social media examiner's little dudeWhen you’re a new parent, you have a name all picked out for your little bundle of joy, right?

But we never got around to giving our mascot a name. And his first birthday is just around the corner! And that’s where you come in…

Would you help us name our mascot? We affectionately call him “the little dude” around the Social Media Examiner offices. We want to make this fun, so we’ve got some great prizes we’ll give away to the readers who come up with the best names. See below for details.

The Dude’s Wild Ride

It’s hard to believe that Social Media Examiner is not yet even a year old! With the help of outstanding writers and a brilliant reader base (yep, that’s you!), we’ve achieved a lot.

When Alexa ranks you as one of the top 1700 websites in the United States, that’s pretty shocking for a newborn site. But that didn’t come without a lot of work.

Here are some interesting factoids you may not have known about us:

  • 50 experts contributed more than 230,000 words of original content to our site
  • 11,000+ comments bless our posts
  • 16,000+ people interact with us on Facebook
  • 37,000+ readers get our updates in their email boxes each day
  • 192,000 unique people read our content last month

Here’s one more… The original idea for our mascot came from our designer Greg Grigoriou‘s young son who poses for the unique illustrations you’ll find on our site.

With our first year behind us, we at Social Media Examiner will continue on our mission to guide you through the ever-changing social media jungle. Hang on, as change seems to be the mantra of the social media world.

Help Name Our Mascot and Win!

Let’s give this little guy a name. Will you help?

In the comments box below, please suggest a name for our mascot. We’ll pick the five names we like the most. Then we’ll open the finalists up to our readers for a final vote to pick the name of our mascot! The winner will be the name with the most votes.

The prizes: To make this fun, we’re giving away five tickets to Facebook Success Summit 2010 to the top five finalists (a $597 value). The one grand prize winner will get a free pass to all of our summits for a year! (How cool is that?)

The little details:

  • The deadline to enter is Thursday, September 30, 2010 and finalists will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • The selection of the top five finalists is subjective and final.
  • If you already have a ticket to our summit, no worries. If you win, we’ll either refund you or you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like.
  • No purchase is necessary to win.

Enter your suggested name for our mascot in the comments box below. And please accept our sincere thanks for making Social Media Examiner a huge success!

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  • I would call him “Soci”

  • I would have to call him Hunter. Not only obvious, but he is always on the hunt for finding information and getting it to me just like Indiana Jones. Those golden nuggets of ideas that come to my inbox everyday are great finds.

  • Alicia

    Exy from Examiner 😛 It’s small, catchy, relevant and quite 😛

  • Alicia

    I meant cute not quite 🙂

  • Lauren Novo

    Saunti (pronounced Sawn – tee ). Kind of exotic but still cute as well.

  • dannyrohrdanz

    Harvey… don’t know why… just.. Harvey.

  • Alma

    Mini Mike

  • Dottie

    Elvis, the Explorer….exploring the social media jungle!

  • I would love to call him SAM as its closely associated with name social media examiner

  • Professor Timmy, or Dr. Timmy

  • Mittu… I Just that name.. 🙂

  • Kurbain

    He looks like “Tom” – he is exactly how I picture Tom Sawyer in my head! Minus the freckles. :o)

  • I like Exy. It is good

  • Larisa

    Livingston – he looks likes he’s on an adventure safari, looking for some great ancient treasure or civilisation! 🙂

  • Why not Henry? (for… Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr)

  • Tracy

    Smeg – Social Media Examiner Guy. Perfect.

  • Dr. Livingmind or Dr. Livingblog or Dr. Livingdot or Dr. Livingcom or Dr. Livingmedia or Dr. Liverss or Dr. Tweet
    Jeff Pinkham

  • He is already affectionally known as the little dude, so I propose we not stray far and simply go with Dude. Dude is originally a word used for cowboy, which fits in this case because we’re all cowboys exploring the wild digital frontier and rapidly evolving social media landscape.

  • John Doe

  • How about Kipling, after Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”?

  • Fred

  • Eman – as in Electronic Man. Might look more obvious as eMan?

  • “Knol the Explorer” The term knol, which Google defines as a “unit of knowledge”

  • Call me biased, but I say “Eric the Examiner.”

  • He kinda reminds me of Tarzan, swinging through the Social Media Jungle, so in homage to Tarzan (who’s English name according to Wikipedia was John Clayton) let’s call him Clayton!

  • Larisa

    Continuing on the safari theme …. Stanley ???

  • SMEe or Smee Coranado if you want a full name…although not a pirate he has been my right hand man in exploring the jungle of Social Media..

  • Maxe : 4 first letters of examiner in reverse

  • Sorry, but I don’t think the little dude needs a name or should have one. Everyone clearly has his/her own associations with him (As you can see by the comments) and while a name would define him in one way it would border the associations in so many more ways. While “the little dude” is just adorable, I’d recommend something like “The Examiner” to connect the “name” with the sitename. Or to maintain the comical touch some play with initals such as “Steve M. Examiner”

  • Jenelle


  • Flit. An acronym of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, he flits around the social media universe uncovering new information and tips for us.

  • Sheila

    SoMed Xaminer

  • Kristen

    Sandoval O. Safari the First or SOS for short as he is sending us out help signals for navigating that untamed Social Media Jungle.

  • Alfredo Arriaza

    Jeorge of the MEdia

    thanks for the oportunnity

  • Todd Lyden

    Forget all the associative stuff- I like Grig- after his creator

  • Sheila

    Sommy (Pronounced Soh-mee) – a nick name derivative of my first suggestion (SoMed Xaminer)

  • Maria


  • Livingstone, as in “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” It’s the pit helmet…

  • Harry

    Looks like a “Livingston” to me.

  • Coolbeanscowboy


  • Guest

    I think his name should be –> Archer Socialwrite

  • It has to be Sammy (SME for Social Media Examiner).

  • Dawn

    Scout! Last name Tibbins ‘Master Scout Tibbins’ –

  • lezliedavis

    Dudley Dude-Right -or- Dude-ly

  • He looks like a Jimmy – adventurous, playful and with an insatiable almost childlike curiosity.

  • I`d like to suggest two names, hope that is possible:
    1. Semir (kind of shortcut of Social Media examineR)
    2. Orion (name from greek mythology, “the mighty hunter” – as you proved to be one of the best hunters for great topics and advice in… social media and marketing!)

  • Dzine4king

    Little Dundy

  • Dzine4king

    Dundy Dude

  • Dzine4king

    Dude the Explorer

  • Xandru

    Xandrin (it’s an asturian name)

  • Charlie

    Great Scott!
    The Inquisitor
    Ivor Question
    Jungle Jim

    lol could go on forever!!

  • Charlie……Charlies are always great friends and have killer advice during the tough times and when you hear Charlie, you know it’s a good time…….and I’m not named Charlie if you thought that.

  • Kelly Tracy

    Xavier the Examiner

  • I think he looks like a “Sam” to me, but I “Little Dude” too.

