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Blogging Fundamentals for Business is an online workshop that will empower you as a marketer and business owner to attract quality prospects, elevate your industry prominence and improve your sales with blogging.

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This fully online workshop will help you master the fundamentals of successful business blogging and is taught by the founder of one of the world’s largest business blogs—Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, author of the book Launch.

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We’re giving away three free tickets to the workshop, valued at $297 each, plus the opportunity to be promoted to more than 156,000+ of your peers! And remember, this is an online event—so no travel is required to participate.

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There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

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  • Biggest blogging challenge is editing and proofing. The whole “conversation style” of writing is still new to me. Why won’t people want to read essays?

  • Ann C

    I think the biggest challenge is fresh, interesting topics.

  • My biggest blogging challenge is time. Other responsibilities always seem to push blogging to the side.

  • My biggest blogging challenge for business is picking a topic. Is it interesting and relevant enough that people will read it. 

  • Adriana Seculin

    For me, it’s one man show… I read a lot of blogs, I know I could have interesting topics and I could provide quality content to my new business
    blog but how to plan & measure, how to build audience on social media, how
    to grow, how to manage all, this is the real challenge. I know that it’s a tremendous
    job but a need a clear and focused thinking path.

  • Angie

    I let my blog go stale. 🙁 And now I need to know how to resurrect it. Should I start again quietly or explain my absence?

  • Natalie C

    I am just getting started in blogging. What would you say are the top 3-5 fundamentals? I believe it is important to learn propper form/fundamentals to shoot a basket or swing at a baseball and hope you can teach blogging the same way. Thanks!

  • Robyn

    My biggest blogging challenge is I don’t think I have anything interesting to say! 

  • I enjoy the concepting and writing part – for me, the biggest challenge is converting readers to buyers (I’m a marketing consultant).

  • Brianne V.

    I think my biggest issue is coming up with fresh new topics, like so many others….

  • How generous of you! 

    My biggest challenge for my blog Faith and Family Reviews is doubling my income, finding ambassadorships and sponsors. It’s a slow work in progress.

    For my VA business it’s finding time to blog when I am doing everyone else’s social media, that and topics. For some reason I struggle with knowing what to write on my VA blog. I have even been considering finding an intern, but then how is an intern suppose to know how to blog about being a Virtual Assistant?

  • By far our biggest challenge is coming up with good topic ideas!

  • The biggest blogging challenge is to find unique topics that are useful to customers and presenting them in a way that will make them interesting to read (dare say, even entertaining on occasion). Not only is the selection of topic necessary to ensure they are read (and shared), but also in making sure they are interesting to write as well…otherwise blogging can feel like a chore.

  • Jay

    After 25 years in Corporate America, I finally made a risky career change to on-line Community Manager for a not-for-profit government watchdog type of website.  It is all new, scary, challenging, and fun.  But, as you know, I need to learn how to channel my energy and skills.  This will help.  Thanks,  Jay

  • Paul Rios

    understanding how effective blogging can really work, how to get readers to my blog, how to word my blog so that it drives leads, prospects and customers to my websites, how to educate and help others with providing information & services that will lead to profits for my on line home based businesses and finally how to use my blog to meet people in my community so I can have 1 on 1 time with them to help them with their needs.  these are my biggest frustrations with or about blogging at this time.  

  • Jeff M

    Biggest challenge is to get started and believe this would be great way to provide a good baseline to be used in kicking off blogging.

  • Time and focus! I wear so many hats and the ‘business’ always seems to get in the way! My boss is always giving me another task that he thinks should take precedence over our blog.  

  • I’m smack dab in the middle of creating my blog/website and learning as I go. While it’s great on-the-job training, I feel the learning curve “to get it right” is my current biggest blogging challenge.

  • understanding how effective blogging can really work, how to get readers to my blog, how to word my blog so that it drives leads, prospects and customers to my websites, how to educate and help others with providing information & services that will lead to profits for my on line home based businesses and finally how to use my blog to meet people in my community so I can have 1 on 1 time with them to help them with their needs. these are my biggest frustrations with or about blogging at this time. 

