services and Discovery Channel–just to mention a few.

Presentation topics include Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, Google+ marketing, Pinterest marketing, video marketing, blogging, podcasting and more! Check out all the sessions.

At last summer’s summit, 98% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

How can you win tickets?

We have three free tickets to the summit valued at $597 each, plus the opportunity to be promoted to more than 220,000 of your peers! And remember, this is an online conference—so no travel is required to participate.

Two ways to win:

There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

#1: Twitter Entry

Simply click the button on the right or tweet what you see below for a chance to win one ticket:

I want to win a ticket to Social Media Success Summit 2013 via: @smexaminer #winSMSS13

You can tweet up to two times per dayEach tweet is an entry to win. We’ll randomly draw the winner of a free ticket. All tweets must have the #winSMSS13 hashtag included.

#2: Written Entry

The winner gets two tickets PLUS a mention in the Social Media Examiner Newsletter (220,000+ subscribers)!

Simply write about your biggest social media marketing challenge in the comments box below (scroll down).

The judges (Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert) will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What You Need to Know

  • You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  • Tweets must contain #winSMSS13.
  • The deadline is Friday, September 6, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • If you’ve already purchased a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either give you a full refund or you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like.
  • No purchase is necessary to win.

We look forward to seeing your comments and tweets. Good luck!

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  • Melanie Wise

    Hello everyone at Social Media Examiner!! I am a new follower to your sites and completely obsessed with your articles and advice. I am also new to my PR position at a state trade association and actively working to rev up my social media strategies. I’m constantly looking for seminars and educational opportunities to learn all that I can about best practices and new technology.

    That being said… my biggest social media marketing challenge in my new role has been dividing our efforts between two target audiences. Our current members and potential new members. It is a fine line to walk between engaging our membership in news, current events and promotions without creating a sense of exclusivity that turns people away. The hope is that our posts are exciting and relevant for even non-members to want to follow, and this in turn becomes a stepping stone to learning about the benefits of membership.

    Developing a firm plan for this tightrope is definitely my biggest social media marketing challenge!! Thanks for all that you guys do 🙂

  • BigBraveDog

    I truly need this. In a big, bad way. I am marketing coordinator for a credit union who is – at best – stagnant with a social media plan. Twitter is believed to be on the way out, Facebook is updated once a month, if that. And that’s it. I have struggled with trying to emphasis the *need* to be more of a presence in the social media world. HELP!

  • Rebekah Clark

    I’m a senior in college, and have had a few different PR/Social Media Marketing internships. Currently, I’m working for a well-known author and speaker, Jennifer Rothschild, and am also taking over all promotional activities for my church. Social media fascinates me. However, as a student and one learning how to brand a message, I think the biggest challenge for me (especially regarding church promotion) is keeping the quality of the vision and mission, but displaying it in such a way (on any social media platform) to cause people to click on the link and find out more. The challenge is fun to me, and one I love experimenting with, but it also can be tricky to push my ministries to STAND OUT in the midst of all the information, and all the other appealing content streaming the web. Would love to find out more about this.

    I like to read/absorb myself in exert content (Michael Hyatt and Melanie Duncan are a few I love!)

    Thank you!

    Twitter handle: @bekssss34

  • Jackie

    Good morning!
    My biggest social media marketing challenge is staying current with all the changes with social media and really exploring new possibilities. Sure, there are tons of great blogs I can visit and read (Social Media Examiner being my absolute favorite!) but for me, taking the time to read the posts are one thing, and having the time to do it is another. I love how the Social Media Summit is set up – no travel required, but you are still learning from leaders and peers, and using the visual and audio senses instead of just reading a blog post here and there. Plus – I will be committed to learning a few days a week for a month, in nice 1 hour slots. Not only is this something that I can fit into my schedule to attend, but it also gives me bite size pieces for realistic implementation as well.
    Thank you to all the contributors at Social Media Examiner for great content over the years, and for this opportunity to learn more through the Social Media Summit! It feels great to know that we are all on the Social Media Express train together!

  • Jasmine

    My biggest Social Media challenge has been successfully identifying and differentiating prospects from leads (aside from current owners) and how to use this information to get a better grasp of ROI from social.

  • ebw

    I like this question for two reasons: one, it forces me to reflect on
    my current marketing strategy and two, winning a free ticket to this awesome event is always a good
    thing! My current social media marketing dilemma is the challenge of
    finding the less obvious (but insightful) interests/needs of my target
    market. For instance, I breed and train Australian Labradoodles so most
    keywords and tweets in my feed are directly related to dogs, but what
    else are my potential clients looking for or interested in? I would
    love to be able to create content and share information that was
    directed to those peripheral interests which would then connect them
    directly to my site/product. Also this needs to be something that I can
    do/learn as a small business owner. (and if anyone reads this and has a good response, I’d love to know it!)


  • AnnaSabryan

    I like the quote by Clay Shirky: “Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society; they are a challenge to it.” Really true! Also I’d like to quote Sean Gardner “Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform
    your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”

  • Jimmie

    Right now, I see the biggest social media marketing challenge as how to bring folks who are not used to ubiquitous social media into such a world. Marketers who are also teachers will, I think, have a great advantage over those who only sell their product.

  • Brando Hills

    Chances like these come rare for young professionals like me! I have only grown my expertise from area experts and those that I follow online. My determination and strive to become a better social media marketer could grow even more if I was able to meet with the pros! My biggest social media marketing challenge is understanding how to absorb all the information out there and turn it into an actionable campaign for a client. It becomes a struggle to hear one thing and then try to do the next. An overload of content and information makes it hard to know what could work or what could go absolutely wrong. Just as Luke looked to Yoda for help, I too am ready to become a Social Media Jedi by learning from some of the best social media pros out there!

  • Nicky

    My biggest challenges are the social media sites left behind by my predecessor. You can’t even FIND my site on Facebook unless you type in the entire name of the brand, rather than just doing a search by the main name. It’s very frustrating, and I’m pretty sure that’s why there are less than 400 “likes” on the page. Twitter has hardly been utilized at all, so we’re pretty much starting from scratch there, and they’ve also never used Instagram or Pinterest, so we’ll be building those. I actually prefer to start with nothing and build rather than try to fix what is already out there. Wish me luck!

  • Jermaine McDonald

    This is indeed a great opportunity to learn and improve. Being in Jamaica where social media success seems to only follow the major companies, I believe this chance to attend the Social Media Success Summit will give me the right preparation to bring success to not just my social media ventures but the many small and medium businesses I help and consult with regarding their social media strategies. I know without a doubt that attending this summit will prepare me to realize a new level in social media. I need this…

  • Melyum

    To me all social media marketing projects have been big challenges, because I never understood completely each tipe of user and every time the nature of business or service changes the people as user is different and unique.

  • Steven Ward

    Good morning!!!

    My name is Steven Ward and I am currently the Staff Writer/Marketing Associate for Inc. Our biggest social media marketing challenges are marketing to different demographics, getting people to actually approach your product, like it, and interact with it, and the fact that the social media industry is ever-changing.

    I mean, over the past few months, I’ve been able to grow ThrivingBusiness’ Facebook likes by 250-300 and their Twitter followers 150-200, but I’ve never been able to help make the company money through social media, or have a Facebook post/tweet that goes viral.

    Because of these reasons and much more, I really need these free tickets to the Social Media Summit. Not only for’s benefit, but so I can finally understand for myself how to make money through social media. And I know that everyone that’s going to be speaking at the Social Media Summit can help me accomplish both my personal and company goals.

  • Marco Antonio

    Ey i want to see this to me and my girlfriend we do some social media

    My big social media challenge was transform the fans of facebook into real leads and contacts for sale for industrial companys in Mexico

  • Laurie

    My biggest social media marketing challenge it that I have just entered a new position as Director of Business Development. Our company is small but we are trying to make a larger impact. Although I do social media for fun, there is the marketing side which I have not explored. This will also help with my other job of promoting our church. Both are at ground zero and need a lot of help. It would be amazing to hear from experts in the field for picking up their knowledge and creative ideas. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Lauren Helms

    I coordinate my company’s social media efforts. It’s not part of my “official” job description, but its a task that I have created and made my own; and absolutely love. At the beginning of 2012, we had less than 1,500 Facebook fans. At the end of 2012, we had 21,000+ fans. We were able to gain so many new fans by working with our partners and leveraging their massive amounts of fans. This year, we set a goal to have 32,000 fans by the end of 2013, we’ve just crossed the 29,000 threshold, so we may just reach our goal for year. As great as this past and current success sounds, the reality is, what happens when we have leveraged all our partners fans? How do we keep them engaged? How do we get more fans on our own? What other aspects of social media marketing can we utilize? Where we may succeeded on our Facebook page, what about Twitter and YouTube? Our YouTube page is a constant struggle due to lack of resources. This summit would be a great resource for me; allowing me to again more knowledge of the this amazing beast, that is Social Media. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Love your site, have recommended it to many of my clients and students and while I do alright in social media myself and take pride it what I have achieved thus far, I know I can do better. What’s held me back however is the lack of proof that mainstream social networks (I will not include blogs nor LinkedIn in this) can produce the kinds of ROI that I am used to generating with optimization (for users, search and conversions), ppc, email marketing That’s my challenge. I need to see more proof that the time investment pays off for small businesses. PLUS I am dedicated to being a lifelong student of all things digital marketing so I can better translate it / demystify it to my audiences.

  • Rafael

    One of the main challenges I’ve faced in Social Marketing is standing out. With so many participating in the conversation it can be hard to stand above the crowd. Generally I love talking about Career Coaching but hey, I love nerd things too. So I make an effort to combine my interests @CareerCoachToGo because frankly, I do it for me as much as for anyone else. I believe this should be fun AND informative. Even as a social media rookie, I can see it’s importance and potential so learning more and grabbing the attention of like minded individuals would be the main challenge for me.

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  • lisabutts

    My biggest challenge is convincing businesses that social media management is critical to their bottom line and worth the investment. A lot of people think that because “we’ve always done it this way,” that they do not need to include social media in their marketing strategy.

