social media viewpoints*UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners of our free ticket giveaway: Christy Rucker won the written entry and Rachael Seda won the Twitter contest.*

Want to win a free ticket to the largest content marketing event on the planet?

Our friends at the Content Marketing Institute have put together an amazing event taking place in Columbus, Ohio this year.  And they’ve agreed to let us give away two tickets to this special event.

First, what is this event?

Content Marketing World 2012 is the largest in-person conference dedicated to helping marketers and business owners master content marketing.  This year’s conference takes place September 4-6, 2012 at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio (just outside the Ohio State University campus).

Hundreds of businesses have already signed up, including Level 3, Google, SAS, IBM, Majestic Steel, Nationwide, Deloitte, UBM, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, CME Group, University of Phoenix and many other leading small and large brands.

Over 70 (yes, that’s right… 70) of the world’s most respected content marketing and social media experts will share their strategies with you.

Hear from Sam Sebastian (Google, Inc.), Mitch Joel (author, Six Pixels of Separation), Jay Baer (co-author, The Now Revolution), Jason Falls (author, No Bullshit Social Media), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner), Mark Schaefer (author, Return on Influence), Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman (co-authors, Content Rules),  Brian Clark (founder, Copyblogger), Lee Odden (author, Optimize), Marcus Sheridan (owner, world’s largest swimming pool blog), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) and experts from Dell, Sears, Kraft, Intel, IBM, SAP, SAS, Oakley, Sybase, and Kelly Services—just to mention a few.

Presentation topics include developing a content marketing strategy, content discovery and distribution, finding and engaging your target audience, measuring success, and customized tracks for B2B, B2C, small business, social media and more! Check out all the sessions.

And if that wasn’t enough, the one-and-only Rick Springfield will be performing many of his 17 Top-40 hits, including the ever-popular “Jessie’s Girl.”

At last fall’s event, 99% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

How can you win tickets?

We are giving away two free tickets to Content Marketing World, valued at $1295 each!

Two ways to win: There are two tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

retweet this#1: Twitter entry

Simply click the button on the right or tweet what you see below for a chance to win one ticket:

I want to win a ticket to Content Marketing World! (via: @smexaminer) #winCMW12

You can tweet up to two times per day. Each tweet is an entry to win. We’ll randomly draw the winner of a free ticket. All tweets must have the #winCMW12 hashtag included.

#2: Written entry

Simply write why we should award you a free ticket in the comments box below (scroll down).

The judges (Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute) will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What you need to know:

  1. You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  2. Tweets must contain #winCMW12.
  3. The deadline to enter is Friday, June 1, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter ON THIS PAGE.
  4. If you’ve already purchased a ticket, no worries. If you win, Content Marketing World will either give you a full refund or you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like who wants to come with you!
  5. Winners must arrange their own travel and lodging.
  6. No purchase is necessary to win.

We look forward to seeing your comments and tweets. Good luck!

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  • Liz Mazzei

    I would like to win a ticket to Content Marketing World 2012. Why should I win? Because I am a young professional with a passion for all things marketing and a drive to continue to learn. The heart of all marketing is content – information that allows organizations to connect, communicate, and interact with and continue to grow its community. The opportunity to attend CMW12 and learn more about how to produce and manage effective content will be a life changing experience that I can then apply to my everyday marketing activities and integrate into my current organizations marketing strategy. If I win, I will be forever grateful to the Social Media Examiner and Content Marketing Institute for helping me advance my career.

    Sincere thanks for this opportunity,


  • I would love to win a tickets to Content Marketing World 2012 for several reasons.  First is that I have never been to a major marketing conference where I can take advantage of networking IRL with people I communicate online everyday.  
    Second, I am a big believer in continuing education because what is a trend today is old news tomorrow.  There is always room for improvement on best practices.  I’ve bought almost all the books published by the authors who will be speaking at the conference, but haven’t had a chance to read them. See previous two sentences on that. Nothing beats in person conference seminars/workshops from the experts.

    Third, (and I am not asking for pity points) I have all kinds of free time now due to recent events and I would like to start getting back into doing what I know how to do best and that is create content (written word, video, and photojournalism).  

    Lastly, I am excited that it is moving from Cleveland to Columbus (my backyard) which was just named #8 on Mashable for Tech Jobs which validates something we’ve know all along.  Columbus and Ohio in general has been an underrated marketing and tech town for far too long. We’re looking forward to shedding the The Ohio State University Buckeyes Football and Cowtown image.  Also, hometown of Lewis Howes, Nate Riggs, Elijah Yong, Heather Whaling, and many more well-known content marketers.

    The second ticket I would probably give to one of the local SM cool kids who loves content marketing as much as I do, but may not necessarily have the money to pay for it themselves and works for a company that doesn’t believe in the multiple benefits of attending such a great conference.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.


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  • 6 Simple Reasons Why SME Should Choose Tyson Stevens for #winCMW12

    1. I tweeted #winCMW12 one gazillion times (minus a few billions)
    2. I am an SEO who loves amazing content & strives to produce it
    3. I love learning
    4. I love teaching and will share what I learn at the event with others
    5. The topics being discussed are of very high value and exactly what I need
    6. I will arrange my own travel and lodging 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity ladies and gents of SME and CMI!

  • Lisa

    Let’s cut to the chase—what’s in it for you, if Iwin a
    ticket to Content Marketing World?

    Top Five Reasons to Pick me:

    1. I have lots of friends & acquaintances, whom are
    also obsessed with Marketing, which means,I could spread the world about SME
    (even more than I do now).

    2. I am a twenty-something a few years into my career,
    which means I have the rest of my career to help promote your business (I am a
    huge fan anyway, but this could be the impetus to promote it even more!)

    3. I work for a Global brand, which means I have access
    to marketers around the world.

    4. I would plug SME into every conversation I have at the

    5. When I believe in something, I am passionate about it.
    I am happy doing what I do, and I will only become more successful in years to
    come, i.e., you’ll want me on your side.

    OK, you can stop analyzing now. Just choose me, you won’t regret it. Promise. 

    Hopeful SME fan,


  • Christy Rucker

    My husband would probably strangle me for doing this, but I would love to win a ticket to Content Marketing World for him. Almost a year ago, he started into a business venture with a partner. His partner is very knowledgable about their industry (food service) and is very hands on. My husband is in charge of a number of things, including marking. But his partner perceives Marketing as a “soft” area, that anyone can do. Most of us know this is ridiculous, and if anything it can be a challenging, but my husband has to try very had to show he is contributing.

