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UPDATE: Congrats to Shea Craig, winner of 2 free tickets, and Amie Baumwell, winner of 1 free ticket, to Content Success Summit. Here is Shea’s winning entry.

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Content Success Summit 2013 is a large online conference dedicated to help marketers and business owners master content marketing.

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Twenty-two of the world’s most respected content marketing experts will share their strategies with you.

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These include 13 book authors: Joe Pulizzi (co-author, Get Content Get Customers), Ann Handley (co-author, Content Rules), Michael Hyatt (author, Platform), Michael Stelzner (author, Launch), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies), Mark Schaefer (author, Return on Influence), Gini Dietrich (co-author, Marketing in the Round), David Siteman Garland (author, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper), DJ Waldow (co-author, The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing), James Wedmore (author, The YouTube Marketing Book), Stanford Smith (co-author, Born to Blog), Lewis Howes (co-author, LinkedWorking); as well as Derek Halpern (Social Triggers), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and Marcus Sheridan (The Sales Lion)—just to mention a few.

Presentation topics include establishing your content strategy, making your content great, blogging, video marketing, podcasting, email marketing, creating online courses, marketing with webinars and much more! Check out all the sessions.

At last summer’s summit, 98% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

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There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

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Simply write about your biggest content marketing challenge in the comments box below (scroll down).

The judges (Joe Pulizzi, founder, Content Marketing Institute and Mike Stelzner, founder, Social Media Examiner) will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What you need to know:

  1. You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  2. Tweets must contain #winCSS13.
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  • Guest

    I work as the marketing director for a building materials company. In moving the company forward with a rebrand/name change- our goal was to become more dynamic and digital in our marketing efforts. In doing so, we’ve decided to create and maintain an online presence through Social Networking as well as and almost most-importantly, E-Mail marketing. Our struggle lies within the process of trying to come up with “creative-enough”content that will truly grasp our target audience’s attention. Although we may have fans, followers & subscribers- the majority of our consumers are not as “digitally-savvy”as other industries. When we send e-mail blasts we’ve got to create a subject or tag line that makes our readers ‘want’to open and read our blasts- and not only that- enjoy and find our blasts informational and something that they want and look forward to reading each month. Overall, our challenge is coming up with the right content to capture the attention of the right individuals and keeping them engaged once we do. Thanks for considering! 🙂

  • Dear staff of SME,

    We are currently having trouble with getting our Social Media activities of the ground. We do the regular posts with interesting content (at least we think so), but for some reason we don’t see any growth in our European fanbase. I’m really eager to learn why this is, how we can change this and how we change our behaviour on the social media. Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest.. everything! And it would be a honour to learn from the masters themselves.



  • I struggle with coming up with content consistently, then finding the time and writing the bones of the content. I’ve had a blog for my business for almost 2 years, and it barely gets used because of this. 2013 marks the year to make this happen consistently, and I’d love to see results from it.

  • The biggest content marketing challenge we face as an Internet marketing agency is to find the gaps in the existing body of content or at topic areas that are not as dense with existing content on the subject matter, then creating content that addresses those gaps or less dense subject matters with content that exceeds the quality of existing content already ranking. Focusing on content that will rank for searches with high commercial intent is another area so that resulting traffic will be interested and engaged with higher likelihood of conversion. The last major challenge is driving engagement for brands less established than Social Media Examiner and the Content Marketing Institute, in terms of social syndication and quality comments that add to the conversation. Thanks for considering my entry.

  • Shelia

    My biggest content marketing challenge is rooted in the fact that my companies have been offline businesses.  Although I agree that offline and online business really shouldn’t be remarkably different, it’s a tough transition.   Content creation is challenging in and of itself – blogging, SEO, Video, Social Media Platforms etc.  I built a successful offline business based on relationships and great customer service and i’m excited to use social media and content marketing as a tools to facilitate these same types of relationships online.  With this being said, i’m still in learning to master the craft and would be honored to be considered for your Content Success Summit.   Thanks for your consideration. 

  • I would say the biggest content marketing challenge we face as a company is establising a unique voice amongst industry giants. Not only establishing it but convincing others who have already chosen their source favorites to want to listen to it and take action. I feel that companies with many writers and who have the resources to not only publish everyday but also market everyday are at an advantage we small guys and gals don’t seem to have. I feel if we could somehow bring a special blend of authencity to the table we may be able to see real results from content marketing.

  • This is very interesting! For those who want to be part of the Content Success Online summit, now is your chance to get free tickets! Good luck everyone!

  • My biggest marketing challenge I face is effectively aligning the blog and premium content downloads I create with both our targeted personas and their associated stage they are in the buying cycle. Additionally, having the metrics to be able to evaluate if we are doing this effectively. 

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love your site/blog – keep up the great work!

  • Ashley Oakes Scott

    My biggest content challenge is coming up with specific insights for a client’s industry or business when no information is provided. Content starts to become very vague with the limited research that is available. How can I make this content more exciting or find a process to get a client to keep me updated on their business?

  • At, we are in the process of growing our site from a handful of strategic landing pages to a site-wide experience. To do so, our small team is filling a few thousand pages with content, launching a blog, organizing giveaways, ramping up social media efforts, and reaching out to other sites to build relationships and seek exposure. As the Content Director, the greatest challenge has been balancing our short and longterm goals with our bandwidth – all while finding time to keep writing. 

  • Autumn Kindelspire

    My biggest content challenge is me! My background is in writing and book publishing, but I have been lucky enough to find myself as a content developer. I love the job and have been successful so far, but feel I could be a real rockstar with a little more professional development. 

  • Don Crow

    My biggest content marketing challenge is to more efficiently and quickly navigate the approval process for large clients. I believe we spend an disproportionate amount of time designing and vetting approval / routing matrices so that we can focus on taking client raw content, and converting it into more consumer facing white papers, blog and social posts, etc. I’d love to learn more best practices about on-boarding clients in the content marketing space.

  • Romola

    My challenge is that I am so new…how can I teach on my site if I don’t even understand what tagging my picture means? H1tag?..that’s how new I am. I come from selling to the Natural Food Industry  for 25 years  and I am watching myself change my personality, going from an on the road sales rep to this new scary world of the internet. My sweat changes smell from the fear I am going through! So it would be amazing for me to come and learn from all you leaders. I just lost my business from that damn hurricane and decided to come into this new world! Pick me!!!!

  • My biggest marketing challenge is that I’m not a marketer, but gradually have taken on/been given the social media/blogging responsibilities for the established B2B and new B2C outreaches of our company. There is a lot to do and refine, and social media is an ever-changing target. I would love to win tickets to this summit so I could learn more about how to effectively use social media tools to dramatically increase awareness about our products.

  • Let me first say thank you to Michael Stelzner for offer a great contest!
    My name is Chef Richard Bishop and I am the owner of Classy Catering
    Creations. We are a full service catering company that provides more
    than just catering we also have a full marketplace as well as offer
    cooking classes and more.

    We provide 6 FREE services everyday from our free Q & A services to our FREE For All Friday and more. We established these free services as a way to increase fan, follower engagement. Unfortunately, this is not working as well as we hoped and are not sure what to do at this point to increase engagement and activity on our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.

    So I would say our biggest challenge has been creating content that draws in engagement and activity. We are looking for more engagement because we feel it will add to our recognition and add to our credibility which should ultimately increase our sale and revenues.

    – Chef Ricky

  • I posted under my name, see below.

  • My biggest challenge is to find a way of communication with distributors because we work B2B and within the chemical sector, cleaners and disinfectants. Even more, our company, has 3 divisions to focus on: Agriculture, Food Processing and Vehicle care. As you can see, non of the three are in the same market BUT comes from the same company. Of course we have a specific name for our products within this segments, but this would take away the focus of our general company name, which I have to represent (the three sectors deserve to be mentioned when searching the name of our company).
    Even more, we export to more than 80 countries at this moment. Sometimes this is through private labels, but yet I want the distributor to connect to our network because a lot of relevant information can be found on these channels for them. This would also be a way to keep a kind of control of the quality of information that is spread about our products. 
    On this day, it’s still a challenge which I haven’t found the good way to follow for – yet. Living in a country where social media is still seen by the management as something that’s just additional and doesn’t deserve a budget, it’s very difficult to keep continuing and keeping the aim for a profitable, durable and stable implementation for a social media strategy. But I keep experimenting, but could use some professional advice and examples. And who knows, maybe one day I will be the person that can tell YOU about the challenge I faced here.

  • Deborah Blanchard

    My biggest content marketing challenge is educating various key stakeholders across our college campus about the importance of focusing on content that can be easily adapted across platforms.  There isn’t yet an understanding that it is usually not necessary to create entirely new content for social media, website, e-blasts, blogs, magazine articles, news, etc.  How much easier our jobs would be if we could work across silos to take one great story and communicate it in various ways to different audiences using different platforms! 

  • As an Online Marketing Coach, creating content for my clients – or helping them create it for themselves – seems easy. My conundrum is when I try to create content for my *own* business! My head is too deep into everything I do, so I can’t get as objective a perspective as I have with my clients’ businesses. I hear similar things from other business owners: They can write for others but writing for themselves is a bear.