  • My biggest social media challenge is finding the tools to integrate social media with other types of marketing!

  • fitJaime

    Here’s the deal. My social media marketing sucks at the moment. I’ve spread myself too thin – as a solo-preneur building two separate but mostly related businesses. My first business is website development for fitness professionals. I am rockin’ the “help me figure out how to make my website work for my business” for others and help them figure out what social media elements should be on their websites and all that… but marketing this business is tough – I haven’t found the right hashtags or a loyal following (yet – my FB page has over 800 fans but doesn’t get much visibility, unfortunately).
    My other business is in the fitness-provider realm. It’s slow growing and not my primary focus, but since it’s part of who I am, I feel that it needs to come out in my social media channels… Oh, I don’t know!!! All I really want is to help people enjoy life with a healthy lifestyle and help others who have the same passion (fitness) share this online. I mean really, what’s so hard about being a do-good-er?

    My biggest challenge is optimizing my social media efforts. The balance between spending too much and too little time on social media efforts and actually creating the engagement I want, which can in turn become future customers… you know, the purpose behind marketing in the first place!

  • Lance Brown

    Biggest SMM challenge is convincing upper management that social media isn’t a medium to “sell” our B2B products & services. They don’t see the value in utilizing social media for branding and creating top-of-mind-awareness.


  • Najomie Cournoyer

    Great contest. Thanks so much for giving us this chance 🙂

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is actually convincing a B2B business that social media can help them as it helps with B2C business’. That no matter the business, we are talking to people. Not business’ or buildings, but to human beings.

    Good luck to everyone !

  • Diane Ashby Penna

    My biggest challenge is finding time to learn about social marketing all the while putting into practice the very things I am learning. My position is limited to 4 hours per day, and I spend too much time researching and reading about tips, tools, and techniques, and not enough time posting, blogging, and engaging. I don’t know how to find the fine line between the two so that I can increase our brand recognition using leading edge solutions. Please help.

  • Sam

    My biggest Social Media challenge for our company and our client’s companies is RITE content 100%. It’s not provided, found, written or approved in a timely manner. It’s Relevant and Interesting, usually Engaging, but I’m missing the Time(ly). It’s no one’s fault. It’s just always busy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

  • Sarah

    By biggest social media marketing challenge is getting our sales team on board and by extension, our customers. I work for a B2B company that sells cleaning supplies. Traditionally, i has been through direct sales. Our customers don’t come to social media to find our products and I cannot get the sales team on board to encourage customers to look at our blog, tips and techniques on how to use the tools, which is the primary goal of our social media. We are trying to position ourselves as cleaning experts, but without buy-in, it is difficult.

  • Kristi

    My biggest challenge is limited budget and that I am part time! This site is extremely helpful, thank you!

  • Kelli Clifford

    As I am beginning a social media business, I have found the ideas from Social Media Examiner invaluable. The primary organization that I work for is a Christian resource company and has one particular challenge: in culture where women make up the majority of the church members and a medium dominated by women, our social media users are 75% men. I would love help in cultivating a culture that is attractive and interesting to both genders. My question is: how do I determine what is keeping women from following us?

  • Kimberly Carlo

    Biggest social media marketing challenge is this….

    I am a local brand with two lines of business, a garden center & supermarket. This makes sense when you realize over 80 years ago we were a roadside produce and flower stand in the heart of Lancaster county. That being said, we’ve expanded into 8 garden center locations and 3 supermarket locations within Central PA. I struggle often with claiming our places and making offers that can be used at the multiple locations. It’s drives me batty. Even claming our Google Places was a chore since I work at HQ and the stores are all over.

    Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.

  • Michele Bural

    Trying to get an opportunity in social media

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge is continuing to build a culture of sharability teaching my fans to start spreading the word for me to their own sphere of influence and then analyzing the ROI from those shares.

  • robertfarnham

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is figuring out how to tastefully use affiliate links to sell products without looking like I’m simply pimping for the product or service provider.

  • Steph Shannon

    I’ve been trying to convince my boss to get us in for this event! We are trying to promote our sunscreen company in a big way since it has changed owners recently. We are a great company and one of the very few that can actually still say we are 8 hr water/sweat proof with the testing to back it up! The FDA of course is changing rules so now without that huge selling points on our labels after December of this year…we really have to step up our game and let people know we truly have a one of a kind product! Slowly we are learning the different social media trends but this would give us a huge advantage in learning without taking so much time to research each one! There are only 2 of us here who are in charge of the social media. Although we use social media in our personal lives, we have seen that it is a totally different aspect trying to compete with others already out there without seeming “spammy”. Love Social Media Examiner and have learned so much already, I’d be stoked to receive the vast array of knowledge this event could provide.
    Thanks for your hard work in teaching those of us who are a little behind in the times! 🙂

  • Suzanne

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is learning all of the different tools of the social media trade. I begin to feel comfortable with one, and another comes along, then another. It’s like catching rain drops with oily fingers, for me. Thanks!

  • Whitney

    Hello! I run the social media for our tourism office so getting to be a part of the social media side is a blast. I have experience in social media in that I use it… and I read about it and try to stay up to date with the latest updates and best practices. I have been working with social media and business for the last 3 years but I don’t feel like I have it dialed in as far as strategy, best practices and knowing which tools to use to track and make campaigns.

    My biggest challenge is deciding where to focus my efforts and which platforms to utilize in the most effective ways. I have had success generating content to share with potential visitors to get them talking/thinking about coming to our city and website but I would like to take that further with contests and campaigns that really get people excited about us, make them want to visit and tell people about us.

    We are working on getting a new website up which I am excited about promoting and asking people to visit to plan their trip. I would love to have additional skills, focus and insight to make next years social marketing as good as it can be!

    Thanks for the opportunity to attend!

  • FriendingGuru

    My biggest social media challenge is creating content that reaches multiple demographics. Sometimes a client has a vast amount of targeted markets and I find that I sometimes lose touch with certain groups. I am in the most populat target markets (18-29,women) but sometimes I lose track of other mature age groups my clients cater too. I thnk well thoughtout social media strategies should include demographic breakdowns along with targeted campaigns for these users.

  • Patricia Clason

    I gave someone the SMSS training in 2011 as a gift so she could do my social media and that of a non-profit organization and build a business doing social media so she could be home with her kids. She didn’t stay around and all of what she learned is gone. So I want to learn it myself. Winning a ticket would make that possible.

  • Julianna Kennedy

    My biggest challenge has surpringly been with Facebook and getting more followers. I manage two pages for two different cancer programs. Twitter was easier. I need some help!

  • Diane

    I started with my organization as an editor and was recently given the cool assignment to beef up our social media engagement. Alas, I have NO experience in social media. Social Media Examiner has really helped me get the ball rolling, but this conference could propel me from zero to hero in no time!

  • Stephanie Frank

    My greatest challenge with Social Media Marketing is that I need more revenue from my customers. I’ve recently made the decision to learn every aspect of social media marketing and so going to this conference would be perfect! I wish I had the money to buy the tickets, but not yet. I’m playing catch up on other bills. That’s yet another challenge for me is that I would prefer to have more funds to put into my marketing campaigns. I’m doing mostly free marketing. Growing a little every day, so at least I’m on my way. Thanks for always sending amazing content Social Media Examiner! You guys and gals ROCK!

  • TLGrover

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is a knowledge-based niche market. The topic is objectionable (human trafficking) and yet it affects everyone. My goal is to help people to know what they don’t know about being a part of the solution. “Only YOU can prevent and stop human trafficking!” The other tough challenge is learning the mediums and managing the time to execute those as a solo-preneur.

  • Jason Klass

    We have several social media challenges but probably the biggest one is how to engage our demographic. We sell relatively boring products that people buy not because they want to, but because they have to (mandated by regulations). So we are struggling to find a way to get people excited about unsexy products in social media.

  • infolancer

    I am based out of Bangalore and work for an MNC as eCommerce & Online Marketing Head.
    We have diverse range of consumer electronics products with prices ranging from $10 upto $400k – categorized into 5 different categories. We target each category separately basis the nature and price of the product. The 1st 4 categories are easy to crack online, the problem we face majorly is with the 5th category where the product price range starts from $100k onwards.
    Here’s my biggest challenge I have faced so far:
    The target audience for this category of product is Elite class.Majority of such people are tough to catch on social media. Target audience personality traits:
    – they are not necessarily the user of the product, its mainly the younger crowd in the family
    – they have money but no time
    – socially not active in online space
    What medium do we use and what kind of promos do we run online to reach out to such elite class people who have such spending capacity.

  • Vica

    This sounds like a wonderful educational opportunity. I am fairly new to social media and have been educating myself through blogs, videos, and any updated books I can find on the topic of blogging, social networking, and online marketing. I am a teacher and I am interested in growing an online community to inspire people on the topics of health and wellness through setting goals, positive thinking, visualizations, and spirituality. The biggest challenge for me is building a strong online presence in order to attract and unite like-minded people of various ages and cultural backgrounds not just from my city or country, but worldwide. I want to learn how I can create an engaging and lively online community using social media tools to help people achieve their personal and Professional goals . Thank you!

  • Jessica Wilkinson

    Dearest Michael & Jay,

    I’m a long time reader, first time commenter. It seems like
    social media success is something everyone is striving for these days, and I am
    no different. As a social media analyst in the customer service department, I find
    it most challenging to break down those darn internal silos and wash away the
    metaphorical lines in the sand. YOUtility blurs the lines between traditional
    concepts of customer service and marketing – AND I TOTALLY DIG IT… but everyone
    else needs to too! For this is my plight, and I can think of no better next
    step than attending’s Social Media Success Summit (for
    free)! Upon my virtual return from this online marketing conference, I shall
    rally the troops and disseminate the invaluable knowledge-bombs acquired from the
    aforementioned event. I believe it was Jay Baer that said, “Sell something and
    you make a customer today. Help someone and you create a customer for life.”