    Additionally, he is an African American man-of-business, which is not something you find a lot of in our area. He also never attended college, but could run mental circles around most college graduates (myself included). Because of this, and the problem above, he faces a lot of hurdles in his business.

    I think attending Content Marketing World would be a huge ego boost for him and a validation of the work he does. (gah, he is going to be mad if he reads this! :). He would be able to learn so much!

    Thanks for reading!
    Christy Rucker

  • I would highly appreciate the opportunity to attend Content Marketing World 2012. I started out my college career in film however through my classes at the University of Iowa, I have found a distinct passion in Marketing and Design. I am currently finishing up my degree ‘Entertainment Management’ interning with Rausch Productions, in Cedar Rapids, IA as a Marketing and Website intern. Once I have fulfilled my internship credits, I hope to stay with Rausch and continue to contribute my skills to help transition Rausch from a small company into a medium size company.

    As a Volunteer Fire Fighter and EMT, I have had the opportunity to attend many conferences where I have learned an abundance of new information, practices, and ideas in the medical and fire fields. I can only imagine the quantity and quality of the information I will be able to absorb and put into practice as the field of social media and content in general is rapidly growing and changing.

    My long term goal is to become and asset within any company I set my sights on. I would love to garner the skills and talents to be the first person on the minds of clients when they have a project needed tackling. I would also love to set a long term goal to teach from my passion, and all I’ve learned working over the years. If it wasn’t for the teachers I’ve had in high school I wouldn’t have the ethics and attitudes toward life I have today. I still go back and visit and talk with them, and I think it would be the coolest thing in the world to be that person. The teacher that people come back and visit because they helped shape a part of their live.

    Those are the reasons I would like to be able to attend Content Marketing World 2012, to help step a foot in the right direction towards achieving my goals. That and, I would like to go back to the Tip Top bar in Columbus. Great Food.

    Kat Jackson

  • Dora Salemi

    🙂 this is an interesting way to run a contest! Good Idea. 
    I’m Italian, working since 2006 in Digital Marketing, i’m 28 years old, lived and worked in Italy,Holland and now  in  Mexico City since one year, i speak 3 languages fluently and i work as independent online marketing consultant here in Mexico with clients in different parts of the world. I have an interesting international entrepreneurial profile and if you want to know more about me, you will have to award me so that we can have a talk face to face in front of a good cup of coffee 🙂 In the meanwhile you can find me here Have a great day and good luck to all the participant of this contest, may the force be with you ,ahah 🙂  

  • Matthews

    I should win because:
     – I am a recent business grad working for a marketing company as the marketing coordinator, and I am in charge of all the social media accounts that we have.
     – I did my thesis on how social media affects the consumer buying stages and triggers an online purchase through a smart phone.
     – I am very interested in learning more about social media, and how we can use it to generate more awareness and sales within our target market.
     –  I also attended the 2012 Social Media Summit, and found it very helpful!!!
    Thank you for choosing me!

    Matt Smith

  • Pamelieux

    I should win because SM is my life. I am an influential person in my circles about it and I live in Mexico City where events like this don´t happen. Indulge me.

  • Mary M. O’Neill

    A few months ago I was hired on as the social media manager at my company. We’re always looking for new ways of marketing through social media, email, internet and more. We are a B2B consulting group that helps small businesses obtain government contract work. I would like to attend this conference to gain as much knowledge as possible on marketing techniques that we can utilize to help our business grow and help our clients’ businesses grow as well. We’re still a growing company so having the cost of the tickets covered would be invaluable to our business and to the businesses we help as well. The knowledge I gain from this conference could help me land a trip to the conference each year going forward and I would be able to let our client’s marketing teams know about future conferences as well. 🙂 Yes, I played that card. Lol. Thank you for the opportunity. 
    Mary M. O’Neill
    Fed Biz Access – St. Petersburg, FL  – (877) 376-4249 Ext. 410

  • My husband and I are dedicated to putting Americans back to work!  We’ve just started an ecommerce site, Authentic American Ware, selling only American Made products (starting with clothing, jewelry and accessories). The more we Americans buy USA made products, the more we Americans will benefit as a whole.  A portion of the profits of every sale will go to the Authentic American Ware Foundation, helping fellow Americans in need.  Attending Content Marketing World 2012 would increase my marketing knowledge which will in turn help Authentic American Ware to grow and be profitable, and that in turn helps Americans nationwide.  Help us to give back by awarding me a free ticket to the conference!   Thank you for the opportunity.  Sincerely,  Lisa Satterfield, Founder and CEO, Authentic American Ware.

  • You should pick me because I have only been doing social media for business for 6 months, and I have my entire organization looking to me for advice and guidance on their social media accounts. This conference would be so helpful, as it would be a great opportunity for me to learn from some of the best in the industry.  That being said I’m personally very involved in social media, and am always looking to improve my content and expertise in this area as well!  But most importantly, I love to bake, so if you pick me, you can expect a basket of delicious goodies! (Yes, I just bribed the judges, hey it’s not against the rules =P). 

  • Photini

    I want to meet in person some of the speakers and definitely Content Marketing World 2012 is not to be missed!

  • I do social media for the largest PC company in the world.  Attending the Content Marketing World 2012 Conference would be insane for me!  I would love being able to interact and absorb as much knowledge, tips, tricks and off-the-wall ideas as possible. 

    You can only read so much and absorb so much, but face-to-face spit balling with some of the brightest and most successful socialites out there would be awesome!


    Jacob Powell

  • K Norton

    How about a David and Goliath story of epic proportions?  Well, alright, there are really only about 100 of us who thought we were buying nice vacation homes we could enjoy and rent, but it turns out we are in the grip of a family rental dynasty that managed to buy a critical piece of the puzzle that keeps the tail wagging the dog.  We have been trying every way we know to do right by our resort, including educating ourselves big time on everything related to the hospitality industry.  We deserve a break today!  (at least we should get points for the many cliches we’ve managed to throw in here.

  • I am a loyal fan of SME, read your articles every day, and attended the awesome Social Media Success Summit. But I need to know more! 🙂  I am a small business owner without a corporate budget to afford the $1000 entrance fee to Content Marketing World 2012. You would be doing your part to help the backbone of the US economy – supporting entrepreneurship!

  • Steve Corcoran

    Why you should award me tickets to Content Marketing World:

    1.  I am not content with my content.
    2.  I contend that my content needs help.
    3.  My contentment for great content is Chapter One of my life’s table of contents.
    4.  I want to crank out content that doesn’t lack content.
    5.  ….