    What kinds of things can a business owner do to work with our inside perspective and create effective content for our own businesses? Outside of hiring a consultant of our own, what questions can we ask or what template can we work with to generate our own good content?

  • My biggest content marketing challenge is making time to develop value-added content. I would be so grateful to learn systems for developing great content that both helps my clients and keeps them engaged, but that doesn’t take me hours to create.

  • Guest

    I work for a community college which has no dedicated social media presence. I and one other person do my departments social media marketing and my biggest content marketing challenge is cohesion between us. And the simple fact the I handle the social media in addition to my “regular” job and need a better way of getting it all done with a minimum of time (and frustration!)  Thanks.

  • Michele

    As a beginner, I get confused as to where to start and how to give my readers what they want.  Everyone says something different-blog once a week, blog twice a week, blog everyday-so who do you believe.  I would really like to know how to get my face book engagement up.  I have a lot of followers and they like a lot of the posts but they don’t comment a lot even though I ask them to.  What’s the secret?

    Thanks Michele

  • Sue B.

    Creating content comes naturally to me & my brand SueB.Do….however, there is ALWAYS more to learn to BEE better and I want to invest my time wisely! Joe & Mike continue to deliver great content that has helped my business and I would love to hear their words of wisdom. #contentisKING

  • I am the Social Media Manager for a medium-sized business that has 62 locations featuring convenience stores, gas stations, car care centers and check cashing services. I’ve only been here 3 months and have faced a difficult battle internally to get a majority of the company to support the use of social media for the business. The company is privately owned and receives a lot of backlash for gas prices. We have also been haunted by a slip-up of the business owner from several years ago when he made a comment that led many to turn against our business.

    Most in my company believe being involved in social media opens another door to allow people to put our business down, but it has resulted in nearly the complete opposite. I’ve managed to bring to light many brand advocates and viewpoints of the public that show utter adoration of our company. Of course, we still face a handful and naysayers and will continue to do so. This leads me to the tell you that my biggest marketing challenge is brand reputation management. From fighting off the negativity our business has had circulating by word of mouth for years, to embracing the positive and negative sentiment we see every day on our social media platforms, we face the public opinion.

    No matter the content I produce, there are positive and negative comments brought to our attention. My challenge is not so much generating original content, but developing appropriate responses to the opinions of our fans, as well as those who have had a bad experience with our company. I’d love to learn more about brand reputation management and best practices for applying it to social media.

  • I have recently launched a new company ASAP•house Inc. the manufacturer of architect designed, healthy, energy efficient and simple to build modern prefab homes. Even though we have gotten over 600 fans on our Facebook page and a small Twitter and Pinterest following we are still struggling to reach our core market. 

  • Diogenes

    My biggest content marketing challenge is to understand how to use what is being well succeeded there in USA and apply here in Brazil. The realities of each country are too different and Brazil is a enormous country that has lots of differences and problems to overcome. 

  • Blogging. Blogging. Blogging. It’s our toughest challenge. We know it’s important to do but not as important as other tasks and projects. How do we shift our mentality?  Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets since our budget for this type of expense is no longer available in this economic climate!

  • Joe

    My biggest content marketing challenge is and has been getting my foot in the door to lead an organization in Social Media and content marketing. If selected the winner of one of these three tickets I would use the knowledge and information learned to help me secure a position where I be looked at as someone who is informed, knowledgeable, and well-versed in the world of Social Media.  I would take that information, tweak it so it applies to the organization I am with, and expand on the delivery of Social Media content to the benefit of the organization.  I will use the information learned to not only secure a position but use it with the non-profit organizations I currently am involved with as a board member. I do not need two tickets – just one!  I am looking for that one opportunity to make a difference by my quest for knowledge and understanding in 2013.

  • Cher Tushiah

    My greatest content marketing challenge is getting the company I work for to understand the value and importance of  social media.  While they have been in business online since 2004, they paid little to no regard to the outlet and reach of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging.  It is like pulling teeth to get them to provide me with great original content to place on our social media outlets.  They have unrealistic expectations of just posting an occasional “promoted post” here and there.  While I have tried tremendously to get them to increase the budget for our social media, they simply don’t understand the value.  I have tried, relentlessly to explain to them that the ads they use for email promos don’t necessarily translate to other outlets and I would like to be able to have them put more faith in my knowledge and prove to them that online marketing is an invaluable tool.  It’s simply not enough to be “number one” in a Google search any longer (that is SO 2008!) and that as an online marketer, we need to be able to provide fresh, original content to our fans.  While it is not always necessary to create individual content to cater to each of these platforms, it IS necessary to always keep the content fresh, new, not reuse old ads to introduce new merchandise and understand that what might have worked a year ago no longer works in our ever evolving social media.  I keep experimenting, pushing the boundaries, trying to get a bit more edgy and taking leaps…but I get responses similar to the old man who shakes a fist at the whippersnappers and screams “Get offa my lawn, you kids!”  Being an older company that has been around for awhile, I am trying to get management to understand that we are a new company in terms of social media!  It is important for us to get on the ground floor of all the new offerings out there.  I would love the tools to convince them WHY a social media budget is so important and how vital networking is to taking our company from known to world wide!  This frustrates me as we are an international company who has a specialty niche and should be doing so much better than we are!

  • Peter Tran

    The biggest marketing challenge I face today is fully utilizing social media to reach targets in my company’s four main niche markets. Working for a financial institution means more regulation and a more narrow market. My company is relatively new to social media, so developing a “voice” that targets customers in an engaging way can sometimes be difficult.

    Thank you,

  • Cher Tushiah

     Wow!  I ABSOLUTELY can understand and relate to this.  Getting new, fresh information is one of my biggest challenges, especially since I do not work in their physical office.  It’s like pulling teeth sometimes and so frustrating! 

  • I think my biggest content marketing challenge has to be planning things out without falling into analysis paralysis!

  • Jburgess

    As a marketing manager for a small IT company for the past year and a half, I have been able to introduce the use of LinkedIN, Facebook, eNewsletters, and blogging – expanding beyond more traditional marketing methods already established. The need to create informational yet entertaining content in order to capture our small business owner, target audience is quite challenging. I constantly try to educate myself and look to experts for new and wonderful ideas to meet this challenge. My goals for 2013 are to improve in each of these areas and expand into the use of video for our Facebook and WordPress website.

  • Kathy W

    When you are managing an account for a business and they think you can pull content out of thin air without dialog with the owners and managers. Somehow they think I do perform magic, but it can be a challenge.

  • Cher Tushiah

    Reading some of these answers make me feel a little less “alone” on some of these matters!

  • Anders

    My biggest content marketing challenge as a consultant is to balance the amount of free content I donate free of charge in my marketing with that which I want my clients to buy through my consultation. The more value I build into my marketing, the higher my force of attraction. The challenge is to leave a want for more and generate a willingness to pay for contractual services to follow.

  • Angel Aspeytia

    Our challenge comes from having so many clients in different industries and coming up with ways to translate information that will be useful to all of our clients. Coming up with new ways to post on social media sites and while writing content within websites or blogs is challenging because each vertical and industry is different. Our company helps mortgage, insurance and real estate professionals (as well as the occasional odd ball industry like legal professionals) so it is imperative that we learn new and fresh ways to write content that will help all of our clients.  We also have several marketing reps on our payroll, so it would be nice to translate this knowledge to them to have everyone on the same page.

  • Liz Long

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’d say that my biggest challenge with content marketing is turning it into a viable subscriber resource. With my publishing company, they want to see results from turning online interaction into real life subscriptions, but in this day and age, it’s tough when everyone expects everything to be available at their fingertips. I need a better way to figure out ROI and SEO, plus start from scratch on a new publication to build up the interest to gain better resources. In addition, my city tends to be a little “behind on the times” – while that’s not within my control, it sure would be easier if everyone realized how fun Pinterest or Twitter are to use!

  • Holly Connor

    I am the marketing manager for a private IT consulting company based in Chicago. My biggest content challenge is actually GETTING the content. I am fairly new to the IT industry but I am able to write not-so-technical blog posts that appeal to a larger audience. However, our target is IT directors and they tend to enjoy more technical pieces. I started an incentive program with my sales reps to get blog posts from them but I have seen motivation start to decrease these past couple of months. My goal for 2013 is to find more content sources and get more interaction with our blog and social media. I have been taking advantage of LinkedIn groups, which has shown the most success over any other social outlet (increase in website traffic, twitter followers, downloads). 

  • I am currently facing my biggest content marketing challenge – marketing myself. I have recently found myself laid off and looking to find new employment. I’ve studied and applied marketing for ten years and my biggest challenge has been impressing employers with my resume and portfolio. I am able to easily find the words to promote a product or service, but it is different when finding the words to promote myself. While I have no offers yet, I am optimistic for the opportunities ahead of me. I believe the content marketing skills I continue to learn on Social Media Examiner will help me in any new adventure I take on. 

  • Teri

    I run a Catering Business. I haven’t found the best way to get my name out there.  I have done fund raisers and always get raving reviews from attendees and customers but I am not getting the business I need to have it be a fulltime thing.  Not real sure about the marketing part but I know it is necessary.
    This year I am entering a new phase and pushing a certain part of the business and I really need the marketing aspect to be kicked up a bunch of notches. I am looking for any help I can get.

