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********UPDATE: Congratulations to Marc Ensign, the winner of 2 free tickets for this entry, and Melissa Toppenberg, the winner of the Twitter contest and 1 free ticket.*****

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Presentation topics include Facebook marketing strategy, growing and managing a Facebook following, generating leads and selling with Facebook, news feed optimization, metrics and analytics, Facebook promotions and advertising and much more! Check out all of the sessions.

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  • I am a Facebook mess when it comes to attracting new likes (followers). It’s very much like a fishing expedition during a drought. It’s incredibly frustrating and I’d love to win tickets for that very reason.

  • Kelly H

    Biggest Facebook challenge is getting engagement with my posts and getting those that like the page to even see some of the posts. What’s the magic bullet? Plus likes – always searching for ways to build the likes more quickly.

  • Quite frankly, my biggest challenge is just getting started.  I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row, that I set it up correctly to begin with.  I don’t want to regret chosing a certain page name or certain options that might later need to changed.  I am looking for a blueprint to FB for business and I know the speakers this year will provide the answers that lead to success.

  • Michele Sfakianos

    My biggest Facebook challenge is not only trying to get new followers without having to purchase expensive advertising, but getting people to share what I have posted. I get some views, but minimal shares.

  • Same here!

  • My biggest challenge is trying to leverage Facebook in a B2B setting — from trying to figure out what kind of content to post to how to better engage fans. I’m only a few years out of college, so any additional training or insight can help me really get my career going (and is much appreciated!) I’d love to attend the Facebook Summit!

  • The biggest one was to start and gather as much practical knowledge as possible. When it started it was just like a rollercoster. Neverending system updates and  adapting to the enviroment changing all the time.

    Good luck with the competition;)

  • The biggest Facebook struggle I am having is to have my fans engage with my material ie like, comment, and share without having to pay that promotion fee. I would truly love to have the opportunity to attend Facebook Success Summit!

    -Anokhi Shah

  • The biggest Facebook challenge is managing multiple pages and creating engaging content for multiple geographical locations that do not share the same demographics. Second being able to encourage fans to use our applications set up for them, as many people are still unfamiliar with the new Time Line format and are not aware of the options available to them as fans of business pages. Good luck to everyone, this seems to be a great event!

  • The biggest challenge I have is making clients understand there is more to social media than the total fan count. It needs to be about engagement.

  • My biggest Facebook challenge other than consistent engagement is coming up with fresh and exciting contests to increase fans and followers to my brand. I find myself regurgitating the same contests over and over via FB and Twitter and I am in dire need of fresh ideas!

  • Sarachristine

    Our biggest Facebook challenge is also getting user interaction.  We’ve tried a contest, posting engaging questions for users to answer, posting photos of our volunteers for them to tag, but we still have so little participation.  I do have two or three dedicated followers that like and repost everything, but no one else.  

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  • Our biggest Facebok challenge is attracting more than just the faithful few to interact with items that we post. 

  • My Facebook challenge is that I want to grow my following NATURALLY…meaning no fake likes, no using Fiverr, no beating people down until they submit and no tricky or unethical behavior. I want people that pay attention and get involved because I have a lot to offer. I only have about 125 likes, but all of them were won by the value I offered not because I was relentless or unscrupulous. The problem is that people don’t take you seriously unless you have a significant “platform”…so I live in this world where a giant platform of fake people that either don’t exist or don’t pay attention is worth more than a small platform of rock solid fans that is growing at a steady (although slow) pace. 

  • Helping clients with small businesses find Facebook followers for their business page. People love to “Like” fun pages such as restaurants, bars, tours – but when it comes to a client who owns a printing company or accounting business, it becomes trickier.

  • Kristina Konen

    I manage a couple of pages on Facebook and the main challenge is engagement, engagement, engagement! One of the pages is for a B2B company (Commercial Real Estate), so though we know we probably aren’t going to make a sale, we do want to get the word out about our terrific company! Our popularity seems to be growing, but it’s a slow burn for sure. The other company (my freelance company), I think my biggest problem is I need to focus!  But I’m interested in a wide variety of things and offer many different services, so it’s hard to find that niche. Check them out at and Would love some input on how we are doing!

  • My largest Facebook marketing challenge is connecting with people who would find value from the information I share. I would also love to get some real conversation going with the audience I do have.

  • Kjohnson

    My biggest marketing challenge is working with others in the
    organization to have an online voice that isn’t a robotic marketing message
    machine. Social media marketing is meant to be friendly, off-the-cuff, and
    human. There are differences in opinions about the corporate online voice.


  • I work with clients to build up interest in what they do (or sell) — same as I do for both my work as an author and as a social media consultant/book marketer. My challenge is like Mark’s above to an extent: reaching potential purchasers and engaging with them in meaningful ways. A LIKE does nothing more than add to the metadata (which is important of course). 

    I read Andrea’s articles faithfully and put in place much of what she recommends but I’d still love to streamline the process — I find Facebook somewhat clunky. 


  • I am the Social Media person for 2 resort properties in Laughlin, Nv. My largest Facebook marketing challenge is analytics.  I’ve got a feel for what people are responding to, but not sure how that is or can translate into new customers, loyalty, etc.

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  • Alicia

    My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is bringing in new constituents and donors from our social engagement.  We’ve been steadily growing in Facebook, but rarely do our fans donate.  They don’t seem to like a direct ask at all and a subtle ask is ignored. 

  • I am my biggest hurdle when it comes to marketing on Facebook – I seem to have some kind of mental block where everything I do becomes a big nightmare. I’m not a whiner, honestly!  All other social media marketing are a breeze compared to my attempts at Facebook marketing. I have to change my perception – and get a better grip on how Facebook can help me and our small biz. I either need to win these tix OR find a Facebook therapist.

  • My biggest challenge is that we are a startup software company, so I need to build from scratch. Also, the (purchasing) demographic I want to attract (Residential Property owners/developers/management) are not an engaged demographic. The USERs of the software are the right audience; just probably not encouraged to engage at work.

  • Sharene S.

    My biggest FB challenge is turning LIKES into SALES! I have no problem coming up with fun content to post but getting folks to site to purchase items is a big challenge.

  • Ethan

    My biggest Facebook challenge is getting a brand new company to get followers. It is so hard if you do not any supporting advertising to tell the consumer to go to the Facebook page and “Like” it.  This would be a great experience for me because I just graduated college and this could put me on the path to success.

  • Catherinebarron

    My biggest challenge is finding engaging content and increasing page likes.

  • Shannan

    Lead generation on Facebook is a real challenge insofar as deciding whether to grab additional likes, to capture contact information through a lead capture form, or to use links to drive Facebook users to your primary off-FaceBook page.  Without proper tracking and split testing, its hard to know what works best.  I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to come more adept at using Facebook to generate business leads.  

  • Heta Dave

    Working with Facebook, is by far the most frustrating experience I’ve had – from setting up, to keeping up with the constant system changes, to engaging users and reporting on analytics – however, the biggest challenge I face is getting my fans to interact with the Page, to shake themselves out of the lethargy of simply hitting “like” and feeling passionate enough to help build a community around our business Page – so, I guess it boils down to creating content that users are enthusiastic about!

  • Biggest challenge I have is living in South Dakota. Most people here still don’t see the full value of social media and think it is a fad for teenagers. Most companies feel they can do it on their own and just post sales information once a week. 

  • There are a few FB challenges and we all want to drive engagement and increase quality numbers. My biggest challenge is evaluating quality, since the social reach is so important, and I’m B2B, as well as getting small business owners to understand they should like company pages as their individual account, not company page.