    (I can go on like this all day, folks.  Just give me the ticket and I’ll take my contentious content and move on…)


  • Mike Misner

    Choose me because I will apply the Content Marketing expertise at the event to save the oceans, or at least help save the seas.  As an independent contractor to non profits specializing in marine conservation and clean energy, the show is out of my price range. I would not only be the enthusiastic winner with a corporate and non profit background but also a gracious winner. Plus, I am a big fan of Social Media Examiner. You rock. I dutifully read and regularly forward your helpful and interesting posts to my friends. Keep up the great work.  And if you’re a fan of the Simpsons, you’ll remember a very old episode when Lisa gave Ralph a valentine card on Valentine’s Day that showed a kid on a train and it read: Choo-choose Me! Don’t ask me how I remember that!

    Mike Misner
    Eco Ocean Blog:

  • I live in small-town USA and am in charge of social media for a web design and marketing firm here.  Our clients have problems just logging into Facebook and most have never even heard of Twitter.  Convincing them that social media will help their business (even convincing them that a website will help their business) is incredibly challenging, particularly if they’re old-school.  We’re years behind other areas of the country when it comes to this stuff, but we are trying our best to encourage people to step into the future. The city I live in has even asked our company to give talks at the Chamber of Commerce to teach people how to create and manage a facebook profile/page (we’re that behind) and to explain why a website is important.  I am incredibly grateful for the articles and resources I’ve found on the Social Media Examiner website as they’ve helped me prepare for these talks.  I feel like if I was given the opportunity to travel (I’ve never been to Ohio) and learn more, maybe I could teach everyone else more, and perhaps we could give the struggling economy here in small-town USA a boost.

  • This story is pretty darn cool. If I am chosen (post below), I will gladly split my ticket with him.

  • Would love to attend Content Marketing World so that I can live blog and tweet the wealth of information to my loyal followers.

  • MS, JP, what a killer idea. 

    Love, love, love when big thinkers go beyond talking about social media and actually demonstrate its power. I plan to enter your contest. But rather than shoot from the hip, I’m going to think about it and then come back and answer the question, “How can Barry’s attendance at CMI World help proliferate valuable content to attract, acquire and engage people to support the objectives of CMI, SME and content marketers everywhere?”

  • Diane Simmons

    I would love to attend the
    Content Marketing World 2012 Conference because I feel that it is truly
    important to be able to step out of the day to day craziness work we do in order to reflect at a high level view
    that allows us to improve our craft and successfully plan for the future.  
    Diane Simmons

  • This is Beth Gaddis, Associate Director of Social Media at Coast Dental.  I would love to attend Content Marketing World so I can provide even better customer service and education to our patients.  We have 186 offices in five states operating under three brand names – and are rebranding all of the properties to just Coast Dental. The information I learn at Content Marketing World will have real-life applications.  I already share patient success stories and health tips at, write for our waiting room magazine, monitor and respond to our online reviews, create our patient-facing emails (including appointment reminders, newsletters and custom communications, each of which includes links back to applicable blog entries and website content), and write for our 5 websites. I distribute our unique content through our various Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts, and am delving into better ways to use LinkedIn and email communications for recruiting.  It would be amazing to hear the successful strategies and tactics your speakers will have at Content Marketing World and hope you’ll choose me to attend.

  • Laura

    I work in a small vibrant Start up company that provides an innovative ecommerce platform. Our goal is to help small businesses to succeed online. We are working on creating new ways to achieve this. We are all very motivated and willing to do the best job.We believe we can change the world…one stay home mom at the time.I would love to give this opportunity to our content manager to learn and become the best professional. If you choose us, you will help us in our mission.

  • Cat B.

    This is the opportunity I’ve been looking for! I work for a not-for-profit organization and I have been pushing for more content marketing. With their hesitation and my lack of credentials, I need to learn from the movers and shakers in this industry. I requested to go to CMWorld Conference, but was denied! It would be so great to go back for a request for just the time off instead!

  • Bob Rall

    Why should a middle-aged guy like me get a ticket to Content Marketing World 2012?  Well first, Columbus is my hometown and although I haven’t lived there in 30 years, I get back often enough to visit friends and family that I can show you some of the best spots to visit while you are there…places only the locals know about.
    Secondly, I am one of the founding members of a non-profit group called GetSocialBrevard.  Brevard is the name of our county.  We are a group of social media enthusiasts who have put together an organization built on four principles:  1)–Social Media–we all enjoy and believe in the social media revolution;  2)–Education–we hold educational meetings teaching how to use the various social media platforms; 3)–Networking–we wanted to meet and develop relationships with the people we were communicating with;  4)–Philanthropy–we have selected six local charities that we support by raising money at our monthly “tweetups”; we raffle tickets for door prizes and have silent auctions.  Our organization could certainly benefit from hearing from the leaders in the Social Media/Content Marketing world.  So not only would you be helping me, you would be helping our non-profit group, and even more importantly, helping the six local charities that we contribute to.  
    Thanks for taking the time to consider us.

  • Curtis Shaw Flagg

    #winCMW12 tickets would mean alot of things to me. One thing is the fact that a non-for-profit I help and ambassador will be able to increase its visibility through the help of the excellent experts. Another is the information I get from this website alone is so beneficial to me and everyone else I get to come here, I can only imagine the information available at this event I can take with me and use to make the world better. 

  • I want to make the content marketing world a better place through business storytelling. My instincts tell me we’re on the cusp of the next big, true thing: story marketing for business. Not a fad or the next shiny thing, telling authentic, persuasive, human-centric stories that connect ideas and solutions to action is where content marketing is headed – needs to be centered.

    Being part of Content Marketing World would allow me to not just take information away, but help spread the word and generate interest for making content more alive and resonant with the shine in people’s eyes.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    Greg Elwell

  • The reason why I think i should win those tickets is very simple. I represent a small company for their maketing and sales and I know it has the potential to become big.

    I have taken making this brand successful to heart and want to share this knowledge with the people over here so we can all grow this company into a huge success story.

    Less is more, that’s all I have to say!

