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***UPDATE*** Congrats to Joy Dekkers and Taylor Howe, the winners of this free ticket contest. See Joy’s winning comment here.

Want to win a free ticket to the largest online social media marketing event of the year?

Social Media Examiner has worked hard to bring you our fourth-annual Social Media Success Summit. This is our best event ever! And we’ve come up with a fun way to get you involved.

First, what is this event?

Social Media Success Summit 2012  is a large online conference dedicated to helping marketers and business owners master social media marketing.

More than 1400 businesses have already signed up, including Wells Fargo, Motorola, Kraft Foods, Fox Broadcasting, Autodesk,, Hubbell, American Heart Association, NASA, Marriott, Vanguard, HP, Verizon Wireless, McGraw-Hill, and hundreds of smaller businesses.

Twenty-seven of the world’s most respected social media experts will share their strategies with you.

Hear from Jeremiah Owyang (Altimeter Group), Chris Brogan (author, Google+ for Business), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Brian Solis (author, Engage), Jay Baer (co-author, The Now Revolution), Jason Falls (author, No Bullshit Social Media), Frank Eliason (author, @YourService), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner), Mark Schaefer (author, The Tao of Twitter), Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media), Jesse Stay (author, Google+ for Dummies), C.C. Chapman (co-author, Content Rules), Kipp Bodnar (co-author, The B2B Social Media Book), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) and experts from LinkedIn, Dell, Ford, Citigroup and Citrix—just to mention a few.

Presentation topics include developing a social media strategy, finding and engaging your target audience, measuring success, converting activities to sales, and much more! Check out all the sessions.

At last summer’s summit, 98% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

How can you win tickets?

social media success summitWe have three free tickets to the summit, valued at $597 each, plus the opportunity to be promoted to more than 140,000 of your peers! And remember, this is an online conference—so no travel is required to participate.

Two ways to win:

There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

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#1: Twitter Entry

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#2: Written Entry

The winner gets two tickets PLUS a mention in the Social Media Examiner Newsletter (140,000+ subscribers)!

Simply write about your biggest social media marketing challenge in the comments box below (scroll down).

The judges (Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert) will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What you need to know:

  • You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  • Tweets must contain #winSMSS12.
  • The deadline is Friday, April 20, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • If you’ve already purchased a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either give you a full refund or you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like.
  • No purchase is necessary to win.

We look forward to seeing your comments and tweets. Good luck!

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  • My biggest challenge with Social Media is impressing upon my clients the importance of DOING IT RIGHT! I’m sorry, but “can’t you just change my status a couple of times a day for me?” and “can we get 50 people to like our Facebook page for only $5 bucks on Fverr?” just doesn’t cut it! They tend to initially see it as a numbers game…the more friends the more successful you are…when really it’s just another vehicle for adding value and communicating WITH your clients, prospects and followers. The core work I do with my clients is their SEO and since more and more Social Media is playing a role in that. I could take on their Social Media too but I believe the voice of the company needs to come from within the company. Getting to check out this event would give me more tools to give to my clients, ultimately getting them to take on their Social Media the right way thus cleaning up the Internet from all of the bad Social Media strategies littering up the place. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if giving me this ticket would be the first step in the leap towards world peace. Your decision could change everything! It’s like the Terminator (but with a lower budget and not as cool of a catch phrase as “I’ll be back.”)

  • I don’t mean to tell you how to run this thing, but I think I should also get a few brownie points for being the first comment.  I’m just saying…

  • Acain

    I would love to win tickets to attend the Social Media Success Summit.  The biggest challenge I face as the online marketing specialist for a pest control company is that it’s not a glamorous industry.  People don’t want to think about pests or termites unless there is a problem.  Our struggle is how to keep their interests with relevant but entertaining information even when our services are not needed.  And of course keeping up with the ever changing world of social media!

  • Patti Geml Hazlett

    The biggest challenges I face are knowledge and application. I feel like I know enough to be dangerous, but need to expand my skills and information base in order to be a better resource in this area for my clients, and/or potential employers. This program would be a wonderful step in the right direction.

  • My biggest SM challenge is two-fold. I am the social media supervisor for a University in Georgia and as well as coming up with unique, searchable content for our audience across all our multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and FourSquare – I’ve got to keep an eye on Pinterest, Forums, Blogs too.  The other challenge is getting buy-in on our activities from our rather traditionally media minded faculty and staff and educating them that the best way to interact with their students and audience is through our various Social Media channels.

    Fingers Crossed!

  • dlw

    As a newbie I need to know the w’s of social media.  I know it’s effective because it’s worked on me.  What I don’t know is how those who have worked it on me did it  : )

  • My biggest struggle figuring out which social media channels are best suited for each individual client. There are sooooo (can I add a few more ooo’s) many options out there, and just because the option is available doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good fit for a particular brand/company. I love the challenge of exploring, learning and knowing what’s out there. It’s why I do social media. But…when you’re starting from ground up with a client — choosing what to jump into and what to hold off on is a decision-making process that I have to face.

  • My biggest Social Media Challenge is to gain insights in the potential Social Media has to influence not only the way we live but also the environment we live in. I am doing my graduation research at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands, about how social media can influence the process of master/ urban planning. I have now set up a linkedin group and facebook page where i am hoping to get social media professionals and urban area development professionals together in order to have influence bottom- up on the planning process of urban areas. Also the marketing strengths that social media brings is going to be very important in city branding which is not that different form branding/ marketing your business. The bigger picture is that where people mainly focus on branding their image you can go further … this is wat makes social media the biggest challenge and still to come how deep can social media influence the world! Best Niraj

  • fjsanz

    Hi Phil, how are you?

    I want to ask you about how do you track the Retweets. What app are you using? Could you tell us how do you track this kind of contest?


  • My biggest challenge in Social Media is being consistent. During the month of April I’ve taken Scott Strattons advice from UnMarketing, and I’m trying to consistently build a Twitter tribe. I’ve read pretty much everywhere that it takes about a year for anyone to care about what I have to say, so my goal is to also try to keep it up with Twitter and my blog and not give up! As a perfectionist AND an introvert, this will take some effort, but hopefully by posting this here, I’ll hold myself accountable

  • My biggest social media problem is time.  While I love platforms like Hootsuite and Roost because they allow you to post multiple days in advance, finding the time to keep up with the responses is where my challenge lies. I want to make sure I respond to any requests, questions, etc. in a timely manner, but I need a bat signal or something to go up when someone posts a response to my posts and tweets so I can get back with them, because I’ve already moved on to the 8 million other things on my to-do list.

  • Patricia Bax

    My dad always taught me to look at challenges and problems as situations needing attention.  This is how I view learning about and marketing social media.  My career path has been in the health care industry and clinical settings, and I now work as a Marketing Coordinator.  Being “in the know” with social media is a must for me to be successful in my current position.  Every day is a challenge to keep up with the pace of information and material generated by the rapid growth of social media, as well as to know how to use it for successful marketing.  For me, winning free tickets for this exciting summit will help turn this challenge into a situation needing attention.  It’s all about perspective!  Thanks!     

  • Michelle

    My biggest challenge is evaluating which social media property or properties is right for each client.  Not everyone should be on twitter or google+ and since I work with very small businesses they’re time is valuable – they simply can’t be spending the day in front of the computer monitoring social media channels.  I need to be able to help them create strategies for social media, be able to at least in the beginning handle it for them then transition them into taking care of it themselves.  I know this is not necessarily considered the “best” way to handle social media – farming it out to a consultant but again with the size of the businesses I work with and the fact they are barely in the stages of even considering have a web presence, it seems the best way to start is with someone handling it for them.

  • Krollins

    My biggest Social Media Marketing Challenge is simple: SQUIRREL. Social Media sites are popping up everywhere & then they all change it up due to the new competition. For me, it’s all about putting great systems in place & let them run awhile to gain insight & test what works. However, there are days that I feel like my hounds when they see “SQUIRREL!” and we get distracted from taking care of business. (All you dog walkers know what I am talking about!) I am busy checking out the new what else, looking for little gems or ah-ha’s that make sense for what I am doing and what I would recommend to my clients. I am looking forward to this summit. # winSMSS12

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  • Nui

    My biggest Social Media Marketing Challenge is not only to understand how it really works for business, but to find the right people who really know about it to be able to learn from them. 

  • Erdem Uen

    I want to win a ticket to Social Media Success Summit via: @smexaminer #winSMSS12. This, just to draw your attention 🙂

    The biggest challenge for me is to separate the theory from the practice. Yes, we all read the “How to…” blogs from various social media agencies/ sites and know exactly what to post on what time to get the most interactions out of it…However, I feel like there is more than just that…I mean, strategies change so quickly and what has been a successful recipe yesterday, doesn’t mean that it has to work today as well (e.g. the typical “Fill in the blank…” posts – Facebook page fans are already tired of seeing it)…So for me the biggest challenge is to find out, or be one of the first ones to know what the next innovative method is to keep your fans as committed Fans and engage in the real world (not just in theory).

  • PhilMershon

    There used a tool called TwapperKeeper that I used, but they were purchased by HootSuite and appears to be part of their Pro toolkit.

    Since then I’ve used You have to download tweets daily since they can only retrieve the 1500 most recent tweets, but this works for the size of contests we’re running.

    Hope that helps!

  • Stephanie Lumley

    Greetings from Jamaica!! My biggest Social Media Marketing Challenge is establishing KPIs (key performance indicators) which then makes it an even bigger challenge to cost my services accurately. I want to ensure that I provide objective reports and the highest quality service to my clients,

  • Henry Matlock

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is in finding my voice given the varied focus of each social media platform and the fact that I have 2 (at least for now) products that conceivably have 2 different markets.

  • Roxanne

    My biggest challenge I have faced in social media marketing was to be placed in a chair and given the job to grow an audience on facebook and Twitter and keep them engaged in a health related subject that was not exciting. The common person who was not affected by a specific illness had no interest in the subject area, so to raise awareness in the industry, a new spin had to be added to it. By making it appeal as a fun and worthwhile cause to be involved in,  the page I created on facebook grew to over 130,000 likes in just 18 months time frame. Now, the page includes quizzes, questions, trivia, photos, videos and more. I moved on from the organization a few months back, but am always proud of the path I paved for them.

  • Margo

    My biggest smmc is proving to naysayers that it is important, it is legitimate and it takes A LOT of thought, time to implement. ROI doesn’t happen with a weekly facebook update.