  • Drexel

    My biggest challenge is…ME! I have successfully helped many of my clients get the word out about their business and/or services. But, when it comes to pumping my own businesses, I fall short.

  • My biggest challenge is not feeling like I am overwhelmed with a new tool, guru, or win-it-all scheme each day. How can this be avoided? If only there was a way to take the top 10 plays and then “mute” the rest of the ideas…..

  • Lkeeton

    Facebook Challenge – finding that nuggest of goodness that makes people want to like a health insurance company on Facebook. Unfortunately, most people don’t particularly ‘like’ their insurance provider. 

  • Susannah

    My biggest challenge is creating engaging content that users want to share and comment on. Basically how do we engage our current fans while also growing our fan base to attract the right types of customers.

  • I own a Commercial Real Estate company in Panama City, Panama and we are currently in the “planning phase” to market on Facebook. My biggest challenge so far is to understand who is my ideal customer. I don’t even know if my ideal client “likes” Facebook. Should I target a specific niche or a broad audience? How can I do a deep research about this online? Would Facebook Marketing be a profitable strategy for my business?

  • I own a Commercial Real Estate company in Panama City, Panama and we are currently in the “planning phase” to market on Facebook. My biggest challenge so far is to understand who is my ideal customer. I don’t even know if my ideal client “likes” Facebook. Should I target a specific niche or a broad audience? How can I do a deep research about this online? Would Facebook Marketing be a profitable strategy for my business?

  • kolive

    I have a lot of followers and my interaction is good.  My problem is not really knowing how to leverage what I have.  I, along with my admins, repost questions 18 hrs a day, 7 days a week, but I can’t seem to figure out how to turn it into a real business without it still keeping me glued to the computer.  I love what I do b/c I know it is truly helping the people in my community, but it is straining on my family.  Please help! 

  • Pam Vozza

    My biggest Facebook challenge is that, in working for a government entity, I have to deal with the “fear factor” – fear of change, fear of security breach, fear of losing control, fear of negativity. I am inundated with all their “what about this??” fear-based queries! I feel like my challenge, as the champion of new media, is to the chief hand-holder and soothsayer!

  • kolive

    I have a lot of followers and my interaction is good.  My problem is not really knowing how to leverage what I have.  I, along with my admins, repost questions 18 hrs a day, 7 days a week, but I can’t seem to figure out how to turn it into a real business without it still keeping me glued to the computer.  I love what I do b/c I know it is truly helping the people in my community, but it is straining on my family.  Please help!

  • I own a Commercial Real Estate company in Panama City, Panama and we are currently in the “planning phase” to market on Facebook. My biggest challenge so far is to understand who is my ideal customer. I don’t even know if my ideal client “likes” Facebook. Should I target a specific niche or a broad audience? How can I do a deep research about this online? Would Facebook Marketing be a profitable strategy for my business?

  • Charlotte Ball

    My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is keeping up to date with the changes. No sooner have I got the hang of doing it one way, something else happens and I have to change.

  • I am a social media manager for a graphics company. I manage a number of business pages including a brand that represents all food-related businesses on the island that I live on and a major, international food festival. Since the food/faming/culinary industry is 24/7 and there is so much content constantly circulating my biggest challenge is how to both maintain the quality (and quantity) of my engagement with followers and at the same time have time to track the numbers: how many fans from various geographic regions are interacting with these pages; what types of posts are most successful; how can I better integrate my platforms, what key words related for all food grown/prepared on the island are being tweeted about, etc. I have yet to find a program that tracks everything I want tracked and puts it together into a cohesive whole report that I can present to clients, so I find myself spending too much of the time I should be simple creating and posting content and engaging with fans instead tracking engagement numbers and trends. I would like some help with finding a way to more easily and sustainably track progress for my clients over time so that all the work I do is clearly represented and communicated to my clients at the end of the month. I guess this is about the right combination of tools and strategic time-management.

  • Islandcounsel2004

    I have a facebook page but I am totally confused about how to optimally use it to promote my book and writing.  What do I do after I get likes?  How do I get more?  What does that graph mean that is on my page after I get thirty likes?  How do I attract other members and keep them interested?  I think a conference for someone like me, who has a jumbled up mind technologically, would be a great opportunity indeed.  I think I could show a lot of appreciation for such a gift!

  • The biggest Facebook challenge we face is to create a content that is attractive to individuals, but also relevant for our real targets, the small business decision-makers. This would help us build audience, internationally.

  • George my biggest challenge was first to understand the difference in the older/traditional web page/site vs. a wordpress blog/web with regards to the brain of a 57 year old, and second recognizing the  value of a facebook-business page and how I could use it to grow my business.  My biggest challenge was not letting my 21 year old daughter beat me to the punch.   I am still studying!

  • Kat Gasikowski

    As a B2B company, my biggest Facebook challenge is figuring out how to connect with the audience I’m trying to reach.  I’m in an industry that’s a little behind the cutting edge, so we’ve got to work twice as hard to get our audience engaged.  I need help determining the sort of exciting and innovative content that will persuade people to engage with us in new channels.

  • Doug

    We created our business page on April 10th 2011 and we only have 121 likes, enough said!

  • Jolene Hepperlen

    My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is that I have no idea how to build my business from Facebook. I’ve built a great Facebook page and it does what I want it to do which is showcase different products that are in my 7 million+ products online fundraising store. I have a great mix of images of the products in my store, wonderful  videos such as product demos and book trailers. I have nonprofit grant information that would be of interest to my customers, calls to action, and more. To the eye the Page is pleasing and it contains great information about my fundraising product. But I have no idea what to do with it. I have 17 Likes.

  • My biggest challenge for myself is figuring out the best way to utilize Facebook. With multiple businesses, I’m confused on the personal profile. I’ve hemmed and hawed about using my personal profile solely for friends and family, business, or a combination. Because both businesses are separate, one is a Virtual Assistant / Online Business Manager company and the other is an animal rescue, the audience is totally different. While I know I can use lists to separate, the question still remains, on the personal profile, do I build it mostly local folks for the rescue, business folk for the other or a combo? Sooo confusing! LOL

  • Mdorman

    My biggest challenge is getting people to engage on our facebook. I work for an accounting firm and its hard to get people to post or comment on articles or webinars on Facebook. We have good engagement with LinkedIn and Twitter just Facebook is our biggest challenge. We would like more fans which is also hard to get.

  • Carynrhodes

    As an annual fundraiser, Finish Cancer’s challenge is keeping donors and people engaged all year-round! Thank you for your consideration of a ticket… would really like some insight.

  • My biggest challenge it was something I experienced when I tried to attract the attention of the potential customers by launching a small and simple contest with prizes and nobody participated. The contest was very simple: the people invited could have won a free one hour photoshoot with a professional photographer. To win it, they should have posted on my company’s wall the funniest picture taken personally by them and the picture who gained the biggest number of likes would have been the winner. I still don’t know what was the problem?The prize was too small or the public wasn’t the right one?

  • Aliveandmortal

    I have an outreach to grieving people who are struggling with death and impermanence in their lives. It is my avocation. I presently earn no money for this service. It is a difficult population to work with, they are very overwhelmed and have limited bandwidth for things. I should know – I lost my husband in 2008, and I lost access to my 3 stepchildren due to his death.

    My Facebook page has benefited greatly from all the generous assistance that I have received from your wonderful classes. I cannot afford the tuition for your trainings. My site is Alive and Mortal and I also run a group called Alive and Mortal – a grief and healing community. I have also used Facebook to run temporary groups – like a Grief Photography Group. I have plans to have an online Holiday Boot Camp for Grieving People.