  • Greg

    Connecting with people by providing answers or solutions wasn’t working. Am trying to connect on a more personal level to give us the local business is a good community citizen look and feel, which we are. Just keep missing the right combination to engage our customers and hold their interest.

  • Joyce Klemperer

    The biggest challenge(s) are being relevant, consistent and unique. I only read blogs (or posts of any kind) that I think will add value – offer something I need to know or further explain topics that matter to me and my clients. Few people nowadays have time to waste on things that aren’t useful and interesting (except for funny/sad animal images and videos). So the big question for me is how often can I produce content that is useful and present it in a way that is interesting and thought-provoking. 

  • My biggest challenge to blogging is staying consistent in posts. 

  • One of the biggest challenges when blogging is picking a topic that engages multiple demographics to obtain a wider audience that does not relate to only a particular group of people. 

  • My company’s biggest blogging challenge is getting our current clients and prospects to participate in our blog, we just launched our different divisional blogs this month. Our clientele isn’t the most tech savvy and we need a way to get them on board and to stay on board to continue to get great tips, updates and event listings. With only a few blog semi experts we are pulling all the resources we can to get get our blogs to have great reader engagement.

  • My business has been around for a long time, but I started my blog a little while ago and one of my frustrations is understanding how the technical aspects work like RSS, sharing options, etc. I have all the basics but its time-consuming to research everything out there and implement each to see what works. Do you start a mailing list for updates? Only RSS? Feedburner? Both? All? Ugh!

    I would also love to know best practices for blog conversions. It is challenging to find information on this subject because conversion education is normally tied to landing page optimization. I am familiar with landing page optimization but I feel blog readers are a different audience and their purpose for visiting my blog is different than a landing page. I want to know more about this because I feel it is not talked about enough. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about it. 🙂

    Thank You!

  • Maryg

    My biggest blogging challenge is where to start…I feel as though I am frozen…with all the information that is out there on the do’s and don’ts of blogging and social media marketing for businesses, I do not know where to start.

  • Heidi

    Hi, Michael! As a writing coach, I love to help people “talk their blogs” in a screensharing session, so we can quickly put together a back stock of blogs for when they are going to be too busy to write their blogs themselves. As a “words person,” and not a “tech person,” my continual challenge is to learn as much as I can about the constantly changing blogging world so that I can provide the best resources and advice for my clients. I am convinced that your training would help me become even better at what I do. Thank you for considering me!

  • My biggest blogging challenge is when i run out of ideas to blog when i have a lot of blogging assignments to be done.. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to blog in sequence. Sometimes i find them hard to look for captions for my photos in my blog and attractive blog title to convince my readers. In addition, i find it hard to blog when i have no idea what readers want from me especially they do not give comments in my blog. 

  • OliviaDaughter

    My biggest challenge is figuring out backlinking and SEO.  After writing what I think is a good article I want people to read it 🙂

  • MillieSz

    I’ve been a PR professional for nearly 30 years, winding down my business to nothing two years ago, since I thought I might “retire.”  I am looking to re-launch my business into the Social Media arena, working with clients in my specific industry, and although I won’t have an issue with what to write, I’m not as familiar with formatting, including photos, and posting as I’d like to be.  These are my challenges, and since I have virtually NO income at this point, winning a ticket to this online workshop would be a HUGE boon for me.

  • I understand how to deliver great content my readers search for on my website. I write my articles with passion and try to over deliver information my readers can use regarding their search query through my keywords.

    Even though I heard so much about blogging and how important it is and a definite assest for my website, I know little if anything about it. It is much easier to find an excuse not to start and as of now, hard to find a resource that really teaches the nuts and bolts on how to start a successful blogging site.

  • My biggest blogging challenge is getting new readers for my content. I’m pushing out a fair amount of good content but it seems like it is the same 500 people reading my stuff. My “fans” love it because they get free, high quality content all the time but I need to figure out how to break out of my “inner circle” and introduce my content to new people.