  • Elisa Rodriguez Fernandez

    My biggest content challenge is how can i make something so cold and impersonal as a software for transports, could be something more human, we already are part of the mayor operation of their companies, so i have to tell them we are there for them in our social network, not only to sell the product, we are there to help them with interesting information about the generalities of the transport, with basic laws, news from the transport (sharing links with magazines), how can i create all this content in a interesting and productive way.

    Mexico and Latinamerica  are moving to social, but not all the companies are doing it on a profesional way, so i wanna be one of the companies who does it.

    Thanks for this opportunity ! 

  • kririe

    My biggest challenge is coming up with meaningful, daily content that won’t turn off our fans and cause them to unlike us.

  • My biggest challenge with content marketing? First, fully understanding what it is and why it’s valuable. You say, “Content marketing involves creating content people love to share and using it to draw in your ideal customers, generate leads and build a platform. The result: you’ll increase your exposure, grow a loyal following and achieve sales growth.” Yes, great! Sign me up! However, for myself and other small businesses, how can we find the TIME to make content marketing an efficient strategy? As a business consultant and writer, I want to learn which tools to utilize and how to measure the results. 

  • Stephanie B.

    My biggest content marketing challenge is promoting and curating content that strikes a balance between engaging a diverse audience and keeps to the organization’s values as a somewhat conservative and religious higher education institution. As the sole person in my department who is focused on our social media and online presence, it can be difficult when customer engagement is sometimes at odds with the marketing/public relations side of my department. I’d love to attend the Summit to get some practical advice into not only how to engage more customers, but to also learn how to implement them into fitting in with our brand. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • My biggest content challenge is that I’m stuck.  Senior Management isn’t buying into the concept.  There is a lack of vision.  How can I convince them of the importance of content marketing?

  • Lora M.

    Our current challenge is having equal focus on all of our social media channels.

  • Working in the NFP profit scene and consulting to several organizations, my biggest challenges are trying to help clients understand that writing creative and engaging content marketing material does not have to be as overwhelming as they think. In fact, it can be a fun process of channeling their thoughts about their mission into unique methods. This, the ability to change the traditional marketing approach using classic methods by incorporating content generation as a new more direct and broad stroked approach within the overall marketing campaign of an organization. 

  • Oh the challenge of a giveaway! Yep, our biggest challenge is time. Finding the time to look for a good contest management system (I know Facebook requires you use them) and finding the time to promote the contest once it’s up and running. 

  • Kathy M.

    Our biggest struggle is our type of business. Our focus area is estate planning. It’s something that everyone needs and nobody wants. Let’s face it dying isn’t a popular topic especially if you will not see the benefit of your own estate planning. It’s also difficult to make the topic seem not so boring and depressing.

  • Rahul Gupta

    I’ve recently started a company called Social Promotions and have 2 clients, while I go and pitch to bigger clients, they ask for an existing client list which I don’t have nor I wish to lie, to improve my work and network with seniors I really wish to attend this conference. Many Thanks !

  • Our biggest challenge is balancing the time to create and repurpose content with the external focus of our business (executive & workplace coaching, speaking/facilitating, consulting). Both are better when used with the other, but if you’ve got your butt-in-seat writing, you can’t be out in the world sharing ideas live! We’re working on breaking down the work to be able to outsource more content management, but the quality of the content comes from walking the talk externally. Striking the right balance is key for 2013.

    Thanks for all the great ideas on SME!

    Darcy Eikenberg

  • Maria Meyer

    According to Wikipedia, the definition of content marketing is “an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content
    in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood
    current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving
    profitable customer action.” My biggest content marketing challenge is learning how to balance all of these actions while performing my other job duties.  It can seem like a very overwhelming task to accomplish.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • As owner of an up-and-coming, new small business, whose focus is Social Media Marketing, I face many challenges: Making sure I’ve guided them towards the proper social media outlet for their business, ensuring I provide a level playing field for customers I have in the same industry and just keeping up with all of their accounts in general.
    However, my biggest challenge has been marketing myself. How do I portray to prospective customers the importance of third party management for their social media? Sure, I’ve got several tools, graph charts and data to share with them. But sometimes even that information doesn’t convince people. Managers and owners, I’ve found, are either set in their ways in the sense that they feel they have no need for social media. Or that they can have one of their younger employees “do the facebook stuff, they have a facebook page”. We’re all aware that just because you have a facebook account, does not mean you’re an expert in social media marketing. And that is my biggest challenge. How do I convey that third party management is most often very necessary? And do so without sounding patronizing and/or without insulting said young employees that can “do facebook stuff”?

    I appreciate the input! Thanks so much!


  • Julienne Givot

     My personal challenge is to write posts that are both short enough to be readable while also giving enough information to be useful.  My subject matter tends to be dense so meting short posts has been tough.  

  • christinameyer

    My biggest challenge is between my two ears! Determining to JUST WRITE. The ideas are there, the time is there, the words are there. 

  • The biggest content marketing challenge I’ve faced has been trying to change the work environment into one of content creation and getting a group of amazing, creative people to engage with the company brand. They are willing and interested, but in the day-to-day it’s been difficult trying to incorporate content creation consistently into the mix instead of operating on a “project by project” basis. 

  • I am a young Social Media Director and Marketing Director. My corporation is a young start up in which I originally worked as a blogger. Yet when my supervisor left due to problems with her schedule I was left to take hold of our blog and our social media efforts. But here is the twist: My company is first and foremost a clothing company, yet because of finances we were only able to start with a blog to curate an audience that we could eventually sell our clothing to. But as the situation would have it the finances were still at a minimum and I was getting pressure from the President and CEO to step up our social media efforts without anything tangible to put in the face of our audience.And so there I was faced with a problem. 

    I came across Social Media Examiner and I started to get it. You cant DO social media. And I found that the President and CEO had a case of the “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome. They wanted to utilize social media but didn’t know really why or how it would be done. I realized from being on this site that you have to BE social.

    Lets fast forward to today’s date. Funds for clothing are still low. So the plan is to create a magazine to generate funds for our clothing. But I was skeptical. I didn’t want another magazine in circulation that was useless to its target audience  I want our magazine to have content in it that is Useful, Informative, Valuable, and Relevant to our target audience which is people ages 16-25. I want the magazine to actually be of use to them, something they can apply to their own lives. Generally we are targeting youth and young adults who are pursuing their passions and may or may not have their own business  or they may be starting one. 

    So I took all my notes I wrote from all the articles I’ve read on here and I applied them. I did the observation and listening on Twitter and Facebook. I came to realize though that I wasn’t getting much needed information.  It was then that I recalled something Advertising Legend Bill Bernbach said about public opinion. He said ” We are so busy measuring public opinion that we forget we can MOLD IT. We are so busy listening to statistics that we forget we can CREATE THEM.” And it dawned on me that my target audience doesn’t know much about the business world or simply the industries that house their passions. So I decided that’s what the magazine will do. It will inform them of their industries, of business etiquette and communication, on strategies and methods. On simply furthering themselves, their passions and talents as well as their businesses.

    But I’m still stuck with the problem on how to package the content to give to them. How will it be structured. How do I make it so that they can actually USE it? That is my biggest content marketing challenge. How do I design the content so that (Like Social Media Examiner) someone can see it and apply it. How do I break concepts down in an easy to understand format. What methods do I use to convey concepts?

    That is my content marketing challenge.

  • My biggest challenge in getting my content in front of the right people. I think I have some pretty valuable content but I’m just not sure the best way to get it to the eyeballs of the people who would most value it.

  • My challenge is unique since I run the marketing department for two separate small businesses that sell to a vast array of market segments. With limited resources, and an even smaller budget, it’s difficult to effectively reach our target audience. In an industry, food service / private label manufacturing, with extremely large players, we’re often an afterthought even to our business partners whom we need to drive our message through. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • The biggest challenge for me is to come up with ideas for good content.

    I think it’s comparatively easy to come up with ideas for niches like health & fitness or online marketing because there are so many sub niches that we can create the content about but I find it difficult to come up with an idea for blogs that are not too broad like the two examples mentioned above. 

  • I recently rebranded and relaunched my business and face a continuing problem: how to educate my target (multiple) audiences on how my product, which they don’t know they need or want, will benefit them. I create personalized framed collage keepsakes based on invitations, photographs, or other memorabilia. These keepsakes serve as touchstones that keep people connected to the joyous memories of their milestone events. Right now, I am focusing my marketing on event planners who do many events a year, but I know that my product ultimately is useful to everyone celebrating a life milestone event or who is invited to one as a guest because this is the perfect gift for any occasion. With the rebrand of my business, I am increasing my authenticity – my name is in the business name, my signature is part of the logo, and my face is part of the branding. I am telling stories and passing along information that I am interested in, and believe that my audience also will be interested in. The problem is in reaching that critical mass. That’s where I believe the conference could be of great assistance to me. And the exposure to your readers wouldn’t hurt! Visit my website to see what I do. I would be very grateful to have the opportunity to attend with a free ticket so I can learn from the best about promoting what I believe is a unique product with a wide market, but is in a completely new category so education is key.

  • Hello, SME.