  • Darwin – discovering new evolution within Internet and how people communicate, engage and buy.

  • Stephanie

    According to Wikipedia, “The word jungle originates from the Sanskrit word jangala (जंगल) which referred to uncultivated land.” Two thoughts: go with “Janga” (it’s catchy!) OR we could stretch it out a bit and go with JanJan (but you’d have to pronounce it JohnJohn because, well, JanJan just sounds weird.) I kinda dig JanJan because it reminds me of JFK (a guy that chartered new territory) and JohnJohn, his son who was a journalist and a pilot–kind of like the little dude).

  • Nancy L

    Dr. Amitié (french word for friendship) as he is very world traveled. “Amie” for short….(friend in French)


    Magellan-THE Social Media Examiner

  • Sawyer.

  • Charlie

    I’d agree with that 🙂

  • Charlie

    Ask Arthur

  • Charlie

    Quentin Question

  • Marlenewuest

    Uber. In honor of Mari, she uses this word a lot and it is really fun to say. Plus it rhymes with goober and that is also fun.

  • Media Melvin (Melvin means counsel friend in old english)

  • Leigh

    Sami – for Social Media Examiner. I would have suggested Sam-E, but that isn’t quite right and is the name of a mood “vitamin.”

  • I think on a simple one “Buddy, the dude” jajajaja

  • caseyhibbard

    He looks like an Alistair to me.

  • Call him Earl.

    Earl E. Adopter (or the alternative spelling, Url E. Adopter)

  • Axel (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
    Douglas (Tribute to Douglas Adams)
    Arthur, Watson, Doyle, Holmes (Sherlock references)
    Roald, Jacques, Francisco, Esteban, Thor, Pierre, Ferdinand, Marco (all great explorer names)

  • Michelle

    I like Sammy

  • I would name him “SoMex Buddy”

    which stands for Social Media Examiner Buddy..

  • Ashley Randazzo


  • Justin S

    Safari Sam !
    Wiley Walter
    Eli The Examiner
    Elli Examiner
    Examiner Earl

  • Larry

    Pithy. For the helmet, of course — as well as the good, succinct advice that he gives.

  • Jennifer

    Captain Scott – ” Whats hot with Scott?”
    Jimmy Jungle

    or how about Adam – sociAl meDia exAMiner

  • Logan. I just think that’s a cool name.

  • He’s got a social media Jones.

    Jones should be his name.

  • Michael

    Little Stanley after the explorer.
    Mike Roscope – since he’s and examiner & examining.
    L’il Livingstone.

  • Lil Max. Maximum results from your SM efforts. Lil Max…

  • Danny Knowbetter

    Or perhaps just Ollie.

  • Michel Sharritt

    Simon The Social Examiner

  • Ronanewby

    Mortimore would be a good name for him.

  • How about Livingstone after the explorer?

  • drd4u

    RED – stands for – short for (get it…short…) REALLY EQUIPPED DUDE! RED – ya gotta love it.

  • Betina ~ SpanishWorks (AZ)

    Luker / a play on lurking and looking. 🙂

  • Alexis Chapman

    I like “Fred”

  • Brad Rossini

    The name should be a cute kids name. Kids inspire us and explore more than anyone else.
    Hunter -goes a little w/ the theme
    All cute kids names! Plus the image of him is never going to grow up.

  • Jimbunch

    How about…
    Social Sam
    Jungle Jim
    Ed the Examiner

    they may be plain but easy to remember and related to the subject (pattern language 🙂

  • Rosemary

    I was going to say Hunter, but see someone beat me to it!

    Kingsley is my pick…SME is the King 🙂

  • Ninathewriter

    I think his name should be Buzz

  • Betina ~ SpanishWorks (AZ)

    Lukie, Lukes, Luke

  • classicalcascade

    Fantastic idea to name him! I love it. He totally looks like a Mikey! I would definitely name him that!!! Mikey and the Social Media Examiner! Have a great day all!

  • Darrick

    His name is Tip.

  • Elzsabeth

    His name is Scot … you can call him Master Scot if you want
    But his name is Scot – he just told me!

  • David Overly

    Max Scott.

  • What about TJ? The name is very versatile for whatever you want for the future, inspired by the US’s first patent ‘examiner’ Thomas Jefferson.

  • Alison Stoodley

    Sam – for obvious reasons
    Oscar – cause he looks like he could be a little wilde… : )

  • Forrest !!! Forrest Guide: Because Social Media is a Forrest – and we all need a guide.

  • I like Smeg but worry that he’d get called smeghead – as in the Red Dwarf insult.

  • Linda P Taylor

    Keep it simple ; “Sammy” which is a pronunciation of SME

  • MarcW. Halpert

    Linkin’ of course!

  • sc8684

    I suggest Max.

  • Robert Baracz

    Sosh – the clear winner!

  • Jenn

    Sammy ( Expanded from SME – Socal Medial Examiner. )

    Or Smee

  • Elaine Reimann


  • How about Smeedly? Social Media Examiner – Everyone’s Direct Link – Yeah!
    Smeedly seems fun, approachable, intelligent, adventurous, and most of all knowledgeable!! He will be MY guide through the ‘jungle’!!!

    P.S. My second choice is Jungle Al….no reason 🙂

  • gregcooper

    Social Steve
    Socialite Mike

  • It’s got to be “Scout”

  • “Social Media Mike”

    “Somex” (Social Media Examiner)

    “Scott the Social Media Examiner”

    “Eric the Examiner”

  • Gail

    Ivan the Inquisitive
    Mr. Inquisitive
    Ben Checking (as in I’ve been checking the facts…)
    Ben Searching

  • Sphillips


  • Susie VanDeventer

    Magellan, somewhat after Ferdinand who circumnavigated the earth, because “little dude” is obviously an explorer who shares his findings. He’s “soo gellin”. Cool Magellan.

  • Tanya Schoenwolf

    Smeed – Social Media Examiner Dude

  • How about Benjamin or Franklin after Benjamin Franklin, a very forward-thinking man for his time, just like the little Dude is?

  • Mark

    Marco Polo – the great discoverer of worlds

  • Nacho – as in “nacho typical little dude”

    or Ned.

  • CaptiCorrie

    Unless you plan to DO something with him (like, “Tweets by Blinky” or a rating system, “Blinky gives it 2 Thumbs up!”), then why does he need a name? I see him all the time in email and web form and have never wondered “hmm… who is that?” He’s just a personified logo.

    If you must name him, I would go with “Seeker” as it is both illustrative and actionable.. as well as name-like…

  • Heather

    Jungle Joe :0)

  • 2dees

    Has to be SMEdley…..

  • CaptiCorrie

    Oh- how about just “The Examiner”?
    It works in so many applications… from a marketing perspective.

  • How about Mike, or Mikey? Afterall, it is Mike Stelzner who is responsible for creating this successful site that so many professionals and regular individuals reference for social media help and insight.