  • Biggest challenge for me is the time! I always have new ideas, and luckily can write pretty fast, but I find I have to have a focused block to get the messages from my brain down to my fingers. Also, illustrating stories simply with graphics and photos is a challenge–sometimes finding the right one takes as long as the content development. Looking forward to the workshop!

  • Cathy Becker

    My biggest challenges is Time, Time, Time… oh yea, and knowledge.  I am the SMM for a gov’t agency in North Lake Tahoe.  I was the Administrator for the Country Club. With all of the personnel layoffs I have inherited Social Media. I’m doing my multi-facetted job, learning about social media (I took your course Social Media Success Summit) and keeping the current social media going.  Needless to say, I am a bit overwhelmed.

  • David

    The biggest blogging challenge I have comes on the heals of spending the time to select and write about something interesting and cutting edge in such a way that people read the content as well as respond/add to it.  In addition to providing information for those that might obtain some info or an idea they needed…which I want to do regardless of if the person needs or purchases any of our services…my biggest challenge is having blog fans/readers become customers.

  • Hm Stevens

    Just getting started —

  • My biggest blogging challenge is time. I’m so busy at work blogging for the company and maitaining social media accounts that when I get home, there’s not much time to write personal blogs.

  • My two biggest challenges in blogging is choosing topics that I know are relevant to my readership and finding ways to ethically promote those stories to the masses.

  • The biggest challenge I face is getting started blogging. I know that it is an essential part of an online business but I’m not sure where to start and what to write about.

  • Markjohn1

    The biggest challenge we have is converting readers into actual grassroots activists who want to help change the world. As a diabetic online magazine our goal has been to get people away from the computer to act in a physical way to help themselves and others. We really haven’t found the correct way to do that and could really use more help in turning readers into activists for a cause.

  • Paula Veyretou

    My biggest blogging challenge is how to optimize my time to creat great and creative posts. I really like writing, but I usually take a long time for researching, writing and editing until I consider the post is in perfect shape to be published.

  • Pamela

    My biggest blogging challenge is developing content that best attracts our audience. We work with guest bloggers (members of our locally focused online community). We just launched on April 1 and the cost for an editor, the time it takes to edit, make presentable and promote has been a huge challenge as well. OVERALL…I’m overwhelmed by figuring out what to tackle first. I NEED HELP!

  • LP

    Remaining entertaining and keeping fans hungry for more! 

  • My biggest challenge with blogging is TIME!  Find the time, making the time, not getting interrupted, not stopping to multitask and do something else…. There’s only one of me and I could really use about 4 or 5 clones!

  • Ahanson

    I know that they say content is king, that hasn’t seemed to be the issue. We write 3 new posts on average and our topics are cohesive, helpful and conversational. Our blog views have been going up gradually over time as well. The issue is converting those views into leads or even getting them over to the website.

    We include imbedded links to our site or products where appropriate. As a note, we are in a niche market for sure, but we know our blog is getting hits (predominately from Google searches, so it can be assumed that they are our target public).

  • Marcin Soltysik

    Biggest Challenge? Find the way to reach 156000+ people by one blog entry, knowing they all would benefit from reading my blog!

  • Hello Mike,

    I am so thankful that you have given me a chance to win free tickets for this special event. I know how to implement social media, guest posting, SEO techniques, and I regularly post quality content that educates.

    The biggest challenge I fact with my blog is to attracting even more people to sign up for my newsletter to build a bigger list of 10,000 subscribers. I am not even close but I set a goal of six months to accomplish it.

    I believe your assistance with additional quality traffic will help me obtain my goal. I hope you will consider me because I am totally a hard worker and willing to do whatever it takes to make this a reality.

    To Your Success,


  • My biggest challenge is coming up with topics related to our product. Once you cover the basics & FAQ where do you go after that?