  • Mhanley

    I need to win these 2 tickets because my twin sister and I were recently hired to tackle a brand new start up division of the company I have been working for for about 14 months. 
    We were given this opportunity to work together (which I am extremely thankful for) and I am trying my darnedest to be successful at it so that I can succeed in my profession, and of course so that the company can succeed.  I am a very competitive person and this is very important to me – I have yet to feel success in my professional world. 
    I was a very competitive and successful college athlete and I have finally now found a career that I enjoy and take pride in. My ultimate goal is to be successful again in life and if I can make this business work, I will be.  Money is a tricky thing – once you grow up you soon realize that there is never enough of it.  I went to a good college (way too expensive) and I am very thankful for my education, but I didn’t realize what would happen when I got out into the real world (at least money-wise), and to this day I still struggle to pay back my student loans.  Translation – I need to grow this business so that I can make more money so that I can pay back my student loans….amongst all my other bills, and still have money to live life 🙂
    One of my main points of discussion with my boss from the beginning has been that in order to become a major player in our very competitive field we need to start to produce quality content! My sister and I may be the only ones in the company who really understand why it is so important, and because my time is taken up with so many other tasks, I am often not able to keep up with the marketing education that I need to in order to succeed in this market (I keep up with your helpful posts as much as possible but that’s about it). I make time for blogging, etc., but I cannot keep up with the trends and changes in content marketing and therefor I would absolutely love the chance to attend this conference.  My company would never pay for us to attend this, no matter how much I argue the fact that it would be very worth the investment. 
    I have read a few other comments and I understand that everyone is in the same position.  Everyone is trying to make despite the current economic state, and everyone wants/needs a free ticket.  I totally get that.  I’m sure it will be a tough decision because really everyone here is a good candidate, and everyone deserves it.   Good luck in your decision and thanks for the opportunity!

    Molly Hanley
    CIM USA Inc.
    mhanley@cimusainc:disqus .com

  • Vanessa

    We are a small design business offering B2B and B2C services to small companies who don’t understand social media in the least.  They have come to count on us to provide them with the latest information, trends, and updates.  An opportunity to learn from true experts in the field would be truly amazing. Attending this event would allow me to amass information to benefit our client base in Small Town USA.

  • Pick me, pick me! Over here.

    If I win a ticket to CMW12, I will bring my Flip Video camera and, using my standup comedy skills, interview other first time attendees about their experiences at the conference. The interviews can be used to produce a “first time visitor video” to promote future CMWs, etc.

    Or, I can interview the speakers after they’re nice and liquored up and get them to say regrettable things on camera that Joe and Michael can then use as leverage when planning future events.

    Hey, I’m flexible – I’ll work with you on this one.

  • Karen

    C- Connecting with the audience
    O- On-going efforts
    N- Neuturing established relationships
    T- Timely
    E- Energizes good marketing
    N- Navigates through the clutter
    T- Tradational Marketing…
    As you can see, it’s ALL about content.  It doesn’t matter the vehicle/tool we use, it’s about the information we are providing.

    As a strategic marketing consult I understand Social Media is a great new tool, but it’s not the only tool businesses need to be using….But content is the base for ALL marketing efforts.  I help clients/propects to leverage content to work smarter not harder.  While I have great ideas, I’d love to be in a crowd of peers, feeling the energy, growing my ideas and coming back with a wealth of new CONTENT to share!

    Who ever is selected will have an amazing experience…Congrats.

    And THANK YOU for the opportunity to have a chance to win a ticke to an amazing event.

  • Helen Horner

    I need to attend a program like this because I am writing my reason in this box vs. tweeting it.  That’s right, no Twitter account.  I need to learn why I need one.

  • Simply put, CMW12 would allow us to take our struggling business to the next level. Thank you!

  • Clara

    Ever since I signed on to your Newsletter I have read all you e-mails, I have retweeted them regularly because of how valuable I think the information is, I have at first suggested then required that my assistants join your list, it has put us on the same page and we now know what we’re referring to when we strategize about how to grow. I’m a singer, and though I have plenty of other interests besides Social Media, SM is central to my career. And the biggest analytics I get on Twitter are when I post your tips! Thank you!

  • debevans

     I would LOVE to win a ticket to Content Marketing World 2012! I am a Certified Franchise Executive and working hard to educate the franchise industry on social technologies. The more I learn the more I can share and sharing via live tweets and follow-up blog posts would be awesome.

  • Christy Hritz

    Ok, as  requested I’m writing: Why we should award you a free ticket (otherwise I can’t go, so pick me please).

    Christy Hritz, Marketing Communications Manager (and other duties as assigned)
    Interim HealthCare Inc.

  • Jen Habrych

    When looking over the content that will be included in your event, I tentatively pressed the registration button, hoping that my guess would not be true, but alas it was – the cost on both a personal and professional level was just too much. Working in social media and communication for a small non-profit, I’ve sacrificed income to drive the message for a cause in which I greatly believe. I’ve educated myself through your blog and newsletters and countless others to keep up with social media trends, have attended every free workshop in my area and continue to be open to learning anything and everything I can about social media. But, I also believe that only so much can be learned this way and I would love to learn from the best of the best. The only thing holding me back from gaining this knowledge and using it for both the incredible charity for which I work and the two for which I volunteer when I can to aid in their media efforts is cost. I would be honored and grateful if you even consider my request. Thank you. 

  • Hi guys, thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway idea. 

    I’m hoping to be considered on the basis that I’ll pre- and post-blog about the event, live tweet throughout it, post Facebook and pinterest and instagram updates of everything I’m doing there as the conference gets underway, and basically put everything I learn to immediate good use.

    I’ll even undergo three months of therapy to learn how to handle my social anxiety so I can properly network.

    (Please tell me I’m not alone in my social awkwardness.)

    Of course plenty of people would love and deserve the tickets. Thanks again for giving us all the chance!

  • 7 Surprising Reasons I Should Win The Content Marketing 2012 Ticket (plus an added bonus)

    1.  Write a guest post for SME on the benefits of attending educational conferences
    2.  Take copious notes and publish key learnings in a variety of format for those unable to attend
    3.  Buy the speakers drinks
    4. Continue educating clients that content provides the best ROI in their marketing arsenal
    5. Buy more drinks for weary speakers
    6. Share our content repurposing process with anyone who is interested
    7. Add to what we’ve learned developing content for our clients and our agency

    8. (added bonus) I’ll buy an additional ticket for one of our staffers to attend

  • Lois Wyant

    I would like to be considered for one of the tickets for the Content Marketing World 2012 because I have a dream.  This dream holds to make a difference for two groups that are heavy on my heart: locally owned businesses and American Veterans.

    Locally owned businesses are struggling in America, especially in my back door.  The problem for locally owned businesses is that they are not making enough money to hire a big corporation to help them with their social and on line marketing and they don’t have the time to learn how to do it or how to do it well.  The business that I have been working on for almost a year now brings to life the opportunity for the local business to have help at a price range that they can afford and to grow with them as the marketing helps them grow.

    The second part of my dream; as this business grows I want to hire veterans connected with an organization local to me called Save Our Veterans.  This is a non profit organization that helps homeless and unemployed veterans get a fresh start.  My building has two apartments upstairs that I can let training veterans use while they are learning how to help the local businesses get more social and better ranked.  Once they understand the system we can connect them with a neighboring county to support and help those local businesses and continue this process until our state is covered with growing locally owned businesses and happy homeowner veterans.