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  • Hello everyone! Well I would have to say my biggest challenge with social media marketing, for the purposes of our company is just getting started and how to track it all consistently. Since logging on and joining “Social Media Examiner” I have learned so much and have gotten so many great links to help sites and information. I have learned so much in the past few weeks, but it can be very frustrating and tedious, so any help on how to go about it in a smoother fashion would be great. Our company has just recently launched our new website and I am fairly new to the business, hired on to do social media and of course graphic design which is what I’m educated in. I would LOVE a shot at the tickets to the Summit as another lady and I in the office would reap great benefit from it I’m sure. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Ashley Herzberger

    My biggest SMMC is convincing entrepreneurs that social media is a worthwhile investment. If you can have the CEO on board, this paves the way for the extreme probability of wild success. It’s not just about ROI either. It’s about proving that building a strong, engaged community through thoughtful, relevant content is more beneficial to your company than any metric or number you can assign to a like.

  • Gayle Steuckrath

    I am responsible for Social Media for our small business-to-business services company.  I’m learning a lot about social media, but there is so much information to digest that it is overwhelming.  In addition, so much of the advice and training available seems geared toward consumer product companies, and I struggle with applying the tactics to reaching my corporate clients about our services.  I really need this seminar!

  • I know social media marketing is challenging for me! From knowing what content to share and how to expand my audience to which medium works best for whatever purpose. But my biggest social media marketing challenge is consistency. This is partially because I’m still in the learning phases of understanding social media and partially because it’s hard for me to follow the impact of smm. I have trouble interacting online on a regular basis which I’m pretty convinced I can and want to amp up! I am a small business owner, so gaining more knowledge of the ins and outs of social media has helped my business gain more exposure. I do feel like the more I learn about new media the better qualified I am to use it. Thanks Social Media Examiner for the tips and lessons I’ve learned from you so far! You’re a great help!

  • Candice Wade Cooper

    I help save lives. That’s right! I work for a local Government agency but not just your ordinary agency. I work for Homeland Security and Emergency Management. During a major emergency or disaster, I am the person responsible for getting potential life-saving information out to the public. My BIGGEST challenge is who on Earth wants to “like” Homeland Security and Emergency Management. I have HEART but NO VOICE. Please help me, help our community.

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge? Help this beautiful island (Sardinia) catch the big opportunity and challenges offered by tourism . . . And we don’t need so much  . . . maybe we could start with Listening our customers, Love them, Engage them, Thank them . . . and for this reason I would become a social media specialist able to transfer this vision to all of you . . . who didn’t catch it yet . . .

  • Roxanne L Best

    Our biggest social media challenge has several components, like a well made cake.  The main component, the yummy moist cake, is that we have Three different casinos. (yay for us).

    The second component, the sweet filling, is that each casino has its own distinct personality.  One is like a a rich smooth Bavarian cream, it has everything you want in a cake filling without detracting from the taste of the cake.  The second is like sweet berries, its quaint you know its there but it doesn’t exude excitement.  And the third is a very tart lemon curd, that description speaks for itself. 

    The final component, the delicious butter cream icing, the outside of the cake, the part that everyone sees and truly formulates the cake judgement are the amenities.   The first cake with the delicious bavarian cream filling has the best outward appearance.  the Icing is smooth, appropriate color balance with the moderate decorations, has quite a few extravagant details, even a few gumpaste flowers, it has almost reached its potential.  The second cake, with the sweet berries, has a descent appearance but looks a bit more like a cake grandma made, lots of love but its doesn’t say professionalism.  The third cake is still in the cake pan and frosted by my 8year old niece, no idea how the lemon curd made it in the layers but its there and the yummy moist cake makes it a success. 

    The challenge is that we have created four different pages, one for each site and one for our events center.  Would there have been a better approach? Should we have created one Profile with the different sites as “pages?”  Should we create “groups” or “pages” to target the specific offerings of each casino location? Bingo, concerts, live music, promotions? Or as we did with the Events Center, should we create a whole new Profile?  Is it important to keep these separate components attached to the actual entity they belong?  But then the challenge is this…Create pages?  Groups? or is there another opotion?  How do we use Pinterest as a casino?  We are infants in the social media game but want to be adults. 

  • Lynn Upthagrove

    Messuring the success of a campaign is my biggest SM challenge.

  • Liesbeth Konink

    My biggest challenge with social media is keeping up with it

  • SpitBlaz

    My biggest challenge is the Social Media Onion and figuring out how to best peel back each piece. The more you learn about it, the more you realize there is even more to know. It’s so overwhelming. We all know it has a place and needs to be focused on but do you hire someone to do it for you? How much time should really be spent on it? Do you allocate one point person? And if so, how many accounts can one person handle? For smaller businesses or an industry with an older generation, is your marketing budget and time better spent on direct sales efforts? Lots to be measured, and once the answers are found, it still needs to be sold up the corporate ladder.

  • I am working on the social media marketing in a new, revolutionary
    Dyslexia intervention program for older children (7+) who struggle with


    There is so much scientific know-how out there now about the causes and
    treatments of Dyslexia, but this information has not even started to reach the
    general public. People need to be given the tools to be able to help their
    children who struggle with reading. We are working on creating a blog (which is
    not yet live) and a knowledge base (see that will
    give parents and teacher genuinely useful, accurate information that they can
    use to better assist their child. There is no such blog yet in the Dyslexia and
    reading struggles field. Out of this flows my
    biggest challenge: Creating and marketing valuable content for these


    I bought your book Launch and have been avidly following your site
    trying to get as many ideas as possible. I know you are not in our field, but I
    believe your blog is an excellent example and I would love to learn


    As a start-up company we are still in the heavy investment stage and
    winning entry to this social media success summit 2012 would help us in our
    budget as well. 


    Please check out our company Thank you for all the
    great information on this blog, whether I win or not I feel genuinely blessed
    with all the great content you always provide. Keep it up!

  • ZokuGirl

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is developing a campaign that has a specific focus while staying fresh and new and NOT redundant. Once I have developed that campaign, I also would like to find the right influencers to promote my campaign and share it through their social media network, so that it gain momentum. 

  • My biggest challenge is to show my clients that ther ir a real roí when they invest in social media , and make a real engagement , I dream to see my Costumers fans exited obout the Brands they follow.

  • Melissa Sancy

    My biggest social media challenge: a partner who is not convinced that this information works with other cross-platforms. I plan to venture off and use this for my new sales ventures and bring him on my journey with my proven success. THEN he will be a believer. This stuff works!

  • My biggest Social Media Marketing challenge: companies that KNOWS they need Social Media presence but does not not understand the point of engagement and interaction yet requires me to produce leads.

  • Alison Swerdloff

    I am still new to this industry and one of the major challenges I am facing with regard to social media, is convincing business owners, especially those who are very set in their ways, that this is something that they need to be doing.  Many don’t even know much about using social media as a marketing tool and it takes a lot to convince them that they need it.  I hope that I will be able to utilize all of the material here to move myself and my clients forward in their businesses.

  • My biggest social media challenge is organization. I just looked over at my Twitter access page, and I’ve granted access to over 150 second party Apps!! I don’t even remember signing up for half of them! I’m a mess!! I need to simplify, reduce, reuse and recycle my process down to a managable level so that this Work from home enterprise doesn’t become an albatross…. HELP!!

  • hsphealth

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate.  My challenge is that I have a website and blog for highly sensitive people and introverts who are 1/3 to 1/2 of the population.  Most do not self identify as introverts and highly sensitive so developing a SM strategy that can be effective without consuming all of my time has eluded me. 

    Traffic building is one of my most important tasks right now. The website has been up for almost a year, the blog for 6 months and I am on G+, Twitter, FB and LinkedIn.  My daily traffic is c. 300-400.  I am starting guest posting to other sites.  

    I have not figured our how to handle the SM for a far-flung diverse group of people who include creatives, people with genetic diseases, and introverts.   I would love the opportunity to learn how to do it. 

    Maria Hill
    HSP Stress Relief
    HSP Health Blog

  • Amber

    Mu biggest Social Media Marketing challenge is to reach the target audience for my services and not get buried in the information world.  Also, to stand out from the crowd so that my information rises above the “noise”.

  • SandyP

    My biggest challenge in social media is the speed with which things are changing.  I am currently searching for a new position and feel my actual experience quickly seems “out-dated”.  Need to continually network, read, or attend conferences like this to keep my knowledge fresh.

  • arlenedfg

    I use Social Media both personally and professionally. My biggest challenge is how to increase the readership for the professional side of my social media. Am I missing key things that will increase my readership, and in turn, my client base? What is the best source to focus on professionally – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook… or is there only one “right” answer at all?

    Arlene Gray

  • Eburgmeier

    My biggest social media challenge is breaking through EdgeRank and letting customers actually see my posts.  Can I get them back once I disappear?

  • Mary O’Neill

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is how to obtain leads & grow my company’s business through social media marketing. I want to be able to show my company the best way to do it but there is a multitude of information available and figuring out where to start and how to grow through social media is the biggest challenge I’m having. I’ve been put up to the task since I spend the most time with social media, but I’m having a hard time putting everything I’m learning into practice. It’s tough too because my company is just starting out but it is so amazing and provides a very unique service that is so beneficial to so many people. If my company would spend the money on this summit I would be there in a heartbeat to learn all I can so that  growing through social media for my company could start ASAP. Unfortunately I have to learn it all on my own – meaning MY OWN money has to be spent as well which just isn’t available to me at the moment. I’m sure if I can show them this knowledge is worth spending the money on, maybe I could be a future Summit-er for life. 🙂 But I’ll have to take a chance to see if I win. Even if I don’t win though, I appreciate the knowledge passed along every day through the SME and the opportunity to have the chance to win. Thank you! 

  • Dana Thompson

    I primarily do web design for small businesses, but am frequently asked questions about social media. I would love to add this as a service for my clients who are just like me….trying to make a living at a small business in a touch economy. I would like to be able to teach my clients how to choose which social media channels to pursue, how to create a plan, how to manage their campaigns and how to measure their success. I truly believe that small businesses are the backbone of our community, hard working people living out their hopes and dreams. I want to help them make their dreams come true. Or at least stop the nightmares about social media!!! LOL!! Thanks! 

  • I publish a coupon mailer in a couple of mail zones.  I come in contact with many small business owners, some who advertise with me, some who don’t.  So many of them have questions about social media that I started a newsletter to help every one of them with marketing and advertising, including using social media. 

    My biggest challenge is trying to wade through, and keep up with, the plethora of information out there.  I want to help my clients, but I’m still learning myself, and I want to provide them with the best information they can use that will benefit their business.  I feel in order for me to do so, I need to be not only knowledgeable on social media, but be using it myself!  I do have Facebook and Twitter accounts for my design business and both mail zones I publish.  However, I’m usually overwhelmed with where, what and how to stay connected.  How can I answer questions and help others who ask me when I’m sometimes lost and confused?