  • Hi. Here are my ideas. They center around Social Media celebs, exploration, and your inspiration from the icons themselves.1) Greg (in honor of the model)2) Clark (as in Louis and Clark, and social media is like the Wild West)3) Evan (as in Evan Williams, creator of Twitter)4) Mark (as in Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook)

  • Think about “Beagle.”

  • How about “Social Spy, The Media Guy”

  • Oggie03

    Jungle Johnny

  • Terri DiChito

    Sherlock – yes after the famous fictional character – . Holmes solved the cases without ever leaving his home. Was known for is astute observation techniques and keen logic
    Columbo who’s favorite line was “just one more thing”. I could see you using that in your blogs.

  • Gregory Dennis


  • T Delmonte

    I’d go with George … as in “of the Jungle”. But someone earlier said Darwin … like that one too

  • M.S. CLICK… representing MouseClick… the distance we all are away from each other as we forge this new digital reality (even though some people don’t use mouses anymore… it also represents an historical homage to how quickly technology changes and yet how nostalgic we can be)…

  • Diane took mine… I think Smeedly.

  • tallchickvic

    Social SaM – S & M standing for Social Media

  • Merlin0707

    Others may guess at his identity, but I know his name.

    It’s “Holmes” as in Sherlock, the great detective invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The name also doubles as an inflection of Homie or Homeboy, because — as essentially your logo — he’s the ultimate company homeboy.

  • Famzone

    I like “Soji” (Short for sojourn, which means journey) or Soji Sam

  • Jeffcopy

    Livingston is a great start, however, he was the one who went to Africa and went missing. Stanley, on the other hand, is the journalist who went out and found him. The mascot is looking for something…

  • Denimsb

    I vote for Stewart

  • Mortimer 🙂

  • Joani

    Hunter. After all, he hunts for all the latest, and in turn, brings it to all of us!

  • Terri

    He looks like a Joey to me – you know, a guy from down under on a mission.

  • A Fan

    I like Jungle Jeorgie or Jungle Jon (in honor of John Clayton/Tarzan). But I must admit I like Alistair and Samme too.

  • Liz

    How about Doc Com? (sounds like dot com??)

  • Christel

    The first thing I think of is Jungle Jimmy. Of the suggestions you’ve received so far, I like Jungle Jim and Sammy (for S.M.E., Social Media Examiner).

  • You must call him Archer because that is his name. You don’t want to confuse the poor little guy.

  • Greg

    named after Carl Denham who led an American film crew to capture King Kong and take him to New York City to be exhibited as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. In this case, to capture Social Media and exhibit as the “Ninth Wonder of the World”. He’s backkk……. 🙂

  • Kyra

    Examiner Kingston. In English, the name Kingston means- From the kings village or estate Kings field. He is definitely the king of social media 🙂

  • Nick Cavarra


  • Ted.

    He’s the explorer guy in Curious George (the movie, not the book). He’s “the man with the yellow hat” in the books.

  • Christine

    Guide-on, but pronounced Gih-dee-on, which means powerful warrior (inferring the strength of social media); hero and judge who won battles through skillful planning and faith rather than strength of arms alone. Social media takes skillful planning and belief in success! My final piece of rationale is that the Social Media Examiner is the “guide” to help thousands of professionals put social media to work for them.

    Deep, but meaningful….

  • I really like Bill. 🙂

  • George or Georgie? He looks like a Georgie to me!

  • Alex

    Eagle-Eyed Eric or Hawkeye Harry

  • Kbranc

    Ethan the explorer!

  • Kit

    How about Boda – this name means messenger.

  • Rebecca

    Stanley . . . after Henry Morton Stanley and his famous words after a successful search, “Dr. Livingston, I presume?”

  • Irving Socialmyer Downs III (the third)

  • Patricia

    I’d call him ‘Ranger’.

  • Anna

    Jarrod the Jungle Dude

  • Leo…as in the lion – king of the jungle!

  • Since your theme is the jungle and we are all searching to understand social media and social networking my suggestion would be “Livingstone”, as in the Quote from the famous explored Stanley, “Livingstone I presume”. Congrats on your birthday and many thanks for your excellent content.

  • Cindy

    Researcher Roy!

  • Is that too close to “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski? How bout we call him “LD” for short which stands for “Little Dude”?

  • Mike Farley

    SMedley, of course.

  • Yes! Or Sammy…

  • I always say “SME” and it almost comes out like “Sammy” so maybe that would be a good name for him?

  • Lew “RVDigitalBoy” Mann

    How about “Little Socrates?” He is obviously very curious about the social world around him and is a devloping expert in the Socratic Method of questioning everything. Little boys (and girls) do that, you know.

    The Socratic Method “is a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.” (from Wikipedia) Isn’t that the whole point of Social Media Examiner?

  • mattrsullivan


  • Tara Hall


  • adam

    The One and Only……..Maxim

  • JacksonSpencer

    Suppose it could just be, “Al”.

  • I’m going with “Stanley”- looks like a flat Stanley – also rather African explorer like.

  • Marcia Couey

    Maverick or “Ricky” for short. He is, afterall, “the little dude.” Social Media Marketeers are the wildly creative and visionary thinkers of our time.

  • Jeff Mills

    Safari Mike or Safari Mikey. He looks like he is on a safari and Mike or Mikey to honor Michael Stelzner.

  • Misskathy Vt

    Big Eye Guy.

  • Lisa @ FC

    Alex, first name that came to my head when I saw him! Or maybe Felix, that would work just the same.

  • Courtney

    I’m going with “Little Mike” since someone already said Smee. 🙂

  • mgreek

    Peter the Explorer

  • I was thinking Sherlock. then I saw where Terri had already suggested it. Alternatively, how’s about “Q” – short for questioner.Thanks Mike for the wealth of information you provide.Here’s one more: “Soc”, short for Social and a play off of Socrates.

  • Cgingrich

    Carlson, after Evans Carlson of Carlson’s Raiders in WWII, a very intrepid group when it came to hacking their way through jungles in accomplishment of their missions.

  • Julesville

    While the Dude abides, I’m going to suggest “Trip” because we’re all going on this long strange journey together (homage to the Grateful Dead) or “Tip” because I’m from Massachusetts (homage to Tip O’Neill)

  • Samantha Routhier

    Sydney the Social Media explorer!

  • TThor

    I like just plan Timmy

  • Sandi Staton

    How about “Huck Finds”

  • David McKeever

    Jungle Jerry

  • Dr. Livingsocial

  • Roselle

    Bodhi — awakening. We’re in such a time of transition. Social media is changing our ways of relating, marketing, communicating, reporting, etc. Vision with dashes of wisdom.

  • Jungle Jim!

  • Davey – short for David because he takes on the Goliaths of the Internet (like blackhat marketers) and trounces them with simple tools (like a sling shot).