    I”m @.l.interpretations, a comprehensive B2B social media & event marketing / Publicity & PR consultancy here in Chicago (  My issue is refining my “voice,” as I, too have a wealth of relative information to share with marketing community.  The problem is attracting a broad enough audience.  How can my voice (contributions) cut through the din of everything else currently being shared?  I’ve read just about every book on the subject there is, as well as attended relative webinars / seminars.  Thanks SO much for your anticpated consideration!

  • Susan Breidenbach

    We have been hearing the “Content Is King” mantra for a couple of years now, but businesses are still unwilling to pay for good content.  Businesses that routinely coughed up $5,000 for a white paper 10-15 years ago now balk at rates that only an offshore ESL writer might consider.  And I can’t say I blame them.  Studies show that the half  life of digital content–the time that it takes half the people who are ever going to consume a particular piece of content to consume it–is under 3 hours and continuing to drop.  How do we resolve this conundrum?  Thanks!

  • I think the biggest content challenge is being noticed! Businesses want to provide their audience with great information and resources but just don’t know where to start, how to find great content and what to post.  With discussions about trending and keywords many people are confused and lost……the process needs to be simplified but…….the other issue it the MASS volume of content. TODAY there is as much content created in TWO days as had previously been created in total in the time span from the very dawn of mankind until January 1, 2003. Whether an an exaggeration or not, which it isn’t, this is a crazy amount of content creation every single day.  Having said that it is no wonder it is difficult to resonate with an audience. There is SO much available now it is hard to get noticed!  Thank you for considering my post!

  • caribsarah

    The biggest challenge regarding content marketing is to get people to the content we have online. We have a good volume of traffic, but the main function that people want to use on our website is for getting price quotes and entering the buying cycle, which is what we want, but for those that would like to learn more about our company and our offerings, they don’t know the volume of content we have on our site. Also, logistics and staffing volume prevent us from focusing our efforts on improving content delivery and maximizing marketing efforts in regards to focusing these customers toward content that can help educate them about our market and help them find information they are seeking. 
    I would love to be able to attend the seminar because in some ways I feel like we are starting from scratch regarding a content marketing strategy, even though we do have good content out there. 

  • Terril Retter

    The content challenge for Your Smart Kitchen is coordinating our message across multiple venues of blogs, social media and visual media.  Building a community of similarly interested people is difficult enough but also establishing leadership within the community when there are others with potentially better credentials means getting developing and publishing consistent messages that reflect our values.  This requires strategy for the content, scheduling delivery, writing and editing content, monitoring and responding to conversations – all of which requires time and energy which are critical resources.  Identifying the proper tools for support and complementing these with staff who understand and share our core values is the immediate challenge to continuing our development.

  • My biggest content marketing challenge is creating and curating content
    that incites conversation and engagement, when the company is not
    naturally a “conversational brand.” What comes easy for some companies
    due to their products, services, industry or brand personality requires
    creativity for others!

  • Simona R.

    My biggest content marketing challenge is keeping a schedule. No matter how much I remind my clients to stick with a schedule, I get always excuses and they always find a way to skip a blog post. They seem to consider blogging some sort of secondary activity, something oh-not-so-serious – when in fact one has to be serious while promoting their own business as well as when working with partners and offering a service. That – and “oh, what can I say in a blog” and “I’m not that interesting to blog” are simply driving me crazy. 

  • Michael, thanks so much for this opportunity.  I have read through a lot of these commentaries and find that most people struggle from the same thing:  not enough time to find content that is engaging and that grabs your customer base’s attention to keep them on your page.  People want flash, sass and sexy stories they can synopsize without having to think too hard “what was that article about?”.  With the continued growth of mobile the content becomes less important and the “call to action” becomes so much more prominent; yet, how do you create a call to action without sounding “salesy” bringing into the mix the “old tell and sell” of the YellowPage era?  I struggle with finding the right balance of finding enough good content to post 6-8x a day on each of the social media sites.  One can spend their entire day culling information, spinning content and delivering it to the social media sites only to have a dismal, at best, day at the social media office.  Contests like these are extremely powerful ways to increase engagement.  I’ve been using the “contest strategy” and am finding it quite engaging.  Would like to know what you do to lessen the salesy approach and create bite sized solidly useful information for our constituents that they want to ‘share’ and that keeps them coming back.

  • Mariana Juliette

    My biggest challenge when it comes to creating content is when I have to manage various accounts from completely unrelated industries and maintain their online marketing presence all while striving to sound as the individual who represents the brand and their business. You need to be able to put yourself in another persons shoes, understand the nature of the business and adopt their language and terminology and at the same time sound authentic. I am sure many fellow social media managers feel the same.

  • As a PR and Social Media Consultant, my biggest challenge is in teaching my clients how to take their product, service or brand ONLINE and engage in ways their audience cares about. They have to take their brand out of the box and look at it from different angles to see unique values that surround it — and allow those to shape the brand online through interesting posts, fun photos, creative share-able content and more.

    It takes guts to try new things and I often learn new things right along with my clients! It’s not all glory when things start out slow or fall out flat, but most often it’s in those experiments you find your own success!

  • My biggest challenge is coming up with interesting and newsworthy content for all of my medical clients blogs, Facebook & Twitter pages. How do you make something medical, boring and factual interesting, Re-tweet and Facebook share worthy everyday?

  • My biggest challenge is coming up with interesting and newsworthy content for all of my medical clients blogs, Facebook & Twitter pages. How do you make something medical, boring and factual interesting, Re-tweet and Facebook share worthy everyday?

  • My biggest content marketing challenge is getting engagement. I’ve been able to increase engagement a little by moving away from broadcasting and posting more calls to action, but I don’t feel the needle is moving far or fast enough. I’d love to learn more strategies for increasing engagement with the content we provide.

  • Our biggest marketing challenge has just being creating a level of understanding and respect for social media and search marketing (along with why it can be time-consuming). It is so hard to explain to clients why they shouldn’t buy Twitter followers, and why copy/pasting content from another blog of theirs could get flagged for duplicate content. 

    Fortunately, I am grateful that we have this problem, as it gives us a platform to share what we’ve learned as owners of a digital marketing agency. Educating those who want to learn about SEO and SMM is what makes blogging and helping clients achieve online marketing success so rewarding. This is why we make it a priority to read blogs like SME and SEL or SEJ, as well as attend conferences like SMX East. As long as we challenge ourselves to keep learning, we get to keep educating others. This is why I love the internet marketing industry so much– we are just a bunch of tech lovers, teaching and learning from one another.–Kelsey Jones & Bethaney

  • I have to say the biggest content marketing challenge is breaking through the clutter and noise, as so many people are saying the same things. In order not to go down the rabbit hole, yet stay plugged in, takes a big toll on small or solo businesses, even if you have help.
    Content creation is actually fun for me, but often clients don’t understand the time it might take, especially to have multiple channels and formats. And, convincing them of the value is sometimes a challenge in and of itself.

  • Google social media marketing and there’s a results universe. Google social media Boards, C-suites, CEOs and you’d think you’d searched up interrogatives. Should? Could? Might? Why? What? For every 50 surveys of 5000 responders for the latest in marketing you’ll find 1 survey of the top 16 CEOs. That’s on a good day. My greatest content talent is finding credible research on executive concerns like risk and ROI to support my clients to make the leap. Dionne (Australia) 

  • Erin Dwyer

    My biggest
    content marketing challenge is convincing my marketing team that Customer
    Service plays a huge part in the Social Media marking world. As a Customer
    Service and Inside Sales Manager, I work diligently on listening to customers and
    engaging with customers. Social Media is bigger than boxing it in a PR
    paradigm. I truly believe customer service is the new marketing and communities
    are at the very least, opportunities to engage customer service. The skills
    that I could bring back from the conference identified in the Community Management and Business-Building Track and Social
    Strategy Track are most appealing. Please help me to get one
    step closer to getting my company on track on the new 2013 year.

  • I really need to wind a ticket to this event. I have to enter through the comments, because I couldn’t figure out how to do it by tweeting. I have the social media accounts, but haven’t quite figured out how to use them to generate new clients. I am working with a mentor now to learn about facebook and pinterest for my site about weaving, spinning and fiber arts. I still need to learn to promote my site to let the people who need my services know how I can help them deal with a loved one’s addiction. Plenty out there for the addicts, but not so much for the families and friends to help themselves. Thank you! Jerri

  • Miranda Rssll

    My biggest content marketing challenge is keeping it fresh and relevant when the topic we are sharing stays the same for the most part. Trying to stay relevant and connect with a very diverse audience is tricky. We want to appeal to the masses, keep them engaged, and stay fresh all while sharing the same thing – careers! 

  • Matt Sarre

    My biggest content marketing challenge … creating content that gets action. I’m responsible for social media for Cancer Council SA – a cancer charity in South Australia. Like many charities we have limited above the line advertising and rely on free and social media to advertise our support services and cancer prevention health messages. It’s nice if people like us and follow us, but what really counts in our work is people taking action. After all, it makes little difference if you know you should wear sunscreen in the hot Aussie sun if you don’t do it. We’re still learning and growing the social media space (and thanks – you guys are an awesome source of help in my inbox). My biggest challenge now is to work out not just how to attract friends and have people say ‘that’s nice’ but to tip people over the line to take action: to actively share and use support services; the change behaviour and make healthy lifestyle choices and to donate and volunteer. I’d love your help. Cheers.