    Your future customer for life,

  • Rebecca Stern

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is to increase and broaden our number of followers. Currently, I have been able to use tactics and advice from the Social Media Examiner ( to increase our LinkedIn followers from 200 to 400. Although this was a big accomplishment, our numbers have stayed stagnant for a few months now. Additionally, most of the followers are in our field. My goal is to increase our number of LinkedIn followers to at least 1,000 and ensure that they are from different industries. Once this is accomplished, I can put my efforts into increasing our Facebook and Twitter followers.

  • ahmedronaldo

    What an amazing opportunity!!!

    I actually want this.

    For me, my biggest social media challenge is how they all fits.

    So, how marketing on all these platforms fit and how do you gain the maximum benefit from social media.

    It’s that simple. I know you’re busy, so I’m trying my best to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Vicki Smith

    I do the social media marketing at a law office, so it is a unique challenge! I would love to be able to have the opportunity to learn any new strategies to use the social media platform to benefit our law firm! Hope I win! 🙂

  • Angelica

    Really enjoy the articles that Social Media Examiner provides to the public. I am 21, working for a winery that is looking to invest more time and attention on the social media front. I have no experience besides the fact I was born in the 90’s basically glued to a computer. I hope to make an impact with social media and would love to receive the free tickets for this seminar. I am eager to learn and maybe on day become one of the experts of social media where I can then help others to gain more exposure on the world wide web!! Thank you for your interest.

  • Johnny at Astek

    My biggest challenge in social media is making sure I’m delivering value to my clients for the amount of time and effort I put in. It’s always a tough balance because I want to make sure I create content that is based on best practices and relevant to our target audience (which takes time) and pleasing the client (their level of ROI).

  • Katy Deaton

    My boyfriend owns a wine bar…Engagement comes with ease. I on the other hand, market for an in home health agency. What’s sexy about in home health you ask? NOTHING!

    I’ve conferred with experts, taken enough webinars to write my own memoirs, and absorbed every bit of online experience I can.

    What I need is good ol’ fashion, face to face engagement, with REAL PEOPLE! Nothing can replace the conversation among beginning, intermediate and experienced passionate people. The Social Media Success Summit is where those conversations will take place. I know that given the resources made available at this summit, I will position myself as an expert in social media within the health field– a newly emerging and soon to be exploding field!

    By selecting me as a winner to this upcoming and amazing experience, I will be able to reach out to more people than EVER and take down the horse blinders people get when talking about in home health…online is the place to talk about it…and we will all face it one day!

    Once I help people around the world understand in home health, make a plan, and spend more time with their loved ones, I will be able to check in at my boyfriend’s wine bar and rest easy (if only for one evening).

  • Lois Wyant

    My biggest social media challenge is scheduling everything. Not only getting to it with all of the options but trying to be there at the best time of the day. It is also complicated to keep up with all of the changes.

  • Sarah Shuel

    Hello Social Media Examiner,
    My biggest social media challenge is trying to engage followers in both short term and long term ways for a B2B company. Our product serves a very niche industry, and we’re limited both in what we can reveal to the public and what we can offer the public. For instance, contests are a great way to get at least short term users engaged through social media, but we are very limited in what we can offer as a prize. Most of our clientele already have all of the expensive electronic items we could give away, and t-shirts get old quickly.
    My challenge is truly creating buzz and involving the wide public audience in our social media. I’m working to push myself creatively, and have come up with a few ideas, but not with a long-term strategy. We have a great product that the world should know about and I’d love to be able to present it in a way in which they find value!

  • Kristie Liebing-Gerdes

    I think that the biggest challenge facing social media today is creating quality content that catches the attention of followers. With Facebook now having 1 billion+ users, it’s getting harder and harder to surface within the newsfeed, and the only way to really do that is to create the kind of content that is engaging and increases sharing across the network or in
    other terms “going viral.” I am finding it hard to get people to actually approach my product(s) because there are others selling the same products (direct sales). How do I standout from the others to be on top????

  • Sara Murphy

    My biggest challenge is that I’ve fallen BEHIND and don’t know how to jump back in. I spent 4 years at a law firm that was “afraid” of social media, and now that I’m in a new position, I’m at a loss of where to start / where we can get the biggest bang for our buck. I was lucky enough to see Jay Baer speak in New Orleans last year, and given the usefulness of that presentation and the great group of professionals he’ll be joining at this summit, I know it would be a great place to learn everything I’ll need!

  • ORSunshine

    My biggest social media challenge this year was planning around Facebooks near-constant rule changes/promotions/offers/check-in changes. I’m new in my role as the Social Media Specialist for a regional restaurant chain, and Facebook plays a big role in our social media efforts, but it is hard to pin down.

  • Laura

    Hi, all. I work at a strategic communications firm that has fully embraced social
    media. We get it, we use it, and we integrate it into all communications plans
    for clients. We’re faced with the obvious challenges that plague everyone using
    social media tools for business engagement – the tools, platforms, rules and
    everything else changes at a pace that leaves us both frustrated and in awe.
    However, another significant challenge we face is making sure that we (the
    traditional PR agency … though we HATE to use that term as many associate that
    with only media relations) continue to demonstrate that our skill set and capabilities
    are the right fit to lead social media strategy for clients.

    Our competition is fierce, and it’s not limited to agencies similar to ours. We now
    face competition from ad agencies, web developers, design firms, social media
    firms, media buyers and more. Everyone is competing for a piece of that growing
    social media pie! We often partner with these “competitors” as their unique skill
    sets help to round out our integrated offering. Yet, we strive to reinforce that
    social media is ultimately a communications tool that helps us to connect
    businesses to their audiences. It’s just one of our tools, albeit, one of the
    most valuable in our arsenal today.

    I’d love to win tickets to this conference as continued learning is key to ensuring
    that we offer the best advice and counsel to our clients.

  • Syreeta Ekaba Akinyede

    I’m the communications manager for PANA TV,and my biggest social media marketing challenge is using Twitter to get more traffic to our site and also getting more followers.

  • My biggest challenge is utilizing the different social media the best way for branding and building a platform for future book sales. My background is in traditional marketing, but I am embracing social media and need all the help possible. It is difficult to learn the different nuances of each option… time consuming. I’d love to attend the online event.

  • Wakefield Consultant

    While most of the challenges mentioned below (or above) are the same when it comes to Hispanic Marketing, it must be added that when it comes to social media, we also have to deal with a few additional challenges, like talking to a bicultural and bilingual audience (all without disrupting the flow of the General Market conversation) plus securing the budgets to target Latinos on Social Media when the General Market has yet to crack the social media nut to begin with. Hispanics over-index in social media consumption and participation, but the fact that we are dealing with a bilingual/bicultural audience makes it more challenging to engage exclusively with Hispanic oriented content.

  • mohammad humaun kabir

    Good noon ! I want to win free tickets to Social Success Summit, Sept.21 , 2013. Because there is so difficult to transfer money from Bangladesh as a Social Summit participants or candidate. So, I want to help for winning social social summit 2013 free tickets.

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    dhaka, Bangladesh.
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  • One of my biggest challenges is making effective use of Google+ I have a hard time getting in the swing of using it enough or connecting.

  • Wynning Media

    I’m transitioning from traditional PR to content strategy and my biggest challenge is identifying where the gaps are in today’s industry for getting the right hand to talk to the left as it pertains to web production and development and the “strategy” teams for web planning. There’s huge gap and I’m focused on stepping into that space to bridge those two related but disconnected parts of creative teams managing content in all industries.

  • Vanessa Kilgore

    Right now, my biggest social marketing challenge is getting the clients in the small town to look at social media as an effective outlet. If I can get them to see that this is an effective outlet, getting them to think outside the box for content ideas is usually another road block I continue to encounter.

  • Andrew Bretz

    First of all, I want to thank SME for all of the hard work you put into providing exceptional information and content. I find your blog and emails to be an invaluable resource.

    The biggest challenge I have faced is with social media promotion of a single-store serve-yourself frozen yogurt shop. We are in an extremely competitive market, and we face a weather challenge over the winter – people simply don’t want frozen yogurt when their fingers and toes are frozen. We have a very active Facebook page, with over 3,000 “fans.” We post almost daily, and have tried a number of things, but none of them have moved the needle in terms of sales – which is the ultimate goal. We have tried photo contests, questions, listing our flavors every day, etc, but nothing really makes any real difference when I look back at the last 18 months. We have also tried Twitter, but have gotten absolutely no traction there at all. FourSquare has very limited usage in our community, Pinterest is something we’ve considered but haven’t used, and others just seem not to be a fit.

    I would love to know how a very competitive, seasonal, niche, retail business can effectively use social media without having to commit dozens of hours to it, or give away product. I’m convinced it can be done, but have just about run out of ideas.

  • Michael McDonald

    My biggest challenge has been using social media to convert to sales without self promoting and being spammy.

  • MunchMac

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is converting everything I thought I knew about my brick and mortar business into Social Business. The overwhelming barrage of social media – and advertising – junk is mind-boggling! The biggest social media marketing challenge any of us face (in my opinion) is the powerful lure of our own desire to stay up on the next thing so that we can figure out how to sell our thing without spending everything on your thing. Our biggest social media marketing challenge is to always remember that – like money – when our outflows exceed our inflows, our upkeep becomes our downfall. Digital Addiction is – by far the biggest social media marketing challenge we will face in our Social Business and in our lives.

    I’ll be sharing what Rob Greenlee said is our biggest social media marketing challenge
    on the first episode of The Social Business Podcast – coming to iTunes very soon.
    #MunchMac in Houston, Texas!

  • Maegan Crowley

    Credibility in a saturated, competitive market. How do you break through to become a lead source for your target market when so many businesses are offering similar expertise content that is equally as trustworthy?

  • Pingback: Win Free Tickets to Social Media Success Summit 2013 | Social Savvy Business()

  • zenrunner

    My biggest challenge with social media marketing is separating the noise from the value.