  • Marc Proctor

    Mr. McZamskey

  • Scottymoon

    I presume to suggest: Dr. Livingstone.
    An explorer of much notoriety. You could nickname your guy “Doc”.

  • He is an explorer and out in a brave new world, so how about Sullivan after the first woman to walk in space? (Kathryn D Sullivan).

  • Dan the Examiner! maybe someday he should be animated and teach kids how to be safe on social media 😉

  • 1) Laicos Aidem Renimaxe (Social Media Examiner, backwards of course)
    2) Relations Kip

  • Daniel Jensen

    Social Scout

  • Boston Sports Woman

    How about Howe? or we like SoMe.

  • Robin

    Or Grigor. Examiner Grigor.

  • DavidMcClellan

    How about Stel?

  • DavidMcClellan

    How about Stel?

  • Christie A.

    N. Gage
    Adventure Sam

  • Tara

    I like Jungle Jordan or Jungle Joe

  • Kip

  • Jennifer

    Greystoke (after Tarzan!)

  • You can forget “The Dude” for a name…. Jodie Rich and One.Tel a bankrupt Australian ISP had “The Dude” as a corporate logo…. these guys owe millions… check it here.

    Just call him SMEE … Social Media Examiner Expert

  • Jim Hunt

    Socrates – he was renown for his ethics, philosopher, encouraged dialogue, inquiry and fundamental insight to the issues at hand…social media at its earliest.

  • Nancy Murray

    Safari Sam, the Jungle Guide

  • Lisa Diaz

    2 names;
    1) Mr. Pithy because microposts must be short and pithy and he wears a pith helmet!
    2) Sir Helmut Pith

  • Jane


  • Tfreligh

    Social Sammy

  • Maia

    He reminds me of Diego. I love Diego. He never fails to save the day and get us safely back to where we’re going – all in one half hour of cartoon adventure!

  • Danny


    Semi-common nickname for Alexander. The alliteration between Xander and Examiner is nice.

  • Esdras Gutierrez

    What about Smith. It has two meanings:
    Social Media Is Trusts Hunting
    Stelzner Michael Is The Hunter

    This can be combined as Mr. Smith, Dr. Smith, Jungle Smith, Smith the examiner, Smith the explorer, Smith the guide, B. Smith

  • He should be Stanley. When he finds a social media superstar in the making, he will say “Dr Livingtstone I presume” and be sadly wrong, and thus doomed forever to search out nuggets of social media for us non explorers to delight upon…

  • Amy

    Jack (short for John Q Public – which is the explorer in all of us)

  • Yifat

    well, clearly this dude is the Indiana Jones of the online jungle so I would call him Dr. Jones or simply Jonesy

  • To me it looks as if his name is : The Prof. ( or is it the Nerd?)

  • Catherine

    i-bert Sounds good to me. …I loved participating in the first SME#10!

  • Eric McCann

    Maury the Social Media Guide!

    The first thing I thought when I looked at this little guy is Maury. It just fits.

  • Nick Ametrano

    How about…YOU…seeing that social media is all about YOU.

  • Michael Davies

    either “Social Sam” or “Safari Sam”

  • Aray

    I like SAM because SociAl Media examiner, Huey -just because and Aidem (media backwards)

  • 1) Maven
    2) Social Sage
    3) M. Zucks

  • Merlion

    “Social Sam”

  • HL


  • lindseytibesar

    I think he looks like a mighty fine…Sherlock!

  • By the way, I love this site. I subscribe. I also try to share this with as many people via my social network and face-to-face interactions as well.

    My suggestions:

    Social Sean
    Media Mike
    Examiner Eddie
    Social Media Sean
    Sean Michael Eddie
    Safari Sean

  • JLeonardATL

    I would say, Inspector Jacques Clousocial (remember the Pink Panther??)

  • Mlosassodvm

    Jeff, I would agree! And Stanley seems to fit better than David or Livingstone…

  • Kristy – Wildfire Interactive

    I’m all for SAM! SAM, the social media man!

  • Nancy

    How ’bout Indy, Jr.

  • Larita Owens

    How about Webster!

  • Timndianemiller



  • Nancy


  • Nancy

    Ranger Rick….

  • MovinWithMorales

    Tracy… Do you know what “smegma” is?! LOL I don’t think that would be an appropriate name… Look it up.

  • Jpen

    What about the “Social-eye” or “Socialite”

  • Clbales

    How about George (George of the jungle.)

  • Tarzan!

  • annalaurabrown

    What about Huckleberry from Huckleberry Fin?

  • Sam the Examiner or S.M. Examiner. I think maybe “Doc” would work as well.

  • How about… Donny?

  • Nancy


  • Susan Ellsworth

    DUDE, obviously. He’s totally cool with that!

  • Wow! What amazing creativity everyone!

  • Laura

    Well, he’s social, and he’s blazing a trail or a path. So how about SocioPath! (heh, heh). Another thought: SoMe,

  • Buddy

  • Jeremy

    I think Christopher

  • Jason Tong

    Little Indy (as he is always courageously blazing a trail through the Social Media Jungle to find hidden treasures… just like Indiana Jones!)

  • I think Dude is a “Sherlock”. Who best to examine social media with razor sharp focus and genius deductive reasoning?

  • Columbus 🙂

  • go and Google “Social Animal” and you will find loads of stuff. Look at Wiki and they have a list of animals that starts with Ants. Andy – as in Andy Ant – makes sense to me.

  • Javiertello

    i will call him Sommy or Mr DADA

  • Rikke

    Smackdown EX

  • AngieVanDenzen

    Tipster ?

  • DiTa

    I think you should name him “Lil’ Mikey S”

  • Smexi. For obvious reasons. And it will subliminally attract as well, for other reasons. 😉

  • Tana Adams

    I’m thinkin’ “Syko”…heh…(kidding). I just stumbled onto this site and saw your name, Mike. There’s only one Mike Stelzner… 😉 I looked at your dude and thought “Edison”. Not much to do with hunting but everything to do with good ideas (lightbulb over your head). Take care! T. Banana 🙂

  • SME kinda comes out to Sammy.

  • Sophie

    He reminds me of my son, so I would have to say Minos

  • Billy Hogan

  • mobileHolly

    Alex, for the increased Alexa rankings that one gets when doing social media right.

  • Hey Tana! Definitely NOT Syko (inside joke)

  • JimZaccaria

    It Does!?

  • crsfsu

    I always thought he looked like a white Diego as in Dora’s cousin. Sorry young kids.