  • Kanta

    I have faced with a few challenges. 
    Firstly, it is hard to engage with a specialist such as a professor or someone in the field about which I want to create content.
    Secondly, we need to run our website in multi languages such as English and Japanese at least, it then makes difficult to integrate content and marketing strategy.

    Lastly, putting (finding) the team who enables to achieve a multi lingual content marketing is the hardest. There  is a bunch of tools available, such as WordPress and an email opt service. I wish I could build an entire website, but it has been a time consuming to try figuring out. I have been able to find  a web designer/marketing person who understands a social media marketing as well as multi lingual content.

  • My biggest issue so far has been creating something “original”. By original I don’t mean what I see as something new- but what those who visit my company’s Facebook or Twitter see as something new. Just being on one of these websites makes me feel like a copycat sometimes- so making every visit to my company’s wall worth it is of huge importance. 

    Keeping consumers entertained through a Facebook is like being a D.J., as I like to explain to my boss. When you listen to a good D.J., they aren’t just spinning that same over-played hit that you heard on the radio on the way to the club. A good D.J. is throwing a curveball your way to give you that “woah I did not see that coming feeling”. Like when you’re hit with nostalgia hearing a good mash-up track.

    So really the biggest struggle I have is developing that curveball. One way I enjoy doing this is through “memes”. I created a meme using scenes from Inception that got over 15 “Likes” in the first 10 minutes of posting it. Working for a start-up, that wasn’t half bad. Best of all, the “Likes” were from an international audience… meaning many of them knew very limited English.It’s coming up with that branded original content that’s the biggest challenge- not necessarily just reposting a relevant article (though that does help maintain interest).

  • Ritaturk

    My biggest content marketing challenge is getting thought leaders in my space to comment, even if their comments are somewhat negative, it will at least get a conversation going. Often I feel like I am getting a nice pat-on-the-head for blogging or tweeting something new, but very little comment conversation ensues. This is frustrating as only the blogs in my space that get attention attract new business.

  • I am just starting to launch a web design career, and have found a huge content marketing challenge in conveying the need for fresh content and interactive social media to a client. Communication is the problem. For example, from my point of view, I will describe the advantages of social media in great detail and find that I am facing a preconceived conclusion from the client that any homemaker can sit on a computer all day and field questions from prospective customers. Another example is that the client has no time to sit down and write fresh content – yet, from my perspective I believe they are the best qualified to do this and offer to help with SEO suggestions. Communication between clients perception of social media and content and my knowledge need help up front and from the beginning.  I surely could use these tickets!

  • davidwesson

    my biggest challenges when it comes to content marketing are as follows:
    1.Choosing the right content pillars and the balance between them.  
    2.Working our what type of content is the right social currency for the brand iam working with
    3.getting the right mix of content that not only educates but entertains and empowers my audience     

  • Wise G

    I am a traditional “in real life” marketing specialist.  For the last year I have been the Social Media coordinator for a hugely successful, dedicated non-profit literacy advocate and tutoring provider.  As we transition from public grant funded to privately funded (because of changes in education funding) our biggest challenge has been letting our followers know about the urgency of these changes and our challenges.  I am also struggling with impressing upon our staff and tutors the importance of feeding me quality content; they just aren’t following through.  I get a great deal of inspiration from your newsletters and have been slowly getting our message out there; it’s just too slow!

  • Hi Phil Mershon and to all the member of Social Media Examiner,

    I’m so love to participate into everything from you guys events and I’m really interested to know more about what you guys would like to share with us.

    I’m having a big problem on my Facebook Page, forcing myself to grow my Facebook page’s insight but it’s dropping so much and because of that problem, I really can’t wait to join this event to see if I can solve it. But one of the best way that I can join to see what you guys want to share with us is to have a chance to win this ticket.

    Thank you and Hope to win this great opportunity – Ferb

  • Rajeev Bagra

    I have invested a lot of time preparing contents on vivid topics (including creative writing, social issues, marketing, investment) which are now live through blogs under Blogger. My biggest challenge now is to make the project economically viable while remaining ethically responsible throughout. Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and subscription are the avenues which look promising as for now.
    I guess one thing that is holding me back is inability to find one solid channel of revenue generation, like regular yearly subscribers. I believe participating in the conference organised by you will help me to come out with clearer plans on what I should now be doing for meeting the content marketing challenges successfully.

  • Farhanu

    Helo Friends
    My biggest content marketing challenge is keeping it fresh and relevant when the topic we are sharing stays the same for the most part. Trying to stay relevant and connect with a very diverse audience is tricky. We want to appeal to the masses, keep them engaged, and stay fresh all while sharing the same thing – careers! 

  • My biggest content marketing challenge is keeping it fresh and relevant when the topic we are sharing stays the same for the most part. Trying to stay relevant and connect with a very diverse audience is tricky. We want to appeal to the masses, keep them engaged, and stay fresh all while sharing the same thing – careers! 

  • Sunil jain

    our biggest challenge in content market is reach the market effectively. We would like to try every possible 24 different social media tools. 

  • Richard Mayo

    @ Suzan Czajkowski, Wow! You hit on a sore note for me too and explained it well. Good job.

  • Richard Harman

    My problem with content was pulling the affiliate links out of that content.  When I first started blogging all I wanted to do was to make money, so of course I was throwing affiliate links at the reader, only thinking of myself.  It wasn’t until I realized that the reader is the most important part of my site and not the affiliate link, was when I started to understand the true value of blogging.  Now I bring in more value to my readers because I think about what they want…and for that, more money has been brought in and the integrity of my blog has went up.

  • Valarie Harris

    My companies biggest “Content Marketing Challenge Is”  Finding reliable and content worthy Social Media news and information.  I am a SMM and I make it a point to stay on top and up-to-date on anything and everything Social Media but getting, current, correct and conclusive information on what’s happening in the World can sometimes be a bit challenging.  I create my content from everything that I have learned and experienced as an SMM but some of what I know to be correct and true is false or incorrect.  A little clarity is needed in the Social Media Management World.  Thank You.

  • The best blog content is around personal stories, sharing and drama. I can write, and I have personal stories and drama. But I do not want to share my personal space or compromise my family’s privacy. So what to do?

  • Biggest challenge for me: create good and interesting content and engage. 

  • Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!

    I love learning, so I’ve taught myself a lot of things, but I am at a point where I need help from the experts to transform my “social media management” (which is mostly information sharing) into an authentic and effective “social media strategy” (which needs to be rooted in authentic conversations with my audience/clients that add value to them and create engagement, brand recognition and customer loyalty for me).

    I manage the website, newsletter and the Twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts for my own consulting company (professional development and coaching in the fields of education leadership), for one of my clients (an international NGO), and for the nationwide alumni network I preside. Creating valuable content is quite a challenge, even though I understand the voice that each organization has and what each should say. Still, I have to develop and market online courses and webinars, consulting services, products, and at the same time create content related to the education and leadership fields while developing the brands’ recognition and positioning the organizations as leaders in the field.

    I have SO many questions! How do I grow the engagement of my audience? What is the best frequency (and Twitter won’t be the same than Facebook or Pinterest) to share things to keep the people interested, to keep them in the “conversation” without risking overwhelming them or falling out of their radar? What works better for each platform? How do I “prepare” or “curate” content that is best suited for each of the products I market? What are the best strategies for e-mail marketing and how do I grow my contact list?
    I do hope I can participate in the Content Success Summit 2013 and be inspired by the experts that will be a part of it. Believe me, your support will have a huge impact (my work reaches about 60,000 educators in Latin America).

    Thank you SME for putting this amazing event together and for making these “scholarships” available to those of us who wouldn’t be able to access the amazing program on our own.

  • I believe our challenge is similar to many: we’re new. We’re new and working to craft a unique voice that is not simply an echo of others in the field. While my partner (Gordon Simmons) and I each bring blogging experience to our business, it’s often a challenge to present a known (but important!) topic in a new way. I personally love to write, so I’m more than willing to carve out the time to hone my skills. There’s also the fact that we need to build trust with our audience, which includes colleagues. Why us and not the writer on the next site? It’s important to show authenticity, and we want to prove it through our interactions online.  

    We devour books and blogs on the subject, but it’s a constant learning experience that includes a lot of trial and error. Gordon and I understand there’s no fast-forward to a successful, valuable blog. We just want to make sure we’re driving it in the right direction.

    Thank you for running this conference and providing readers with a chance to win!
    Tracy Brown

  • Cherelle Leong

    My challenge is: Slow down world! The volume of information, media and marketing channels is too massive. And the speed at which everything changes is too rapid to keep up with. As a small business owner trying to keep up is a full time occupation. Given that my priority is running a profitable business, that I need at least 6 hours sleep to function, have a home to run, and still want a semblance of a life – I need relevant information in bite size chunks that I know I can rely on. In a format that is easy to understand and apply. 

  • Great content needs to be presented innovatively to be effective, else it’s pretty much redundant – that’s a challenge!