  • Linda Reinholtz

    Attempting to find valuable content for my company sites when I don’t actually work in the field. (Real Estate)

  • Kristy Benedict

    Great Contest! Thank you for offering it! I just listened to your facebook contest podcast while running last night 🙂 It is great to see how you can use it on a blog as well!

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is finding the industry standards on important analytics so that I can properly gauge how well our business is doing. For example:

    Email: What’s a good email open rate, click through rate, list loss.

    Facebook: What is a good “engagement %”, post views per week, new likes per week?

    It would be so cool to have some kind of place to go where I could look up these standards for my type of business.

    Thanks for all your great poscasts and emails! They really help me to keep on top of the ever changing world of social media 🙂

  • Danielle Vander Ploeg

    Trying to pick my biggest social media challenge is somewhat like trying to determine which foot is my favorite… As an agency for ecommerce, catalog and retail businesses, we have a variety of clients ranging from Internet Retailer top 500 businesses to virtually unheard of mom-and-pop shops, so the struggles are quite different from one to the next. For the smaller businesses, it’s trying to build a bigger community and presence when they’re up against huge, well-known corporations. For larger clients, it’s trying to provide a steady stream of customer centric, high-quality content (ie, things other than funny cat photos and ecard memes) that still get used and shared by our target audience and being able to prove the ROI to justify the time and expense of creating that content. And on top of it all, we still often fight the antiquated thinking that social media is something to be done in your spare time (what spare time?!) and on zero budget.

  • Sean Swentek

    Thanks for always providing such valuable insights!
    One of the bigger obstacles I’ve faced is properly conducting a contest or sweepstakes on Facebook. I know when I was still learning the process, I was breaking all sorts of rules by just posting giveaways and share-based contests on my timelines. As I developed the ability to build out and use apps, I started to realize that it wasn’t so simple to just give something away to your 1,000th fan.
    Facebook’s recent change to allow timeline based contests and like-gated contests is a step in the right direction for allowing small businesses and emerging social media strategists to take advantage of the massive engagement a contest generates. However, legal ramifications are a very real issue and that will remain an obstacle until a solution is found. Many people who will create these timeline contests won’t realize the need for a thorough rules and regulations section.
    The only real solution at this point is to have an app that houses your standard rules and regulations and to link to it in your posts. You would obviously still need to alter it for each contest you do…not an ideal solution.

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge is getting my audience to give a damn!

    Let me explain: I’m a career coach and professional writer. I run the blog at, where I post about career-readiness, defining your passion and basically making a realistic plan for becoming successful in life after high school. I don’t leave anyone out with my blog posts; from high school dropout to college graduate, you can find valuable information there.

    But in the eight months that I’ve been running the blog, I’ve found it to be REALLY hard to get young people to like, comment or share much of anything that doesn’t promise fast money, unless it relates to fashion, celebrity news and reality TV.

    I know it’s important to meet your audience where they’re comfortable, but honestly, I have NO interest in fashion trends, flashy celebs or reality TV (other than HGTV competitions). I’m only 23, but I hold better conversations with baby boomers than my own peers.

    I’ve always cared about education, climbing the professional ladder, experiencing new people and places, community involvement, leadership, etc. My social media marketing challenge is getting the youngest group of millennials to see past the short-lived YOLO, “young, wild and free” years and care about social media posts related to their own futures.

  • Kids In The Middle

    I am the Marketing & Development Coordinator at Kids In The Middle, a nonprofit agency that offers individual and group counseling for kids in the middle of their parents’ separation or divorce. We have recently broadened our marketing efforts, and I have been trying to keep up with social media as much as possible. It’s an inexpensive way for our nonprofit to get our name our there and keep in touch with our growing community.

    However, keeping up with all of the social media sites on a daily basis has taken a large chunk of my time- this is probably my biggest challenge, along with learning what each one can do. I would love to learn how to keep up with all of the sites on a timely basis instead of whenever I have free time- which is hardly ever as we are very busy.

    I have been reading a ton of the Social Media Examiner articles, and they are helping me a lot. It’s been a bit of a struggle to go from knowing how to use the sites on a personal level to learning how to use them from a business level. With your help, I’m getting there! Thank you!

  • Susan Baim

    As a
    professor of business management and marketing, my biggest social media
    challenge is to teach my students about the use of social media in
    business. When they come into my class, many of them know Website design
    and use social media for fun. Most are clueless that social media for
    business has rules and protocols. When they learn about social media,
    they get really excited. We are in the process of trying to add social
    media courses to our curriculum, but one of my colleagues and I (as faculty)
    are the social media ambassadors. In fact, I have just put up some
    YouTube videos (with David Cassel on the ukulele) as course promotions for my
    new online course starting in January called “Social Media and Career
    Development.” Check out “Miami University and Social
    Media” where you will find the three-part musical content for the
    course. I am not aware of other professors taking this path, but I would
    be interested in any and/or all comments about the videos. Currently, I
    am in the process of doing some musical videos involving “Dr. Baim’s
    Teachable Moments” to bridge the gap between the professional/personal in
    lecture with online. I am trying really hard to learn more about social
    media and two tickets could be a great boost for two members in the Business
    Technology Department at Miami University (that is, Miami of Ohio.)
    Thanks for considering my request.

  • Katie


    My biggest social media challenge is getting my boss/company owner and other members of the staff to embrace social media and to give things a try! Funny thing is…I am the oldest staff member here!! I am a faithful reader and would welcome any thoughts on how to encourage decision-makers and nay-sayers to go out on a limb. We live in a fairly remote area, and this firm has been around for 15 years. When I tell people in our small community where I work, they say, “Where?” Big hint that something isn’t working with the current marketing plan. Help me find the strength and insight to lead the flocks to the promised land.

  • Brooke Incontrera

    I am new to the social media world from a business standpoint and didn’t realize when I took on the job responsibility initially, how difficult social media marketing would be compared to using social media from a personal standpoint. For the first time in a very long time, I feel hopeful that I have the potential to make a very positive impact on my organization in terms of building our brand; I just need the right training, tools, and knowledge to get there. I find it extremely challenging to create engaging posts not only that can appeal to our current (and very small) following base, but can also attract new customers.

    I work for a national company that is a leader in it’s industry. This organization owns several smaller companies, all of which I manage social media for. To this point, I work remotely making it that much more challenging in terms of developing engaging content that one might gain though day to day interaction with their peers.

    The Social Media Examiner website has proven to be very insightful and valuable to my day to day job responsibilities. I know that I would gain so much from either of the upcoming social media conferences!


    Brooke I

  • Ashley “LuLu” Ramirez


    I’m MAD about Social Media
    and I want to exponentially increase my knowledge at this year’s
    Success Summit!

    Social Media Examiner has been my go-to media
    news source throughout college and with the onset of my professional
    career. Though I have achieved an excellent degree in Marketing,
    Social Media Examiner has consistently been the supplemental resource
    that has helped me specialize in Social Media with the latest news
    and tricks of the trade. This knowledge has allowed me to
    differentiate myself from my recently graduated peers, and I want to
    continue to soak up every bit of information I can from your esteemed
    panel of marketing mavens.

    My biggest marketing challenge is that
    I’m not just ferociously intaking all this learning for myself, but
    to pay it forward to a promising generation of Millennials. I live in
    Stockton, CA, which often appears on the top of “Forbes Most
    Miserable Cities” list due to the unemployment, foreclosure, and
    crime that have become a part of everyday life. The biggest tragedy
    is that the city is filled with promising young talent looking for a
    way out, but without one they are too often dragged into the gang
    violence or cyclical poverty of the city. I’ve been working for 3
    years developing a company that is in the process of hiring 20-30
    at-risk high school and college interns. We will soon begin training
    them to leverage their social media influence to showcase the hidden
    beauty of our city. I’m calling this business The Lulu Company,
    and our mission is to “connect and engage with the community while
    fostering social entrepreneurship and artistic expression”. With
    social media as our tool, we will begin our action plan this December
    to promote Stockton’s art, music, fashion, and food, while networking
    with local businesses and providing social media services to our
    non-profits. I’m passionate about the work we’re planning to do, and
    the challenge is making myself enough of an expert to lead this group
    of youth in our efforts to stimulate the local economy while teaching
    them a valuable trade to launch their own future professional

    To this point, most of our work has
    been done “The Hacker Way”, through repeated trial and error.
    Until recently, I worked for a non-profit, the Stockton Symphony, and
    though I love the work that I did it’s rendered me financially unable
    to attend the Social Media Summit in the past. I’ve very recently
    received a new position as the Marketing Director for a foodie social
    media startup called DinnerWire. Although the free information I’ve
    devoured has offered some great insights to get me thus far, it’s a
    vivid reminder that I have to keep learning. So the opportunity to
    attend a seminar like this would not only impact me, but my
    community, and the network of restaurants, chefs, and food bloggers
    I’m in daily communication with.

    The most exciting thing about your
    conference is that your lineup thoroughly examines all the critical
    aspects of the industry today. My “biggest marketing problem” is
    that with this industry if you don’t stay up to date daily, you’re
    outdated. I’m fairly new to the marketing industry, and I’m ready to
    absorb any and all information I’m granted access to. So please allow
    me to attend your summit, help me pay it forward, and I will continue
    to live my social media crusade as an active advocate of the
    collective intelligence of your experts, and the phenomenal content
    promoted by Social Media Examiner.

    Thank you very much for your time and

    Ashley “LuLu” Ramirez

  • Sue Kirchner

    Thanks for this great opportunity! My biggest social media challenge is reinventing my personal brand and creating a strategy to migrate my existing social media followers who have followed me for all of my family fun and Mom topics to now following me for my small business branding consulting. I don’t know if I should try to migrate them over or start from scratch. My past efforts have been on marketing to the Mom market or consumers, to now changing to a B2B model and marketing to small businesses. However, a lot of Moms are entrepreneurs and I feel I could get them to make the leap but need some guidance and strategic help. I would love access to the brain power in the Social Media Success Summit to help me plan a social media brand migration for next year. Thanks!