  • Designeddecor

    My biggest challenge, where do I begin? I would have to say that my biggest challenge is channelling my thoughts and ideas. I have all these ideas of blogging on particular topics and they all seem to be swirling in my head and I never get them written down. I need a focus plan, if I had a focus plan than I would hope to do a more consistent job of blogging. I would LOVE to win these tickets, so I can learn from the best blogger on how to do this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • My mountain like challenge at the moment is creating measurable and viral content, something that people give feedback on and share. I have good topics, fresh ideas, conversational manner and I possess a professional albeit simple vocabulary. Yet I find that people don’t respond to or share my content- with Social Media Examiner as my role model, I try my best to mimic your techniques. You have a subscriber list of over 157,000 people! I wanted to attend “Blogging Fundamentals” but for financial mishaps my plans were thwarted; it would mean the world to me if I won those tickets!
    Thanks Michael Stelzner 🙂

  • Joni

    My biggest blogging challenge is content. I keep writing about the same little geographic area and reaching the same audience. I truly need help! 

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing. 

  • Considering the comments prior to yours, Susanna, I think the challenge you presented is the most relevant. You are more concerned about reaching out to a wide audience; as opposed to “not knowing what to write” or “not having time to write”. Great way to really delve into your blogging needs, it shows you’re truly focused on your goal! However, have you considered the possibility of losing most (if not all) your readers interest if you start speaking to 40 yr olds, teenagers, single mothers, double-shift parents, and retired people alike?
    I suggest you finding a niche or topic a specific audience will like and THEN expand 🙂

  • Christopherowait

    Exposure. Getting in front of my niche audience would be my most difficult issue.

  • Carlyn Greco

    I have trouble educating my team on the importance of blogging on a regular basis.  They blog one day and then not again for a month.  They say it’s because they don’t have time or content.  I’ve provided best practices to them for content creation, but they still don’t blog consistently. 

    When I suggest that maybe they aren’t ready for a blog, they beg and plead that I keep their blog live.

  • Carolina

    Content and Time I have 2 businesses and I don’t always find something interesting to blog about and how it should be written

  • Johearn

    After twenty years as President of a research consulting company, I have recently had the opportunity to start up a new firm. One of the thjings I would like to try is to develop a blog that will help promote and spread the word about the company. I have been receiving the Social Medoia Examiner for several weeks and find the content vey useful and interesting.I believe this webinar will help me tremendously in getting a new blog started and stated successfully.

  • My biggest challenge is getting myself into a routine so blogging becomes second nature and so my readers can expect to come and see new content daily.

  • Mary Hubbard

    My greatest challenge is writing for a diverse community.  I have a community that has a common interest but their specializing has put them into silos with little cross fertilization.  My goal is to provide a space that brings them all together so that we can learn from each other.  

  • Steve

    my biggest challenge is me.  I need to be concise with a call to action and then rinse and repeat often

  • Ba5083

    The biggest challenge we have is formatting the blog in order of importance to our reader.  Is our priority or importance in format our blog the same as our reader?  Content is always a challenge.

  • Steph Saum

    My biggest blogging challenge is to remember to implement keywords all throughout the content. There have been so many times what I was just excited about what I was writing, that optimization completely slipped my mind! Ahh. 

  • Judy Beck

    I recently started a blog at word press. My biggest challenge is figuring out the best tags to use and if there are other ways to promote the blog site and/or individual blogs. 

  • Amandapearce Bookkeeping

    My biggest blogging challenge is thinking of relevant topics that are actually going to be relevant as I don’t want to bore people to death.

  • William Bono

    The biggest blogging challenge I face is not getting distracted by the very channels on which I am promoting my blog post. I go to Twitter, or Facebook to promote my blog post and stay too long!

  • My Biggest Blogging Challenge is trying to find enough time in the day to actually write the blog post.  I come up with so many great ideas, but when it comes done to it I never have time to get one wrote. I have so many blog posts started in my draft folder that I could have a post a day for the next year if I had the time to finish them.

  • Laureenq


    My biggest Blogging Challenge is getting it up and going!  
    I am currently writing a book on the process of personal transformation (having recently gone through a HUGE one) and I am working to set up a social media platform, including a website and a blog, that I can use to promote the book but also as a way to engage with others who are going through the transformational process.   

    Right now I am absolutely busted broke and have no way of paying to attend this conference.  If given the opportunity to attend though, I would soak up everything I could and use all of it to help me to be the best blogger I could be.  And someday, I hope that I will be in a position to “pay it forward” and help someone else.