  • As a journalist, my biggest challenge is to help my readers, who are inundated with information, not only stay abreast of the news they need to know but also understand why it’s important–while still making my messages more and more engaging and succinct.  (Who has time to read a whole paragraph any more?) 

  • I am also very new to this whole adventure. And I’m a little scared,but,at the same time excited to start this new venture in my life. I can’t think of one big challenge because everything is a challenge.LOL
    I’m trying to find fun,upbeat content for our pages,but it’s difficult to find. Plus I’m trying to stay on the straight and narrow cuz of all the rules. See…..scary!! LOL
    Yesterday I spent half the day trying to post a video(I never did get it uploaded). As I said,very new to this.
    But… I love this site!! 🙂 Very helpful and informative.And I don’t give up easily.

    Thanks for the help everyone

  • L Parkinson-Hardman

    What a great way to garner comments on a blog. Encourage people to leave a comment by giving them something for free (if they win). I know it works because I do it too for the author interviews I host. Now as to my content marekting challenge, it has to be differentiation. I’ve been using content marketing for many years, I work across several distinct niche areas and I now want to step up a gear and into the bigger ponds. How to do this is my biggest challenge.

  • Jessica, Miabel

    Currently I am challenged with the learning curve of what channels of online marketing to pair with what content, then creating a marketing plan/schedule that keeps effectively keeps it flowing. 🙂

  • My biggest problem: Should I write for my current readers or should I write for the readers I want to have?

  • Gilberto Gil

    My biggest content marketing challenge is making “unsexy” products/services more engaging.  Let me explain.  I currently work with products that are viewed as commodities; things that most people don’t usually appreciate until they’re gone (i.e. electricity).  It would be great to see examples and learn from other previously conservative brands that have managed to shift these perceptions through content marketing.

  • Ben Hebert

    Out of all of the major industries in the United States, healthcare may be going through the most dynamic changes with all of the new legislation being passed. People are searching for more information for their health problems through mobile phones and tablets while talking about their experiences with others in forums and social networks. Some of this information exists on credible sites like Mayo Clinic, while others like Healthgrades are strictly for lead generation. 

    It’s a unique challenge for healthcare organizations where senior management does not have an understanding of content marketing and therefore little to no budget can be afforded to it. As we look into providing patients credible information, we need to incorporate physicians who can write patient centric content. There are many conflicting views as to whether entries should read like Wikipedia or more like Greatist.

    We want to provide value, gain trust and convert visitors actively seeking information into patients. The strongest part may be building a community of former and current patients, where they can drive the interaction and conversation. Members of the Content Success Summit are all experts in building communities in their niches, my problem is can those same techniques be applied to the rapidly changing environment that is healthcare?

  • Biggest Content Marketing Challenge…. can I have more than one? As a digital marketing consultant, several items jump to mind:

    1. Convincing clients why they need to put forth effort to create content in the first place;
    2. Once we get past that hurdle and they understand how content helps them, explaining how much time and effort they should plan for creating really good content; and finally
    3. Creating compelling, “I gotta share this with everyone I know” content.
    It’s all worth it, though, when we start to see the leads pouring into their website, to see their subscriber lists building automatically, to see their website rankings growing and to see the marketing director excited about their results. 

  • Ang011

    Our biggest challenge is finding the most cost efficient way to promote our new website as a small business.  Our website is
    We’d luv to be chosen and think this would be very beneficial for us  I want to win a ticket to Content Success Summit via: @smexaminer #winCSS13

  • Lucie


    First of all thanks for this great contest, I must say that this would be grat to attend to.
    My biggest challenge is to create coherent content for different targets:
    – Distributors to want to sell our products
    – Consumers to make them try the products and adopt it
    – Media to have a great understanding on our brand, products and concept
    This traingin would help me to get a better understanding on how to efficiently communicate on our blog / website / estore / social media in order to get the expected ROI : traffic, sales, new distributors, press coverage. Will help me come up with a brand new way of addressing my communication.

    Thanks a lot for your great webzine and all really nice info you share! Good thing I can read all your updates from France thanks to the Internet !
    Happy new year & have a wonderful day!

  • As a 20-years-old-argentinian-guy-with-low-money-family, im trying to look forward if marketing online and personal branding can bring me money to pay my college. Im reading a lot of webs, articles and ebook, but the principal problem that i found on content marketing is to find a way to write articles and make an strategie that shows my habilities and aptitudes to catch potential clients. This event can teach how to do this and a lot of more things.

    Sorry for my english, isnt my native language.

  • JAT

    Biggest challenge, attempting to maintain all social media single handedly for one of the top commercial cleaning companies in the world.  That’s right, all by myself. I need some help and don’t have a budget for educational purposes! **fingers crossed**

  • Kyriaki

    I think that the biggest challenge is to get to the customer’s shoes and understand what they are interested to know about the business. Even bigger challenge is to find out what unique and, at the same time, interesting and valuable content the business has to provide to its customers.

  • Biggest Content Marketing Challenge:  Balancing what I think of as the two poles of our content, the ‘geeky’ or substance-oriented; and the pop or pure fun.  To come up with content that articulates our brand & engages our customer base we really have to offer up information that’s useful (for example, a review of top grain-free pet foods) in a format that’s fun/playful & ideally slightly mischievous or edgy. If we go too far into the information, we risk losing their attention or worse not engaging them at all; if we’re too light then we’re not being authentic.  It’s time consuming to come up with ‘geeky’ content, and it’s even more time-consuming to work that content into a fun, hip message.

  • Biggest Content Marketing Challenge:  Balancing what we think of as the two poles of our content, the ‘geeky’ or substance-oriented; and the pop or pure fun.  To come up with content that articulates our brand & engages our customer base we really have to offer up information that’s useful (for example, a review of top grain-free pet foods) in a format that’s fun/playful & ideally slightly mischievous or edgy. If we go too far into the information, we risk losing their attention or worse not engaging them at all; if we’re too light then we’re not being authentic.  It’s time consuming to come up with ‘geeky’ content, and it’s even more time-consuming to work that content into a fun, hip message.

  • Victoria D.

    My biggest challenge lies in the fact that I don’t have a team in place to help develop creative, useful and relevant content for our key audiences. I’m a one-man show, so to speak, and must juggle all of the various marketing tasks for my company on my own. With so many competing priorities and looming deadlines, I find it difficult to set aside the time and resources necessary to create content that’s engaging and interesting for our industry.

  • Emily

    The question “How much is this making us?” is the biggest challenge I face as a content marketer. Like traditional marketing, it’s difficult to point to a single number and say, “This is how much our efforts have made.”

    The constant need to prove dollars ROI is stressful and honestly, a goal that is elusive to many. As the first Social Media specialist at a small company, I’ve developed a strategy and outlined goals for the company, not all of which can be directly translated into dollars (they tend to be indirect, such as education and customer service-oriented). This gets tricky as I’m pushing for more content through regular blogging, quality posts, and engaging with customers online–if people don’t see results immediately, they tend to be less enthusiastic about joining in. In order for the strategy to work, we need everyone on board and excited about the opportunities social media has in store for us. Content and social marketing cannot be done by one (wo)man alone.

  • Our biggest content challenge is staying sufficiently fresh and energizing that our readers will make their way through the maze (and often haze) of so many other marketing messages to return for more and ideally spread the word.

  • I’m so excited because one of this tickets it’s mine! 

    Hi Joe and Mike:

    One of my biggest challenges is; first, to make small business owners understand the constantly changes in social media vs traditional media and why they need to impact their audiences in order to bring customers to engage with their products and ideas. Content is not easy to create, you need time, analysis, draft, proof reading and more; to make it interesting to read.  You need IMAGINATION! think out of the box, impact with your words and gain empathy. Sometimes people are burnout with so much information in different medias trying to explaining the same things which make me think the biggest challenge is to bring them to you with special wording and further more if they do not provide us with the information to make the content, it is complicated and time consuming for us to create information on something we are not experts on. 

    Best regards!

  • Pamela

    Here is why I would be a GREAT poster child for this contest; suddenly people are coming towards me giving me amazing opportunities to bring my authentic style of delivery forward to all of these new audiences.  An internet radio show, speaking from the stage a big industry events, podcasting… All that is awesome stuff and the ONLY thing that is creating angst around making sure that everything I put out there is fresh, relevant, purposeful, clear and concise.

    Being plugged in to SME has helped tremendously, but I am kickin’ butt and taking names in 2013 and this pass you’re offering to the CSS would be like rocket fuel in my arsenal… (I think I used about three metaphors there)… but you get the idea.

    I have a BIG purpose on this planet, you’re help would help.

  • Nicoll

    Our biggest channelnge is to maximize our Social Media posts in an arena which seems to be shifitng every day.  What paid off last summer is not going to work well now, & it has been a real challenge getting my coworkers to see the value in connecting with our prospective cusotmers in new ways.  They are not comfortable with chage, but I feel like if we keep putting all of our eggs in one basket, those poor little chickies are not going to make it.