  • DOCback

    It´s complicated to find out which way to go between all the possibilities. Every day you feel you miss the last and newest update of online marketing.

  • nheltman

    My biggest challenge is finding ways to reach new followers on Google+, Instagram and Pinterest as well as reaching folks outside our normal demographic on Facebook (ads targeted to them have not worked).

  • Sharyn Sheldon

    My biggest challenge is, and always has been, finding the time to use social media efficiently AND effectively. Somehow I doubt I’m in the minority on this one 🙂

  • Hi Phil! Thanks for sharing this information!

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is fighting off the temptation to be on every social media platform. They all offer such a unique way to market to your audience, and I’ve worked hard at establishing which of those platforms work the best for our business. I know I need to stay on these platforms, and these platforms alone, in order to maintain the most effective engagement rates and efficiency. However, I still feel the temptation to want to be in other places. I strongly believe as an entrepreneur that trying to “be everywhere” is a bad social media strategy, so why can’t I fight off the temptation?

  • Raquel M Ramirez

    My biggest and fattest challenge with social media is I LOVE the engaging, creative, and innovative element of it, but I hate all the Geek stuff that comes with it (short code, API, FTP, http, bahh!) Thus, the more easy-to-use apps, tools, and short cuts that are out there, the more I love social media! After all, social media is a people business, and I’m a people person” (not a web designer) 🙂

  • PK

    I live in a new country, in a coastal area that is way behind on internet marketing and social media. We need to catch them up! Coming from the city, I could be the one that starts the social media revolution in my area! One of my challenges is interpreting social media webinars and advice into my field (healthcare). I’m not selling a product but my relationship with the community, building social status via engagement and interaction. I want to stay on top of social media and get them excited about social media, bring them up to speed!

    I look forward to integrating what your amaaaaaazing presenters have to offer so I can interpret it and translate it to conversations that will spark up this small town life! I would love this. period.

    Your emails are the only ones that never get re-routed to the ‘other’ folder. Rich in content and always very thorough. Thanks for developing this

  • Roxanne Lujan

    In a new world of social media, sometimes the effort to implement a full-scale social media strategy is completely under-estimated. What may be even worse than that is that those that you need to “buy in” to the social media strategy don’t fully comprehend or appreciate its potential. Whatever the case, it’s a fine line between those that “think” they understand the platform and those that know just enough to be dangerous.

  • Email marketing is my biggest struggle, particularly just building that list. How can I get those sign ups?

  • Rachel Eager

    My biggest social media challenge for my business, Penny Royalty Clutches is struggling with “what” to post on my business Facebook page. I also struggle with just finding the time to contribute to my Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  • KatMeis

    As a small business owner who runs a social book discovery and commerce platform called Bublish, I have two major challenges with social marketing. First, I have a very small team. All of us wear many hats. Producing the amount of quality content necessary to keep our platform front-of-mind is daunting, as is finding the time to constistently distribute that content across multiple social platforms AND engage with readers and writers as much as possible. My second challenge is finding affordable tools to measure our success, learn where our time is best spent and convert people we meet through our disparate social touch points into fans and Bublish users.

  • Anna Kristina

    Hello SME! I work in Media and Communications for a CVB who is wanting to expand and develop our presence in social media. Our biggest social media marketing challenge, being that we are marketing as a destination, is how to continue to engage our market/consumers with various trends and on different platforms? How to continue to engage our market/consumers even during the off season through social media? What would be the fest fit in reaching different markets via different social media platforms, that is interesting/engaging, leaving them wanting more? We have a firm base of audience through one platform, we want to create that some “buzz” about our city on all platforms to really put us on the map!

    I feel this could be very helpful in giving my team the upper hand on the ins and outs of social media. I hope you choose me! Good luck to all!

  • Elizabeth

    Where to start? Hi!

    After graduating from college with a degree in Advertising, I wanted to do something BIG… I’ve always had outrageously high aspirations and dreams, so when I say big I really mean something significant in my realm of expertise and knowledge.

    After considering going into a typical ad agency, I realized there was more out there than being typical. So I went big and started my very own social media marketing firm. When I say firm I mean it currently is a very very small firm consisting of 2 existing accounts, but not forgetting the some small work I’ve done for 2 other accounts. In order to really hit home with my firm and grow to the BIG in my dreams, I know that I need to learn more.

    Encountering the Social Media Examiner was a terrific start for expanding my expertise on social media. I daily read the articles and skim through the news, so when I cam upon the Social Media Summit, I knew I had to attend. Unfortunately with being such a small firm, business expenses are tight and up until this point I had to count myself out of the experience.

    Winning a ticket to the summit would open doors for myself and my business more than I could imagine. The exposure, the knowledge, the motivation, and I’m sure so much more is something that I would love to gain from winning a ticket.

    I think my creativity and advertising background are great tools too have but I think my biggest challenge right now is lack of knowledge of all the great tools social media outlets have to offer that the average person doesn’t either have access too or fully comprehend. I want to be more than average and I think this summit will make that happen.

    I really hope to win a ticket, all I need is one honestly! I wish you a wonderful day and hope to hear from you soon,

    – Elizabeth

  • amani

    I do social media analysis and measurement for some small projects in KSA,and I am willing to know more about the field, and if can I get real opportunity to be arabic translator for such a conferences


  • The biggest social media marketing challenge is monetizing social media without avoiding overwhelm. You can schedule posts and automate some processes but at the end of the day it’s about building relationships which is time consuming. It can also be difficult to convert followers into paying customers.

    Add in all the notifications on social networks and constant changes to social media and it’s a recipe for overwhelm!

  • Sam

    Hi Michael and Jay,
    My social media marketing challenge, is that I’m faced with guiding two separate groups of independent retailers in two different channels (photography and electronics) in establishing and maintaining their own pages. They have different capacities for using computers/internet/social media – and various levels of understanding. They are all time poor.
    On top of this, I want to run two group pages for the head office for the photography and electronics group.
    What’s more, I also need to run a page for Kodak Express Digital Solutions. Marketing Kodak anything is difficult at the moment as it’s such a messy structure. The stores all do various products (different from each other) and have varying printing capacities – so this means there’s no one product that’s relevant to every store.

    All stores are rural based all over Australia and I’m an inner city person – so already there’s that barrier of understanding.

    I’m really enjoying working out each part, but it’s definitely a challenge and I could use some guidance and a chance to absorb a bit more of your knowledge!


  • Aaron Valdez

    My biggest challenge with social media is creating consistent engaging content. I feel that with every new client I take on I have to learn their industry to create content that makes sense to their fans. This part of social media takes up so much of my time.

  • Joanne

    I find it so difficult to keep up with all the different types of Social Media – and then choose which is the best one for me. What I find challenging as well is staying focused on what I am doing when I receive so many interesting tweets, messages and articles. How much is too much? I could really use this workshop to help grow my business – which is all about helping people to stay mentally fit and alert!

  • Adam Ursulak

    Thank you for the opportunity. The speaker list is a powerhouse.

    For me the biggest challenge is stream lining all the different projects I’m involved in into one channel in order to leverage exposure. With seperate websites and twitter accounts in each project there’s a disconnect because one project is a advertising consulting gig, 2nd is a real estate development(, 3rd a small investment firm and the 4th a startup business network linking business with opportunity (
    How do I provide the clearest channel to communicate the
    value propositions I have in mutliple projects?

    Thank you in advance for the help here and for the pipeline of info you’ve provided through all the Social Media Examiner tools.

    Adam Ursulak

  • Chuck Bankoff

    I run a Digital Marketing Agency, so we manage the social
    media for several different companies, either working with their marketing
    manager or in most cases running the entire show for them. Our biggest
    challenge is cultivating legitimate fans and followers.

  • Seeing the traffic coming from social media sites via Google Analytics, reports like those generated by Hootsuite, and the increasing number of fans is easy but measuring how much of those really convert to sales is the biggest challenge I consider. Getting to know this information will help anyone measure clearly if their strategy is really working or not. And if this “way” of measuring this information can be provided for free then that would truly be great!

  • Cheryl

    I have my own small online retail business. My biggest social media marketing challenge would have to be – how on earth do I get my followers and fans to actually convert to sales and buy! I find that I have lots of fans, lots of engagement on the page, but that is exactly it, it is all social and not much follow through.

  • Well now, winning tickets to the Social Media Success Summit would hand me the strongest rope in my climb to the top! I have left base camp and am enjoying the journey to the top, collecting tools, tips and information as I climb. Yes, it’s challenging. Yes, it’s inspiring. Thoughts of meeting you all at the top of the mountain inspire me to keep focus, keep climbing, keep facing challenges head on. . . . could you please hand me the rope?

  • Gail Edgell

    Converting our FB Likes into Sales. Often times our engagement is over 30% yet, none of these individuals are paying customers. They obviously love the content that we are providing them but it is almost as if they are fence sitters…and not wanting to take the leap into participating more in the community.

  • Jerry Teel

    My biggest challenge in Social Media marketing is to simply keep current with the pace of change and information that seems to be coming at an ever accelerating rate. Another challenge is to maintain my focus on the services that my clients really want and that allow my business to generate sufficient revenue. Resist cultural ADD…Ooooo something shiny! Squirrel!!!

  • Sandra Angelo

    I want to learn how to monetize social media. I do a lot of social media but not with financial consequences. I’d like to learn more about how to make it profitable.

  • Lori Appleman

    My biggest challenge with social media is probably a pretty common one – getting management to understand the value of the time it takes to do it correctly. My CEO understands the basic concept of “number of likes isn’t a determinant of success” but getting him to understand engagement has been nearly impossible. So often my superiors (in this company and others) want every post to be some sort of pitch or hype for the brand and they don’t see the value in giving something first. My team and I work hard to try to build our audience as a fan base and to give value to their experience with us. It’s especially hard for us because we are in a highly regulated industry and the things our customers want to see – the questions they want answered, we cannot answer. So we need to be more creative. That takes time and that time has to be planned for and allocated. That’s where we aren’t yet succeeding.