    It would mean the world to me to win so that I could do a better job at helping people who have had their life greatly disrupted by death and grief and to give them a new hope. Thank you for considering my post.

  • Judah

    I work in an industry where the target demographic is Baby Boomer and above, and it’s that “and above” segment that is not utilizing Social Media in the manner and numbers that younger people are.  So, how to engage them and get them into the conversation.

  • Sam

    At first the biggest challenge for our company has been based upon internal communication (getting reps from inside the different stores involved) and getting them to participate in conversations they spark on our various networks. Now the #1 challenge we have is drawing lines from social media marketing efforts to our bottom line or tracking ROI on different campaigns we run on the different platforms. 

  • Rhonda Rogers

    Trying to build a cost-effective, engaged community is my biggest challenge; where money is tight, and hours are long, I seem to know enough to be dangerous, but not successful. I try to keep the content flowing, but need to target the super-users who will give back, engage, and help me grow.

  • Diego Varela

    My biggest challenge is  getting engagement with my posts and getting those that like the page comment or like posts

  • Sam

    My biggest challenge is making it a priority internally with our mediums, workloads and approval process, not only Facebook, but blogs, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

  • Cindy Baccus

    Biggest Challenge?
    Having a new business page & low fan numbers to begin… We are restricted from using Promoted Posts.  What can we do to help increase the probability that our business page posts will be at the top of our fans’ news feeds?
    During Football season it is hard to compete with all the football teams, reporters, sports news media, etc..


  • Reyna

    For a small B2B company just starting out in the social media realm gaining ANY kind of Facebook traction for likes or reach can be an almost overwhelming challenge. For us it’s been a bootstrap effort starting with asking employees to like or share and eventually including a bit of Facebook ads here and “like us and we’ll like you” swaps with other start ups.

    But the best thing we’ve done? Partnered with a company that already has a strong following, ask them to share our information, and watch the numbers sky rocket. Moral of our story and lesson we learned?

    Top down rather than bottom up is ALWAYS the way to go.
    And don’t get me wrong we’re still on the bottom rung, but finally we’re looking up. .com 

  • celestial sight

    How do I get more Fans?  I have an optometry practice and selling glasses is my greatest profit generator. I’m having trouble convincing my patients to become Fans and how do I attract new Fans to eventually become new patients?

  • My biggest challenge as a surface and licensing designer is directing content to manufacturing businesses,  B2B, the end product is a B2C mostly in Europe….

  • Michael-Lynn

    My biggest challenge is that I am legally blind and a real dummy when it comes to doing more than searches with Google and email with aid of speech to text conversion software and so I could really use someone to see things for me and help do what I have such a hard time seeing, let alone understand about computer stuff as I live on limited funds of $750 a month that does little more than cover costs of rent and utilities.

  • Louis Taylor

    My biggest challenge is ; Competing against  big corporations add funds for my adds to be generated. Wish there was some way to even out the playing field on this ,So we all could get a little piece of the PIE
    Thank for letting me get this off my chest

  • Christy S.

    My biggest challenge is what to post, when to post, and does it really matter?  I know facebook can help our business, I love the platform and want to be able to use it effectively for our company!  Also, what’s up with Apps??  Can I make my own, what would be good for my company??  HELP :]

  • Horacio

    Biggest challenge: I’m given this project with practically zero budget for Marketing and a 5% Market Share goal.  The project is an organic FMCG, which in my country (Mexico) is relatively new, and it’s a project which NEEDS to communicate and inform people why they should buy it, let alone, emotively connect with them.  Thus, we decided to invest only in Facebook.  So far, in a month, we’ve racked up 25k+ followers, and every store the product hits is selling more than we had originally forecasted.  We’re doing a movie premier promotion right now, and it seems to be working good.  It’s a huge challenge to DEPEND on Facebook as virtually your only communication option, but so far, we seem on our way to our goal.

  • cmoir

    My biggest challenge is working with a huge client to build a B2C community that assist sales in a B2B landscape.  Managing expectations for engagement and growth are extremely hard.  Any additional
    training is
    appreciated! I’d love to attend the Facebook Summit!

  • catchatcaren

    my biggest facebook marketing challenge is fan engagement!

  • Kris

    I am a new Marketing & Design Manager for, “The Nation’s Top Performing Telephone Fundraising Company.” We work for some amazing nonprofit causes and it’s a privaledge to have this position. One of my main projects is growing social media and finding a good balance between its use for company and client interaction. The FB page has had slow growth with minimal interaction. My biggest challenges are how to approach clients to become followers and increase interaction from all fans. I would like to learn some great strategies that are above all else maintaining a respectful relationship with everyone that comes in contact with us. Thanks for all you do, I’ve learned much from you and look forward to future learning as well.

  • Ant Taylor

    I have come to realize there are no individual social media ‘experts’. Collectively, the line-up at the Success Summit are likely to add up to real value, and getting a free ticket to the party goes beyond value, it puts me in the ‘way lucky fish’ category.

  • Maria

    As a new college graduate, my company expects that I will know the in and outs of social media. Although I am not a beginner on Facebook, I am by no means an expert. I have the passion to learn and grow in this field however, I cannot afford to attend the intuitive social media conferences like this one which would help me with my biggest Facebook marketing challenge, how do you get likes when your demographic doesn’t know you even exist?

  • My biggest Facebook challenge is engagement. And getting a viewer percentage higher than 10%. Of course those are linked, but it’s hard to improve one without the other, so it’s a vicious circle.

  • Tiago Castro

    My biggest Facebook challenge is optimize and increase the amount of people that sees a post on a Fan Page. 

  • Veronica

    Will Facebook Pages ever be a substitute for Websites? And if so how can you accommodate all your website info into your Facebook Page?

  • Melissa Toppenberg

    My biggest FB challenge would have to have been being able to get engaged fans! I had no idea what to post, or when to post it! An that was sudden death for someone who was launching a social media consulting business! Social Media Examiner, along with Amy have been vital to my up and coming business! If your able to build likes for a businesses page but then have no fan engagement or interest then your sunk!

  • I think we’re doing well on the growth and engagement front – we have steady growth, increasing comments/likes/shares, and we run into the 20s-30s (%) and higher in engagement percentage (and did pass 100% once). Our biggest challenges are two-fold: 1) contending with conservative and risk-averse leadership and internal culture; and 2) time management. We’re fine with time management during the work week, but we get a fair number of posts, messages and questions after hours and on weekends. We’re also more likely to be attacked on weekends because people think we’re not monitoring the page. So I forfeit a lot of my own time monitoring FB to make sure people get responses in a timely manner and to quell any conflict.

  • KL Redman

    My biggest FB challenge is trying to prove it’s value to the President of the company who is a former bean counter and doesn’t understand it’s about building relationships that could lead to a sale, but I can’t prove a direct sale from everything I post.

    My other FB challenge is how to attract new fans.

  • Melissa Toppenberg

    My biggest FB challenge would have to have been being able to get engaged fans! I had no idea what to post, or when to post it! An that was sudden death for someone who was launching a social media consulting business! Social Media Examiner, along with Amy have been vital to my up and coming business! If your able to build likes for a businesses page but then have no fan engagement or interest then your sunk! 

  • Rosanne

    My biggest Facebook challenge is to get my clients to stop thinking of it as another form of “advertising.” Arrrghh! I preach the 90/10 rule…90 percent of relevant content, helpful sharing aand relationship building. 10 percent to share really AWESOME, blow-their-socks off, promotional items. Alas, it ends up the opposite and my ulcer gets bigger!