  • Sally Molina


    (Social, backwards. 🙂

  • JCR

    Tossing out more options for consideration…

    1) Sleuth
    2) Scout
    3) Scout Media
    4) Scout M. Explorer
    5) S.M.E (Subject Matter Expert or Social Media Expert)
    6) Social Scout
    7) Jungle Jimmy
    8) Social Scotty
    9) Media Mikey
    10) Social Sleuth

  • JimZaccaria

    SME, or Smee

  • morrie

    Dr. David Livingstone…or Doc…or Doc Livinstone

  • JCR

    11) Mikey Media (could be your namesake)
    12) Media Scout (your initials)
    13) Media Sleuth
    14) Sam I Am

  • I would call him Social Media Man or Social Sammy

  • Another idea Media Man or Sam the Media Man

  • So this is totally in left field but I think because he is the ambassador of Social Media Examiner that lil’ dude should have a name that reflects his role as a greeter/ detective….I’m fond of the synonym for such: Envoy. It connotates a representative, like a mascot, that is on a particular mission…eh? Lil Dude-aka Envoy!

  • franblake

    Scotty (short for Ma-scot) or Scout as he looks like a boy scout doing his bit. Trustworthy, dependable, always ready to learn and help out others with his skills and talents.

  • How about Spot or Savvy? :o)

  • Yehoshua

    little boy blue. After his eyes and the bird

  • Rb


  • Bodyworkclasses

    A combination of the two most suggested: Sam Hunter. He could be called Sam most of the time but when he needs his serious side, he could be Mr. Hunter. I think he should occasionally post on this blog and use the name appropriate to the topic. If he is just making a casual announcement, he could sign it, “Sam”. If there is a major prob, like Facebook is down for hours, “Mr. Hunter” could check into it.


  • Tana Adams

    …killjoy… hee… 😉

  • Rb

    Dr. Jungle Tamer, the Dataist

  • Ann

    Griggs or Griggy for the person who designed him. He deserves a name all his own–this is cute and unique and subject to whatever interpretation he wants.

  • dphillips

    Well, he sort of looks like a social butterfly catcher. And he definitely uses the net. But, his keen vision, ability to avoid pitfalls (and pits), and thirst for exploration, would make him Earl Friendly, the ultimate e-male.

  • Monkey. Jungle, looks like a cheeky monkey 🙂

  • Garbedesigns

    Pithy – because of his hat and because pithy means having substance and point – tersely cogent.

  • T-bone

  • Nora

    SOMEX! 🙂

  • Rebecca Miller

    Sammy Social!

  • Heather

    Hunter – Since you’re always hunting for the latest news and tips in social media!

  • Ben

    I would call him Xavier Miner

  • Socialplorer

  • Patrick

    Try Ranger or Winner

  • Sabi


  • Malialau

    Kernel for Kernels of Knowledge that you give in each post.

  • Soca The Explorer. haha.

  • Manofglass

    Sammy the Socialite

  • Fiona

    How about Marco (as in Polo – one of the greatest explorers & trail blazers of all time)?

  • Michael Weintraub

    Marcus Magellanus, Young Leader of Social Media Engineers
    Submitted by The EveningWear Guy

  • Maya in Key West


  • Ben

  • how about Mike?? Social Media Mike! A ‘mike’ is something that broadcasts news…and…it’s also the name of our esteemed social media hero! (stelzner…)
    Holmes (as in sherlock…) or
    Snu. As in he always tells us what’s Snu!

    Mike is my first choice! Mikey if you need to be cute.

    Amy Parmenter

  • delia

    I would call him Simon Smex

  • sok

    How about Jungle Joe? Also partial to Social Sam or Sammie…

  • Angela

    I like Sarge (for Sergeant Social)

  • Esdras Gutierrez

    I have a good name and in fact, has several meanings: COSME.
    1. Acronym for: Character Of Social Media Examiner
    2. Acronym for: Creation Of Social Media Examiner
    2. Acronym for: Cartoon Of Social Media Examiner
    2. Cosme is a greek name and means: Variant of Cosmo. The cosmos of social media
    3. Cosme is not popular as a boy name however the power of social media could make this name popular

  • ishen

    He looks like “Sparky” to me.

  • ishen

    Looks like “Sparky” to me.

  • How about Archer the Adventurer?

  • Heather

    Safari Stan

  • Heather

    How about Archer the Adventurer?

  • Trying to delete a comment

  • How about Stanley? he looks like the explorer Stanley – could be Social Media Stan or Social Media Stanley

  • Ohh yes, I’m digging the Smith name. haha SocialSmith. 🙂

  • Oooh, good ones Jonathan!! 🙂

  • Susan Critelli

    Sam is good, but it needs a backstory. How about “S. M. X. Saminer.” Kind of Like P.D.Q. Bach.

    S.M.X. could be for something like “Stanley Michael Xavier” and then you could just call him Sam, X. Sam, or some other variant.

  • Laura, that’s funny!!!! hehee

  • I’ll add “Bacon” … a nod to the first recognized social network – Of course, “Kevin” is an option too… but that isn’t as fun & doesn’t lend itself to the story as easily…

  • Sal the Engager

  • Patricia Ooi

    I would suggest – Brownie or Browny. Tried to think of a name that doesn’t use any of the site name, SME. And he is wearing brown color suit so here we go, Brownie! ^.^

  • Social Sam
    Social Sme
    Social Spy
    Social Stan

  • Lindsay R

    Aidem Liacos (social media spelled backward)
    Columbus (getting his name from Christopher Columbus “discoverer of the New World”)
    Sir SME, Social Media Examiner

  • DonnaGilliland

    As I pondered over what to name your Mascot one name stuck in my mind and it turns out that the same name has been posted here more than once. Before I tell you what the name is I would like to tell you why I think the name is a good fit.

    Names have meaning and the name given to your Mascot should have meaning that best matches the mission and goal of Social Media Examiner. The name that best fits is Scout. Why? Research says that the name Scout means “first explorer” it also says that it means to “listen” and it also means “to gather information quitely.” Isn’t that what Social Media Examiner is about – exploring, listening and gathering information?

    In closing here are a few more research tidbits – the name is of old French origin, Scout is a unisex name. And it is the character name of the young girl who played in my all time favorite Gregory Peck movie – “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

    Enough said, I need to let you continue to “scout” out for more possible Mascot names. :))

    ~ Donna

  • Sam E. is a perfect name for a Mascot. =)

  • I’ve read most of the names and like JIM for Jungle Jim – Jim Sme,
    But in saying that I really can’t go past Todd’s suggestion HUNTER cos that’s what he does, it really is what you Guys are all about too, Hunting through all the ‘Jungle’ and bringing us the BEST…..

  • Someshkhandalkar

    I have a unique name – ” Shikari ” Shikari is the Indian name for Hunter, a native hunter who serves as a guide. I thought this would be an apt one coz SME not only hunts the current happenings in the social media jungle but it also guides us through.

    here’s the wikipedia link for the explanation

  • Happy

    My 7-yr old suggests “Noah” because he helps us ensure we’re in the know… ahhh!

  • He must be called as Tanken-kun! It means “Mr. examiner” in Japanese.

  • Happy

    On my own submission, I like Smee and Sammy also.

  • “Mr. SAM the Co-worker” because this site help me a lot to learn Social Media…

  • “Mr. SAM the Co-worker” because this site help me to learn alot to learn Social Media

  • I’d say “Brace” for this Mascot.