  • Jan L

    I work for a United Way and my CEO doesn’t see the value of how social media can benefit us by bringing in campaign $$ or awareness to, not only the community as a whole, but to the corporations, large businesses, and donors who support us and our focus on Education, Income and Health for our community.
    Social media is seen simply as being “social” and no more. It’s been a challenge for me to have my office to likeposts, share them, comment, etc. I’ve informed our staff how social media only works as well as it’s used…so frustrating when i know this works. I see results.
    There are about 20 of us in my community who get together monthly as a social media group to share our knowledge so we can glean from each other’s strengths. One from the group suggest Social Media Examiner to us and it’s been great! But i need to convince my CEO, not myself.

  • Help me change the world’s future! KidsTube (like YouTube for kids ages 4-14) is a direct link with today’s kids (40K members & 1Mill+ visitors thru word of mouth alone). 
    My social media goal is to create a buzz about KidsTube  through viral videos, contests, discussions, blogs. My social goal is to foster respect, communication, and collaboration among people of all backgrounds, and KidsTube is where kids can learn these skills while they safely share their creativity, ideas, and knowledge online. By developing social media skills, I hope to grow awareness and enjoyment of KidsTube among kids, parents, and sponsors worldwide.

  • Lorraine from CRWM

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is that I am marketing a non-profit that a) has not built up a consistent brand identity and b) is trying to build an audience of people who we hope will become donors eventually, and yet we stay far, far away from asking for money. So really what I’m doing is building relationships, trying to determine what people want to hear about and genuinely striving to serve them by giving them the resources that they want and need. 

    That, and explaining to my co-workers how much time is truly required to DO social media well…but I know I’m preaching to the choir on that one!

  • My biggest struggle with social media is that being a fairly new manufacturer finding the call to action can be difficult.  I need to find a way to really engage my audience so that they will want to interact more using social media, particularly Facebook.

  • My Biggest SM Challenge right now is explaining to my team why we need more than product placement in our SM stream, and on the opposite side how to market a B2B wholesale company to our clients and have them interact! I hope I win, I would love to learn more!

  • I could SO use the tickets for my agency! The biggest social media challenge I face is helping clients to understand not just what tools to use for social media that make sense for THEIR company but also to understand that they have to make a true commitment to being social when they use the tools, that they have to have not just content but engagement. And that means letting other people speak to and sometimes for them. For some clients, it’s Legal that balks; for others, it’s the C-suite that gets scared. But many are just missing out and I can’t seem to make them really understand that they’re already part of social media, they’re just not putting any of their own information out there if they don’t actively participate. And then there are the ones who have “shiny new toy” syndrome when they don’t have a robust basic web site…help me to help them, please, with tickets?!

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge is to have clients Believe in the long term benefits of social media marketing and work in synergy with the marketing offline and online.

  • Jenn Griffin

    My biggest challenge is getting our clients to see the importance of it, defining some measureable metrics that they can see, and just plain keeping up with everything.

  • Jesse Wilson

    The biggest social media challenge that I face is continually coming up with quality blog content.  I’m the social media manager for my company, but I’m not an expert on the various fields of my company’s business (construction supply), so I have to continually work with my experts to create and properly write good posts that will be valuable to clients.  But part of that challenge is convincing my already busy experts that this is a worthwhile endeavor.

  • Ashley

    My biggest social media challenge is rallying troops around our social media direction. As a mid-sized/small retail business with five store locations, involving our social media ambassadors at the store level is crucial to our success. They have a pulse on what our customers are up to, what they need, and what they are passionate about. Finding ways for the store level ambassadors to be involved and inspiring them to contribute is a constant challenge that will ultimately make or break our social media presence in our community.

  • Robert Kinne

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is developing a social media strategy that will attract fans of a nonprofit dental practice. Not only is dental off most people’s radar screen, but we’re not a dental practice that provides high-end cosmetic or implant work (which would be a natural for people who place a premium on bright teeth, veneers, and the like), we focus on special needs patients, people with limited incomes, etc. However, social media is definitely a key strategy since roughly 76% of our patients report spending time online, using Facebook and other social media. How do I develop a strategy that will engage and help us grow?

  • Jbeckvold

    Content, content and content.  Finding enough to be a regular is a huge challenge.

  • Heather A. Mayo

    Our biggest challenge with social media is resources. In order to really engage with our social media fans, we realize we need to create high-quality content, but this can be challenging with a small team. We do not have a dedicated social media team so the members of our Interactive Marketing team have to share responsibility for social media. Creating a social media content calendar has helped us plan content around upcoming company events, current events, and holidays, but the resource challenge remains. Our copywriters create content for email, the web, and offline campaigns so they already have a lot on their plate. It’s our goal to provide content for social media that is unique from content we produce for other channels. Striking that balance with a small team is an ongoing challenge.

  • Olympia Lau

    My biggest social media challenge is threefold: learning about social media itself, how the tools work and how to come up with creative ways to be UNIQUE. Social media is constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up when you don’t even know the basics to begin with. I would like to able to use social media skills to tell the story of the non-profit organization that I work for, to create public awareness in a big way so that people can learn about the resources that are available to them. If I could learn just even the basics, I hope to make an impact through social media to make that big difference in the lives of people in my community.

  • Marisa Shadrick

    My biggest challenge in social media is to understand twitter strategy and also find the best tools to use on a daily basis to manage time efficiently. Also, my website and blog just launched and I’ve implemented many suggestions offered from your former Summit. (Thank you. It was fantastic.) Now, I’m not sure the best way to measure my efforts. (Which tools for facebook, twitter, linkedin and google +)  

  • Michelle

    My biggest challenge with Social Media is our growth! It seems silly that growth is a challenge- but it is! We constantly are blown away by the support of our followers, and want to be feeding their desire for knowledge, information, visuals, and conversations! There are always the “newest” and “best” ways to outreach with new social media trends- but what will stick? We are hungry as a company for more ways to meet our followers where they are at! Having the breadth of information this Social Media Success Summit would not only help us as a company, it would help all of our followers become more savvy social media users.. which would THEN in turn help all of us!

  • My biggest challenge knowing how engage my followers. How can I monetize social media like I am doing with my blog, if I cannot engage my followers?

    And like Kei said: companies know they need a SM presence but they simply do not understand the point of engagement and interaction yet require me to produce leads/results.

  • Dara Schulenberg

    The biggest challenge I have is lack of closed-loop systems to provide multi-channel attribution analytics and rock solid ROI metrics.

  • Jessica Smith

    Would absolutely LOVE to win.  I’m running a small HVAC business in the Dallas area.  My biggest challenge is getting people to get INTERESTED in connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Getting people to OPEN our email campaigns or getting people to READ our blogs.  I try EVERYTHING I read from Social Media Examiner and what I’ve learned from FBSS and SBSS, but its not cutting it yet.  It HAS helped, but its just not there.  I’ve been doing this for almost a year and I’m still sitting around 150 fans on Facebook, a couple hundred on Twitter and about 12 on G+ – and on G+ its all other HVAC companies.

  • My biggest Social Media Challenge is trying to stay interesting and relevant every day. I want to add relevant content but right now I’m just mostly linking to online news articles, or fun photos and videos. Most of my activity happens when I giveaway prizes. I want to add real value to our social media sites. Another challenge is the time. I just don’t have as much time as I use to for posts.

  • Thanks Phill for making my weekend such a busy time! I mean i will spend weekend in deciding what to write to mike in order to win the ticket 🙂 Would really love to #winSMSS12 ticket!!!

  • Amy

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is focus.  I love my interviews.  I think they’re strong.  But I don’t sense my audience really has the time to listen/watch.  The attention span on line is a matter of seconds.  I know this holds true for me personally, as I often come across things I’d like to watch but just don’t have the time.  So, I started doing more writing – and fewer interviews – leaving my audience and me somewhat confused.  Would love to get this right.

    Thx in advance.

    Amy Parmenter

  • Lynn

    My biggest social media challenge is finding the time to devote to each channel. Because the audiences in each differ slightly and I use each one a little differently, I’m not able to use the aggregating sites that allow you to post one status update to all of them. And all that does is post outgoing info, anyway. The real gold in social media lies in interacting with your followers. And since I’m doing everything else for my business and can’t afford a full-time person just to handle social media, it becomes difficult.

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge is convincing clients that social media ROI does exist.  It doesn’t look like traditional ROI, it doesn’t quack like traditional ROI, but it certainly does exist.  Getting CFOs and CEOs to look at a different type of ROI formulas (and trying to determine the best practices for coming up with those formulas) is a daily problem.  Many execs still believe that social media is kids’ play. Still others want to enter the playground, but not until they can prove to their bosses with hard numbers that it will be worth the investment. What we do daily online drives engagement, which leads to hard leads and conversions, and I want to better learn how to make old school execs see the value in that. The more people we can convince, the more we will grow as a company and as a common community of social media marketers.

  • Denice Page

    I want to be a social media guru, but alas, that isn’t happening while I sleep. Social Media is imperative to a successful business (brick & mortar as well as online only). After opening my online store one year ago, I have only sold $130 in product (2 orders). My sitemeter stats are non-existent. Using other ways to sell online (i.e. Ebay, Etsy, etc.) and selling at farmers markets, I am not getting the exposure I need to become successful. Winning the Social Media Success Summit will have a major impact on the success of my store.

  • My biggest challenge is learning about Social media marketing. I am a disabled Vet and living on disability only and really need to start making some more money. I know that social media marketing is the future and I have to be able to offer it to my future clients. I have just started a web design company and want to offer social media marketing to my customers. I have been studying very hard for the last couple of years to learn web design and development, self taught. I have attended all the free webinars I can find on the subject and have downloaded all of the e-book offers that you have offered but I know that I need to learn a whole lot more to be proficient at social media marketing.

    I am so excited that you are offering a few tickets as giveaways. Winning is the only way that I would be able to attend this event. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  • Donna4Loyalty

    I’m going to use a clients SM need and how we solved it. Everyone gets hit up by different non-profit and fundraising groups.  A restaurant client wanted to help their favorite non-profit to raise money but wanted full tracking and accountability.  We not only helped him achieve that, but also were able to tie it in to the exact dollar amount spent by the group.  Here is how it works: 1. Email sent to all members with ability to sign up with their phone number. 2. Once registered, they would get an e-mail that they would be able to post on Facebook, Twitter or forward to friend by e-mail to get their participation as well. 3. When they dined at the restaurant and used their phone number, 10% of whatever they spent directly got credited to the non-profit.  This is a win/win/win situation.  The owner is happy because they just attracted the non-profits members and their friends, the non-profit is happy because they got 10% of all spending, and the members are happy because they would have eaten out anyway but now are giving to their organization.  We can even tie in a reward for the customers so they would get a double benefit for dining at that particular spot.  All transactions are in real time and electronic through terminals or POS systems.