  • My biggest Facebook Challenge is reversing the clients view of Facebook as a “Necessary Evil” to an “Excited Opportunity” . Once they turn that corner, helping them develop their FB business plan becomes a frenzy of brainstorming new ideas as they realize they are only limited by their own creativity.  This process has resparked the marketing light in several businesses.

  • Daniele Powell

    My biggest Facebook challenge is simply getting off the ground in a very conservative B2B industry and with little buy-in and investment from management. I want to show that putting ourselves out there puts a personal face on a company and can help with employee engagement and recruiting initiatives.

  • Dawn James Gartin

    My biggest Facebook marketing challenge: finding the champions of the brand and keeping them engaged so they “like,” comment and post, vs me posting everything.

  • Cathie

    My Biggest Facebook Marketing Challenge…….there is so much information 
    out there and I can spend all day signing up to the latest ‘guru’ information that is going to make me a Facebook Marketing Wiz and all I really want to know is how to get more relevant fans that I can provide great value to and then funnel into clients without spending my whole day at the compute……………HELP!

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a tribe that actually likes what you have to say instead of a few fellow marketers that have liked your page, hoping to get a like in return 🙂  My informal research revealed that Facebookers just don’t share anymore, unless it is really, really, really supercute or hilariously funny.  Well, I can be funny, but not quite as funny as parking your car in an almost empty parking lot and bumping into 3 other cars while parking.  I can also be cute but not quite as cute as a laughing baby or hugging pets.

    I need help – please like me – I promise to be supercute and funny

  • Marce

    My biggest Facebook challenge is trying to figure out how to overcome the lethargy of users, and inject excitement again into the visitors to our page so they will share and contribute.  We work with the ‘mature’ demographic and some being new to online engagement, find it difficult to get involved. Hence our likes are dismal and posts are drying up.  I would love to inject energy and passion back into the whole Facebook encounter.

  • paulawhidden

    I manage several Facebook pages which vary from one another in size, scope, and topic.  Certain ideas on building engagement work well with the larger pages but not with the smaller ones.  My challenge is to find a way to use what I learn to help not only the large but also the small.  To help them appreciate and take the baby steps necessary to become larger.  Also to help them see the connection between what happens offline with what happens online.  
    (Thanks for your consideration.  I would LOVE to get the scholarship, please consider giving it to me.)

  • Emily Woo

    My biggest challenge is to generation likes, shares and conversations with our fans and consumers. We want to keep things fresh and relevant to our brand without being too “salesy”

  • Keith

    My biggest challenge is converting fans of the page to a deeper experience, and eventually to make them more qualified leads. Our page has an energetic, vocal base, but there are a lot of inactive lurkers too. I’d love some insights as how to better leverage my quality posts into future customers.

  • My biggest Marketing Challenge is to integrate a our social media strategy in all layers and units in our company, to motivate the experts to share their knowledge with our public. Some do not see the point, others do but can not find the time, and fortunately some are very motivated and eager to learn and develop their own style. But it is my dream to incorporate everybody in our social media efforts, and eventually our marketing as a whole. Fully independent teams, connected by passion for and knowledge about what we do.

  • Cwyatt

    I think my biggest challenge is my own doubts. My company is just about to venture into social media where I will be solely responsible from strategy to the technie side to content. However, will I be directing my efforts in the right places, will this really bring about noteworthy increased business, am I going to lose my job once I let go of all the other communication things I do and am fully concentrating on social media?!! Ack!! My own thinking and generalized terror I won’t do as well as many of you keeps me doubtful. Help!

  • My biggest Facebook challenge, is standing out. I am on a mission to personally lose 300 pounds [am already 1/3 down – wohooo!] and want to pay it forward by helping other very overweight people. The problem is that the fitness and weight loss “markets” are very saturated with mlm companies, fitness trainers, nutrionists, and more… how do I differentiate? how do I stand out? how do i share my mission and passion? 

    I want to attend the upcoming Facebook Success Summit, but just cant afford it due to economic challenges. I KNOW i can learn from people like Mari Smith and Amy Porterfield and others. Would you send me to the Summit? It will be an investment in not only changing my life as I continue my own transformation and continue to share my story, but also in changing the lives of many others to come.

    Thank you.

  • Richelle Noroyan

    My biggest challenge is understanding all the applications available that enhance using Facebook as a marketing tool. Just figuring out what tools are available can be a daunting challenge. I know you aren’t looking for a secondary challenge, but as someone who doesn’t always play by the rules, I’ll mention that too 🙂 I know FB changes constantly, but an online guide on how to use each function on FB written in non geek speak would be awesome too. I find the guides are either overly simplistic or too general or once I find the correct function, the instructions don’t seem to match the commands on the pull down windows. Thanks! 

  • Jill Moran

    I have mastered creating great content if I do say so myself. My biggest challenge is generating enough likes to start a dialogue with my followers and get them to share stuff from my page with others. I’m working in a Facebook vacuum. 

  • Tim Cronin

    We are a new social media services agency.  Our biggest Facebook Marketing challenge is putting together all the pieces of the puzzle, i.e., building a fan audience, creating an offer, turning fans into customers, turning customers into super advocates, and most important demonstrating to our clients the ROI of their FB campaigns that we manage!  We are SO close.  I know the Success Summit will give us the knowledge to get us over the hump!  

  • Deborah Layton

    My biggest challenge is probably reaching the right people. Followed closely by generating quality content but thanks to this site and some great webinars I think I am improving in this area.

  • BohemianBabushka

    Babushka in person is encantadora, enchanting- on Feibu, apparently not so much.  How can I engage my followers more?   Mil Gracias.  

  • CMC

    My biggest challenge is to create a connection between me and that one person that could be absolutely identified and related with my posts; I want each like on my fan page to be unique, to be a sort of pact between me and that fan. I want people to want to read my contents, I want to start a friendship of mutual benefit with someone out there that wants exactly the same. If we connect with each other and learn from each other we take it to a completely new level. My biggest challenge is to bond with my potential fans.

  • Attracting our niche market to our Facebook page is one of our biggest challenges.  Finding single people who want to date for marriage and not just for fun is a real challenge.  How do we find them, attract them and engage them?  

    What are the best practices we can put in place to develop content that is compelling enough for married people to tell their single friends about us and for singles to tell other singles about us?  What will make them click over to our main website for more information?  How can we best use the information offered in Facebook’s insights? How can we make sense of it so we can actually use it to grow our business and hopefully make some single people happily married couples instead? 

    If I can learn the answers to the above questions  from attending the Facebook summit and get actionable information that will we can start to put in place immediately thereafter, I would be ever so grateful to win the free tickets. 

    Thanks for the offering the contest!  
    Alison Fine

  • #tomstallbikes

    Hear, hear! You and me both, Trina!

  • Mauro Calbi

    My biggest facebook marketing challenge is to find great ideas like this one. In one shot, you got the biggest word-of-mouth through twitter and a lot of challenges, questions of people very interested in Facebook to give answers and good content in your next posts.

  • Zoe Macfarlane

    The biggest challenge I have on Facebook is finding ways to make insurance interesting and engaging. How to encourage virality of posts when your core subject is a grudge purchase? I’d love to win these tickets so I can develop a detailed strategy that won’t turn off our fans. 