  • Bev

    Aaron – ‘Light Bringer’

  • happypill

    Troy — as in Troy “Scout”

  • quix .. he looks quick !!

  • tonygreyjr

    Maxey the Examiner

  • nathanofsm

    I got it ‘Xander Zooblerone’ 🙂

  • I like “Kip” from Kippling’s name 🙂 because he looks like a little boy scout.

    Scouts are curious and helpful. They know neat little tricks and that’s what SME does, teach us neat little things on how to get around the social media jungle. “Kip” is short and sweet and you can manipulate the name into any odd meaning or cause.

  • Mimi … Mini Mike

    Exmi — Examiner Mike

  • Inspector Widgets.. (like inspector gadget, the cartoon)

  • I would call him Xammy 😉

  • Libbyf

    The Social Ranger

  • brezensebb

    Media Jones =)

  • Luke

    Ned the networker

  • Lizlmartini


  • Lizlmartini


  • Sochi!

  • Nicole Vance-hack

    SMEbot 🙂

  • annelise

    His name is Al, Soci Al. His job? Media Examiner!
    What about doc? he could be the social media doctor…

  • I will call him SEME – see me I´m the Social Media Explorer

  • Indie the Explorer for independent Social Media Examiner

  • Piotr Kurzaj


    It’s short, it’s cute, it’s easy to remember. You could also easily make some nice collocations, like “Tweet-Pete” or “The Pete To Meet” (at one of your events).

    Just for fun I looked up the word “social” in Peter Pan (or Peter and Wendy), a novel by J. M. Barrie, and here’s what came up:
    “Social success had not spoilt him; it had made him sweeter.”

    A perfect description for a perfect little dude.

  • Bezprizvanniy

    It should be Jones!!!

    Our guy faces the same adventures in the world of social media like Indiana Jones did in all the episodes of those epic movies!

    And it is always cool to use only a surname when you address someone, especially in the world of real Science!

    I hope you will like the Idea – Jones the Social Media Examiner!!!

    Kind Regards,
    Radoslav Bezprizvanniy

  • My name is Social, Sonny Social.

  • Nitesh Gosalia

    How about just “Socialite” as he is the one doing most of the socializing for the website OR
    Socia, Soleet, Simo, Julkkis (Socialite in Finnish) or Somex!! ( SO of Social, M of media and EX of examiner)

  • Seriousjean

    In respect for the designer, Greg Grigoriou, he should be called “GREGarious”

    Note the definitions: a) Tending to associate with others of one’s kind – social b) Marked by ir indicating a liking for companionship. c) Of or relating to a social group.

  • jule

    I would call him Otto. Just sounds like him…

  • Lparris

    I like Mitchell or Mitch Media!

  • Mikey He likes it He Really likes it. A play off of the famous Life Cereal Commercial.

  • Jim


  • Jim

    Oops, wasn’t ready to post that yet. Sticking with Marlow – the explore from the Joseph Conrad novels.

  • Lyn Reynolds

    How about SaMiE? Social Media Examiner = SME, then add the “a” and the “i” for “Always In” the know. =-)

  • Klaudia

    SoMe 🙂
    or just Examiner 🙂

  • SMART. SM-ART. (‘Cuz it use is science, media, and art!)

  • devansroc

    Social Scout

  • How about Tenzig? All great explorers need a guide to reach the summit!

    Or, Matt. I really like Matt.

  • Wow, so many great names. Good luck picking one.
    How about JASPER, for no reason except its a good name.

  • “Safari Sam” is my pick…



  • Valerie

    I’d go with Darwin, as he is discovering and defining new species of interactions and communication.

  • How about Livingston? “Mr. Livingston, I presume…”

  • Marty

  • Tiffany Jones

    He looks like a Rupert to me…

  • Tommack99

    How about SaMmiE?

  • Irwin! for the Crocodile Hunter. The man who never let fear or doubt keep him from exploring the most exotic animals and brought these wonders to the general public – Social Awareness!

  • Matt


  • Sancho – Sincere and truthful

  • I’d say:

    Digger (helps us get to the truth)
    Cutter (removes the weeds in the SM jungle so we can see our way)
    Cue (play on “Q” because he helps us answer our questions and is always looking for new ones)
    Bud (on the lookout for the beginnings of exciting new ideas)

  • SMEllie

  • Todd

    Percy or Fawcett. Named after Percy Fawcett, the explorer in the non-fiction book “Lost City of Z” who was OBSESSED with finding a lost civilization AKA ‘community’?

    ‘Fawcett’ could also potentially have double meaning as ‘faucet’, as in:social media channels can be seen as an on/off faucets of traffic. Or, stretching further… social media networks can be viewed as ancient rivers that can be discovered, tapped into, and re-channeled into irrigation streams for your brand.

  • Radar! The Social Media Jungle Dude.

  • Esdras Gutierrez

    Me too. SocialSmith sounds great!!

  • Sipp

    How about Maven?

  • Sipp

    or Max Maven (first and last name)

  • I agree with Henry, but for a different reason. I think he should be named for Henry Morton Stanley, the man who famously said, “Dr. Livingston, I presume?”

    There’s a neat article about him here:

  • Jum

    Media Dude

  • Amy


  • Amy


  • Amy


  • Amy


  • Cary

    Mini SME – (Social Media Examiner)

  • Cary

    ED (examiner dude)

  • Eschewing the painfully obvious that immediately came to mind (“Sammy” and “Dr. Livingstone”), my suggestions are:

    * Ponyboy
    * Greaser

    Extra points to anyone who can explain why. 🙂

  • Jacqgaul

    He looks like a “Buddy” to me. And a buddy in social media is always a good thing.

  • iizLiz

    I was going to suggest the same thing!! Bodhi… do it!

  • Liz

    Sam, the Social Media Man.

  • Hilda

    “Mr. Timber” = (The wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building materials)

  • Cynthia C

    I liked Scout, Stan or Stanley, and Mikey but now that I’ve read your comment, I like Scout best and even though yours wasn’t the first suggestion for that name, I think you should get 1st prize because of your research and reasoning.

  • John Twohig


  • Gabriela U.

    Joe in the Jungle
    He’s just like any of us…

  • JodiBernicky

    Smeed… keeping you up to speed on the latest in social media!

  • Steve – after Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter), a master of adventure, engagement and whose enthusiasm and passion gripped us all.
    or Irwin – same reasons

  • Hilda

    “Timber Teo”

  • Peter

    Social Sam

  • DonnaGilliland

    Cynthia, you are a kind person to take time to write me about my response.I am glad you enjoyed the information. You have made my afternoon – thank you Cynthia. ~ Donna

  • So, I heard the Social Media Examiner‘s little dude is looking for a name…Here goes nothing. Although “the little dude” suites him quite well, if it’s a name he must have, then a name he shall receive. Now I’ve sat here, deep in thought with iced chai latte to my left & wooden Gladius sword to my other left, in diligent pursuit of the end-all be-all of names for this bantam blue eyed social media safari master-explorer. The papers have piled in droves as this hand writes and for the fallen dry-erase marker soldiers, I thank you; you shall never be forgotten. The time has come to give this “little dude” a name and it must be done in uber-epic fashion…

    It’s over on my blog…check it.