  • Daniel S. Markham

    My BIGGEST social media marketing challenge is, as a start-up, understanding the breathe and depth of the elements of social media marketing, and prioritizing them to ascertain the best course of action to take, with respect to my products, in order to get the biggest return on followers and sales!

    I think that covers it

  • Amal

    My biggest challenge with social media is to “find the time following all updates on each channels every second” 

  • My biggest challege with social media marketing by far is inexperience.  I’ve been an ICU RN for the last few years and decided to take a break after an on the job injury.  Luckily, I was fortunate enough to snag the open social media position for a local family run business.  I’m an avid facebooker but really had to buckle down to learn the in’s and out’s of other social media platforms.  Thank goodness for SME!!  Now, I am trying to learn how to use social media to market to my company’s customers.  We’ve definitely seen an increase in sales through social media, but I know there is so much more I could be doing and would love the opportunity to learn at the summit.  My birthday is the day after the contest ends so I’m crossing my fingers for an awesome birthday surprise!!!

  • Wow, you got a bunch to read! I remember the first draw, now attending again 😉

    My biggest challenge is show “old companies” that social media could be in fact a game changer or enhancement for their business. By old companies I mean small family run companies with 10-40 employees which are currently in a generation change of the CEO’s. 
    Example: The first Generation built the company 40 years ago and now it is time to give the second generation the control over the company. But the second gen is too much influenced from the 1st gen in terms of leading and managing a company which has a great impact in their marketing strategy as well. “Printed ads worked for years – so no need to try those blinking digital ads” – Just one statement.
    It will take another generation to finally get used of the new chances via the world wide web.

    This is pretty much my biggest challenge. I’m trying to show small traditional businesses how they could use the web to spread the word.

  • seosam2011

    My biggest challenge has and always will be making clients understand that social media is an on going process and there are no magic solutions.It seems that we are always in a constant battle with over zealous marketers who use less than desirable tactics and trying to stay on an even keel with them is often a difficult task without sounding discouraging.  Things change quickly and there is always something new to learn.  Its a difficult job at times but it has many rewards including meeting a variety of different people with different interests and views all over the globe!

  • Dbelle

    My biggest challenge is proving the worth of social media in my marketing communications program. Some people still view social media as a personal tool and not something business is involved in. Also, social media works best when mixed with other media and not in place of traditional media. It’s getting harder and harder to slice the same media budget pie. It’s time for a bigger pie plate!

  • Social media is like a restaurant menu. So many yummy choices! You have appetizers like Twitter, dinner options like Facebook and LinkedIn, then there is the buffet like Pinterest. Our biggest challenge is matching up our client to the right “meal”.  Often, our client asks for an appetizer or lunch and you know it’s not a good fit for them but they want it anyway, Then, after the first bite, they change their mind! Do you know anyone like that? 🙂

  • My biggest social media challenge involves our mission and the people we serve.  I work at a nonprofit that serves people with vision loss.  We are trying to reach out to our members, our volunteers, other vision rehabiltiation professionals and our donors through social media.  Many of the social media platforms are highly visual and not fully accessible by people with vision loss (e.g. Facebook Timeline is not very friendly to many people with vision loss, but the mobile version works great).  I am trying to create a good balance between provided posts that interest those with vision (including adding photos and video) and ensuring that I am not leaving out our members–the very reason we exist! 

  • My biggest challenge with Social Media Marketing is processing all the information I am learning and putting it into an actionable plan. You could say I have information overload which affects my focus and pulls me into different directions. My current job is in Marketing but my company still believes in the traditional form of marketing. I am trying to learn as much as i can about Social Media Marketing which I am excited about so i can pitch my company on ways to improve our sales and customer engagement through Social Media. Also I have started my own personal projects which I am applying everything I have learned so far. I see the big picture but with so much information, it can be a little overwhelming at some times. This seminar would help immensely with both my job and my personal projects.

  • LM

    My biggest SM Challenge is to unite the world of women by making my 4 month old business The Women’s Formula) international in 2 languages (English & Spanish) thru social media. 

  • Michael,

    I did the last Media Summit and by applying
    everything I learned my blog was ALREADY nominated for a very prestigious award IN THE LATINO COMMUNITY where ONLY A HANDFUL OF people
    from 2 countries are EVEN NOMINATED SO THAT ALONE WAS AN HONOR THAT I HAVE YOU TO THANK FOR… therefore THANK YOU (also got my
    certificate). My blog is

    I enjoyed the summit and would love to do another one only this time I’d like to focus more on how to make companies understand that digital media is key. It is not just about doing a few posts on FB but engaging their audience. Therefore, I would like a class that shows us a good presentation to get clients to really believe in digital media as well as its value and importance.

    I would also like a class that teaches us about how  to advertise on our blog. What kind of package do we need to give companies? How much do we charge? How long do we leave their ad up? Basically, what are the best deals to cut so that it is a win win for that company and me.

    I’m finally at the level where they want to advertise, but I want to be smart about it. You were so helpful before Michael, so now I’d love to know that not only will you be helpful BUT that you are naming me the WINNER and giving me a FREE ticket 🙂 LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR YOUR HELP 🙂

  • Nikki Grimes

    Having time and imagination.

  • Tanya Kuhn

    My biggest social media challenge is how to create the right social media plan to fit the business model of my company. The company has an overall name that is not publicized and then individual publications within it that are. And subscriptions to each publication are sold at a company level and not individual. It is a challenge to convince upper management that social media will work to help generate sales leads as well as increase readership (because if a person works at a company with a license they have free access but many people don’t know that and we don’t have email addresses for everyone to let them know through an email marketing campaign). It is also challenging to reign in the writers who have Twitter profiles and explain and have them listen on how to properly post tweets (using hashtags, etc.).

  • Our biggest social media challenge is reaching an older demographic, they are the core of our performing arts audiences.  

  • My biggest challenge is answering most of my clients first questions: what is the ROI? When will I see sales? How can I measure it. I am still working my way through all the different possibilities…. Already bought a ticket for the summit yesterday as I hope to find some answers there. Wouldn’t mind the refund, though 🙂

  • My biggest challenge is getting the complete ‘buy-in’ of your colleagues about the power of social media marketing if you’re trying to market in a conservative industry such as healthcare. 

  • Nicole

    My biggest social media challenge is discerning which application is appropriate for each client with a divide between non-profit and small business (my two areas of focus).  All the while making sure our content is substantial, relevant, and organic.

  • My biggest challenge in social media marketing in Belize is convincing people that it actually works. Especially for B2B. It hasn’t quite taken off for them yet. When I stumbled across this site last year, I gained so much knowledge and pitched the idea of using social media for marketing, to a friend who owns a multi media company. Belize is fairly new in the game when it comes to using social media marketing and many people still don’t have a clue what it is or how to use it effectively.

  • My biggest challenge in SM is not allowing myself to be intimidated by those who clearly have broken through and cracked the code….  As the Community Manager for a chocolatier as well we running my own personal brand with blogging and social media – it is tough to know where to put my efforts when and where! There are just not enough hours in the day/week/month! 

    Thanks for all your do – I have learned tons by being a consistent SME reader.

  • Melinda Borucki

    My biggest challenge is trying to convince many small businesses of the value in social media marketing.  Many small businesses are stuck in the direct marketing/advertising rut and don’t realize the wealth of people they could access using social media.  Many don’t want to invest in an outsource company for their social media marketing, and also state that they don’t have the time to do it themselves.  I wish I had a better way of demonstrating to the small businesses that I pitch to, that social media marketing works and is valuable to them.  

  • My biggest challenge is managing all these social media tasks on top of everything else I do.  Managing social media marketing seems like a full time job.  Although outsourcing or hiring an employee are an option, they still have to be trained and having a trainee train the new employee… not such a good idea…

  • Cynthia Wylie

    Biggest Challenge?  We have an online educational MMO RPG for Early Learners.  It’s hard to reach them because they’re too young to be on most social media platforms.

  • Rani Shah

    I appreciate sites like Social Media Examiner for keeping me aware of what’s going on! My biggest challenge is keeping up with all the latest trends and insights in social media. It all seems to be moving so quickly and I have so much more to learn, and I want to keep myself and my clients at the forefront of it all!

  • Dara

    My biggest challenge with social media is converting my social media audience into real sales. I’m a solo graphic design and marketing practitioner in a niche market. I believe I’m heading in the right direction, but my efforts aren’t producing the fruit I want to build my business.

  • My biggest challenge is applying social media to the highly regulatory environment for the Financial Services Industry.  Now with the new Bureau in charge of all non-depository and depository firms, it is becoming increasing difficult to leverage social media.

    Common Questions for Financial Services Firms

    -What are the associated benefits and risks?
    -What regulations are implicated, such as advertising or recordkeeping
    requirements? What type of pre-approval, supervision and monitoring of content will be
    -Who can represent the firm using social media?
    -Should we allow third-party postings on our site?
    -When will content posted by clients or other third parties on social media be
    attributed to my firm (i.e., when will the firm be responsible for the content)?
    -What are the risks of third-party content being attributed to my firm and what
    additional regulations apply, such as those relating to privacy or testimonials?
    -What kinds of communication are appropriate for the public domain?

    The FSI’s that will emerge as industry leaders,
    must anticipate changes, including so much more to come, and understand
    technology needs in the marketplace and how to best apply them to their
    business channels. The challenges ahead are enormous and should not be ignored.
    Focus must be given to revenue producing tasks, with technology solutions as a
    key component.

  • Carolina

    My biggest Social Media Challenge is to turn visitors into buyers. I have 2 businesses one is an MLM and the other one is jewelry, on the second one I am just building my site, but obviously when all is done I want to be able to drive a lot of buyers through social media.
    I am so overwhelmed with so much information that I need somebody to guide me in the right direction.

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge is time. Segmenting my time properly into brainstorming, strategizing, planning, implementing, measuring, analyzing and adapting takes a lot of time and working in social media means interruptions are many! 

  • Write about your biggest Social Media marketing challenge.

    Write about your biggest social media marketing challenge.
    For all the Realtors trying to use Social Media there are 3 main challenges for our business, do we set up business pages or personal pages, when other Realtors want to join us do we let them, and to avoid adding a Social Media expert to the payroll is there an A, B, C approach to Social Media?

    If I didn’t get your emails everyday I wouldn’t have a clue what is going on in Scoial Media.  I think I have learned something.

    Write about your biggest social media marketing challenge.