  • Laci Lewis

    I manage social media sites for each of our brands and our company. One brand, Blu-Jet, is ag based. While there is a lot of data showing that social media is becoming a wonderful way for farmers to communicate, many of our customers are afraid of trying something new. I have offered to help them get going, but to no avail. Because many of our customers refuse to go social, I have a hard time getting engagement. When I post “pretty country pictures”, I get plenty of likes because of the beauty of our area…. but not engagement from our target market. Our other brand, Circle R Side Dump, is based mostly on construction. I have a terrible time finding things to discuss besides safety and project updates from around the country, not much about the world of how construction works. The third set of pages are for our company, Thurston Manufacturing Company, as a whole. 

    I want to learn more about how to win people over to the world of social. I want to learn how to better read our followers to figure out how to reach them in the best way. I want to learn how to interact with our target followers that we have fully defined. I know that this event, will help me to achieve these goals. Thank you very much for the opportunity that you have given us.

  • Shelley

    My biggest Facebook Challenge is how best to use Facebook Ads in order to attract Fans that are going to be the most engaged with your brand long term.  The CPC – Cost per Click option versus the Optimized CPM – Cost per Thousand options are ones I am testing along with different images, promoted posts versus promoted page and ad content to see what works best to grow Facebook with the most engaged fans.  Not sure we will ever find the perfect recipe for every instance – this may always be about testing case by case, trial and error, but I hope to come up with some best practices.

    Also how often do fans really want to hear from the brands they follow on Facebook?  Even though I know you don’t just want to speak about your brand; that you have to find other engaging content that will be relevant and of value to your followers… at the end of the day most people are on Facebook to connect with Friends and Family first and foremost, and secondary would be to connect with brands that offer them value through exclusive Fan content and offers – as brand marketers we have to be respectful of that.

    I understand that its not just about needing a Social Media strategy. You need a brand strategy that takes advantage of Social Media and that is probably the biggest Challenge of all!  
    Without a doubt a remarkable online brand experience creates loyal customers and isn’t that what it is all about?

  • Greatest FB challenge is two-fold: 1) knowing what is the best content for engaging users, and 2) when is the post time to post & how often?

  • Melissa C Jax

    The company that I work for is a start up nearing the age of four and right now we only have a twitter account. I have found my biggest challenge has been how to explain to upper management the value of social media in terminology that they will understand. I have been asked to put together a strategy on how our company can ‘break in to’ the social sphere and how it would help us moving forward. In order to complete that, I have been doing quite a large amount of research in order to understand tracking and determine if social media is working. I attended the Social Media Success Summit this year, and I feel that what the speakers brought to the table was information that really got me thinking about how to accomplish this. They also were able to point me in the right direction, which I am so thankful for!

  • My biggest obstacle has been reaching the people. I’ve read all the books and stragedies on how to draw people to your website and get traffic but nothing seems to work. I would love the opportunity to network and gain all the feedback I possibly could from companies who have been successful at drawing in an audience. The non profit that I’ve started has a voice and needs to be heard. Especially for and by women. 

  • Crystal Munro

    My biggest Facebook challenge is staying on top of Facebook changes. I manage multiple pages for clients and with Facebook you often find out changes at the same time as the client does. It is difficult to run tests and have data when you experience change often only hours before the client does. 

  • My biggest FB challenge has been a lack of a feature that I have been waiting for a while now :-). I run a tourism photography page, and my engagement strategy is to publish selected pictures in specific albums that cater to different countries. I do get a decent engagement result, but I know that my engagement will be better if I schedule my uploads according to predetermined intervals, where the engagement will be highest from a particular country. This is a difficult task, because I cannot be up all day to publish different posts for different countries. Facebook does have a scheduling option, but I CANNOT SCHEDULE A PHOTO UPLOAD INTO A DESIGNATED ALBUM… Am working around it, by (Of course) trying to stay active all day and night 😀

  • My biggest challenge with Facebook is balancing sales with interesting content. I am the social media manager at neutracutical company and I am constantly under pressure to produce sales, but I know that their has to be a balance. To my superiors every post should be a sales call. I have been able to formulate my content so that it is informative and still contains a sales call but I have found my reach dropping. When I post strictly interesting and informative content, no sales, I get great engagement. I really need to be present for this Facebook Success Summit because I have so much to learn and honestly my employer doesn’t want to put the money into developing my department.

  • Kate

    Facebook is another medium for businesses to reach out to
    their clients.  This is a good idea
    discussing and promoting how to utilize the social media for businesses to stay
    in contact with their clients. 

  • My biggest challenge with Facebook has been creating a distinct 30 second ‘elevator pitch’.  My goal is to relay to local business owners how I am able to help attract new customers for them by using effective social media strategies.  I have a ‘general’ idea, but could use something that would really nail it. 🙂

    Local businesses ‘know’ they need social media yet have a distinct challenge because most of them are baby boomers without the time, energy, or knowledge to implement (generalization based on my current geography and demographic. 

    I would like to be able to ‘wow’ them with my confident elevator pitch.

    I love the changes in Facebook are happening daily, I love the excitement, the vast arena we have in front of us, although I get very excited when I start talking about it and I have a hard time bringing it down to their level.

    Not to sound condescending.  The small business owner demographic in Los Gatos, CA is baby boomer age and it’s quite difficult to get my point across clearly, with confidence and have them understand what they have as a tool to use for their business. 

    **Albeit, today I went into a large restaurant and the owner called me “The Social Media Angel” who had come from Heaven.  Now, I need some wings!  (He gave me a hug too!)

    Thanks SME for this opportunity.

  • Jillian Pierone

    My greatest struggle is attaining likes from the right audience- without spending money on attaining likes and promoting posts..

  • HelenP

    My greatest FB hurdle is maintaining constant inspiration for fresh and new content. Also, FB is free tool and advertising is cheap but getting a budget to spend from clients.

  • Bibi

    Dont you send them to your website? There you can use google analytics to measure conversion. It does not have to be a sell, could also be subscribe to email, ask for call-me-back, etc. You will also be measuring this way if the traffic is relevant. Its not just about people liking you or visiting your site, but are they potential buyers?

  • Bibi

    Maybe you are still too direct….I find that my content should be 95 % entertaining/informing and 5% commercial. And even more important, I give people a lot of attention, not only fans, but fans and group members of OTHER places pn Facebook. Dont keep your communicating to your own page! Preferably, I let customers come to me asking for products, instead of me pushing it. Did you try crowdfunding sites? Instead of asking people directly for support, you could use FB to promote your presence on a CF site.

  • Bibi

    I hear ya 🙂 if you are in a room singing a beautiful song, and you want people to hear it, get out of the room and go to where they are! Search for groups and pages around their interests and post as yourself and as your page. At first no self promotion, just react to stuff they post, share things they are interested in and gradually build that up to content of your page. Also, share their stuff on your page helps a lot too. Its karma 🙂

  • I post regular wall updates to our Facebook business page. Mostly, the wall updates are about general industry specific news and information. While posting such news, the reach and engagement is excellent. However, when I post something related to our business, say an offer or a discount or a new service launch, the reach and engagement drops. The real challenge for me is to get the same kind of interaction for informative content as well as the promotional content of our business  

  • Blpettus

    Obviously, Facebook marketing works, I just don’t understand how.  I have read tons of articles, attended webinars and bought  books-all supposedly having the answer to effective Facebook marketing.  Most have the same general theme-deliver content that is engaging but that is not sales oriented.  I don’t have a problem with interesting content.  I just don’t know how to use that content to generate sales.

    Another challenge that I have is the do’s an don’ts of redistributing content.  If I am on another site or read someone else’s material, how is posting their material generating sales for my business?  How do I ethically rewrite someone eles’s material?  How do I give credit from the source of that material?  How can I redistribute content but keep the viewer on my page?