    Thank you for considering me.

    Warmly, Laureen

  • My biggest blogging challenge is getting people to respond to what I’ve said. My stats tell me I have lots of readers and I have a number of subscribers I’m satisfied with–but even when I ask questions and ask for responses to exercises, I rarely get comments.

  • Ingrid

    My biggest blogging challenge is getting sponsors.

  • Ben Troy

    my biggest challenge is myself.  I need to be concise with a call to action and then rinse and replicate

  • My biggest blogging challenge is my many diverse interests and in general choosing one focus. Deciding which to choose, and knowing which will be most profitable is part of the dilemma in deciding what to write about. Variety is the spice of life, but for developing a business model it can be bittersweet!

  • Nazia

    Any tom, dick and Harry can write ,,, my biggest challenge is knowing exactly how to write the blog to the relevant audience without coming across like some college drop out kid!
    So if anybody is actually reading this for my free tickets which sounds better ?
    1) oh hello there, today I want to rant about young people going mad with their ridiculous iPhones and wearing trousers half way to their ankles ……. ( an annoyed grown up adult )


    2) what’s up dudes, now today yeh , I want to discuss something about the grown up world yeh ! These peeps are way too old to be
    Banging on about stupidness yeh , like other way next man tells me im fat and I need to lose weight , like WTF …..

    Which will make an audience laugh more and engage with the blog ?

  • My biggest blogging challenge is finding a way to get my posts to the audience who is most likely to be interested in reading them. 

    I’m great with sharing the content of others and I don’t have a problem coming up with topic, but most of the people in my social “circles”aren’t as interested in sharing content about nature, food, the environment, history and “ideas.” I need to break into other social circles and hashtags, for the most part, aren’t getting the job done.

  • Aimeep321

    Where to start…I am a “new” social media manager. I have a ton of great content to share with B2B and would like to include consumers as well. Finding ways to capture my audiences attention and to keep them interested. Finding ways to rank in google is also a challenge for me. I would greatly appreciate your help to clear the clutter.

  • Joanne

    Hi Michael, i’ve only been blogging about 4-5 weeks, so I am still getting the “hang of it”. My primary reason for starting to blog was to build traffic to my website & to build relationship with my potential customers. I’ve actually found that I am quite enjoying it! 
    My biggest challenge I think is keeping up on the time frames to blog, I’ve chosen 2 times a week at present & also thinking of the content to share. I’m very practical in my approach to my blog & I like to get to the point.The good news is that I also managed to become a regular blogger on another website, which I was pleased with since I’m just a babe in the blogging world.

  • My biggest blooging challenge is building brand personality through blogs and to get people to loyally read and follow the blogs (I am a digital media strategist). Also, how do I know, if the topic i feel would be interesting for readers, actually is?

  • Margie Jordan

    My biggest blogging challenge is not writing or time. It’s creating content that my readers will actually engage and comment on. I also find it challenging to find new ways to distribute the post. How can I get more eyes on my content beyond the established means? Lastly, I’m challenged with finding guest blogging opportunities to expand my reach. Michael, can you help? I’m committed and I think I’m a great writer. I just need some direction from someone who has been where I am.

  • Shay Quigley

    My biggest blogging challenge is keeping my posts consistant in my busy life. I aim to post once a day 5 days a week, but life has this funny way of interrupting my schedule.

  • dinaDuluth

    My biggest blogging challenge is also one of my blogging strengths. I enjoy it so much that it has easily absorbed a large piece if my life (time, thoughts, dreams.) I will cycle an extra 20 miles just to devote more thoughts and energy on a post. A healthy challenge I guess. 😉

  • Jenn

    My biggest challenge is coming up with post topics. Also, I’m a newbie when it comes to business blogging, so I would truly appreciate any insights, wisdom, and knowledge I can absorb!

  • I get blocked in my own creativity at times and need to overcome my own obstacles before I can produce original content that provides real value and inspiration to others. My biggest challenge is being ‘creative on demand’ and producing original content on a consistent basis.