    Harvey McCallum

  • My biggest challenge is communicating the value of our Facebook and Twitter audience, engaging our Followers and the people who “Like” our Facebook Page outside of those channels and driving results through conversion. Building an audience within social channels is important and I work hard to provide valuable, genuine content to fans and followers in those channels, but, it’s important to me to be able to transfer their commitment other channels, campaigns, etc. 

  • My biggest challenge is the networks themselves. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, they’re all living entities, and I often find that I’ve spent months developing a plan that takes advantage of their current infrastructure and practices just to have the work wasted on changes to the layout or algorithms. The lack of control keeps me on my toes, constantly having to adapt strategies and goals to a new set of rules. One day having more Facebook likes helps your content exposure, and the next day it hurts it. I spent a couple hours on Feb 28th making a landing page, and found out on March 3rd that it would be near useless by March 20th. I started interacting on G+ for a half hour everyday, and all the users who had followed me started interacting on Pinterest. It’s not as hard to get a step ahead as it is to stay ahead. 

  • Bbonde

    Becky’s Fateful Trip!
    (Sung to the theme from Gilligan’s Island!)

    Just sit right back,And you’ll hear a tale,
    The tale of a fateful trip,
    That started when my boss asked me,
    Wanna do social media for us?

    The journey after saying yes, 
    Has been arduous and fun,
    If not for support from my family,
    I surely would be lost,
    My sanity would be lost!

    My biggest challenge on this trip
    Has been navigating change,

    With the blogosphere,
    And Twitter too,
    The Facebook
    And the Klout!
    The Pinterest!
    The analytics
    And Hoot Suite!
    Here I am now stuck!

    Seriously, one day the head instructor at the Martial Arts school I volunteered at asked me if I wanted to be in charge of social media for them. I said yes. Little did I know that I would be starting a perilous journey into the deep and dark mystery of Social Media, becoming embroiled in links and back links, press releases, Twitter-O-Nomics and a list of other things that it boggles the mind to think about. I have two challenges: the first is that I actually have 4 bosses and no single one of them has a clear vision or idea about social media; they just knew they needed some. The second is as I educate them I am trying to stay 2 steps ahead! In a field that rapidly evolves and takes on new shapes and contours on a daily, sometimes minute by minute basis, I need tools to help me keep up and stay up!

    Thanks for this opportunity,

  • Misti Tracy

    I’m finally getting the hang of having fans engage more with my Facebook posts, so I guess my biggest challenge at this point is how do I actually convert these engaged fans into customers? In other words, how do I sell to them without sounding like I’m selling to them?

  • My biggest challenge is evolving a company culture from “advertising” (speaking at people) to having a conversation with people.

  • trickyur

    My current biggest social media marketing challenge is how to reach prospective students in higher education without sounding too “sales-y”. I want to create a social media marketing plan for higher education that involves all users (prospective students, current students, alumni, industry leaders, faculty, staff) to “buy in” and become part of a community that enjoys connecting with each other. I think that in itself will appeal to prospective students — to be a part of that community.

    I have read countless studies and it seems nowadays most companies are able to provide their followers with giveaway/promotions to help create a buzz which is great but I want actual people who are interested in the industry, not just trying to win a free t-shirt. In higher education, it isn’t that simple for the smaller schools who are a part of a larger University to gain momentum from scratch. I think most programs (ie school of business, law school, etc) who are part of a larger university struggle when it comes to gaining targeted followers who truly are interested in the school and industry (ex. – School of Business has their own social networks, but the university that the school of business belongs to also has accounts). 

    …that and convincing those who don’t necessarily understand the full potential of social media and how valuable it can be to the institution 😉

  • Amy Randall

    Wow! What better way to drive traffic to your site than to annouce a free something?  Am I right?  Gotta love that!  I’m new to the SM arena  and with all the information I take in daily, coming across and event like the Social Success Summit is a sight for sore eyes! 
    My biggest challenge I’m facing is how to engage with a multicultural audience. Not only do I have to capture my English speaking fans, but our SM channels have to appeal to a latin based audience as well.   

  • Rbelczak

    My biggest social media challenge was to convince an insurance company client that their Facebook pictures and posts, plus their Twitter tweets should be related to their business and NOT food.  Yes…you heard me right.  They posted about national chocolate cake day, hot dog day, sugar cookie day, pizza day, etc. Arrgghh! They did post about non-food related items occasionally like national wiggle your toes day.  All posts should provide relevant content for your intended audience that will engage them and move them to see you as a trusted partner. 

  • As a social media strategist my biggest social media challenge is holding it together and not exploding when I see outrageously bad social media being undertaken by anyone in the whole social media world!  I ebb and flow between homicide and suicide and want to put my hands around those responsible’s throat and yell “WTF!!!!” This isn’t about “YOU” – it’s about “THEM”!!!  Create a community, care, be consistent, comment, collaborate and the biggest c of all – customer!!!!”  There endeth my rant…..

  • My biggest social media challenge is a double-edged sword. As a partner within a marcomm firm, I am a believer in it’s capacity, especially when delivered in alignment with a true strategy for success. As such, we need to walk the walk, talk the talk, so when advocating social media ingredients as being essential to our client’s plans, it’s apparent we clearly know what we are talking about. Aye, there’s the rub. We don’t practice what we preach and for reasons that are truly lousy – we remain a house divided in this area. We have “old school” partners who simply don’t believe that there’s a direct and demonstrable link to social media efforts being a core part of true marketing efforts. And we have no in-house expert that can lead the way convincingly, not merely relying on what’s available in the various blogs and such online. Enter moi. I would love to marry up nearly 30+ years of at-large marcomm experience, and align it with the power of true social media savvy. I’m pretty certain a new kind of fission might actually occur, thereby creating a flash of a new form of energy the likes of which the world has never seen. And here’s the best part; I’m a giver, so once I achieve social media nirvana, I’ll pass on the joy to all who would crouch at my feet to learn! Won’t that feel good to have started a global movement?

  • johnnybarko

    The biggest challenge I face is trying to educate my constituents about our services in 140 characters.  Integrating social media and building a fan base  within our marketing efforts at the high school I work at was easy because they were, at one time, connected to the school. Educating users on a new product in which they have never heard about or are not sure what it is, makes conversions that much more difficult.  So many times when I have explained in person about our services, the light bulb turns on. They get it.  I’d like to be able to help people see the light within the limited parameters.  

  • My biggest social media marketing challenge is trying to get a good grasp on the different audiences my company has. We have multiple business pages and accounts for all of our different magazines (each with a different audience) and each has it’s own needs, likes and dislikes. For example, our cat people are really internet saavy and enjoy getting silly posts now and then like “If your cat won the lottery what would your cat buy with the money?” However, our fish keepers are more technical and prefer posts and articles directly related to fish keeping or in general marine species. I’d like to be able to get some ideas on how to keep my different audiences happily engaged without having to make my job extra hard beyond my usual efforts. 

  • Doreen

    I was fortunate to take part in last year’s awesome event and would dearly love to come back again and benefit. My biggest challenge currently is  1) finding the most engaging language for posts, and 2) dealing with customer complaints. Although they are few in number, sometimes the complaints can be vehement, using bad language, very derogatory and even threatening. This needs just the right treatment to be effective and to potentially salvage that customer relationship. Knowing that the online world is a free for all forum for comments can be troublesome for business.

  • Our biggest challenge with social media is convincing clients: 1. That it really is an important piece of the marketing puzzle, in other words, it should be part of their advertising budget, and 2. That it is worth doing right, i.e. hiring professionals to set things up correctly, and dedicating in-house resources to generating content on an ongoing basis. I have seen them “get religion” when a competitor gets savvy and uses social media to pull ahead of the pack!

  • tayhowe

    Guys, this contest is great! I’m looking forward to the conference. So I just got let go from my job as an event coordinator/social media manager for a music development company (literally just happened two days ago)

    Now, it’s time for me to branch out on my own and I’m going to start a social media management company. I’m so excited and can barely wait!

    Since I’m just now starting to venture out on my own, I have a few questions: 
    -As a social media manager, is it important to brand yourself as having specialty in certain fields? (ie, real estate, restaurants, department stores, etc)? 
    -What’s the best way to find and attract new clients to work with? 
    -What are some good blogs to follow (besides SME of course) that cater specifically to social media managers with multiple clients? 

    Thanks so much guys! I look forward to hearing your answers. 


  • Glorimar Ramirez

    My challenge is to attract the right people to my product. How to make people to enter and most important come back again to the page. How to interact with the clients and engage them to buy our products. We’re a small shop in Puerto Rico and we want to build a steady clientele that can expand during time once we can establish a brand. Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest are tools that we can really learn to use to our advantage and connect with everyone. 

  • Hello Michael and Jay! There are many great challenges listed here. Allow me to add my own…

    My greatest challenge took place in January – turning myself from a Microbiologist into an Internet Marketer. Yes, it’s one of the more difficult New Year resolutions I’ve set for myself, but there is a strong emotion that resounds in this transformation: Passion.

    I love technology. I love helping people. That’s why I pursued a Biology degree in the first place – I wanted to directly interact with patients and solve their problems. But enough about my inspiration, let’s focus on that challenge.

    Entering the realm of social media internet marketing as a layman is a daunting task. Deciding what social media platform to develop a product around is even more daunting! There are so many of them! When Google+ announced that they were releasing Business Pages, I knew I had my network. Google+ was just entering the business, and I saw the opportunity for us to grow together.

    January 1st, 2012. My resolution was set – create a website, brand, business strategy, and a profitable product in 30 days. By January 30th I was exhausted… but I had met all of my goals and created a product, and it was profitable!

    My challenges continue to this day: learning new social media marketing tactics and expanding my influence via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, blogging, and many more. But above all, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did it, and have made some powerful friendships along the way.

    I would be honored to attend this series of seminars Michael and Jay. Although, if you elect to choose someone else I understand – there are many other substantial challenges in the world of marketing, and inspirational people overcoming them.

    I should probably look into going to the gym again. That resolution didn’t last a week… 😀

    P.S. At the very least come visit me on Google+ (Brian Gundersen). 🙂

  • Amy L

    I work for a local government organisation in Australia so our biggest challenge is to get ‘Likes’ on our Facebook pages and interaction from those people to ensure we are not dropped from their news feeds. The other challenge is letting the organisation know that social media is not free, it takes resources and to do it well we need to always be checking and responding as our residents expect that.

  • Social media by definition is a challenge.  There are he big four  – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube each of which takes some time to understand.  Then there are the upstarts such as Pinterest then come into play each year it seems.  And this says nothing of the hundreds of niche or geographic specific players who add richness to the scheme.  But who has defined the architecture of how to get all of these to together and to work with the blogs and anchor web sites such as ecommernce stores?  Finding the glue or tools to will allow us to present a consistent conversation in all of the venues does not yet seem to be in place.  There are aggregation tools that help but no one has yet developed the structure that allows small retailers to easily work in the social media space to deliver a consistent message, to add value to our constituent community or to present products and services that are uniquely tailored for each individual. 