    As I said, I just don’t understand the process.

    Betty L Pettus

  • For a long time I belonged to a traditional physical networking group here in the UK, BNI, and I built up relationships with people, a network of contacts.

    I find that most of my business sucesses come from customers who I can build relationships with, offer support to and they know like and trust me.

    Mari’s new book on relationship marketing is an excelent starting point if you’re new to the concept of marketing through relationships rather than traditional sales techniques.

    Facebook is a social networking website, it ought to be possible to build up many more relationships with potential customers than through physical face to face networking alone.

    However, the challange is this, how do you break outside the circle of contacts you already know? I recently started using photo posts on Facebook for my company page and saw a big upturn in the numbers of people reading my posts (they increased from 15/20 to 30/40).

    I have tried using Facebook adverts to increase my fan base, and they were ok growing my page likes to over 100, but engagement was still poor.

    Then I tried promoting posts to those who had liked my page, and those who were friends of people who liked my page, suddenly my posts attracted audiences of over 60, and my social reach zoomed up to a reported 45k. Once I stopped paying to promote, the posts dropped back to a readership of about 25.

    It is often easier to learn the best ways to do new things from people who have done it before, and the facebook summit offers that opportunity to learn from people who have got results from Facebook.

    I for one would love to acheive the same results from ‘non paid for’ posts as I did from ‘promoted’ ones, and I would also like to know how to keep fan engagement.


  • Brendanhufford

    My biggest struggle with Facebook is resisting the urge to use it as social ‘media’ as Gary V puts it.  With media, we all want to push things on people and advertise.  My struggle is using it to pull and build rapport/community.  Oddly enough, I’ve found that I’m better at the latter anyways.

  • My business sells products that are very photogenic and appeal to a very social media savvy demographic.  It should be easy,don’t you think?  My biggest challenge is getting my head around all the add ons and bells and whistles that Facebook and other platforms are able to utilise.  I love running promotions and competitions,but I am shy of these on Facebook because of the myriad of rules that Facebook attaches to such promotions.  I just want to know how to get the best out of social media, in all its forms, for my business.

  • I am a web developer and my biggest Facebook marketing  challenge is to launch a Facebook Startups Package for Startups in Romania. It contains a large number of applications, including a monitoring system of the facebook success. It’s gonna be the first service of this kind from Romania.

  • Devon Buse

    Finding Simple and Easy Tools that business owners can use to both stand out from the crowd and show that they care at the same time!

  • Kelly David

    My biggest challenge is measuring ROI and determining how well my efforts are paying off (beyond the number of likes and retweets, etc.)  Also juggling several different social media platforms.

  • My biggest challenge is: How do a measure success with facebook into sales for the store.

    We do not sell anything online we are RL store with only 1 location.

    We have pretty decent facebook engagement and I’ve learned to a point what they do like and don’t like to talk about. Although new things pop up that I never thought they would be either so for or so against… 🙂

    Right now we kind of guess about the impact on the store that facebook has.

    Thank you


    My biggest challenge is: Measuring how effective facebook is with bringing people into our store to shop.

    Right now we take a guess between sales, customer count and facebook insight information.

    Any suggestions on how to better use or measure facebook for face to face sales would be great! Thank you

  • Pstinson

    Hey Everyone, 
    First…thanks very much for this wonderful opportunity! SME is a great resource and the summit is something I really don’t want to miss. That being said, I will be missing it simply because of lacking budget. I’ve invested what I can from my savings for learning and what is left over I need to put into actively changing what I’ve already got online. I’m interested in changing my face-to-face business into an online one and have been investing my time for the past one and a-half years to learn what I need to do. I’m going slowly, making changes along the way and I’m ready to implement yet my next phase of changes. I have to create an additional website and FB fanpage to go along with the site, with all the online marketing in addition. I’d really like to lean on the foundation of information from the upcoming summit during my next phase. This is a crucial time for me because I am also moving from a corporate paying target market into an individual paying target market. Further, I am moving from a focus of “soft skills for corporate managers and business owners” to include more “mental training techniques for surviving every day life”. If you’d like, you can check me out here: and foundation I am using for mental training here: “The Chimp Paradox” by Dr. Steve Peters.warm regards and again, thanks for the opportunity!Peggy Stinson

  • Fun vs. professional while appealing to a wide audience of job seekers of all different ages and career paths.

  • MaryA

    My biggest facebook marketing challenge is
    gaining the correct knowledge to feel confident in my marketing decisions. I feel
    that the Facebook Success Summit will help set me on this path.

    Here is a quote that I have
    Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.
    Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

    Kofi Annan
    My version is:
    Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.
    Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family, in
    every business.
    Mary Ann

  • Brenda

    I think the biggest Facebook marketing challenge is the misconceptions about the uses of Facebook and limited understanding of the benefits and features. Facebook has evolved so much from what it started as a use for college students to chat and to talk about what they ate for lunch. I still hear from coworkers and family how they don’t want everyone to see what they are doing. But with subscriptions, Top News, & geo-targeting, there are so many ways to filter what you are posting and what you see. People say they don’t like pages because their news feed gets so congested, but so many are unaware of using lists to organize different category newsfeed.  I think if consumers would let go of their current ideas of Facebook and try a fresh start, they would be amazed and marketing would be much easier and more FUN! 

  • I’d have to say our biggest Facebook
    marketing challenge is generating conversions. On Facebook a
    conversion for us would be one of the following :

    * Clicking The Like Button

    * Clicking through to our website

    * Making a comment on our posts

    * Posts

    * Or getting thumbs ups

    We do feel its important to be
    responsive to everyone that posts on the Classy Catering Creations
    time line/wall. So we do try to comment and like all posts and thumbs
    up. We do post regularly everyday. So I feel having the ability to be
    involved in this conference could really help us find out why we are
    not getting the conversions we are looking for and help us to learn
    how to be more effective on Facebook.

    Thank you for the chance to win such an
    awesome prize.

    – Chef Ricky

  • I’m quite happy with my facebook page 😉 It’s still young but I do get some nice interaction and I’m having one or two likes per day so I’m really hyped about that… although to some it might not seem huge, I love it!!

    My biggest challenge is understanding how to use apps/tabs in an efficient way.

  • Deb Baker

    Our biggest Facebook marketing challenge is how to turn our Facebook audience into not just our viewers, but our consumers. I work with a group of several newspapers in the midwest, mostly small community operations. We’ve had some success with certain posts, or contests where we increase our “likes”, but somehow, somewhere, we need to convert into dollars. Is it enough to have all the “likes”, then hope that they turn to us when they need the “news”? (Which, by the way, nobody wants to pay for anymore, they want it all to be free.) Facebook is obviously of value, and I don’t see it going away any time soon. How do WE increase our value through Facebook?

  • My greatest challenge has been building momentum off of viral posts. I manage the social media for a cancer awareness site and our fans respond really well to uplifting quotes and images. We recently had a photo shared more than 700 times, and we only have about 750 fans. The problem is, it wasn’t an original piece of content and didn’t include any of our branding, so we didn’t see a lot of results as far as page Likes and site traffic. I’d love to learn more about unique branding for content and how to boost metrics and engagement for a non-profit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Oops, sorry for the repeat!

  • My biggest FB marketing challenge is understanding how getting 5000 likes in a week (for example) equals good, organic marketing. I understand that marketing has shifted from broadcast-based to engagement and interaction and it’s fun to re/learn marketing and how it manifests effectively within Social Media. I’ll be a student of social media for a long time to come and I’m happy about that. But I’m really boggled by how much weight is being put on getting thousands of likes in shorter periods of time because I don’t understand how getting so many likes in such a short period translates into successful Facebook marketing? Is there some Facebook Like “tipping point” that we need to understand? Obviously this summit would help me to get the inside scoop.