  • Irene Savarese

    I like “Sherlock” as in Sherlock Holmes

  • Mlouck

    Max……or Media Max. He’s little, but Media Max provides MAXIMUM results. Max provides you with tips, offers and suggestions that maximize your goals as you take on the social media jungle.

  • Charly

    Chicole …(with accent on the “e”)

  • Dena

    Social Stanley

  • Nicola

    He looks like a Sam 🙂

  • I would suggest the name “Socio”…. isnt that spanish for “friend” or “buddy”?

  • I like the name Klue or Clue, as in he is looking for a clue about social media 🙂

  • Ch.

    Socio = Partner on business

  • Call him “Curious George” like the famous monkey every kid loves.

  • Tracie

    How about Sam-E. Social (S) Media (M) Examiner (E) = Sa-ME or Sammy

  • David G.

    Call him “Carson”, after the famous guide for John C. Fremont.

  • Fred the Finder – since he is always finding great information on social media !

  • Jim Grace

    Name the Mascot…
    This may sound a little corny, but here goes… Back in the early 1960’s, Frankie Avalon made a number of movies known as… ‘The Beach Movies’. In July, 1964, Avalon played two roles… one as ‘Frankie’, the other was a spoof character based upon the many singers and groups to come out of England during ‘The British Invasion’. The character had an English accent and dressed as an African Safari Hunter with a pith helmet like ‘Dude’ wears. He was called ‘The Potato Bug’. He was a ‘happy-go-lucky’ character that got really excited about what he was doing. He was well liked and appealed to all of the Beach Blanket Kids…except for Frankie, that is! The only difference was that ‘The Potato Bug’ wore a mustache. I suppose ‘Dude’ could grow one!?!

  • Steve-o

    I think he looks like a Toby!

  • Nick

  • lindabu

    I think he needs a superhero name that includes his special powers: Social Stevie?

  • Dr. Stanley Livingstone. I know putting the doctor is not a good idea but like others here that is how I see him. Then again Johnny from Johnny Quest rings true for him as well and ia more appropriate!

  • Esdras Gutierrez

    Social Smith, Captain Smith or Safari Smith

  • The first name that popped into my head was Eddie, the Social Media Examiner, which is what he is.

  • Jacques Meiring

    I actually like that… or perhaps Smeddie with the s and the m short for social media…

  • Jacques Meiring

    Here’s a few ideas from my side:
    Something Latiny, like Socius, Amicus (friend in Latin), Conner, Annecto (connect in Latin)
    Something ordinary, like George (like in George of the social jungle) or Sammi (short for social & amicable)
    Or just give him a title like inspector Somex or mr Mixit or dr Darwin

  • Jhardingmesa

    I would call him…..Inspector Media

  • I thought Xavier because he can be dubbed: Social Media Xavier – sounds like Examiner, right? heh!

  • Clarissa

    Sami X Saminer

  • Indy, after Indiana Jones. Intelligence, courage and sex appeal.

  • Amanda

    My choice is Terry Trekka – hunting out the very best in the maze of social media stuff…

  • Courtney Rayburn

    Guy D. Social (Guide Social) Then you can have another contest to decide what the “D” stands for. 🙂

  • Doug


    For two reasons. It fits his looks. But is also serves as an acronym for Social Media Examiner Dude.

  • Zatterqvist


  • Bo

    Here are my three. Web Guy. aka, webbie, webster, Also like Mikey Jr. Also like, Bo, or as in Beau, as in intelligent, handsome man! and of course my name is Bo . . So I think you should all choose Bo, as Im sure he would love to visit his fans in New Zealand one day and to keep them happy! Instead of Bo on the go, its Beau on the web!

  • Elsja

    How funny, I started reading the comments but didn’t get to this one yet. I was grabbing some water and thought “Sammy or Sam-E.” Then I sat down and this was the first comment I read. 🙂

  • Elsja

    Tech or Tek

  • Curious G…of course.

  • I’d call the little guy “Tracker Tim”.

  • Rufio,
    or Maximus

  • Besides my suggestions, this is absolutely my favorite.

  • Spencer

    Inspector Pike

  • How about Magellan, since he looks like an explorer.

  • Dominic Belfiori

    Eaker the Examiner?

  • Anjo Sanchez

    I would call your Mascot – Somer …. it can stand for Social Media Examiner =)

  • FRANKKIEEE!! That’s what I’d name him …

  • Ashley Miller

    No. That is thinkgeek’s mascot.

  • Larisa

    Smee or Smedley

  • I like the following, most are a play on SME’s founder:

    Mikey Jungle (or Mike E. Jungle)
    Jungle Mike
    Examiner Stelzy

  • I could get down with Him being a clayton…Lol

  • Skipwillya

    Livingston. It’s a natural tie-in with the character’s look, plus “living” is what social media is all about.

  • Kwilliams

    Edwin the Examiner

  • Mhagan

    E. Scout

  • Nick Cavarra


  • Cary

    Smerpa (play on sherpa)

  • Mark

    Boy…after Tarzan’s son

  • Kate Showalter

    Safari Stuart

  • He kinda looks like a Cody to me.

  • I have two suggestions:

    1) Eldie (Little Dude-> LD->Eldie)

    2) Dex (Dude of EXaminer->Dex)

  • I haven’t see all of the previous suggestions, but I’d like to propose the name “Sammy” as a translitterated pronuciation of the site title initials, SME; S(a)M – E.

  • Oops. I see Tracie beat me to the Sammy idea. Great idea, Tracie.

  • Roundheadlady

    My Speye.

  • Mark66net

    Scoper or Scope – He’s scoping out social connections.

  • JackieTEwing

    how about O’Ryan….

  • Dbraun

    Scout, because he’s always on the lookout.
    Or, best yet….CARSON, snappy and interesting.
    Some people named CARSON are Rachel Louise CARSON, an American environmentalist and writer whose best-known work, Silent Spring (1962), condemns the use of pesticides hazardous to wildlife.
    And Christopher CARSON, known as “Kit.” American frontiersman who was the renowned guide of John C. Frémont’s western expeditions in the 1840s, an agent for the Ute (1853-1861), and a Union general in the Civil War.
    This would give “little dude” quite a heritage!!

  • JDotson

    If he is going exploring, he needs a larger than life name like Zeke.

  • He looks like a Stanley to me. Stanley the Social Media Trail Guide. Then eventually you can introduce “Livingston” to accompany him!

  • Stella McCalister Gramby

    I think his name should be Social Searcher!