  • Komar Wijaya

    Hello, my name is Komar. I am from Indonesia.

    I just found out this website, social media examiner. It’s really are great. Tons of article that very useful.

    I think my biggest social media marketing challenge are how to know using the right social media to promote my business.
    I’m using Facebook right now and I think i spend too much time of it so I can’t think about other social media to promote my business.

  • Colorfulriot

    How do you convince small business owners that social media is not just a novelty for young adults? In particular, owners do not understand the value of Facebook advertising because it is difficult to measure direct impact and show a return on their investment.

  • Javier Amozurrutia

    Hello to everyone,

    I think my biggest social media challenge is to star my own marketing consouting company in México because the users are not ready to make real business with Social Media. Why? They are using Social Media as a cuppon or discount or sales promotion, or advertising, not as a Social communication. The business only try to sell, sell and sell, there is no content or anything with value, 90% of the business that use FB only post advertising even if they dont have a webpage. There are no marketing strategies. If you offer them your services, they only think in FB and not in a digital marketing strategy. I need to have more information so I can continue my work of “evangelize” the market to realy undestand the potential of Digital Marketing and creating a real Social Media strategy to make a difference against the competition.

  • Will

    The most useful information I could glean from this conference is what to prioritise from what promises to be a flood of useful advice. I’m fairly sure that there will be more techniques, tips, hints and tricks regarding hashtags, google analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest and other sites than I could shake a stick at, and my admittedly febrile mind won’t be able to cope.
    So what would be incredibly useful would be some kind of debate to finish the conference where the presenters have to agree on what the priorities should be (Much like a ZBB) so that us proles can decide what to do rather than drown in a tsunami of information.
    Cheers, Will

  • Melinda

    What is my biggest social media marketing challenge? Time management. Content. Audience.

    May I choose three? No? I thought not. The question posed was quite clear.

    Sooo…I choose…to lump them together.

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is: How to choose the correct audience through a reasonable number of venues so that I can find the time to adequately provide interesting content and actively interact.

    Marketing can be fun and engaging. I feel passionate about what I sell, and I am excited to share it. I long for the tools to navigate and understand the strengths and benefits of social media marketing. It requires a good sized learning curve; very unique and quite different from the traditional approaches.

    I have the energy and the drive to make the best out of what social media has to offer. I seek the education and know-how from those who are professionals in the field. The Social Media Success Summit, by description, fits the bill for my needs. The program is comprehensive, and the topics are alluring. Seems to me that SocialMediaExaminer has put the fun and engaging into marketing. Kudos.

  • Natalie Moulden

    Hi Michael and Jay

    I’m a self employed freelance marketing manager in the UK.

    I’ve been working hard over the past year to build up my social media knowledge but the biggest social media challenge I have, is keeping up to date with the latest changes and opportunities each social channel presents.

    My social media motto is –

    Make sure you learn something new every day 🙂

    I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the conference.

    Best wishes


  • Katie

    Hi, I’m a recent follower of your blog and podcast as I was searching for help with social media!
    My biggest challenge at the moment, fresh into a new company, is creating a social media strategy from scratch. We have twitter, Linked In and Facebook accounts with some followers and some previous activity but nothing consistent and this has tapered off (pending my arrival and a revamp of our Web site to include a News section). Having just finished the Web site amendments we now have a platform to promote content which is the first step. Now I need to start thinking about what we say and when and which mediums we promote that through – which is the hard bit! We have lots of great things to say about our company but obviously building an online image of our brand is only part of the story. I want to have a good mix of useful content (Youtility – thank you Jay!) and interesting stories that give our brand a voice but feel a bit swamped in terms of where to start.
    Furthermore we have two very different “customers” in our busines who I envisaged we would be talking to and within those customer sets there seems to be little overlap in terms of what we could provide that is “useful”. Also will talking to one via say twitter or linked in alienate the other from future communications on that channel? Additionally within those customer sets there are obviously segmentations to be made on job role too which further confuses things.
    I definitely think I need some help here!

  • In today’s internet era when
    anything and everything is bound with cyberspace, Every business is scrambling
    to create its online presence. Digital space is surely helping out loads of
    businesses in branding, getting leads, direct sales and are even many a times
    giving more business than offline efforts. But still many industries are not
    able to harness the power of Social media, mostly companies which are obligated
    to be hidden.

    I faced major challenges while
    developing social marketing plans for B2B companies who are outsourced for
    middle jobs with NDA agreements signed i.e. they are outsourcing but they don’t
    want to expose their vendor. Most manufacturers are operating in same channel
    i.e. they are manufacturing for big brands like Nike, Levis, Sony, Samsung but
    they cannot expose themselves. i.e. Segmented B2B

    My biggest challenge is in my current company which is a Psd
    to Html conversion company, clients are web design / development agencies mostly from USA & Canada (nearly all
    of them with NDA), mostly (80%-90%) are not ready for open social conversation
    so client engagement or providing support over Social media is nearly
    negligible, at the most we can update channels through interesting and
    educative blogs related to industry to keep them interested, am also working out
    other strategies but still it’s a challenge in getting a predictive ROI from
    Social Media for the company

  • I need tequila. Good tequila. The expensive stuff I can buy for the price of admission to SMSS13. Plus, the presentations from SMSS12 can provide great inspiration for fresh content.

    I realize that probably won’t win me admission, but I can dream can’t I?

    My biggest social media challenge is never being satisfied – satisfied that I’m keeping up with all the changes and developments happening every week, and satisfied that I’m producing enough remarkable, useful content. I’ll never be satisfied, of course, but that’s what keeps me going.

  • christine tamms

    Dear amazing ones at Social Media Examiner,
    First, thanks so much for holding this contest – what a great opportunity!
    A little about me – back around May I started with Pinterest and well, I confess – quickly became an addict. 🙂 (I have a very creative / visual side that really clicks with Pinterest. Then at work, (I work for Cambridge University Press in NYC as an Executive Assistant) an opportunity came up to attend a go to meeting with Tumblr – Rachel Fershleiser hosted – I thought how cool would that be – so I attended. I was fascinated. I got super excited. I knew that this was something that I wanted to pursue with my career. I wanted to learn as much as possible and since then I have been doing just that. I have been joining groups on Linked In, following the top Social Media people on Twitter, subscribing to social media websites and publications, etc. etc…My boss and I have spoken and he wants me to develop in the path that I have a passion for — which is this!!! At this point my biggest challenge is to learn how to do the basic practical and strategic components of this profession and then grow: how to create and maintain a social media marketing strategy across multiple platforms, setting strategic goals to measure success / engagement / return on investment, how best to connect with the audience (best engagement techniques) and how best to manage the social presence to develop multifaceted strategy that enhances the Cambridge brand globally.
    Thank you all for all of your wonderful advice – I look forward to your updates!
    Thanks so much for your consideration.
    Every best wish,

  • Kevin N

    Biggest social media challenge is aligning brand vision and execution with the norms and behaviors from users if different social platforms

  • Kevin N

    *on different

  • Wendy Broersen

    My biggest social media challenge is how to keep up and how to convert insights to an European audience. Most changes happen first in USA, so most of the times I look at new insights from you guys to use when that change happens here in The Netherlands. That’s why your ticket would be put to good use; help me help several charities which are in real trouble now because of the crisis here. And to help me be ahead.

    PS september 6th is my birthday, your ticket would be a great birthday gift 😉

  • Hello everyone at Social Media Examiner. Greetings of the day. My biggest challenge in social media is how to find prospects of our business so that we can proceed with them?

  • I am a new SEO and social media strategist, and I am currently the only one at my company. I do everything involving SEO, as well as content marketing, social media, blogging, etc. I learn through reading articles and finding answers to my questions through Google+ and LinkedIn groups. I am constantly reading, constantly asking questions, and looking for answers. I enjoy it very much, but it would much more beneficial to me, and to my company, if I could build a stronger foundation for myself.

    It would be absolutely fantastic to have the opportunity to learn from the leadership at the
    Social Media Success Summit 2013.

  • Dotty Scott

    My biggest Social Media challenge is getting my web clients to understand how vital social media is to their success online. They see the results that I personally have by using social media, yet they are always wanting to take a shortcut – paying someone else to do it for them, only using 1 platform, using it at a bare minimum level, etc. They see social media as a waste of time instead of looking at it as marketing time. I can show them results, I can tell them how I get clients from social media, yet they will not carve out the time to market their own business via Social Media. How can I change this?


    I would very much benefit from winning these tickets because social media is an area that we need to expand our marketing efforts. My biggest challenge is gaining more contacts and targeting our ads to the correct audience.

  • Lee

    My biggest social media challenge is getting upper management to realize that social media is about building a brand and building a relationship with potential customers over the long term. Upper management doesn’t see social media as important if they can’t immediately and directly relate it to a sale. I try to explain that it’s like a dinner party. If you met someone in a social setting and they tried to hard sell you something, it would be very offputting. However, if you got to know the person in a social context, built a relationship etc. Then the next time you are in the market for the product or service that person has, you will likely think about doing business with them.

  • I spent over 20 years in “traditional” media ad sales, from newspaper to spot cable, where I was fortunate to work for large companies that invested in excellent training. I left corporate America almost 8 years ago, when only Zuck and his buddies knew what Facebook was, LinkedIn was in its infancy, and Twitter didn’t even exist, so none of that excellent training included social media. My challenge is that what Social Media Success I’ve enjoyed and brought my clients has been hard-won and slower than I would like because of a steep, self-taught learning curve. I’d like you to teach this girl some new tricks that can be implemented quickly!

  • bobidale

    Just hired. Even though I have all the social media sites for myself, have to learn how to do it for this for a new company which is just starting up. Looking forward to learning what I need to know here. Thank you

  • Kerry McNerney

    Talk about a Social Media Challenge! I am a Adjunct Facult at a local Community College. I have been assigned to teach Introduction to Marketing and am sorely lacking in knowledge of Social Media Marketing. I am self-employed and cannot afford the cost of the Summit but desperately want to teach my students up-to-the-minute Marketing information. That has to include Social Media. It is changing how all Marketing is done and I don’t have a clue! Help Please! They know more about Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest than I do. I do have a Facebook page and am “Linked In.” Other than that, I am floundering. If you care about your future generation of new Marketing specialists, Help Me Help Them. Thanks and : ) Kerry McNerney

  • Hajrë

    Greetings from the Social Bing Bang in London!
    The biggest social challenge is about integrating monitoring tools that enable tracking real-time customer journeys for greater conversion rates.