  • Teresa Randolph

    My biggest content marketing challenge is understanding how to navigate all of the online marketing opportunities!  I am Practice Relations Director for New York Fertility Services, a fertility practice in New York City so our work is very gratifying when we are successful in making our patients become parents.  Because I come from the era of manual typewriters, I’m not “well-versed” in social  marketing and am eager to learn as much as possible.  I would so appreciate winning a free ticket to this Content Success Summit because I know it would expand my knowledge of the brave new world of social, on-line marketing and help me spread the word of the truly great work we do here in our practice.  Please pick me!!  You won’t regret it!  Thank you, Teresa Randolph

  • Hmm, quite a difficult question. So many elements that at
    certain times challenge content creation. And just when you think you have
    cracked it you wake up into a new one. A lot of the usual suspects in content marketing
    challenges have already been mentioned: lack of resources, producing quality
    and unique content, time constraints… Some of these have reared their ugly
    heads in my organisation. But for me the biggest challenge is connected to the
    nature of my sector. I work as a Digital Media Specialist for a charity. The
    voluntary sector, particularly in terms of smaller community organisations, is
    notoriously behind in the digital revolution. The sector suffers from several
    issues such as understanding social media as a broadcasting tool rather than a
    conversation, examples of social media ROI are almost non-existent  best
    practices scarce and what’s even more concerning trust in ROI is very limited… All
    this is coupled with scepticism around knowledge transfer from the “other”– profit-driven
    — sector.  Thus my biggest challenge is
    cross-sector relevance. Or rather the challenge of proving that the relevance does
    exist and that content marketing lessons from the private sector can be applied
    to the voluntary sector. I have been lucky enough to work for an organisation that
    is open to new ideas.  Previously that
    has not been the case. Through my current work I am slowly building an evidence
    base but I fear it will have to be very meaty if I am to make sure that somewhere
    along the line I don’t find myself yet again struggling. 

  • I wish to be live in US to get this Free Ticket but unfortunately away 😛

  • Its an online event so you dont have to live in the US. Good luck!  🙂

  • Cynthia V. Anderson

    This summit would serve as my personal life preserver to the biggest content marketing challenge I’m facing. I’m drowning in the sea of “How To(s)” from multiple sources with just as many varied takes on reactionary strategies to follow when it comes to deciphering the impact of my message (good content or not). I’m in need of the valuable and relevant experts you have assembled in one place to help get me to shore with sea legs firmly on the ground and running with a coherent strategy. I truly am in need of your free ticket offer that will enable me to overcome the dilemma I am facing in developing my initial content marketing strategy.   

  • Kmcclintock

    We have great raw stories, but our biggest challenge is getting our team to communicate them to us (the Communications Dept.) and then find the best way to relay those stories. Is it social media, video, email, blogging? We don’t know; we dabble a little in all of these things, but can’t get a system down where we collect stories, tell them in the right medium, promote them, and then track the success. The whole thing is a little nebulous for us, so some practical advise and examples to model from would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Jonnie Clark

    Yep, I’m still a newbie. After two or three years of online courses,
    and reading more than a few books by some of the greats in this field, I’m
    planning to get my website up this year and just do it! So…my biggest content
    marketing challenge is myself. But…I’ll get there.

    As much as I’d love a ticket, this is not about me.

    My 58-year-old brother, just got laid off from his HR
    position 6 weeks ago. During his long tenure in business, he had loads of opportunities
    to use his natural gift of writing.

    So now he’s looking into copywriting as a career, but has no
    specific training in the field (like I do!) 
    He could really use the boost from this summit to help him dig into this
    stuff right away.

    Something you should know. He and his wife opened up their
    home and adopted 4 abused children (all siblings) several years ago….so as a
    family, they have had some difficult situations. Their plates have been more
    than full. They have a strong faith in God, which is the only way they have
    survived traumas too numerous to mention. They have other children as well,
    five currently living at home.

    I doubt if he could justify spending the money on a ticket
    for this summit. I know it would benefit him and could possibly be a door to a
    new future for them. Thank you for considering my request. I would be so
    grateful if my brother could win a ticket to the summit!

  • L Wilks

    I work a Not-for-profit Autism Research Centre. Our biggest content marketing challenge is to fit our ideas for social media campaigns within the livery of the parent organisation (university) we belong to, yet to stand out from the parent organisation’s other social media postings. The challenge is also to do this within a budget that concentrates its funds on our core business – research. Through social media we strive to attract participants to or research, create awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders within the community through free informative events, attract supporters and donors, foster collaborations with other similar research organisations and create engagement within our staff and students to provide content for postings, articles for blogs etc.

  • Ashley

    We continue to struggle with what we did last year, trying to encourage and hold accountable our social media ambassadors on our store level. As a retail company we absolutely need the interaction of those in our actual stores. The approach we launched last year give us marginal success but we still strive to do social media channels better, faster, more efficiently.

  • Pschneider

    Two new clients are brilliant scientists and engineers. They do not get marketing and they have no money. Unfortunately, they each started their businesses without establishing a marketing strategy. The websites are disasters.
    We would like to help them by really learning all about online content marketing. Only we cannot afford the Summit.

  • I would like to learn more about how to constantly develop useful and entertaining content for our clients’ FB users, and how to engage them more. We have clients from different fields, with different targets, so different kind of content is necessary for each of them. And there is so much content on the Internet that a SM marketer has to find brand-new approaches in order to stand out and really get the users’ attention. 
    I would really like to attend this online summit. I’m sure there is plenty to learn from it. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Previsha

    I went live with my website last year November. Currently my content marketing challenge would be that the website lacks any form of social interaction, the whole basis of the website is to share your ideas and opinions but its the one thing that’s not happening. I would love to learn how to create content for your website that can get people talking.

  • I’m a photographer, not a writer, so my blog content revolves around my images. Most of my readers are photographers, but I want readers who are potential clients. My biggest content marketing challenge is reaching those people and turning them into paying clients.

  • Jonnie Clark

    Yep, I’m still a newbie. After 3 years of online courses and reading more than a few books by the greats in this field, including Michael’s “Launch,” I’m launching my website soon….and just doing it! My biggest marketing content challenge is just me. But…I’ll get there.

    As much as I’d love a ticket, this is not about me.

    My 58-year-old brother got laid off from his human resource position 6 weeks ago. During his long tenure in business, he had loads of opportunities to use his natural gift of writing.

    So now he’s looking into copywriting as a career, but has no specific training in this field. (Like I do!) He could really use the boost from this summit to get a jump on things.

    Something you should know. He and his wife opened up their home and adopted 4 abused children (all siblings) several years ago…so as a family, they’ve had some difficult situations. Their plates have been more than full. They have a strong faith in God, which is the only way they’ve survived traumas too numerous to mention. They have other children as well, five currently living at home.

    I doubt if he could justify spending the money for a summit ticket. I know it would benefit him and could possibly be a door to a new future for them. Thank you or considering my request. I would be so grateful if my brother could win a ticket to the summit!

  • When I was first introduced to the social media marketing industry, I was an English major Intern looking for a chance to shine. Laid off from my job of 15 years at the lumber yard, I was unemployed and hoping to strike it big at a digital marketing agency down the road from my school. fishbat was something different for me. Marketing was never a consideration of mine but I took the opportunity in hopes to land a job as a writer. I worked hard. I worked longer hours than I was expected, learning about SEO and how Facebook and Twitter were tools of networking genius. My biggest hardship with social media marketing was not giving into the belief that the industry might have been a farce. The data is there in my face proving to me that it works but I was always he skeptic. The fact is, the greatest hardship of social media is to always keep in mind that the industry is fluid; always changing its shape. Like an amoeba, social media marketing has an equation that produces the same answers and different answers all at the same time. While that is happening, trying to convince the clients that you desperately need revenue from that they need Facebook, they need Twitter is a game of deception. Why do I want to go to the summit? To believe again that what I do is not a bunch of bullshit.  

  • My industry is a unique niche in the fitness industry—indoor cycling, but one that has huge potential for someone like me who has made a name in this industry as a trainer and coach, first with Spinning® and now on my own. I began blogging 4 years ago and grew to be the #1 blog in my niche. From there I started a membership site with a partner 3 yrs ago (I had to leave the Spinning company to do so), then almost 2 years ago went on my own and started my own membership site, an online educational resource for instructors. It’s doing really well, but obviously I want to get to where I have thousands of members.

    Here are my social media and content challenges, ones that I can’t seem to find an answer for, and ones that I bet others might be experiencing as well.

    It all comes down to I’m not sure where to put most of my social media efforts, and wonder if my efforts in one area might be hurting those in another area. Can you be too spread out in social media?

    For example, on my website, I have about 70% premium content for paying members, and the rest is free. Plus I’ve got a blog. I want to promote all those posts (free AND premium) on social media. What I’ve seen happen over the past 2 years is that people comment on FB or Twitter, but not on the blog anymore (whereas I used to get a ton of comments on the blog when it was the only option). If my blog comments have gone waaaay down, is that a negative thing for the existence of the blog? Will new people to the blog see few comments and think, “hmm, must not be very good”? Should I be happy that they are instead leaving their comments, “Likes” and shares on my FB page, increasing my FB activity (which we are told now is the driving force to getting posts to appear in fans’ newsfeed)?