    This is our objective in working in the social media arena and the combination of the simplicity of each service with the complexity of creating an architecture is what makes this a challenge.

  • My biggest challenge is putting a price on my knowledge.  I am in several networking groups and frequently get asked to go out to lunch.  As the social media ‘specialist’, people assume I want to give away my knowledge and thus I get asked many questions. Very innocently, people ask me the size of FB images, how to tag, what platform to be on, what plug-ins I use, and many, many more.  Quickly answered 1 to 5 minute simple questions really mean hours of potential consulting fees gone.  I am hesitant to just say ‘no’ to these people, but want to do it in a nice way so they understand where I am coming from.  How do others handle the poaching ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’ syndrome?

  • Natalie Alaimo

    My biggest challenge online is growing a bigger community to really take my business to the next level.  I have a average size community but I want to grow it bigger faster to so I can increase my revenue and reach.  Also, like Dorien, the balance between what information to give away for free and what to keep as paid information.  

  •  My biggest social media marketing challenge is turning social engagement into sales in a small-niche (online educator professional development courses) business.  Once I build relationships online (that I truly enjoy), how do I turn those into customers without seeming spammy and/or pushy?  My next challenge is becoming cool like Michael and Jay!  HA  Thanks guys! 

  • Suellen Estes

    My introduction to social media was at the Social Media Success Summit 2010. I was amazed at the amount of information provided. That’s why I would love to be able to attend the 2012 Summit also – to catch up with new info and trends.
    I am a Christian writer, so I am in a niche market. My greatest challenge is finding where to focus my attention so that I might locate my niche audience to better meet their needs. 

  • Jenn Waters

    CustomNEWS is in a niche market – show dailies. My biggest challenge is overcoming the negatives that immediately come to find when meeting planners and association executives hear “show daily.” I must find a way to craft our social media marketing strategy in such a way to draw people in and have them wanting to learn more. Show dailies and social media actually go hand in hand – digital versions can be widely distributed via Facebook and Twitter, but getting someone to look at a link isn’t going to necessary lead them to think “my meeting should have a show daily.” I need some help in getting our message in front of the right audience, at the right time,  that makes them think “What could CustomNEWS do for us?”

  • Suellen Estes

    My introduction to social media was at the Social Media Success Summit 2010. I was amazed at the amount of information provided. That’s why I would love to be able to attend the 2012 Summit also – to catch up with new info and trends.
    I am a Christian writer, so I am in a niche market. My greatest challenge is finding where to focus my attention so that I might locate my niche audience to better meet their needs.

  • Gloria Rand

    My biggest social media challenge involves promoting my client’s business. He is a certified divorce financial analyst, who specializes in collaborative divorce. Couples who use his services can save a great deal of money, especially if they go the collaborative route, which enables their divorce to be settled out of court. But since divorce isn’t a topic people like to talk about on social media too much, I’ve found it challenging to promote his services. I’m sure this summit will give me some much needed insight to help him assist divorcing couples, and grow his business at the same time. 

  • Robyn Quinter

    Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets to the Success Summit, I’d love to win.  My greatest challenge is managing the time commitment needed to effectively engage on social media on behalf of my clients and my own graphic design firm. I’m a novice at social media but I recognize its great potential to help with the growth of so many businesses. I feel like I’m running to catch the caboose of a fast moving train.

  • My biggest challenge with social media is because it’s relatively still a new subject in the field of marketing, we’re still exploring a robust and effective way of measuring it. What is the key metrics of measuring social media effectiveness in marketing?? I’ve read numerous articles and theories on how social media effectiveness could be measured but as a marketing professional, I have yet to come across any solid empiricial research/study that has been conducted from a marketing perspective & published in a journal article (i.e. Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research etc) that outlines the key metrics of measurement and methods of measurement for social media activities.

  • My biggest Social Media challenge is twofold.  One is getting my customers to understand that implementing social media is not a big bang.  Engagement with customers is an incremental effort that takes planning and consistency.  The other is getting customers to understand that in order to be truly successful in social media, they need to create a community of customers and potential customers.

  • SmallBizDavid

    My biggest challenge with “Social Media” is to engage 10,000 folks from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, who will start a New Small Business and share their “Community Landing Page” with their respective “followers”.  Seven different Social Marketing Demographic Landing Pages will share in our “2012 Earned Cash Flow Bonus”… 

  • Tracey

    My biggest social media challenge is getting people to like my client’s infertility page or follow them on twitter. Infertility patients are very private and don’t want to like the page because their boss… or worse, their mother-in-law… will find out they’re trying to conceive and are having problems! How do you get a reluctant target audience to like you openly? They read the blog and can comment anonymously there, but FB is a different story.

  • Belinda

    By far my biggest challenge is getting my ‘old school marketing’ clients to understand the importance and value that social media plays in their whole marketing mix. They KNOW they should be online, but cannot seem to invest the RIGHT combination of attention and investment in both time & money to enable their business to grow at the rate. 

  • My biggest challenge is not having access to amazing conferences like this, love to attend!

  • Sharon Graves

    Now that I have muddled through, learning a little here and a little there, I would really like to move forward with my art and promoting it.  I have learned a ton from your everyday emails about social media and the many subjects you have covered, and now that I know the lingo and how to do a few things, I want to get better, quicker and with some style.  Thanks for all your help.
    Sharon L. Graves
    Fine Nature Art

  • Gary Wheeler

    Where do I begin?I have several big challenges.  As a small business owner my team and I are out doing and find it challenging to find time to design a quality social media strategy and implement a quality process.   In addition to the time comittment, coming up with impactful content that will differentiate ourselves from competitors, is a challenge.  Providing meaningful content that readers and potential consumers will embrace.  The third major challenge is MONEY!  I would love to pay someone to do this for me, but it is not apart of the budget currently.  If there was a way to measure the success of a professional doing this for me and compensating them  from indirect sales, that would be wonderful. 

  • My biggest challenge is being consistent. 

  • My biggest social media challenge is convincing local-focused clients to harness social media to start transforming their businesses into global brands. Sustainable success in this ever-more competitive world means realising that clients aren’t just in the neighborhood, but in the next state, country or continent.

  • I am the owner of a start up small business with 30 hardworking employees depending on me to do MY part in making it succeed. I know NOTHING about social media except to facebook with my children and keep up with my grandaughters rapid growth. I have created the most fabulous restaurant/entertainment venue in the upstate and I am absolutely certain that no matter how fabulous, if I do not gain a mastery of social media marketing we are dead in the water. I refuse to believe that this old dog cannot learn new tricks and look forward to participating in your summit to prove it. Being a start up means little to NO money which in itself is a social media challenge so I am hoping to learn no/low cost ways to use all the social media vehicles out there. But it goes without saying that winning a ticket would be a HUGE blessing since I truly cannot afford the ticket but also cannot afford NOT to participate.

  • Grocerygirl1

    My biggest social media challenge is having a plan to go to market! With so many formats available it’s hard to know which one to invest your time in learning about & mastering and which ones to move on the back burner temporarily. I am a start up Marketing Consultant in mainly the food/restaurant industry (not limited too) and getting my customers to focus and have a plan for the month, let alone the week, is challenging enough then to know which Social Media tool to use to connect with their customer base is HUGE!!! I have applied alot of the free informational material already and have gained a ton of success from them!  Would love to attend the Summit to work my way through this jungle!!! Lol!

  • My biggest social media challenge is that I actually just took a job as a social media strategist—but I have no “formal” training in it. I’m an avid fan and user of social media so I often know about the consumer experience; however, in terms of reading and staying up to date on all the different strategic methods, I’m not as well-versed. (That being said, I think years of doing research and analysis does give me at least a little leg up!)

    It would be great to learn more about social media from the industry’s perspective and apply that to my new clients.

  • Manuel Laugerud

    My biggest Social Media Challenge is to attract new brands to a mall, we aleady have a signifiant number of fans of the page but they are only customers to the stores that are already there. We are promoting every store very well according to them. Our fans are very engaged with the brand and we are using it also to announce our events instead of spending in other promotion methods. But we are struggling to attract via fecebook. We need to make this channel a way to get a big brand into the sales funnel and make it profitable for us owners of the mall. In other words also directing our efforts not only to promote every store but to get new brands.

  • suzmarquez

    I refuse to be an old dog trying to learn new tricks! I’ve been in advertising and marketing for over 30 years, and I’m peddling as fast as I can to not only keep up, but to stay ahead of the curve. I need to attend this summit and soak in all I can learn! My biggest social media marketing challenge for my clients is cutting through the clutter so that their online messages are HEARD! Making that personal connection is so essential, and I need to learn how to better connect with our audience in a way that results in stronger connections and action. I really appreciate your consideration. (Positive affirmation: PICK ME!!!)

  • My biggest challenge is influencing an older generation to be courageous, to stretch beyond their comfort zone and with ease, embrace wonderful body of knowledge. Once engaged, they will learn how smart they really are!  Actually, it is the only way they will be able to communicate with their grandchildren. SME is a grand bargain and a great deal! Thank you for the creation and the gift! 

  • My biggest Social Media Challenge is convincing some of my managers that it is not a waste of time and shouldn’t be put on the back burner!

  • Lynnette

    Here’s a twist.  My daughter and I started a 501(c)(3) called Keepin’ It Private to teach tweens and teens how to use their digital technology safely and responsibly.  We teamed up with an awesome filmmaker and produced a professional quality educational DVD containing vignettes on sexting, identity theft, cyberbullying, online photos and social networking.  We’ll be distributing our DVD free of charge to schools and youth groups, but will need corporate, celebrity and individual sponsors to back us in order to continue our mission.  We’re just a mom and daughter trying to do something good.  We have no business background; we’re learning “on the job.”  Winning two tickets to a comprehensive summit such as yours that would teach us how to market our organization using social media might literally mean the difference between its survival and its demise.  Please help.  It’s tax-deductible!

  • Calculating the ROI of social media marketing efforts can be rough, but they’re easier when you’re dealing with CPGs. I’m a Social Media Specialist for a lot of the produce you’re throwing into your salads every day.  My challenge is calculating the ROI of social media marketing for fresh fruits and vegetables. Finding social media’s impact on Y2Y growth is increasingly difficult when you have to factor in the impact of weather!

