social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

SlideShare Announces Zipcast for Live Web Meetings: This new tool allows you to run live video meetings alongside your SlideShare presentations. The video quality is basic but it’s easy to use. Zipcast is integrated with social media buttons, offers a live-stream chat feature and allows up to 5000 participants. Zipcast’s basic public meetings are free and there’s a paid ad-free version which allows password-protected meetings. This could be an interesting way for some businesses to start web broadcasting. How will you take advantage of this new platform?


Call a live virtual meeting to review your SlideShare presentation by video and use the chat feature to communicate with the attendees.

Gist Acquired by Research in Motion (Blackberry): Blackberry users can look forward to more social navigation on their phones. How important is your phone becoming for your social networking?


Gist provides a web-based experience and enables users to build stronger professional relationships.

Twitter Announces Translation Center: Twitter is already available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. This new feature allows Twitter to crowdsource translation to be able to roll out other languages faster.

twitter translation center

Passionate Twitter users can now help Twitter launch additional languages.

Digg Stops Accepting RSS Submissions: Digg has retracted the automatic submissions of posts via RSS, a new feature it announced less than a year ago. Will this impact your social bookmarking?

digg bans rss

The rules for social bookmarking with Digg have changed.

TED Launches TED Conversations: “This is the first time online conversations have an expiration date, which is designed to keep conversations, Q&As and debates on-topic, relevant and accessible for time-strapped visitors.” Will you be joining in discussions here?

ted conversations

Join "conversations with notable TEDsters like Seth Godin, game designer Jane McGonigal, Tim O’Reilly, economist Dan Ariely and other speakers, TED conference attendees, and TED community members."

Here’s another new social media tool worth a look:

Bump: Create a profile on Bump to connect the license plate of your car with an email address so others can communicate with you.

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Thanks Cindy, very interested in those TED conversations and, very cool concepts. I would love to see how successful Bump will be because of the privacy issues…but some interesting marketing ideas [the video is absolute cheese 😉 ] Road rage could also be a problem don’t you think?

  • Jonathan, I live in France where road rage is not quite the same and where people usually have different perspectives on privacy, so I really appreciate the points you made about Bump. Like you, I enjoyed the video. It’ll be interesting to see how it takes off. And as you said the TED Conversations should be fun too.

  • Thanks Cindy for more interesting new ideas. I think BUMP is a tad intrusive and a lot of people will hate it despite the fact it could save lives and be a huge help in certain situations. If you look at Bump and also take a look at Viewdle, some Social Media applications can have some negative implications depending, of course, how they are used and who by. It’s amazing the leaps and bounds technology is making now and on a daily basis! I wonder what our old friend George Orwell would have to say? (Loved the Californian warm weather and the blue sky in the video)

  • Blackberry having more social navigation is exciting! and it is about time. RIM has had a hard time and this is the direction they needed to take. There are so many options now for cell phone users and we like to be connected. Maybe I wont have to switch to an Iphone after all.
    By the way, what a fantastic blog… layout, photos… lots of personality

  • What an eye-opening article. especiall blew me away. Thanks Cindy for sharing – I can’t believe where technology is going.

  • Cindy,

    Groovy goodies this week!

    LOVIN’ the Zipcast possibilities with Slideshare — This could open up a whole new spectrum for me. Can’t wait to get in there and play around! 🙂

    Gist is good news for Blackberry, and I think the translation for Twitter will entice some business professionals that were previously hesitant. …Intrigued with the TED Conversations – feels a bit like the Quora buzz, but without the questions. 😉

    Bump. Before watching the video, I guffawed. After watching, still not quite feeling the love. I had a Bump app on my Android and it did not react well. I finally uninstalled. That being the case, I’m not sold this is a good move of sociability. If I had issues with a simple phone app, how can I trust that all potential dangers are being considered?

    I see that Peter mentioned above that this could be a life-saving tool. But, truthfully, I’m not excited about connecting my license plate to my phone, email, or Facebook with that connection of information out there for hackers and potential stalkers to maybe manipulate. I could be a little over-excited here as someone married to an elected official and having to calculate things that seem silly to some people. But I also remember a day when people were not afraid of their identities being stolen. Now, we see TV commercials to prevent that. I appreciate that we all have a choice on that connection. But I dunno…. My feathers are ruffled.