    I’ve got a successful Facebook page, about to surpass 2,000 fans and growing very quickly the past few weeks due to a FB marketing seminar I took. But I also have 2,200+ “friends” on my personal page, many are instructors from around the world, so I draw from my own friends for both FB fans and for my newsletter mailing list. Should I share my business FB page posts on my personal page right away, or should I wait and see if I get more “Likes” on the fan page first, or should I not dilute them at all by posting it on my personal page—some people might not see the need to Like my fan page if they’re going to see it on my personal page, right? Does sharing them on my personal page diminish my potential Likes on that post, or does it increase my potential for new Fans, and possibly new members?

    As for free versus premium content on my subscription site, I want to share both types of posts on my FB page. The free ones I want to share of course so everyone can read them, and the premium ones so they can see what they’re missing, and perhaps join. On the other hand, some people click on the link and then get mad because they can’t read it as a non-member. How do you balance the two needs – showing them what they are missing and not pissing them off?

    I’m just getting onto Pinterest now. Should I have the same concerns over there as I do on Facebook? Am I spreading myself out too thin?

    Finally, I have one more challenge that I also can’t seem to find the answer for anywhere else. The keyword in my niche is “Spinning”, but Spinning® is a brand (very few people realize that) so I have to be very careful with using it for blog titles or posts. The general term is “indoor cycling”. But for SEO and FB searches, the general population search on the genericized term “spinning”. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I want to attend the Content Success Summit so as a subscription site, I can learn how to balance my social media presence in the most effective way, increase my newsletter signups and ultimately increase my paid members! As a content provider (95% of the time I write content!) I am excited to learn how I can frame my content to increase my visibility and my memberships.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    Jennifer Sage
    Indoor Cycling Association

  • A greek youth political organization “ONNED” launched 2 years ago a news website based on youth entrepreunership, jobs, e-business, funding and many more to help the Greek students make their ideas happen. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t put any effort in the digital part, no social media presence, no SEO/SEM, no banners, no e-mail or newsletter campaigns, nothing. As i was a member in the organization since 2008 they asked me to help them go viral. I didn’t ask for any money, thought the project was very interesting and would be happy to be part of the team. Website on had something like 150-300 visits per month, we talking about 10 visits per day average. What i wanted to do, was to take that news site and make it a community platform so students and youth people could find useful information about business, how to’s, funding, education programms, professional seminars, anything that could help them develope their idea and make it happen. So we started investing time and knowledge in social media, fb/tw/g+ , started editing the content and adding kewords/tags making it more SEO friendly, we also took up some SSI scripts for google, entered a subscribe button + rss, started experimenting with live-streaming debates about greek e-business and youth entrepreunership plus a 1-hour radio show about the work field, how can someone find job sources, creating a good cv, developing his/her professional image and more and things started to roll. Now we currently have a loyal social media fanbase of 12500+ people, our daily traffic is about 250-340 unique visitors per day, 39% b-rate and lots of possitive mentions and feedback around the greek internet scene. Back in December 2010 when i took up the digital & online part things seemed really bad, but now, it’s like a playgournd! 

    P.S: was build with 0$. Developers from the political organization did the website, graphics designers did the artistic job and me marketed the effort.

  • Greetings,

    What a wonderful contest for an amazing event… thank you! My name is Nicole “Dr. Nicki” Steinberger. I am a holistic health psychologist who just completed a 10-year chapter in academia. What a journey that was 🙂 So now after spending many, many hours writing to meet obligations and deadlines and plenty of hours regenerating research from others’ voices, it is my time to shine and come alive!

    During my final 6 months of working on my dissertation, I could not hold back from endless hours deep into the night of learning business building, blogging, social media – internet marketing. I am now “busting out” with two businesses in the works. Big learning curve, lots of catch-up, but I am a quick learner 🙂 I suspect my biggest challenges will be – capturing my voice and sharing it wisely, learning the needs of my readers and offering them value with “wow,” and configuring what content goes where – which blog, what is free vs sold, and simply how to empower others via my platforms from my own heart, experiences, and life-knowledge.

    Being a participant at Content Success Summit would be a blissful gift at this transitional time in my life. As a conduit, I know it would add value to many other people’s lives as it passes through me. I blog in the fields of holistic health, disease-prevention & reversal, and engaging with nature for stress-reduction. Thanks again!

  • Yamama

    Dear Team, 

    I am working now on a project related to Environment, Energy and water in Jordan, and we would like to know  the best social media strategies that we can use to promote our work so we can reach people and make a behavioral change in our region. Please help me to win a ticket to this wonderful event. 

  • taramati

    I work for a small online retailer. He has had the same business model since 1999 none of which included social media. I can’t even get the man to text or open a google chat window. I have recently taken over the marketing duties which include creating FB and Twitter accounts as well as 3 new websites. I gave my boss the book on The New Rules of Marketing and PR, but he said he only thumbed through it. In his head is a wealth of knowledge that would be amazing as blogs, fodder for forums etc. but I have to figure out how to get at that knowledge while at the same time doing SEO etc. There are only so many hours in a day. My biggest struggle is prioritizing my tasks and figuring out what is the best way to get customers to our new sites and followers to our media pages.

  • Content Marketing is all about finding that sweet spot that trigger your audience. And it has to trigger them in ways that make your blog a little more then just another pit stop. 

    I always try to ask myself when I am in the mall – why did I stop at this store – and what was it that appealed to me that made me curious enough to make a purchase there.. 

    So my challenge is to identify the trigger points.. 


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger 

  • Becky Pearce

    I work primarily with small clients who believe creating content has to be a complicated, time-consuming process. In addition, they are often so focused on the end result they don’t understand why I want to take them through a goal-setting process. So my two biggest challenges are (1) getting clients to slow down, back up a step and (quickly) establish goals to make sure we are on the same page and (2) helping them see my vision for how we create content that their customers will value without being overwhelming for their teams. 

  • very nice keep up the entry will now behold here often have a look and see what’s going on here. Holiday Halle is always well looked just stop by.

  • I wish I only had one challenge! There are several challenges I am looking at as we move into 2013.

    My biggest challenge that I am working on at the moment is the delivery of content in an accessible way given the accelerated adoption of mobile devices. I am exploring a new development of my website to be responsive and therefore this will mean I have to re-think my content strategy so that I deliver content that supports my business objectives across all devices.

    I’d also like to share the other areas that I am revisiting this year as they may be of assistance to your readers who find themselves in a similar situation:

    – Having used content marketing since 2005 as a way of attracting new clients, I am revisiting my content strategy to ensure that I have a content plan that supports each stage of my marketing and sales cycle. It is easy to develop content to attract people into the top of your marketing funnel, but especially for complex sales and different prospective clients I recognise that I need to expand my content library

    – I work with clients to build content creation capabilities ‘in-house’ with representatives from across their organisation. I am looking at how to ensure that their content is able to be accessible (i.e. web accessibility this is also required by legislation) including when it is promoted through social media and also how to ensure that they are able to monitor the performance and success of their content in helping them achieve their content marketing objectives.

    Attending the Content Success Summit 2013 will provide me with the opportunity to continue to learn about content marketing from the thought leaders who are presenting, and it will provide me with the incentive to create time to develop a plan to address the above challenges.

    If I were to win the two tickets I would like to gift a ticket (sharing my good fortune) – either to a start-up or non-profit to help them achieve greater success in 2013.

  • Our biggest challenge is coming up with content that attracts and connects with our best prospects, and our client’s prospects. Translating the target personas to an integrated content plan is nuanced and subtle, and we’re still learning how to do it well. That’s why the summit is such an important event for us as we strive to move to the next level as a marketing partner for our clients. 

  •  As the PR Manager of BlogPaws and also running my own blog, Fidose of Reality, my biggest content marketing challenge is finding a way to get the word sound out without becoming a lot of noise. So many social media networks exist and I am constantly asked, “which ones do I use?” I have been generally stick to a core group of social media networks but from a content marketing perspective, the speakers at this seminar would greatly benefit me. I have attended one of these before and learned a tremendous amount. I’d love the opportunity to attend again. Thanks.

  • Leonard edwards

    wow, my greatest marketing content challenge is putting together the largest network for the one million teen dropouts. I started a program designed to assist teens 17 to 24 with there GED’s. So I started the web page United Dropouts of America under construction. Paid for the nonprofit under that name and froze in my tracks trapped. I had no idea of blogging and all the social media marketing tricks of the trade. Well it was my intention to just let the teens run my site and give them all the control posting their cert’s. So the way this works is they come gain a GED/HS cert. then enter into a vocational program, so three cert. within one year. To create one million jobs is my goal this year. I have plans to test 10,000 teen in June, Why one million teens this year for GED cause that’s how many teens drop each year. It’s simple I need all the help you can offer plus i stepped out before being ready but this cause has been in my dreams for too long. I need to win these free tickets I need to shock America teens into passing GED to enter into workforce. I am on a mission and i have nothing to lose, my key is you guys. We all have to turn around and find dropouts they are in everyones family and it’s crazy how America has turned there backs on the millions of dropouts sitting in homes getting on everyones nerves. These kids won’t even apply at mcDonald’s for a jobs for a lack of GED’s. Kids that are about to get into trouble this year. What I have as my POWER is 75% of the teen that take the pre GED test test high enough to pass the GED. That’s all we need to do is get the teens to test they will pass and start building confidence from easy steps.

  • oh 🙂