  • Deidra

    A big challenge I have is finding the time to write the blogs. I have a hard time justifying spending time writing a blog when I feel I should be doing billable work. And after I’ve spent all day at the computer I don’t want to add more time in the evening at it (and away from my family) to write blogs.

  • ann zambetti

    Biggest blogging challenge is content and images that are compelling to readers, that will attract them to return and read more, and to purchase.

  • Eilish Rafferty

    I’m a content writer. I advise other people on writing blogs and edit them or write them from scratch for my clients, but my challenge is writing my own; making the time and decided what is important enough to say. I am self-editing before I even tap a key, which means the Rafferty Writes blog, ironically, never gets written.

  • My biggest blogging challenge is keeping my blog updated frequently enough.  Between topic selection and just finding the time to focus on my own content rather than other folks’ content I struggle with consistency.  

  • FolksM

    What value to add for the B2B buyers from your blog? They already know a lot of stuffs!

  • Joshua Whitaker

    My biggest challenge with blogging is consistency. I find my self not updating it on a regular time frame or just forgetting to update it. With all the mobile power out their their is no excuse for being able to update or maintain a blog regularly. Consistency also has to do with content. I find myself suing one blog for everything and that affects my focus and the readers focus on the purpose or my blog. I can’t talk about how technology is effecting the modern business environment and then go into my more personal blog because they have a different audience. This really affects my reader base and the traffic of my blog if its not regularly updating it with topic related content.    

  • Smcinerney

    The biggest blogging challenge is simple: content, content, content. How to come up with fresh relevant content on a weekly basis.

  • I am relatively new to blogging and have the same ills many newbies have..content and making the blog aesthetically pleasing and work properly.  One of the main things I would love to come away with from this workshop is understanding SEO and learning how to blog to optimize SEO.

  • Subject matter and content are the easy parts. Time is the killer, because there is no easy way to edit and proof content other than doing the time.

  • Aizan

    The biggest challenge: Not having the most impactful means to deliver the content intended. Often posts are just text and images, for issues that are better explained using videos and infographics, as the latter two requires more time and effort to create.

  • Aizan

    That applies to me too. Perhaps there can be a setting on facebook or twitter to automatically darken the screen after a set time limit for each channel. Say 3 mins for Twitter and 3 mins for Facebook. Then click the close button.

  • Biggest challenge is having something up our sleeve to post when a planned blog falls through at short notice.

  • Louisetucker

    My biggest challenge is putting myself in the mind of my 4-year-old chocolate labrador.  He is our brand ambassador and the blog is his outlet for sharing his thoughts with readers (and their dogs).  Mostly he thinks about food (when he’s not sleeping), so trying to encourage him to be more creative can be challenging!

  • Mere F.

    My biggest challenge is generating content that people will find beneficial. Time is not an issue, but I struggle with knowing what to post that will best help my readers and how often I should post new content. 

  • Meg D.

    Our biggest challenge is content creation. We have a lot of employees with a vast amount of expertise in our industry, but very few have the time or are willing to contribute to a blog.

  • Elizabeth_F

    Building community: maintaining enough focus and consistency  to communicate a viable brand and attract comments and build a community of followers.

  • My biggest blogging challenge is to figure out the objectives of the blog post. If i get them right, everything will fall in place.

  • Biggest challenge?? How to start my own blog!  #rookie

  • Kim

    My biggest blogging challenge that I cite most frequently is that I don’t have the time.  However, underneath that challenge (excuse ;D) is that I don’t think I can come up with interesting topics.  Underneath that, would be that I’m not sure how to engage readers, and rather than failing, it’s “easier” not to try.

  • itoi

    The biggest challenge for me is that I know we are getting a healthy amount of page views, but we have ‘lurkers’ who are not engaging with the blog and commenting on/sharing content. I want to engage them naturally and encourage comments. Right now we only receive around 2 comments per blog when 80 people might read the blog?

  • Aboetsma2010

    I want to start a blog but the information I am compiling is hard to wade through to get the real basics. I would love to win the course!