  • Aleda

    The biggest challenge we’re currently facing (there are new ones everyday) is developing a qualified following in the various medias to whom we can effectively market our services and products. We’re a brand new coaching business and both of us are currently writing books (his on the mental aspects of poker, mine on the spirit of an entrepreneur – my speciality). I will not only need to build my own following, I’ll need to help my clients build theirs. I love the tips I get from the newsletters and know that I would learn gobs via the conference. As a new business, $ are a bit tight and a wind would be excellent.

  • Karen

    I am in the fireswamp of social media. I mean, I wouldn’t want to build a summer home here (or spend all of my day on facebook), but the trees are really quite lovely! (and so are many of the people I meet).  The post spurt, no problem – I can find or create single posts no problem. The lightening sands(that suck you into the time warp of too much time on facebook)? Others have been clever enough to discover what that looks like. But the ROUS’s (resources of unusual size?) They really exist! – and attack me on a regular basis. I have opted in to several social media experts who bombard me with more “tips” than I can manage. The how to’s abound!  The “steps to success” lead me straight toward the lightening sands (which I know how to avoid), so I never have time to implement what I have learned! The social media machine is sucking my life! Please send Fezzik with his wheelbarrow to rescue me so that I may storm the castle of social media and win the heart of my customers!

  • Steve

    My biggest challenge with Social Media is as following:After getting approval to kick-off Social Media and doing it for our company now since several months the biggest hurdle for us is to come out of a “project phase” into day-to-day support and getting it well integrated into our general marketing activities. 

  • Ebeth

    I have a few challenges:
    1) Getting customers to realize the value and pay for the work involved to run the page
    2) I run a granite page, not the easiest to get customers involved in
    3) Finding a good free app for design that FB doesn’t take down 
    4) I would like to get the changes FB makes sent to me instead of being surprised by them

  • Catherine Alexander

    I am a private practice Music Therapist and my biggest challenge with social media is effectively communicating to the public about my services and the benefit which they provide. Also, maintaining the social media and keeping it up to date is challenging. I think that using social media would be an outstanding tool, but making it useful to my setting can be quite challenging.

  • My biggest challenge is not getting clients to understand that they should be on social media sites (though they may not know a why), but that just taking a few hours a week to update it themselves is so much better and authentic then hiring a company to do it for them!

  • Write about my biggest social media challenge?  Well,  mine is personal. 

    I am a recent MBA graduate with a Specialization in Marketing.  I have worked for the past 7 years in radio, not a sales person, but really transitioned into a consultant of marketing.  Taking on tasks of web development and social media for clients (neither is what my job function requries).  But where the problem lies is in what education does NOT teach you, nor does your job if they dont feel its part of your  job function.

    For the past year, i have been self-taught in social media.  Finding all outlets that will lead me to become informative.  The company i work for feels social media is VERY important but elects to put no effort to become a better user or a better faciliator of engagement.

    When I had taken the 4 required marketing classes for my MBA, it was emphazised that social media was very important, but no instructor put it in the class lecture or provide webinairs from their point of view.  In a nut shell, these summitts fill the gap between institutional education and life long learning.

    I hope to be picked for this opportunity as it will define me as a well rounded marketing consultant. 

    Thank you for your time! 

  • I want to win a ticket to Social Media Success Summit via: @smexaminer #winSMSS12.
    My largest challenge is to stop my head from spinning and staying on track once I am on line.  LOL.  Filtering through what needs to be done first, what can be delegated and than find the right people to help me accomplish my goals after taking in so much information.   

  • My biggest social media challenge is getting our 78 franchisees to get serious about Facebook. They just don’t realise what a valuable tool they have at their disposable. I currently take care of 77 location pages, with only 1 franchisee using their location page, but not yet maximising it’s potential. I participated in last years Facebook Success Summit and was able to push Facebook that little bit more, and fingers crossed winning a free ticket to Social Media Success Summit I’ll be able to push them further.

  • David Gapin

    My biggest social media challenge when I truly look at it is me.  I have worked very hard to stay away from learning technology of any kind and now i find myself in a situation where if I am to succeed I need to get up to speed quickly.  I think this event after trying to figure things out for myself will get me far ahead of where i am now.   Please award me the prize of a free ticket!!! 

  • French_Freddy

    My biggest Social Media Marketing challenge in Kenya has to be shifting corporate mindsets about Social Media in itself. I only began really getting involved in Social Media marketing in late 2010 while at Varsity, and in the past year especially, encouraging and fostering a paradigm shift has been my personal goal in matters social media. When you walk into a boardroom, listen to the old guard talk about how they want to maximize on social media because it’s “what the kids are doing”…you frankly SHOULD wanna hurl. Especially knowing the impact one viral tweet, update or + can have on the way people think and act. Social media for me, is the tool change agents have been waiting for since the concept of change agency began; they just don’t know it yet, especially in my home country Kenya.

  • Sarah Orchard

    My biggest Social Media Marketing challenge as a online marketing specialist is keeping up-to-date with the constant flux and change, constantly looking for best practice and new ways to use it. My small business clients really struggle to get their heads round it all and my job is to give them advice on the best ways of  using social media in their particular business. Each business is different so you can’t just apply one blanket approach. Not every social media channel is right for their audience and they really struggle with the resourcing and measurement areas. So I help them ensure they are getting an ROI and they focus on the right social media to use. So a free ticket would really help lots of small businesses here in the UK through me!

  • I just felt the biggest social media marketing challenge right now because I handle 7 twitter account for my new company, as you know they are that I made all and tremendously, I administered by my bigboss to produce followers as much as possible in 3 months later, so confused I involve at query job this. hopefully any people could help me but I still let me be established by myself  

  • Ingrid Pretorius

    Just started my Phd and would love to win a ticket to join, my phd will be focussing on the impact of Social media on CRM specifically in the tourism industry.  I think the biggest challenge is to understand why the “customer” uses social media, and what they want from it and how it influences their buying behaviour.  Are they in it just because everyone else is in it, or are they in it because it adds value?

  • My biggest challenge is living in a Rural area where many business owners are technology challenged. Online marketing is fearful to many business owners.  My challenge is teaching technology 1st and Social Media 2nd.  But I love Western North Carolina.  I’m looking forward to training and learning and teaching. Hence, I started my own business March 2012 – Changing one business at a time!

  • As a social media marketing exec for a small UK business to business company, my biggest challenges in social media are; generating valuable, relevant and interesting content for small businesses and distributing it to the right people to engage clients and prospects in the hope to generate sales leads (measuring ROI is also a challenge), managing multiple social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Slideshare, WordPress Blog & YouTube), keeping up with the fast paced, ever changing world that is social media, and marrying search engine optimisation with social media content.

  • Lindsay Nichols

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is both managing all of the work in addition to leading GuideStar’s public relations, media relations, and thought leadership work — and curating quality content. Posting on behalf of a huge brand is in itself a challenge, as I have audience members from all walks of life with various interests and values, but I also have to balance selling our products and services and serving other marketing interests within the organization. I LOVE my job, and it’s professional development opportunities like the Social Media Success Summit 2012 that help me really hone my craft. I’d love to win tickets – GuideStar is a nonprofit and I don’t have the budget to attend!

  • dNz

    I was gonna write something about teaching the clients that Social Media is a strategic approach that needs to be aligned with all your marketing efforts, or about analytical difficulties, etc, etc. But as a lot of these things have already been written by other people, I’m just gonna, very bluntly, say that my biggest challenge was:

    “Make our brand the most talked about during the World Cup”. And so we did.

  • My biggest challenge is getting the personality/persona correct. Knowing that we need to talk to followers/Fans and have conversations, it can be difficult at times to have a clear personality shine through – especially when handling more than 1 account. My social media manager does a good job, but I’d like to help guide her with concrete ideas.

  • Meghan

    My biggest social media challenge is staying up to date on social media channels ever changing set up, rules, and regulations. I find it challenging to implement tactics such as ads and contests when I find that these things are always changing. I see some organizations that implement tactics that seem to break these rules, and it is confusing to me.

    Thanks for all the great info Social Media Examiner!

  • Asa Hersh

    My biggest social media challenge: In tangled forest of social media to find the most TIME EFFICIENT way to make maximum benefit from time spent (and secondarily monies spent). Social media can a be a full time job with minimal results unless there is a surgically precise way to leverage ones time.

  • My biggest challenge is to inform my Hotel Network that Social Media is not like the Price Is Right. You can’t guess the result or outcome. There has to be a strategy or plan behind your actions.

    And then to get them to understand the real value of a Like, Friend or Follower. Getting them to understand the value proposition of true engagement is bit of challenge. Most want to know how to solicit or how to prospect. 

    If you can get them to understand that this is like a marathon, where not only have to prepare for the race, but actually has to participate in the race also. And then change and adapt during the race. Then you analyze and measure the results, and prepare for the next race. 

    The prize of consistency and never ending improvements is repeated exceptional experiences.

    Lets see if my price is right this time 😉


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

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  • Wow, there are a few people want these tickets then! I am no different, so here we go. 

    My biggest challenge in social media was to go from knowing nothing to being able to understand and use the systems for myself and others. Six months ago I didn’t have a clue what all this stuff was about. I now have a blog and utilise all the main social platforms.

    What’s more, people want my help to improve their own sites & the really great thing is,I can do it.
    I have relearned the process of learning and read a load of books (including yours.) along the way.

    Call it a challenge? I call it a positive change in life. Thanks for the opportunity whether I get the tickets or not.

  • My biggest social media challenge is showing ROI to clients in a way they can understand.

  • Wanna

    I’m still in the challenge spot 🙂 I have to strengthen my company’s online presence with an almost metaphorical budget. So i have to stretch my brain out every day to come up with the most interesting Facebook posts, the most catchy tweets and the most useful industry articles. And did I mention that my company is a wholesale appliances b2b? 😀 take that!

  • Becky Pearce

    My biggest challenge is working for small B-to-B clients. (A) A company that small takes on the personality and brand of the owner so the success of social media is dependent on that individual being involved, which can be difficult since they are typically pulled in so many directions. (B) Most of the staff is either freelance or part-time so they aren’t all in an office together it’s difficult to get to know them and incorporate their work, personality, ideas, etc. In addition, freelance employees often don’t necessarily want their brand intermingled with their client brand online. (C) Resources are extremely slim so finding the time for content creation and management is nearly impossible. It’s hard to justify taking the time for blogging, writing white papers, etc. when there is billable work to be completed.

  • Jenny

    My biggest challenge is publishing the same content numerous of times on all social media platforms. (IE: Forums, Facebook, Twitter, FB Page, Groups, Etc..)  

  • My biggest social media challenge is educating a social media challenged management about the value of social media marketing as a long term strategy in promoting your brand, engaging customers and growing business.