    I will know that I have reached success once I am able to complete the dream by establishing a fund to provide scholarships to children of veterans who have given their life for our freedom.

    Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.

  • Because it’s hard to throw a one-ton rock when all you have are pebbles. That is why I’d like to attend Content Marketing World and you should pick me as your guest.

    (I loathe saying pick me, pick me).

    I’ve co-founded a bootstrapped business to help make content creation easy for just about any sized business.

    Shortcut Blogging is a bootstrapped business that’s slowly growing and is ready to mine for more relationships and clients.

    Being 6-months in to our venture, we have a handful of clients. Every single one is happy with the results and with the minimal amount of time they need to dedicate in creating high-quality content. What’s better is every client understands what content is doing for them (and all of them found us in our own content marketing efforts).

    Shortcut Blogging takes the interview process – using a professional interviewer within the broadcast industry – and turns it into a written piece of content. The piece of content is not simply the transcription. Instead it is a completely rewritten article to be readable and in the voice of the interviewee.

    Not only is the article re-written, but it’s also turned into a professionally created podcast.

    To make our process a success, the only thing the interviewee needs to have is passion and knowledge – the host will help guide the content.

    At the moment, Shortcut Blogging is being used to create blog posts, case studies, and membership site content (the latter two were the client’s idea). All of them quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of time from the business.

    Our company was built – amongst other reasons – because as being marketing consultants ourselves, we continuously noticed our clients could not swing the content marketing bat. So, we came up with a process that requires minimal time from the business to create high quality content.

    Attending Content Marketing World would allow our business to be introduced to both sides of the party. Both the social media/content consultants, and the small to gargantuan sized businesses – we have solutions for both sides.

    Many businesses are looking for the solution to creating content and it will only continue to be a challenge.

    At this point, Shortcut Blogging has pebbles. Attending Content Marketing World and creating relationships with both sides of the content marketing revolution, will provide us, and the industry, a way to speed business up for everybody.

    What size rock do you have? We have pebbles. Can you help provide us and the industry more opportunity to grow?

    Paul Boomer
    Co-founder and janitor
    Shortcut Blogging

  • Joe Hendrix

    After seeing this, I’m not even going to enter other than the tweet I already sent. He can have my chance. 

  • Juanm

    I would love to win a ticket not only for the chance to learn a much as I can, but got an improvement in the Latin community. We are copying all the time what is out there, but we need to develop our own way of doing things and this can happen with knowledge. I’m give free courses in schools and job centers for my community trying to help them to understand what should be done so their sites and businesses don’t die in the middle of the recession. I cannot afford this seminar and I would love to go. If I go, many, many people would have a benefit out of it. Gracias! 

  • I would love to win a ticket to Content Marketing World 2012 to learn about how we can get better results with our Content strategy and so on we can build Green and Social projects. We help ONG, SMB, and Startup on how to write for our costumers and how to be in top on search engines, we will like to learn new ways so we can help more people, and together to build a better place to live.

  • French_Freddy

    Why should I be selected? Is it because I deserve it? Hardly. Is it because I am 24 and have never left my country? So what…!

    Is it because I’m from Africa, Kenya? Kenya, Africa? I think not; what has that got to do with anything anyway? So…is it because I think that this experience would change my life forever? No. Because my life changed forever when I met Social Media; as an AIESEC alumnus, now a proud Rotaractor, I am in the business of change. Change does not faze me; it liberates me. I have slowly learnt that the world we live in is such a diverse microcosm of similarities, and nowhere is it better seen than on Social Media, and Twitter specifically. 

    My comment is hardly about me. I do not even want to come for the event. Don’t get me wrong; I would love to. I would undoubtedly learn much; no questions about that. But I learn a whole lot every day, just being on Twitter. As a Social Media Strategist,however, working with young Kenyans from the slums in Nairobi, I have been able to connect with some very unique individuals, some from this very site, who show me, everyday, that my dream for change is a plausibility. Imagine then, if you will, what hope it would inspire for such a young man, from a slum in Nairobi, if he were to win a ticket to such a convention? Imagine, once more, what his return after illumination in the hands of the ‘Taoists of Twitter’, would inspire among his colleagues, if not an immeasurable degree of self-belief and confidence that they, too, are capable of anything they put their minds to. 

    I am already inspired by what Social Media can do…allow my comment, to inspire another. Allow my comment, the opportunity to write us a Slumdog Millionaire epic… Allow me, the opportunity to say that it does not matter when I leave my country, for I know that I will…eventually. For now, however, I am content in the knowledge that I tried to make it happen. For another.

  • French_Freddy

    Looking forward to your posts regardless

  • Sandra

    I would love to win tickets to Content Marketing World. I love all things technological and have a marketing background in print media. I would love to take what I know and be able to more fully use in the social media world. I love to learn and also love to share what I know with others. I would be honored to be chosen to be able to attend this wonderful event.

  • Terri Maurer

    I would love to win the free tickets (even only 1 ticket)  to Content Marketing World for several reasons:
    1) I have been unable to schedule attendance at any of the major conferences on content marketing the past   3 years and am sure I am way behind where I ought to be.

    2) My firm is dedicated to helping small business owners get on track for success through marketing strategy, sharing information from this conference will enable me to help them move to their next level of influence through their web sites, blogs and other social media outlets.

    3) My blog and other social media content is due to move to a higher level, and this conference is the ‘ticket’ to making that happen.

    4)  The conference is actually being held within a 2-hour drive from my location, eliminating 2 days for travel to the West Coast where most of these events are held.  Hotels here in Ohio are relatively inexpensive and by packing a few PB & J sandwiches for ‘sustinence’, and avoiding all groping and nude x-rays, this could be a very enjoyable — and valuable — event.

    Keywords:  pick me!   pick me!  pick me!

  • Harry Trisos

    Africa is emerging because social media and mobile Internet content is educating and informing its masses from north  – the Arab Spring- to south; in South Africa where 3 people access the mobile Internet for every 1 person who is on desktop Internet. It is here where the real need lies for content development in areas of heatlh, education an things that really matter. Expose Africans to content development and marketing, social media and change not only 1 person’s life but many thousands who will benefit from that experience. 

    Be bold, and select an entry from Africa, like that of Fred Wambugu Maina above. 