  • My biggest challenge is coming up with new and interesting topics that don’t sound redundant.  I want to keep people interested without delving too far into the personal and without being so superficial they are not interested in connecting.

  • Rebeccaflansburg

    I would love to win because, I am on a mission. A mission to help my local business community understand that saying “I’m a blogger” is not like saying “I’m a booger.” Any and all information I can myself with will help business professional embrace blogging is much appreciated.  Rebecca Flansburg

  • Elizabeth Pecce

    Thank you Michael for the chance to win free tickets.  How great that will be for the winner! 

    As a new business owner, I see blogging as a tool to communicate with my clients and potential clients. This said, my greatest challenge is putting it all together.  My concerns are:  creating a plan for a successful blog;  implementing those components that create a successful blog; keeping the blog organized; creating SEO friendly text while keeping my readers participating;  and how to properly compliment my business website to my blog, and visa-versa.  My overall goal is to use my blog to educate other small business owners in ways to be profitable and successful–and I would like the opportunity to learn how to do it right from the start. 

  • The biggest challenge I have with a business blog right now is with content strategy. Specifically, I have several types of content that appeal to varied audiences (prospective franchisees/ business type content, customer directed content, “how to” type content) and I would like to integrate them on the same blog/ platform. What is the best way to do this – is it simply a matter of labeling and tagging the content types? Perhaps including different authors so readers can follow a “voice”? How can we keep the flow – see for current “as is” state of affairs. 

  • My biggest blogging challenge…. 

    I’m currently blogging about the pro-local movement with my gf and it has been extremely difficult to attract a passionate audience willing to expand on topics we post about.  I try to engage on most social networking sites with active pro-local advocates.  I’ve had some success getting the attention of some local business owners in my area but growth is still very limited.  It’s been a BIG challenge to get comments, likes and followers 🙂

  • Everytime you think that you know very well the subject you are writing about, there are new questions to solve that makes your content more rich and interesting. 

    The real challenge is always to make any story alive for the reader. Specially if you are talking about something that you know everybody is writing about, because is new and interesting and you have to deliver a post for you blog. How can I make my post so special to gain the readers attention! That is always a challenge

  • Lorri Layton

    My biggest challenge is as a sole practitioner is once I begin to blog, how to find the time and content to keep it going. Once you encourage followers, it means continuing…

  • Eyecandey

    I am new to blogging and my biggest challenges are both writing good content and marketing it.  Even if my content is good, if I can’t market it correctly it isn’t attracting an audience. 

  • Converting readers to the next step: contacting me, and buying. I do writing, editing and media relations. I have a lot of experience in each field, so I’d also like to know how to specialize, or if I need to do that.

  •  My
    biggest challenge has been to keep up with creating exciting, fresh,
    quality content for my blog. I think this is a huge challenge and
    probably what fails most bloggers. This is the reason I stopped blogging
    – I failed to keep up updating my blog and I didn’t want to compromise
    on quality. As a result I was getting no comments, no signups and I just abandoned my blog, which really hurt.



  • caseyhibbard

    My biggest challenge: Writing posts that get comments. So hard!

  • Ana

    Biggest blog challenge is getting more (naturally or paid) traffic to blog when you are just starting out! (It’s easy for big sites to continue getting bigger but new sites have a long way to go.)

  • I just need to know where to start!!

  • When you announce the winners?

  • Get published
    Everyone is an expert at something.  You are the pro when it comes to your business.  Let others know how you can help them by writing articles and stories about your experiences.  There are many article directories that are looking for quality work to publish.  You can write about your topics, gain recognition with your peers and increase search ranking for free.

  • Sarah

    Biggest blogging challenge is Fear of doing something I know nothing about. I would like to enter contest for a chance to win ticket, for the blogging workshop, but I do not know how to tweet yet. I am an entrepreneur with tight budget and strong desire to learn how to use the internet marketing methods that I am unlearned in. Thank you for any help, input and/or a chance to still win ticket. Thank you, Sarah Chesnut

  • Hi Sara, this contest ended over 2 years ago 🙂