  • Maurice Horwitz

    Hello to all. I am very happy to be a new follower to the Social Media Examiner. Actually, I am a total novice in the world of social media networking and much of what I read is like a foreign language to me!

    My biggest social media challenge is…everything! I am a baby boomer and my use of social media was extremely limited until my nieces and newphews forced their “Uncle Moe” to get a facebook page so I could get photos and updates on the family. This has been the extent of my social media networking until recently.

    I am now the author of a self-help book on weight loss and the trials that are faced by individuals who have experienced a lifetime of non-stop dieting in their efforts to achieve “perfection” with their bodies and in their lives. This is a very personal and honest look at this subject and I believe that writing this book to be one of my life’s missions. As a result, I have been directed to set up social media networking pages on the major venues to help me promote my book and develop a following prior to the book’s release. I did set up the pages, stumbling through their creation, but they are now up. My biggest social media challenge is that I do not know how to proficiently maneuver through these various social media pages and utilize their power for the optimum effectiveness to help me attract followers and ultimately secure them as potential book buyers. Basically, and being totally honest here, I am lost!

    Being retired and having limited resources, It would be an incredible gift to be able to attend the upcoming Social Media Success Summit. I see this as an incredible opportunity to learn from the best social media experts in the country and secure the knowledge and success tips that I need on how to best use my social media pages. I am currently learning a great deal from the Social Media Examiner and I appreciate your consideration to attend the Success Summit to obtain even more knowledge and skills. Thank you.

  • Lisa Wells

    Hi Social Media Examiner. This summer my sister, MarVeena Meek, told me about your podcasts, and now I’m hooked. Not only am I hooked, but my dog is hooked as well. She gets to go on a two mile walk every evening with me, while I listen to one of your podcasts. When she hears your voice on my phone, she goes so bonkers it is hard to get her leash on her. 🙂

    My great media marketing challenge is learning what all is available to use. As I said, I’m new to you and new to the marketing arena. I am a published author, I teach an on-line class on writing, and I want to learn how to promote my own books and classes via social media, plus how to help others market theirs.

    My goal is to start a podcast that focuses on the creative writing niche. I want other writers to be able to listen to how-to-write-and-get-published-tips, etc while they are walking. I know your conference is going to be a gold mine of my needs. Unfortunately, the cost is not in my budget, so I would love to win a free ticket.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to win a ticket.

  • Reparata Mazzola

    I just co-authored a Kitchen Survival cookbook for men called “Save the Males” and want to get the word out to all those guys on their own who live on fast food and takeout. I want to Save the Males for me!

  • Maurice Horwitz

    Hello to all. I am very happy to be a new follower to the Social Media Examiner. Actually, I am a total novice in the world of social media networking and much of what I read is like a foreign language to me!

    My biggest social media challenge is…everything! I am a baby boomer and my use of social media was extremely limited until my nieces and newphews forced their “Uncle Moe” to get a facebook page so I could get photos and updates on the family. This has been the extent of my social media networking until recently.

    I am now the author of a self-help book on weight loss and the trials that are faced by individuals who have experienced a lifetime of non-stop dieting in their efforts to achieve “perfection” with their bodies and in their lives. This is a very personal and honest look at this subject and I believe that writing this book to be one of my life’s missions. As a result, I have been directed to set up social media networking pages on the major venues to help me promote my book and develop a following prior to the book’s release. I did set up the pages, stumbling through their creation, but they are now up. My biggest social media challenge is that I do not know how to proficiently maneuver through these various social media pages and utilize their power for the optimum effectiveness to help me attract followers and ultimately secure them as potential book buyers. Basically, and being totally honest here, I am lost!

    Being retired and having limited resources, It would be an incredible gift to be able to attend the upcoming Social Media Success Summit. I see this as an incredible opportunity to learn from the best social media experts in the country and secure the knowledge and success tips that I need on how to best use my social media pages. I am currently learning a great deal from the Social Media Examiner and I appreciate your consideration to attend the Success Summit to obtain even more knowledge and skills. Thank you.

  • Marc Guberti

    I have thousands of followers on different social networks, but one of the biggest problems I have is trying to make sales with those followers. I know that the guidelines are 80% of the updates are other people’s stuff while the other 20% of the stuff is your blog posts and products.

    I want to learn how I can get more sales by using social media.

  • SicaBixby

    Believe it or not I tripped over this being listed in a Paper.Li.

    So what is my biggest social media challenge? It’s really a combination of things but the 2 biggest are time & knowledge. Money comes in 3rd.

    I currently have several twitter accounts I work on. The major one is numismatics, coin collecting. I’ve read lots of articles not just on coins & related markets but on social media as well. I understand and realize the time consumed on those are lengthy. Not really much can be done on that. Where I think I could save time is on finding & posting the articles and sale items using social media outlets. Many of the plans out there for social media are great and work but they are time consuming. Since implementing them my numbers in retweets & followers grow on a daily basis. I am just not sure if it’s helping my sales. Granted my number 1 goal is get the knowledge out and I think I’m succeeding but I’m sure there are better ways of doing it and less time consuming.

    I understand it’s all effected by paying for tools too. Unfortunately I’m just starting over and money is another thing I don’t have much of.

  • Amy Rose

    I am so excited to have discovered Social Media Examiner! I have finally started my own business and I don’t know any of the things that I have read on this site! My biggest social media challenge is knowing how and where to start, how to integrate a marketing plan to recruit followers, and how to streamline my business with these mobile apps.

  • Oleksandr Piddubnyi

    Hello, everyone! My name is Oleksandr, and I’m from Ukraine. My biggest social marketing challenge is lack of information. The most popular social network in my country are Russian’s. But I think Ukraine has to be a part of Western trends. I want to figure out how to spread social media marketing in Ukraine. I want to hear about the best experience. I want to know what is going on in the social media world. How I can use it to make online communities. What could be useful for us? Which strategies? How to deal with social media in appropriate way? Thank you!

  • Biggest social media challenge for us in our startup has been the need to discard what we thought would work and be willing to learn and acquire new skills/techniques.

    After writing this blog in July I’ve realised that the ideas were admirable and still aplicable but lacked the hustle and hard work necessary to grow a following and to engage.

    After changing a few simple things the following and subsequent site visits are increasing at a pleasing rate.


  • Wendy Megyese

    My biggest challenge is learning how to work social media like a bee and not a butterfly. A bee will take the nectar from flowers and turn it into money…I mean..honey. They collect pollen and use it as a source of protein. They can even mix the nectar and pollen together and make beebread or royal jelly ( yes, I want to be a queen). Of course, the flowers benefit by having the bees spread their pollen, just as social network sites benefit from our use by spreading their popularity.
    On the other hand some butterflies take the nectar and never spread the pollen. Some of them even get their sustenance from rotting animal matter.
    Right now I find myself being a social butterfly. I need to learn how to become a bee. The Social Media Success Summit is just the hive I need.

  • Rachel Cunningham

    Social media is such a dynamic tool for our organization. One of the biggest challenges we have is effectively collating all the tracking information that we have for our social media. There are so many tracking tools that it can be difficult to make sense of all the information and translate it into actionable items and feedback.

  • Mike Borta

    After being out of the marketing field for a decade, I find that my biggest challenge is educating myself on the seemingly unlimited avenues of social media. Your website has been an invaluable resource to me. I need to learn which medium is best for reaching our target audience and I feel that your seminar would help me achieve this goal. Unfortunately, budget constraints coupled with my part-time status do not currently allow me to attend your seminar on my own.

  • leslieramey

    For me, the biggest challenge is getting consistent results.

    I try to diversify our content as much as possible with an even mix of image, links and posts that are all relevant to my target demographic. I experiment often to make sure I’m posting at the optimum time and I try to make sure the content is engaging, fun and helpful.

    Some weeks this formula ends up being a home run. We will get great engagement and drive traffic to our website. But other weeks, it’s like communicating to the spirits during a seance while the psychic is sleeping- silence. It makes me want to shout out “Can you hear me now?”

    These results can be both exhilarating (when we are on an up swing) and down right discouraging (when we are dipping). I try to keep an eye on current events, seasons and holidays to see if there is trend that can explain why it’s so quite on our social channels. When I can’t make a connection I return to the drawing board, analyze past success and try to rally the troops by using that info to create new content.

    I hopeful that other social media specialist have the same problems. Please, please, please tell me it’s not just me. I’d love to be able to attend the Social Media Success Summit to learn more techniques and tips as well as learn about how other deal with this problem and if they have any pearls of wisdom.

  • This conference is for me,
    And all that I could be.
    Please help me work my pages
    And grow them from their stages.
    We’re not as flashy as some,
    Our product’s not so fun.
    I can’t get any engagement,
    It just causes so much enragement.
    I’d like to learn from the masters,
    And avoid social media disasters.
    I’m really just a nerd writer,
    Who’s had to become a fighter.
    We fight for page views and Likes,
    Yet our fan club never spikes.
    My ticket would give you high ROI,
    And the sessions would make me smile wide as the sky!
    I really want to attend,
    I’m saving all my energy to spend,
    Learning learning and learning more,
    I want to soak up what’s in store.
    We get bruised and battered on our page,
    It really can cause major rage!
    I promise to max out every session,
    So, please, Examiner, grant me admission!

  • Thompson Creek Windows

    Hello Social Media Examiner! At Thompson Creek Window Company, we are one of the leading home improvement companies in the Mid-Atlantic and specialize in replacement windows, doors, gutters and siding.