  • Fiona

    my biggest facebook challenge is sparking community egagment/conversation about the topic that relates directly to the product the page is for… my challenge is that the most engaging content is celebrity or sensational-news related and I try to steer away from that.

  • Valarie H.

    As a brand new Social Media Manager, I want to ensure that I offer my clients the best service for their buck. where I am having a bit of trouble is with the customer/client engagement.  How can I do this better.  I don’t seem to get much feedback from clients/customers at all.  HELP!!

  • My biggest Facebook challenge has been identifying my target market and my niche – I find that I am trying to talk to everyone about everything, and it has not been very effective. I would get to have more training on identifying your target market within Facebook and creating engaging content for them, and not worrying about “everyone else”. Also, how to NOT be a “Condescending Corporate Brand Page” – my favorite Facebook page of all time:

  • Jessie DSouza

    My Biggest Facebook Marketing challenge is user engagement with my content and turning my fans into real buying customers. These two things have been falling back from long time and I want to find a solution for this. And, I would be excited to attend this Facebook Success Summit 2012.

  • Amanad Q

    My biggest Facebook Marketing challenge is getting fans engaged and trying to turn fans into customers. I work in the banking industry and it’s tough to get people interested in something they don’t really want to think about and/or don’t find fun.

  • Kathleen Druda

    My biggest Facebook challenge is getting started with engaging content.  Getting followers and then engaging them to interact with our page, and share our posts and content.

  • Chris Picanzo

    My biggest challenge is finding the best times to post for different types of clients as well as finding good engaging content in particular types of businesses.
    Chris P

  • Shane Johnston

    Keeping Fans stoked up (engagement I guess in FB language) to take action in their own business’ & helping them get closer to their hopes & dreams.  My wish is for them all to just suspend their disbelief & try things …if you fall down then just get back up and try again. I get so charged up myself when someone else succeeds even if & especially when they take it to a higher level than me …it makes me want to try harder too!  I’m saying this so I take my own advice too …not everything works perfectly the first time & sometimes it’s hard to fail and try again.  My best coaches for Facebook engagement/marketing (truly no brown nosing intended) are Amy, Mari, Michael & Nick Unsworth!  There’s tons of other unsung hero’s out there too, but the people I mention are top of mind every day with new awesomeness …thanks for always being there for me in my Newsfeed 😉  Failure is not an option …it’s just an everyday fact of life.  OK, I have to go stoke some Fans up now 🙂

  • My biggest social media challenge is working to find the right times to post for my individual clients.  Currently we manage 7 or 8 clients, and it seems like engagement varies from account to account, and from day to day.  In other words, we have a schedule that we use, and each client has posts that go out at about the same time each day.  However, engagement seems to be different from one client to the next.  We are working on tweaking each account so that the posts go out at the right time, but it is a tedious and seemingly endless process!  🙂

  • I currently work at a Digital Marketing Firm and have a lot of experience working through Facebook on an organizational level. The biggest problem that I have come across is when I client has established an incredibly low amount of Facebook followers. I post good content on their behalf, but what good does it do when the audience is only a few of their friends that did “pity likes” and don’t engage. We have tried contests and connected with other organizations on Facebook, but nothing seems to work in regards to expanding our audience. If the audience isn’t established at all, how do you build it?

  • Josue

    My biggest obstacle has been generating more folllowers on my social media sites (twitter, facebook, linkedin) without paying for advertising. This is with several daily posts and after spending ours weekly studying social media marketing. Thank you for all of your informative content!

  • Debbie Horovitch

    I think to find success in Facebook I need to be innovative, offering value in a way that is surprising and accessible. That is my biggest marketing challenge. How do I stand out in Facebook? How can I find some content, service or brand that isn’t already being offered by everyone posting before me and after me? I don’t want to compete for clients with the people who come to me, I want to offer something consistent, unique, unrepeatable by anyone else. And I want to know how to ease the time it takes to plan and construct updates so that it becomes less of the time, and helping people becomes more of the time.

  • Lucyannej

    I have wasted too much time trying to find groups and sources for my niche. 

    I am a teacher who writes for children. I need to find the right audience, but it takes me a lot of time and effort to join groups and interact, and often find the group is not the right place to be. 

    How can I find my audience in an efficient way?This is my biggest challenge…… I have a lot more I’d love to talk about!

  • Getting the Facebook likes on a page is fine – its trying to get conversation generated that seems to be the issue.  I would like to figure out different ways that not only spread the message but engage the user. 

  • Main challenge is engagement and real facebook fan. Brand can easily get these but for non brand its too hard. So would like to know how to do branding at Facebok.

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  • Jo Austin Marketing

    My biggest facebook challenge is just trying to keep up with their constant changes. Just when you feel you have got to grips with what you are doing and how to build up a following they go and change something.  Would love it if everytime that happened they emailed you a heads up with step by step instructions of how to work around their latest innovations.

  • My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is how to translate passive likes into active engagement and then taking it a step further into advocacy and empowerment. I use Facebook for social good and education, and I want to be able to help others not only connect with my organization, but to help them become the ones who actively share this content with others. Attending the summit would greatly help me amplify our message and help so many more people! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  • Belize is evolving when it comes to social media, many small businesses are opening a page almost daily. I am devouring every bit of information I can get so that I can be effective in my business. My biggest marketing challenge is attracting the right clients that aren’t afraid to invest in their business. I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  • Hands down ~ the challenge of finding the right “group” & the right “page” to connect with that will get me results and clients that are ready and willing to committ and are able to finanicially move forward for a new business venture! There are millions of people, thousands of groups –  how do I  find my “niche” of people! and stop spinning my wheels joining tons of groups that do me NO good!

  • Autumn W

    Exposing a new product to the market is tough! Its so difficult to sound authentic and engaging when my real goal is to get people to share my post, therfore hopfully driving them back to my page and liking it. I need to go to this event.

  • My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is to convert people to fan then convert fan to become customer. Before focusing on Facebook, my ambition is to be a Social Media Marketer. At that time, no Google Plus, Google Page and Pinterest. I sign up a program that would help me to do so. After years, I decided to focus on Facebook only . This is because; I got no result of trying to do all the social media. When I look at the Facebook page with 970k of fans, I can not sleep. I have been thinking on how they do it. I have tried Facebook Ads, I add friends by uploading email contact addresses then my account been blocked for 15 day and my fake accounts have been disabled, I have try many third party apps such as FAQ, f-store, Contact Us Form, Feedback, PDF, YouTube, Twitter and many other apps although we can use only 12 apps / tabs for each page (actually 10 apps because we cannot remove Photo and Like tabs), I try to engage with fans using question but NO ONE RESPONSE (do I have to use fake account again?), I tried to use Infographic, I tried to use Storytelling timeline AND many other ways BUT I still can not get the RESULTS 🙁 Continue…. A week ago, I bought 3 modules (program) from 2 different Gurus teaching to optimize EdgeRank, Page Tagging, inserting Facebook Comment & other ideas which are common, create Applications that manipulate Like, giving Free eBook with Like-gate & must opt-in email to download the eBook) Oh! Before I forget, I used Facebook offer.