  • Its seems very interesting and I would love to win the free ticket to the event. 😉

  • Alin Oita

    Hey guys, nice work with this magazine. I found it a week or two ago and I can’t drink my cofee without reading it :). Now I see you hit it with this contest.
    Although I’m not so experienced in online marketing, I’m very passionate and willing to continue my career with this. I’m inlove with online environment and soon I realized that I feel like the king of the internet when I have good results and my work is appreciated.I started to read books about online marketing my dream is to be the best. That’s why I don’t want to miss any chance to learn something new and useful.It will be a dream for me to go to CMW2012 with my CEO from avchathq (where I’m working at the moment).
    Even if I don’t win the tickets, I’ll do my best to get there like I’d do anything to go to any workshop or conference about online marketing.

    Thanks for the chance and let the best win 🙂

  • I want to attend the event for a couple of reasons-
    1. my newest blogging venture- The Diva of Dating for the Over 50 Crowd needs a boost. I know how to write content and do SEO but I need to do a better job at it.
    2. As a freelance writer I am always eager to learn more about content-it makes me a better writer
    3. It would look fab on my resume!
    4. I’ve never been to a social media conference and think it would be great fun as well as educational
    5. I’m in the over 50 dating crowd as well and maybe I’ll meet Mr. Right there? (though I suspect the age range of attendees is significantly younger)
    6. I jumped off the ledge in 2009, venturing away from a 9-5 job to pursue work that excited me more… I love the world of writing, working with clients to craft the best content for their product. It’s a tough world out there and this conference would be a huge benefit to me.

  • Elizabeth Joss

    I am a highly driven individual who is passionate about social media and online marketing. I have a dream of taking content marketing to a new level in South Africa. The knowledge that I gain at this conference will enable me to return home to SA and make a difference in the field. 

    I feel that by attending the conference, I will be able to gain valuable knowledge which I would never obtain here at home (SA rarely has conferences like this!). 

    I also feel that this event will enable me to network and use this time to meet interesting and inspiring people who are contributing to content marketing in unique ways. 

    I am very keen to get South Africa on par with the rest of the world and I feel that by attending this conference, I will be able to share my knowledge with other South Africans who will be able to benefit from this. Furthermore, I would absolutely love to be able to network with likeminded people for a couple of days!

    My love for the internet and social media coupled with my love of the English language and of writing makes me a most deserving candidate. 

  • Dolores Martínez

    How many Spanish people will attend the meeting? I want to be one of them. The only one? At least the only one who will win the free ticket.
    Well, I have more than 20 years working experience in purchases and marketing in a leader diy multinational, last 8 years in on-line content and e-commerce. I’m restarting my career and I’m heavily interested in develop content because I think here is a lack of attention yet. People tell me I’m a good writer and I think I could improve my marketing content skills in that meeting. I’m ready of course to share my experience with the other attendees.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon… to tell me that I have won, of course.
    Thank you indeed for your interest and for reading my small speech

  • Blackterence

    Australia needs this stuff! We are so far behind the 8 ball. I need to absorb this content and come back and evangelise, spread the good word.

  • Dear all
    I’d cherish the opportunity to attend such a prestigious event. My company, C.I.P Media, is striving to help professionals in Greece,  who are in the verge of financial extinction, due to heavy recession. We perform mostly community service (free of charge mostly) and providing them with tools such as Content Marketing – an inexpensive way of promoting and growing – to aid all those we can, to survive in such perilous times. We strongly believe that Content Marketing is the key to overcome the crisis most companies are into, so we are hoping to win these free tickets in order to learn more and expand our arsenal of tools. Your help and expertise would be of great importance to our cause.
    Please help us aid as many companies or individuals as we can. We can also provide you with case studies of practicing Content Marketing techniques, which are surely going to amaze you.
    Thank you in advance.

  • well, I have been following this blog for two years now … reading each and every post … watching all the events and summits go right pass me … either because i couldn’t afford it, timing wasn’t good or not suiting what i need to learn to be better in my job .. I live in Amman – Jordan, working in an international company with head-quarters in Dubai … i want to win this ticket so i can finally be a part of something really all about social media marketing and most importantly content management … if i win, i will be happy, if i don’t, then at least i tried instead of two years of standing by … Thanks 😀

  • onceuponwords

    We would  love to win a tickets to Content Marketing World 2012 it would allow us to take our struggling business to the next level. We have never been to a Marketing Conference we would love to glean from the best, and that we can work smarter so we can grow our  busines   [Thank you!

  • I would absolutely love to win those tickets for the conference! Why should I win? I am a young man, living in wonderful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and have been following this site for over a year now; taking in knowledge, putting to use everything I can and finding ways to put to use what I think I can’t at the moment. Unfortunately, it is such a challenge for me to ease Mexicans of their fear and cure their lack of understanding of Social Media and Online Marketing (including investing in overall marketing strategy!)
    Many don’t understand the real VALUE it brings to their company- I think it’s about time Mexico catch up with the fast moving scenario in this world; people interact more online and we need to be where they are. I believe SME and CMW12 are the CURE for that. I want to administer that cure, help people understand and make their business grow! I would simply LOVE to come back with my head full of ideas and my heart warmed to business owners in Puerto Vallarta.

    Your help to my dreams and cause would be greatly appreciated. I can show my love in return by mentioning you in my blog posts; FB, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube (Video presentations I compose) and all other social accounts; I can provide case studies and testimonies from happy clients on how my training from Content marketing World 2012 helped their business!

    Which ever the case, Thank you Social Media Examiner for your arduous work all these years 🙂

  • I would love to attend the conference, as part of the service I offer to the people I work with I often tutor about social media, seo and content marketing. It can be difficult to find the hours needed to keep abreast the ever changing industry. I follow blogs of many of these speakers and have read many of their books. I would love the opportunity to see them speak live and learn more ways to use / teach content marketing to my clients. These tickets are quite expensive, so outside of this contest, Iwould never have this opportunity. Its my birthday Sept 3 too so it just makes sence that I go 🙂 Thank you for posting.

  • Landy Wong (Malaysia)

    Why I want the tickets? I am not as expert as everyone above or below this post. I am a nobody who is getting to be somebody. I love social media marketing, nothing can express my love and passion in it. If I have been granted a ticket, it would be the greatest gift ever in my life!

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  • Many thanks Fred!  Cheers to you!

  • Nui

    I’m a social entrepreneur, helping small artisan villages by introducing their eco-freindly products to North America. Giving theses small communities a better life and at the same time educate North American to live greener. Since “green” is emerging market, I believe educate people about it is the way to be able to sell the products better, so content marketing is the key. Rather than that, the combination of content marketing and social media during this fast changing era could be confusing. Learning from the experts would help me a lot. That is why I want to win the ticket to learn more about it. 