  • Shelly Calvert

    Oh dear Phil and Stelzner, Mike
    How on facebook do I get a “like?”
    Where do tweets go when they die?
    Is G+ the brave new ROI?
    How do I stop “blah, blah” blogging?
    It all feels like mental jogging.
    I’m new at this, well kinda sorta,
    Now my boss wants a report-a
    Is Social Marketing what we need?
    I say “YES!” and at full speed.
    Can your seminar break it down
    so I can help non-profits in my town?
    I know a lot, but need more clarity
    I’ll stand out if I receive YOUR charity.

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  • My biggest social media challenge is figuring out what will be engaging to my audience in a way that is authentic to both my business and my personality. I post consistently on my Facebook page and try to make it fun and not all about me, while being informative enough that people think about me when they have need for my services/products. I also network via my personal profile and share my page information when appropriate. Despite that, people rarely seem to share or engage, so my page likes are growing very slowly. I could start posting pictures of cats, crazy youtube videos and other things that I see getting loads of comments, but I feel that would not be consistent to my brand. I’m not as consistent about my blog or Twitter usage as I am on Facebook, but I do make use of both. I’d like to know what people who have success in being engaging and are growing their Facebook audience (and social media platforms in general) are doing differently to me.

  • Tracy Helbing

    My largest challenge is the that as our company grows, so does the urge to be on multiple platforms. As our only social media specialist, I struggle to find time for content creation, ad management, pinning to brand code, tweeting for customer service and finding all the right tools and resources available to me in order to effectively do my job. Writing a great strategy is a wonderful roadmap, but finding the creativity to continue to push out compelling content has been a challenge. Plus, as the role expands, I’m finding that not only do I need to be strategic and creative, but I also need to be analytical. The question we all have is – what’s the ROI? Those are my challenges.

  •  Biggest social media challenge: Getting an audience who doesn’t typically talk much to interact on social media. Tied with converting our audience to subscribers.

  • Marianne Griebler

    My biggest social media challenge is that I want to be a good steward of the complex tools the Internet has laid at my feet. (Full disclosure: I am an unabashed idealist.) I feel a sense of tremendous responsibility living and working at this time in the history of the world. No joke. The opportunities created by social media are precipitating the biggest power shift since Martin Luther and Gutenberg. We’re in the midst of a tremendous transition from a world where messaging was tightly controlled by the Powers that Be (or the Man or whatever you want to call it) into a world where messages are fragmented, messy, authentic, chaotic, exciting. Just writing this gives me goose bumps. So how do we harness these remarkable communication tools to empower consumers? Save the planet? Build a better online mousetrap? I want to develop competencies that enable me to fully master social media, to teach others how to digest and receive and participate, and to help those I work for and with to discern which tools make sense for them and their audience.

    PS Idealism runs in my family. My sister is struggling to monetize the important online work she does supporting caregivers of relatives in the end days of their lives. Should the universe and the judges bless me with two free tickets, I would invite her to attend. Thanks for considering us!

  • My biggest challenge with social media in my work is finding information about the best practices for each of the different platforms.  I’d love to get it all in one places so that I can more easily and quickly synthesize the information. 

    I’ve been fortunate to take Amy’s course, FB Influence, and am looking for similar level of information for the other social media platforms out there.  I want to give my clients the best possible service, and that means learning from the best!

  • Mywishforyou Julie

    You have to start somewhere!  

    I am just beginning the journey of unraveling the social media market.  It has been exciting and challenging in every way and I am so thankful to have been sent to Social Media Examiner!  The blogs, the webinars and the links have been ever so helpful.  

    My biggest challenge thus far has been the overwhelming amount of information that you can gather while you are browsing the web.  I would love to have it laid out in an orderly fashion so that I can pass it on to my customers.  Thank you for this great opportunity!

  • This isn’t MY biggest social media challenge, it’s OUR biggest social media challenge. Our agency is small, and half of our staff hasn’t ever been on Facebook. I want to find a way, not only to get my coworkers more involved with social media, but to be able to communicate with them the importance of a presence in the social realm. This is true not only for our agency, but for our clients as well. Online resources only go so far…I want to show everyone first hand the importance of social media. 

  • Kim

    My biggest challenge with social media is getting our fans and followers to interact after they’ve decided to follow us. We are great at getting people to like our facebook page or follow us but very rarely do they interact, even when we are giving away free merchandise. I would also like to understand how facebook ads work, more in depth. 

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  • N Bustamante


    My biggest
    social media challenge is elaborating a social media year plan for my company. It
    find it really challenging because we have present in six European countries
    and USA and I have to find out  which is
    the right strategies and tools  for each
    country in order to achieve our  goals.
    Moreover, Social Media becomes more important for us. For the reason,  I have to convince my manager  the conversion will be higher  if we  spend
    more quality time on social media

  • My biggest challenge in the Social Media realm is writing for a chance to receive two tickets to the Summit! Oh, and thinking of fresh and witty content, while maintaining an authentic personality and genuine sarcasm. 

  • My biggest social media challenge is getting started. I hope Social Media Success Summit 2012 will give me handles on where to begin, the kick start I need to get moving, and ideas on how to keep going.

  • Heather Smith

    My biggest social media challenge is finding my audience and increasing users/followers.  Our company is small but I know we can be small and mighty if we get a serious presence over social media platforms. Having some training and direction would teach me how to best use my limited time since we don’t have a specific staffer for this area of our business.  Please consider me for a chance to receive two tickets to the summit! Thank you!

  • Christine

    My biggest social media marketing challenge is constantly coming up with creative ideas for clients I have done community management for for a long time. This is especially true with less glamorous, B2B clients. I always push myself to grow their communities and increase engagement but month over month it’s sometimes hard to think of an idea we haven’t tried yet. Luckily, I work in an agency with many brilliant people so my solution is generally to rally my colleagues and ask for their thoughts. 

  • My biggest social media challenge is to create successful campaigns for small businesses such as carpenters, handymans, painters, plumbers, etc. We all need them but would we really like them on Facebook and like their status updates? Tough challenge but finding the right strategy for this could mean a great opportunity to connect a large amount of entrepreneurs with people like you and me who definitely need services from this kind of companies.

  • MK

    As a marketing student at BCIT and with the big shift from traditional to online marketing/advertising, the biggest challenge was to create and maintain a professional presence. Being consistent with facebook, twitter, linkedIn, I have to keep reminding myself that there are industry professionals out there who will take notice at things I say. And with all the social media outlets that keep surfacing, it’s been challenging (yet fun) to keep myself updated. 

  • Dalia mahmoud

    The biggest challenge I faced with social media and especially Facebook was regarding understanding why small businesses shouldn’t use Social Media for direct selling a lot of articles pointed that out but no one said why!!

    It all started with my dissertation, I was conducting a study about the role the on line marketing practices play in the Egyptian micro enterprises product and market growth, to my amazement the whole research sample which consisted of 34 entrepreneurs was using only one internet platform which is Facebook not only for marketing but as a direct distribution channel!!! Of course no direct payment was made online, they were used to deliver their products and collect their money using local couriers.

    I looked for an answer to the question “WHY FACEBOOK AND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULDN’T BE USED FOR DIRECT SELLING???” every where but I didn’t find an answer, so I started looking for the troubles my research sample encountered so that may be I can figure out the adverse effect of this phenomena and here is what I found:

    All of the participants with no exception found that selling their products using Facebook made the competition very fierce through their over exposure to competitors, every one is spying on one another and the new product ideas are stolen all the time. Besides they were all limited to their nearby local area and couldn’t reach further.

    44 percent of the research sample is planning to have its own websites in the future to overcome problems like this and for other reasons like expanding their tight local presence to reach the international market, selling directly online using a secure transactional platform, building their brands and not be under the mercy of the network.

    This study contributes additional evidence that suggests that even though Social Media in general and Facebook in particular provide a tremendous opportunity for small businesses; as they are much simple and cost nothing to implement and possess the interactive feature that helped evolving the marketing concept all together, it could not substitute for the role the Website plays and that it has to be integrated with it for better results.

  • I agree, I have this challenge as well. One social media shoe does NOT fit all. It works for me to really know my clients work style and end goal to really know which one is going to work for them. Some are more comfortable on Facebook while others are rock stars on LinkedIn. At the end of the day it depends on how coachable they are.

  • Phil have you used SocialBro? What do you think of that one?

  • I really, really want to win but I love the “SQUIRREL”! 

  • I’m with you on that one. Just when I think, “O.K. I’ve got it” then I realize I’ve got way more to learn. The learning never ends… which I guess isn’t a bad thing right?

  • My biggest challenge is two fold…
    1. I can’t write a poem or a song and SQUIRREL has already been done, so I’m hoping to just get a “like” from Phil.
    2. I have 15 + years in web development working for “big companies”. After being laid off I set out on the MOMpreneur path so that I could work from home and take care of my amazing little boy. I’ve niched myself in the mompreneur market because I wanted to work with business owners that didn’t flinch at having to step over crayons and Leggos to get to my home office; and they don’t mind when my “mini me” can be heard in the background in a conference call. The CHALLENGE is that my clients that I so love don’t have the budget to pay for services… wait, let me rephrase that, they don’t see the value in paying someone for these type of services. I know you’ll send me a virtual slap when I tell you this, but I feel for them, I empathize with them and I end up dropping my pricing to accommodate them. Should I change my niche? Arrrgh, the pain of it all 🙂

  • Christine Jayarajah

    My biggest challenge is brand consistency across the networks and blog.  Setting up multiple social media sites for your personal and business needs.  If you have a couple of business, it is challenging to develop and maintain multiple social media sites.  The solution may be to set up personally branded social media sites that can be linked to the websites of the businesses as well.  However, it is not feasible or as effective to talk about multiple points of interests and topics under the same social media sites. 

  • i missed it :((( i wanna be there too :_(

  • Olesenjr

    My biggest challenge is followers and peaking interest to our followers!  I do social media for 13 hotels, none of which are huge, but I would still like to use it more to my advantage than I am.  I struggle with getting people interested and getting people to use the page like I want.  I have tried a variety of new things but nothing seems to get much response.  I love learning about social media and would love to attend the Social Media Summit this year, I have never been a part of it and would be really excited to try it this year!!

  • fjsanz

    Thanks Phil!

  • Adam

    Dang, I’m reading all of these comments and these people are really throwing heavy leather on here.  All I know is that I have only scratched the surface of social media.  I’ve been trying to emulate the techniques and strategies that companies like Red Bull use – they are all about being genuine, entertaining, and having a good personality through social media.  I work for a wakeboarding company right now, so studying how other action sports companies/industries use social media is very beneficial for me.

    I want to use social media to help build our brand and build our online audience. For the most part, I want to use social media to share my passion for riding and my passion for the industry through the company I work for.  

  • Malawi Racum

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