  • Of those already suggested, I like Max and Scout. Either would be a good fit.

    My suggestion: Watson (as in Sherlock’s able assistant)

    Second suggestion: Miner (ties into your name and he “mines” social media and brings up nuggets of good ideas to share)

  • Lisa Lyons

    He should be Irwin or Erwin? In honor of the great Australian wildman/hunter Steve Irwin. Just nerdy enough but also a lively association with the late great Steve!

  • Sebastian Ventura: Social Examiner (funny movie, my own ring to it)

    Social Media Steve (alliterations sounds good)

    Conan (Detective Conan is a character from a famous anime, he’s a child detective)

    Tom or Jim (after Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, the creators of the Usernets – precursors to social media)

  • make a second dude, call one Marco and the other Polo.
    make a dudette so you have a Mr. and Ms. SME (it is sexist to only have a dude, right?)

  • Dude was a city person trying to make it in the West. Originally an insult.

  • Nikki

    Max. He simply looks like a Max 🙂

  • Meet ‘Milo Media’, The Social Media Examiner!
    Milo’s always social, a curious little dude (guy), who loves to discover new and effective ways to connect people-to-people around the world!

    your curious dudette…Tricia Milo…hmmm…wonder where the idea for the name came from??? ha! lol

  • Grigo….short for Grigoriou to honor both the designer and his son

  • Mioara Revistamia

    Johnny Jungle (JJ)
    Johnny = gracious gift from God (who guides people in the Social Media Jungle)
    Jungle Dude (JD)

  • VGrundy

    Augie short for August …just like it or Ollie,

  • how about Ceril or James

  • you can name it simply – Nettino

  • Lchipetine

    Social Sam is my name
    Lisa Chipetine

  • RobynT

    I think you should name him Rudy, because that’s a cute name for a cute little dude. For something more meaningful, in terms of journalism and media, how about Ernie, for Ernie Pyle? Or Sebastian, for Sebastian Cabot the famous explorer?

  • John_Hertel

    I think Dante — a little geeky (a good thing), really smart, has a lot of depth of understanding, and speaks honestly.

  • LynnKathleen

    I vote for the obvious…Van Paul Veep, Social Media Peep.

  • Didn’t read the whole thread, hope I am not repeating anyone on this.

    My suggestions are:

    Somie / Scout Somie as from SOcial MEdia Examiner
    Samie / Scout Samie as from SociAl MEdia Examiner
    Medie / Scout Medie as from MEdia Examiner
    Exie / Mr Exie, like “small” Examiner
    Mexie / Mr. Mexie like “small” Media EXaminer
    Exa / Mr. Exa as from EXAminer + Exact (relates to objectively looking for results on the articles published on the site)
    S.Exie / Mr S.Exie, like “small” Examiner + Excessive (wich relates to the load of information we deal with to examine any sort of Social Media phenomena)

    Also, Lil’ Masc, Lil’ Mike or Lil’ ***** (any of the names I sugested above) could sound better as well =)

  • Eddieographer

    Mikey Leader
    all kinds of possibilities with this one. He might even have his own Fanpage with action based apps by next year! Follow the Leader to the 2010 Facebook Success Summit. OHHH YEAH!!!

  • Bas NL

    I would name him sociAll or social All

  • Thomas

    Dex 🙂 – Digital Explorer

  • moore


  • Loopy since he always has that big eye on the loop or the Binaculars! Then again you could name them after those great Martian explorers Spirit or more opt Opportunity!

  • I agree Lisa! I suggested this one too. He brought awareness of the Wildlife he studied to everyman, as I hope SME can do for Social Media!

  • Jennifer Meyer

    I’ve sat and read all the comments and have tried to come up with something creative and not already suggested but each time I come back to “Bob”. He just looks like a Bob to me, not that I know what a Bob looks like. I think of social media as a way of ‘Building Our Brand’ – BOB

  • John G

    I must say I liked the Dr. Livingstone resemblance, but the names (or name derivatives) of two of the world’s greatest explorers must be in the fray for consideration:

    1. Captain James Cook – possible derivatives: Captain Cook; Cookie; Captain JC; James the Butler;
    2. Ernest Shackleton – possible derivatives: Earnest; Ernest Lee (earnestly); Shackles; Shakey;

  • John G

    “S C O P E Y”

    “M I K R O” (MIKERO)

    “B O B S E R V A N T”

    “20 / 20”

  • My choice name for this cute guy is ; Ranger Ready ,because he has done a lot of searching and keeps himself up to date on the latest social media news.Always ready to help us through the social jungle. Or second choice Ranger Rock

  • To me he needs an explorer name since he explores all the ways we can use social media to grow and market our business. In honor of these explorers Jacques Cousteau, Gaspar Corte Real, Vasco da Gama, Fray Marcos de Niza I suggest:


  • Sonny

  • Dr Nitch

    I would call him ‘Stanley’ – it could end up being just ‘stan’ but with his pith helmet and the fact that he is always looking, searching and researching would fit well with his predessor Henry Morton Stanley who moved from Wales to New York in search of a new life and was sponsored by the New York Herald to discover the whereabouts of Dr Livingston. In the UK Stanley is also one of the biggest brands of small hand tools.

  • Mike Rodriguez Lopez

    Nate Gage, Nathan Gage or N.Gage for short for a play on “engage”. For a full title, he can be the N. Gage, “Content Explorer” (play on continental explorer)

  • Mike Rodriguez Lopez

    “Sammy Social”. “Sammy Socia” Sammy Sosha” “Sam Socia” “Sam Social”

    I really want a ticket!

    This would be my third summit with you, but I can’t afford this one (I wrote to you last week). And I can’t afford to miss it, either! 🙂

  • I really like the “Sammy” or “Sam-E” idea! It fits closely with the Social Media Examiner name and it cute enough to fit him well.

  • Hi,
    what about:
    SocialStan – for Stanley (Dr. Livingstone)
    Elliot the Explorer
    Little S’Me (it’s me – social media examiner)
    Dr. Mowgli (from the jungle book)
    or Dr. Smegli (sme – your site and gli – jungle book)

    Good luck!

  • Famzone

    Digger Dan or Scotty Scout

  • eric

    Socrates was a lifetime examiner,and this is a cool name

  • GFerrell

    I would go with Stanley, named after Henry Morton Stanley, the journalist who braved the wilds of Africa to find Dr. Livingstone.

  • Teri

    Nick the Navigator

  • Teri V.

    Or Eddy Examiner

  • Minsku2008

    He looks like fun loving safari dude. I’d call him Sampo.

  • Jeff Altman

    I call him Friend or Friend Lee

  • Cynthia

    I’d call him Chase! 🙂

  • Gilles Hayez

    But we’d make it more ownable.
    ‘Stan the hat’?

  • Jane

    lol i just looked it up and I don’t think Smeg is a good idea for a name

  • Jane

    Smee sounds okay

  • alicianunez

    I would call him MACARIO!!!