  • If you would pick me
    Grateful as punch I would be

  • As I am located in Australia, hearing the sage words of international leaders in this exciting industry and meeting others with a passion for online writing and content marketing would be the ultimate in my search for knowledge and a challenge in this fantastic field of work.

  • Lend a girl a hand! I’ve landed a great job with an amazing company 3 years ago and about 1.5 yrs ago I was promoted to marketing assistant to the owner of the company.  I don’t have a marketing background, but I’m sharp, quick on my feet, creative and a fast learner.  I’ve been teaching myself by trial and error what to do, how and why, but that can only go so far.  I need your help to fulfill my potential!!  I’m in SE Michigan and it would be an easy drive to the conference, so I promise the pass will not go unused!

  • Christal

    I do not have much to compare to all of the above reasons. Here goes nothing, I am a recent graduate of the university of Massachusetts – Amherst. Recent as in, fifteen days. I am the founder of a small social media company, called compost. I work with my partners who started  a larger consulting company – , check it our their new website just launched! is on the way! Anyways a little about me. I LOVE social media. I know content matters and I learn every single minute new ways to help my clients succeed using social media. I am new in “actual” working world and could use this experience to really get a head start. I have been to numerous seminars and local events regarding social media, SEO, Social media Content, and web presence in general, but this would be awesome! I would be forever grateful, and would be sure to spread the work each and everyday!

  • I sincerely would appreciate the free ticket to Content Marketing World, but I honestly believe I am not as deserving as most of the others entering comments here.  People from Mexico, Greece and Australia and even places as exotic as SE Michigan who are looking for a way to augment the high price of travel should be high on the list in my opinion.  I am from Akron, Ohio less than 2 hours away.  I’d probably drive to the conference and back home again every night.  

    I’d love a ticket, don’t get me wrong.  I am in a highly technical and competitive niche that could use some help in the development of interesting content that is NOT stuffed with keywords no one actually understands (healthcare.) I would put the ticket to very good use developing sound informational articles and blog posts that would hopefully raise the bar for the entire industry.  

    Thanks for the free ticket contest and next year, please open it up to domestic and non-domestic winners. Good luck to everyone!

  • Nothing is free; in exchange for a pair of tickets I will publish a blog on to promote this event – one of the highest traffic among Hispanic blogs in terms of total reach between Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. I am based on Columbus OH and I run a small Hispanic digital agency.  Attending this venue will allow me to provide my clients with innovative content marketing strategies and continue their online social media growth.I look forward to hearing from you! Natasha

  • A free ticket for me would mean supporting a great non-profit organization in Northeast Ohio that supports mid-sized companies driving value for the region.

    Why mid-sized companies? Mid-sized companies drive value directly for their community through taxable employee compensation, job creation, spending with local vendors, and philanthropy. Further they are in a perfect position to innovate and support new business creation with their own capital and less likely to pick up and move away from a region.

    By supporting EDGE, it would mean helping us further our goals to reach this group of companies through content marketing and also giving us critical knowledge that we could share with these companies in their own content marketing efforts.

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Something we seek to embody at EDGE. By being on the forefront of content marketing, it will help us to live up to it.

  • I want to win the ticket for the  Content Marketing World 2012. There are just two reasons:

    1. I love content marketing and want to study and practice it in my rest career life.
    2. I trust the Social Media Examiner and believe this largest content marketing event will not disappoint.

  • All these posts have no substance and are all just about themselves. If you’re looking for somebody who can have a drink and chat, count me in. Let me know, I wouldn’t mind coming down to the US (From Canada) and having some water downed beers. 

  • Landerson

    I LOVE social media examiner and tell all my friends and family who could possibly benefit.
    We run a business like no other in the world with very few competitors. (We sell sunglass lens replacements for ALL makes and models of sunglasses). Our customers rave about us and give us plenty of referrals, that’s after they managed to find us, before they tossed out their $200 + expensive shades.

    Getting found out in the big wide internet world is very challenging and why we’d love to win free tickets to help us shake up the sunglass market with some interesting competition!


  • outtatheloop

    You should award me the free ticket to Content Marketing World 2012 because as the Operations Director, Human Resource Director and now the Social Media Director of a non-profit in Michigan, we are under- funded and over- worked!  Social Media skills and knowledge will open up many avenues to increase our impact on vulnerable adults in our area. 

    Pick me!

    Thanks so much-
    Patty Thomas 

  • After spending much of my
    childhood writing and illustrating fun books, I realized that there is little
    income in writing novels (unless I wrote the next Harry Potter, of course). By
    high school, I recognized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life writing.
    The high school newspaper became a close companion of mine and I was fortunate
    in becoming the editor-in-chief within a year. Unfortunately, a variety of
    deaths struck my family and financial difficulties followed. The difficulties
    within my family caused me to drop out of high school, spending my days
    writing. However, I quickly realized that if I wanted to write for a living – I
    needed a high school diploma. Against all odds, I finished high school and immediately
    enrolled in college. Only understanding that I wanted to write for a living, I
    majored in journalism. I managed to graduate with honors and immediately transferred
    to a local university to start the next step. Now that I am older, have earned
    my Associates Degree and am working on my Bachelors – I have realized that
    writing expands further than the realm of journalism.

    I have been fortunate enough to
    get a job at a technology firm. Because of my writing talents, the marketing
    team has allowed me to gain experience with blogging and other marketing
    techniques. However, I strive to finish my journalism degree, so I have decided
    to self-teach myself the ways of content writing, finish school and do my best
    to contribute to the marketing team. This conference would be a great way to
    expand my knowledge on content writing and learn from the experts.
    Additionally, it would give me the opportunity to meet new people within my new
    career choice. Unfortunately, as a college student supporting myself –
    affording the conference is not possible at this time. Luckily, I’m a Michigander
    so traveling would be very inexpensive for me.

    I truly hope to attend a few
    conferences within my lifetime, because I understand that they have the ability
    to cram several lessons in to a few days. I absolutely love learning and think
    this would be a great opportunity to hear from professional, well-trained
    individuals that make an impact in this industry. I am a 24-year-old, looking
    to make the most out of every single opportunity that presents itself. I believe
    that this conference would truly help me. I thank you for doing this contest. Not
    only is a great marketing idea for your company, but it also gives others a
    chance to experience such a great conference. 

    Thanks again for doing the contest,
    Jennifer M. Cline

  • My plea, as sung to the tune of “Jessie’s Girl”:

    “You know, I want to go to Content World.
    I want to go to Content World!
    Where can I find a (free) ticket to that?”

  • How could the host and sponsors of the world’s largest gathering of content marketing professionals make the event even bigger, not just in size, but in its ability to reach and influence even more marketers? 