    We have a great product and believe in what we sell to homeowners throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC area and love to share our story through every medium we can including Social Media. We believe we are on our way into developing our story online including an outstanding reputation when homeowners search for reviews or what other consumers are saying about us.

    The biggest challenge we have is how to turn the community into a lead generator for us. Our best customers are referral customers so we want them sharing our content and letting their friends and family know who they should choose to replace their windows.

    Turning good content into sharable content which results into leads is our biggest challenge and one that I am constantly tweaking but haven’t found yet!

  • Jessica

    I would say my biggest SM challenge would be identifying how many people are following my call to actions. I would also add engagement.

  • Candice Renae

    My biggest social media challenge is knowing what to say. I don’t consider myself to be the most interesting or witty person, so I always worry that I might say the “wrong” thing and people will figure out just how nerdy/introverted I really am. Don’t get me wrong…I think I’m cool and a good person to get to know, but I struggle with showing that from behind the computer screen. What I’m trying to say is my greatest struggle is finding my social media voice and figuring out how to best represent me in the online world.

  • Donald Arthur

    As a social media manager focused on customer service, my biggest challenge is defining the level of engagement that works best for my customers. Some platforms require so much engagement and with others, it seems that the more we engage, the more problems we have.

    Thank you,

  • Greta

    My company faces an extremely unique challenge. I work for Minnesota Grown- a joint venture between the Department of Agriculture and a nonprofit group called the Minnesota Grown Promotion Group. We don’t sell anything, but instead promote buying local from farmers across the state. We struggle with promoting a purchase indirectly and finding continuity in something so broad. It’s nearly impossible for us to measure our efforts to any type of ROI because we can’t track sales. However, we know we are vital to promoting Minnesota agriculture. Local food is a huge movement, especially in this state, and we can’t seem to grab hold of this opportunity to expand our social media marketing. We have not found our place in the media clutter that exists today when I honestly believe that our customers would value our service if they knew we existed. Currently, our social media has one demographic that most of our following comes from and a second demographic that we can attribute interaction for. This is a huge disconnect where our message is concerned. We would love the opportunity to learn the best way to move forward!

  • Kate Erker

    I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s a burden and a curse some days, and an unyielding tool of power on others. It’s constantly changing and evolving, and so is the way people interact with it. I suppose my biggest challenge would be weeding out the useful from the not-so-useful. Streamlining the mass influx of it all. Harnessing the power, if you will. Social clearly has a lot of value, but where’s the line of finding the truly tangible ROI behind a like or a share or a retweet or pin?

  • Heather Johnston

    Hello to all of you in Social Media Examiner Community.
    I began my social media career almost 2 years ago with Crippen Buick GMC Mazda Volvo. They didn’t really have a social media presence before I was asked to manage the Social Media. In fact, I was unsure of what social media was, and what benefits it offered a business. Being a very determined person I took the challenge without hesitation. I began learning and teaching myself the successful techniques of social media for business. I have learned a great deal about social media from when I have started from forming platforms to how to keep my followers entertained and educated. Through my experience I have learned that social media is an every changing field and there is always something new to learn.
    One day I stumble upon your site, let me tell you I was thrilled beyond belief. I have truly enjoyed how you have all the latest updates about social media. I have learned a great amount of information from your site and its community. I have taken many classes in regards to social media. Some of the classes I have been able to share useful information, which I have learned from your site and shared it with others.
    My number #1 problem with social media is I am beginning a new business in addition my current job, and I would like to make my social media presence stand above the rest. I believe the tickets to the Social Media Summit would help me to achieve this goal as well has help me to reach my dream of being a successful business owner. I know the social media business is every changing and I want to be on top of the game.
    I would have loved to purchase tickets to the event, but I had some unforeseen expenses come up that prevented me from doing so. When I saw you were giving free tickets away I was beyond excited. I really would love the opportunity to attend this great event and expand my knowledge even more in the social media field. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Jessica Kelishes

    My biggest social media challenge is the three big C’s:
    Content that is Consistent with clear Communication.

    Content: Sharing good meaningful and relevant content is a challenge. Keeping things fresh and connecting with your audience is sometimes difficult but it is one of the most important things to master because this is how you connect your network to your product and your company.

    Consistent: With the vast number of social media outlets it is a challenge to assure that your content is shared consistently amongst your entire social media network. What you share on your blog should link to your product and then it should be consistently communicated to your social community. Everyone wants to be an insider so it’s important not to share with one and not the other.

    Communication: Sometimes communication is difficult and when you add the social media aspect things can get complicated. Communication with your customers is the name of the game and how you make that happen is just as important as what you are saying. When things get tough (i.e. complaints) how you handle those encounters may be the only thing that a customer remembers about you and your company. How you
    respond tells a story about your company and your service level so represent well.

  • RestorationResources

    Hmmmmnnn….Biggest Challenge is knowing how to be STRATEGIC and transparent AND speak to completely different audiences on each of the social media platforms. While our core business is selling Antique Architectural Salvage, we also offer other services that include An Event Rental Space, A Set Location for Photo and Film Shoots, A Prop Rental Source for Hollywood Movies, Event Planners, and Advertising Agencies, and an Architectural Recycling and Deconstruction Center. We appreciate our followers, but do not want to alienate them when we share information that may only be relevant to one audience, given the fact that we offer 5 differerent businesses/services.
    We have a 7000 Square Ft Warehouse and Showroom in Boston.which is challenging to maintain, given that we are a small business with a total of 3 employees and we are operating such a niched business. While retail is our core business, we also offer the other services that I mentioned to try and supplement revenue. We are fortunate to have interesting content to share, and I will do whatever it takes to develop and expand each of our prospective target markets using social media. However, while i have set up each of the accounts, and do share content daily, I could really use a “step by step” strategy of daily action steps to truly build followers. At the same time, since it can be challenging enough to get followers in the first place, I do not want to alienate anyone in the process and lose the followers I worked so hard to get!
    We are all really passionate about reclaiming history, recycling, and upcycling, and would like to use social media to spread the word, and not only sustain our business, but to GROW our business substantially! Appreciate any strategic direction and criticism. Can you help? Thanks!

  • Camille St Martin

    Hello Social Media Examiner – I <3 you all!! I run social media for a company called Child Care Marketing Solutions – my biggest social media challenge is posting social media as a B2B business with a very specific target market. It can be a struggle to come up with engaging and meaningful posts for such a targeted audience while still growing our fanbase in a profitable way. I would also like to be using LinkedIn more as part of our business strategy but am feeling a little lost as to how to do that.

    I would love to win a ticket to this event! Yay!!!

  • Ciao

    My biggest challenge is creating personas to target specific markets.

  • Andie

    Hello Michael and Jay,

    My name is Andie and I am a Social Media Strategist and Publicist for an Ecommerce website that sell high end mountain biking gear, and biking gear to cycling enthusiasts. Prior to this position I was a professional reporter and journalist so I now how to create content out of thin air. And I know when to post content for each respective platform etc. I have been able to increase our Facebook likes by 4000 in the past 6 weeks and I’ve been able to increase engagement on our Facebook page by 145.83% this summer. I use Short Stack to build apps and promos, I’ve developed compelling contests, polls and hashtags for things that are relevant to the biking industry and even been able to grow our fan-base by personally going out as a brand ambassador to events to get videos and pictures personally to drive my own content.

    And after all of that I face one problem. While I was able to grow our fan/like base, increase engagement etc and expand our customer base I am finding that our traditional customers are gravitating more toward content that we were afraid to post because we thought it would offend them. Most of our hard-core mountain biker customers are 35-44 year old men who have an income to support their biking hobby. So for the most part our content has been heavier on tech specs and product reviews with fun things sprinkled in.

    The problem I face as a strategist is knowing when to change our entire content strategy, when even our most die hard customers are changing. At what point does a certain trend in engagement and response become a red flag for a company to revisit the drawing board without losing sight of its original goals.

    Social media changes so quickly, and we have so much momentum. I don’t want to lose it, i want to use it. I’m hoping that I can learn how to fix the problem by going to the conference.



  • Meg Kerr

    This is my first comment on SME although I read every single article 🙂 How could I not enter to win this prize?! I am the SMM for an online company struggling to understand where social media can come to play in the marketing world. I use your articles to push my social media strategy but it’s always been a struggle. I’ve been denied getting to attend this conference because they don’t want to put money into something they don’t understand. I want to attend soooo bad for more reasons and a better understanding of how to communicate to our executives why our company needs to be on the top social media sites and to stop “playing” with it. Without their help, I would love to win this opportunity because I know I can learn so much from the speakers. PLEASE PICK ME! 🙂

  • Jessica Carreras

    Hi, Social Media Examiner! Thanks for this opportunity for those of us whose companies ignored our begging and pleading to fund our involvement in the summit!

    I am the head of Digital Media for municipal government in a city of 98,000. Because of that, our various departments have a total of around 25 different social media accounts across various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs and Pinterest). My biggest challenge (aside from knowing what’s going on with all of those platforms – phew!) is making sure that our team and our message is unified.

    Municipalities’ No. 1 goal is to project a positive image and exhibit strong customer service – online and offline. But when you have 15 different social media managers ranging from college interns with little knowledge to department heads with little time, it can be a challenge to make sure everyone is using the right tools to stay on top of their accounts and promote the city effectively.

    I think the Social Media Summit – specifically, I’d love to attend the talks on social media management and some of the platforms we’re not using as much – could provide huge benefits to our digital efforts and improve the lives of our residents! Plus, with our city standing as a model of digital integration, we’d love to share what we learn at the Social Media Summit with the cities that still have some work to be done in the social media sphere 🙂

  • Jessica Carreras

    Wow! Sounds like you should be teaching at the summit 🙂 Would love to pick your brain for tips!

  • Bonnie Chan

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is simply how to prioritize in terms of what platform to use, what content to focus on, and what relationships I can connect with on each platform. Thanks for putting together this opportunity! #Grateful

  • PhilMershon

    Andrew, please send me an email. You took 2nd place and the winner would like you to have the 2nd ticket 🙂