  • carlagolden

    My greatest Facebook challenge is not being too friendly and wanting to network too much. I’ve been put in Facebook “time out” three times and I’m now hesitant to send a friend request to anyone even if we do have 258 people in common. I don’t understand the FB rules. Seems that if I’m in a private group of 2,000+ people and I’m making friends there that it would “be safe” to make a friend connection, but, alas, I’ve been spanked on the hand THREE times! Help me to understand pleeeease. And I’d LOVE to win a ticket…better yet two so that I can share with a friend. I’d love to gift this. Thank you for this opportunity. Best, Carla.

  • My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is changing my thought process when targeting Facebook ads. When you’re used to thinking of viewer/reader demographics in terms of age, male/female, etc., Facebook gives you so many more options. From broad categories and precise interest targeting to targeting your ads by whether or not someone is connected to your page or even if they are “friends” of your page, app or event – it’s a whole new mindset for direct response marketers!

  • Vladimir S.

    In my case, the biggest challenge is not to get people to like my page, but to get the RIGHT people to like it. Just a big number of likes might not always do the trick. I’d rather have 50.000 likes out of which 40.000 are interested in the page, than 100.000 likes built up with facebook ads, but with only 10.000 actually interested. This is a big problem here in Romania, where the Facebook mentality isn’t at the same level as in the US, and companies are still figuring out how to use social media. 
    I would really love to attend the Summit, as I am sure it would help me a lot. Thank you for your time.

  • My biggest Facebook marketing challenge: convincing our clients that they should take a step back in order to let their public enjoy, and share!

    Learning them to generate theme-oriented content, in stead of company-oriented content, is the crux; i.e. learning our clients to not stand between what they are offering and the public, thus giving way and room for the public to make up their own judgements and to – voluntarily – share content. 

    For some people this comes naturally, for most it takes a while to shake off the ‘good-old’ narcissism and self-centeredness…  

  • Engagement is a problem…but the biggest challenge for me is to use the statistics that Facebook so kindle provide properly!  There is so much valuable data that I’m sure can help in the marketing, but I didn’t figure out how to apply it in the right way… Please help! 

  • Whitney Denney

    My biggest challenge with Facebook is lack of knowledge and training. I started as an intern at my company and was soon hired as a social media manager. However, my mentor (who had social media experience) left the company. Now I am the resident “expert,” but I feel I have more questions than answers most of the time. 

  • My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is attracting new followers to the site without spending huge amounts of capital with blatant advertising to drive people to the site.

  • Newmedia

    It can be hard to stay motivated as I search for a voice that my nonprofit can use to amplify our voice. We are a small staff with a small budget… but we have a HUGE impact on our local arts community. I believe in our message so much, but conveying it to our fans is sometimes hit or miss. It gets discouraging when it feel like I’m reaching out and not enough are reaching back to make a difference.

  • Our biggest Facebook marketing challenge has been engagement and seeing a ROI.  It has been been a challenge to stay motivated and find relevant things to post. I would absolutely love to go to the Facebook Success Summit 2012! ~ Robin

  • Candice

    My challenge with facebook is finding a balance of material that is of interest to our fans and getting there input. Working for 2 small companys and relitively fresh on the marketing scene I am constantly searching and reading advice on how to best use social media and the opportunity to hear more from the experts is exciting.

  • My BIGGEST Facebook challenge is determining which content to post at which time.  I often think in my head “What if I re-post the same information for 3 days straight simply worded in a new way.”  Somebody new sees content for the first time each day..each second on Facebook.  So, If I Really want to get a message across should I repeat myself in creative ways?

  • Kelli

    I work for a pageant system, so our biggest Facebook challenge is maintaining our conservative & bias-free nature while still engaging our customer base (girls ages 4-18).  In addition, our system is less about what dress you wear and how your hair looks and focuses more on communication skills and drive, which makes content development that much trickier.

    Would love to have the opportunity to attend this Summit in hopes of finding some ways to battle these challenges we face

  • Joe

    My biggest Facebook marketing challenge is going in headfirst with very little guidance. I recently graduated from college and have started my first “real job” at a local small business that has not had very much experience in creating and maintaining a strong social media presence. While this company has created Facebook pages for their products, they (and I) are having a hard time creating content that people find interesting and, at a more basic level, are struggling to gain interest in the Facebook pages themselves (low amount of likes and low traffic). All of the tools are in place (Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Klout, Vocus, Hootsuite, etc.) and available at our disposal but the experience and direction just isn’t there. Hopefully, by attending this Facebook Success Summit we will be able to gain the right tools and knowledge needed to run our company’s Facebook pages more successfully.

  • Patricia Brooke Swafford

    I’ve been managing the social media of a international high school exchange’s alumni program for a year now, and I enjoy sharing the amazing and inspirational volunteer projects these amazing youths from across Eurasia are able to implement to make a positive contribution to their communities in 10 different countries of the former Soviet Union!  From January to May alone, over 3,758 alumni organized and participated 839 events, which have included everything from orphanage visits and concerts for nursing home residents to women’s rights seminars and HIV/AIDS prevention.  You can read more about them by friending us at!  With over 20,000 alumni tuning in from graduation years spanning two decades, as well as their American host family and friends from all 50 states and the US officials, government sponsors and non-profit staff who support them, there are a lot of social media needs and intereststo met.  I’d like to learn how to better engage followers from across these areas while continuing to promote the program and its success.  Please, Social Media Examiner and friends, help me secure a free ticket to participate from our low-budget office in Moscow, Russia!  I can bring to the table my own personal experience in ethnography, anthropology, and qualitative and quantitative market research, as well as deep knowledge about the digital strategies of multiple small- and large-scale projects from the non-profit and community service sphere.  This year we’ve seen seen a 67.5% growth rate in building our online community, which is very encouraging, but we still have a long way to go.  Help us get there!  Thanks for your consideration.

  • Janneke

    As the owner of a small advertising agency in a smaller town in Finland. I need to be able to give my customers tools to improve there overall marketing and sales using Facebook. Therefore I have to know what and how to use Facebook to its full potential for SME’s.

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  • My biggest Facebook Marketing challenge is to find the best time/post/frequency to increase my engagement level within the community. As a community manager, I always want to ensure that my post has what it takes to reach the “edge” 🙂

  • Lenasledge

    Biggest challenge is getting fans to engage with my posts on Facebook through sharing the content and liking it.

  • Natalie

    I manage multiple facebook pages and forums for several different types of businesses. For my sons theater group I struggle to engage new customers, while creating a community for current students to share their successes and performances. For my personal blogging pages I struggle to understand and stay current with the changes to facebook so that my followers see my posts and remain engaged with my site. I am starting a new business, and my husband has a craft business. For those pages, I want to attract new customers, and solicit ideas and create a community around health and wellness, and crafting. My biggest dilemma is what and how often should I post to engage my customers and followers so that I can attract new followers, while engaging the old, and creating the sense of community that I am striving for. One of my biggest goals for all my blogs, facebook pages and forums is to create a community where we can discuss and implement change in our lives. I have a degree in psychology, and am working on health and life coach certification. I want to link my business pursuits with an online forum that supports and sustains healthy lifestyles, and supports and sustains families on special diets, or with special needs children. I adore my work, and love blogging, but it is the sense of community and participation and involvement that eludes me, and that I desire most. We are all busy people, and having the opportunity to connect with people similar to ourselves online can be a form of therapy and support, which is what I am striving for.

  • My biggest challenge is keeping up! With a staff of only 2, my assistant and I have a million things going on – the day-to-day operation of the business, the marketing & PR, ad design, visitor services and request fulfillment, committee meetings, etc. As much as I LOVE SoMe, it’s a challenge keeping up with not only creating unique and interesting posts, but keeping up with the comments that our fans are making. 

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  • Thank you for your kind words, This blog is awesome

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