    The answer, of course, is content marketing. No only will I attend the event, but I’ll be advancing its charter by generating valuable content—online and off. I’m a writer, content creator, small business consultant, and practitioner of search and social media. Before, during and after the event, I’ll apply my skills and touch my community often (and authentically) with educational and entertaining insights about applying content marketing practices. My content will: (1) deliver lessons on attracting and engaging customers, and (2) teach professionals how to foster the customer advocacy that is an immeasurable asset in the arsenal of modern marketing leaders. 

    To effectively adopt content marketing is to embrace the idea that as a marketer you are a publisher. Your website is the hub of your marketing efforts, the most important medium for serving the needs of your customers, and ultimately, the nucleus of your brand. In this new age, the customer is all powerful. You’re going to want to have meaningful conversations with that person. 

    A 25-year veteran of marketing communications, I know how to get that conversation going. Truth be told, I haven’t yet published a book about marketing. But I’m working on it. And every day a page or two emerges. Content Marketing World 2012 is sure to become a very exciting chapter.

  • I opened an event planning company in January.  It is a new industry and I am looking for some guidance on marketing my business and my skills to potential clients and vendors as well.  I would love to attend this conference!!  Pick me please!!!  🙂

  • lmricha

    Last year, Content Marketing World was held in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio. I was unable to attend due to some serious medical reasons and promised myself I’d attend next year. My manager went last year and had nothing but good to say! CMW was all over the news, my twitter feed was blowing up with hashtags and I felt like I missed out on the biggest marketing event EVER. Not to mention how valuable the content was and how great the speakers were! I was a little bitter hearing everyone’s stories of CMW and not being able to relate…but as we say in Cleveland: There’s always next year…

    So here we are this year and the conference moved! I am healthy, working in a new job and looking towards the future. The company I work for has never had anyone promote them – they’ve always been focused on the client. What better way to help them out even more, by gaining insight, knowledge and advice from people at the conference and the workshops? 

    I want the opportunity to be the cool kid this year and brag about how awesome Content Marketing World was. I’ll also show up to the conference with a sign asking Joe to re-locate it back to Cleveland 🙂

  • Hannah

    Content Marketing World 2012 will be a great opportunity to learn the newest, clever, and most dynamic ways to bring new and continuing business to my employer and our sales teams. It will also help me, my company’s social media queen, (yes, I said queen) to open a brand new path for sales and communication to not only our customers but our employees as well.

    The company I work at, and its sister distribution company, sell some products that have had little to no technological advances in several decades. Using social media (with the help of SME’s tips) my goal and assigned task is to generate new exposure for the two companies that ultimately ends with a sell of our product(s). CMW 2012 will help me fully understand how content will drive the needed exposure to generate these transactions.

    I’d also hope that attending a conference such as this will inspire new ideas and goals that I could use in both my personal and business lives.

  • Deb

    ME + (Content Marketing World 2012 + MORE knowledge + Tech Advances) + (Gazillion with same intense desire to learn * 2) = More Marketing SUCCESS

  • Deb

    My equation to WHY I Should WIN:

    ME + (Content Marketing World 2012 + MORE knowledge + Tech Advances) +
    (Gazillion with same intense desire to learn * 2) = More Marketing


    i would love to win tickets to content marketing world 2012 because i am a young professional and my mother has just bought a new salon and spa in springboro ohio that because of the past owners has gotten a very bad rep in this town and many surrounding towns. The salon is over 10,000 sq/ft with 26 workers as of now. The doors opened for us on may 15th and we are trying to learn how to build our own name out in the market and also let the past clients know that this is a totally new business with new people and new ownership. So the chance to help my mother get her business booming would be the best way i know how to repay her for raising me to what i am today. thank you.

  • Selecting me for a free ticket to Content World Marketing 2012 could change the face of America’s most troubled industry: Banking. 

    Banking is broken. The industry has hemorrhaged customer trust, rattled consumer confidence and displaced every one of our lives over the last half-decade. PerkStreet Financial, the company I run content marketing for, is changing all that with a simple solution…

    Right now, most Big Banks in this country spend around $800 per year, per customer to maintain branches — the best traditional method for marketing bank accounts and banking services. PerkStreet cuts all that cost out of our budget by existing entirely online, which allows us to offer fantastic cash back rewards on debit and excellent, 24-hour customer service. Remember what Amazon did to book stores? What Zappos did to shoe stores? What the web did to publications? That hasn’t happened in banking yet, but our analysts estimate about 18% of the US population already banks with a direct (online only) institution. This number is poised to skyrocket, but only if institutions like PerkStreet can set the tone for a new class of banking institutions — one that sets the bar by reducing the CPAs our industry has come to expect through true community building and world class content marketing. 

    With our blog, which features over 600 customer-written posts, our Facebook page, which ranks in the Top 20 most fans among all financial institutions, and email initiatives like our StreetSense Personal Finance courses, PerkStreet is already becoming a trend setter in this realm. We are taking community banking to the online community. But we have not tapped into the wealth of knowledge that will be available to us at CWM 2012. We have not broken through yet. We are venture-backed and giving over $1M per year to our customers in cash back for spending debt-free on debit cards. Our marketing budget is razor thin. Winning this ticket would get me into this conference where I could share what I’ve already learned, and return to Boston with tons of new ideas for further tests, measurement methodologies, and core strategies. Thanks very much for your consideration. 


  • 3 Reasons

    #1 – I’m a fan of Rick Springfield!
    #2 – I’ll be willing to help out.  Seriously, I won’t take out the trash but will be glad to help with introductions, crowd control, or whatever
    #3 – As a professional speaker and accomplished content marketer myself, I could fill in as a speaker on short notice in the event someone else can’t fulfill their obligation.

    Bonus Reason: My primary content marketing site is a 2012 SME Finalist and 2011 Junta42 top blog

  • Kendra Steed

    I would want to win a ticket to this event because I have just launched a social media marketing business, and have had some recent success. This event would provide me with valuable information, and networking to go forward and be the best that I can be in my chosen field. 

  • No sob story, no grizzly story of redemption, and no pandering to your site (which I didn’t even know existed until, like, two hours ago).  Sorry, dudes.

    My name is Cody Grant, and I am a radio journalist and multimedia artist in the Detroit area.  Provide me with tickets to CMW12 and I’ll “soy bomb” Rick Springfield à la Michael Portnoy at the ’98 Grammys.  Considering the amount of bloggers, faux press, and khaki-clad iPhone holders at these types of events, we should trend on Twitter and be a hit on Youtube in no time.  If people hadn’t heard of CMW12 beforehand, they will after.

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