    Am I off-base here? What are the steps that have been taken to assure the social element of Bump will be safe and good?


  • Keri, I loved reading your comments! Thanks for sharing them!

    Like you I’m super excited about the new SlideShare feature, and can’t wait to use it some more. It could be an easy way for non-video business folk to dabble with their web cams.

    Q&A does seem to be a trend right now. I’m actually interested in following this to see how people use it… it raises questions for me like “is this a substitute for forums”, “what social needs are these Q&A platforms filling” etc. Because I think marketers have lots to gain by understanding how their audience feels towards this sort of platform… and things seem to have morphed a bit around this sort of interaction over the last year or so.

    Yes, I agree, Bump will probably be plagued by several cultural factors that might limit its success. But I find it interesting to note the idea, and see how people do use it… maybe more as a barameter of things to come.

  • Connie, it is interesting to see what’s out there, isn’t it? I wonder what will be around and how we’ll be using all of this in 2 years time, let alone 5 or 10 years time!

  • Thanks Jody! All of these improvements in social navigation keep up the feeling of having a great little toy when using a smart phones. As soon as I get used to the features I have something else comes out to improve the navigation experience further 🙂

  • Danny Hirtler

    Bump is a little ridiculous. The woman seeing some guy on the street and then calling him based on his license plate is my guess as to why this won’t catch on. Too many crazy people out there, and this will just make it even easier for them to get in touch with you.
    Maybe that woman almost crashed into the car because she was texting someone’s license plate while driving…

  • Deepak Bista

    As the Chinese saying goes”We live in interesting time” and I say indeed.

  • Stef

    In light of “big sis’s” see something say something campaign I think I will continue to pass on all of this sort of thing. Way too much info hanging out there in the breeze. 🙂 A neat idea in a idyllic society but reality is far from that these days.

  • Very interesting information! Thank you!

  • Cindy, thanks for your reply. Like you, I do think that the Bump stuff is cool – how amazing the things they’ve seen to connect! Lets watch wide-eyed together and see what comes!! 🙂

  • LucidGal

    That bump/license plate thing would be great for hookers.

  • will come under significant fire if it is used frequently enough for pranks and privacy-invasive actions. Unless Bump can verify license plate owners with the associated emails, phone numbers, and the valid permission of those plate owners, it will run into opposition from privacy groups, victim advocacy groups, etc.
    Thanks for the info,

  • Karl Sly

    Great job Cindy! Thanks for the share.

    Almost everyone seems to have a comment about Bump, and I do too. I think it’s a great concept, but there are a lot of gray areas that need to be worked out as far as privacy, and adaptability.

  • Hanne Lene Dalgleish

    Just finished with Mari Smith’s webinar where she used the new Zipcast from Slideshare. After some problems logging in (experienced by many of the attendees as they noted in the chat area and on Mari’s FB page), I was able to get on. I really enjoyed the experience. I believe Mari had purchased the platinum level, so I’m not sure what the free version is like. She had 1800+ people signed in. You needed a SlideShare account or a Facebook account to sign in. The Facebook account is 3rd party app with the usual ‘access to information’ allow to check off. I’ll have to go and see how those affect my privacy settings. Technical problems experienced by attendees were problems logging in, sound and video problems. There was a phone number to call in case of sound problems, but it seemed at one point that the number of people on it had maxed it out (not quite sure – the chats went by incredibly fast). All in all, for me, it was an excellent experience. I look forward to more on this platform.

  • looks really useful, especially if you’re busy and somewhat forgetful, like I tend to be! Sort of reminds me of how I use, but more useful for keeping things organized.

  • Bumper! That’s a very interesting concept and idea. On the other hand, does that create more privacy intrusions to your personal life? More ads, more spams, and it would be interesting to see how would solve these issues.

  • Guest

    Hi Cindy, thanks for you post. The Bump concept is very amusing. We had a company like that in The Netherlands a few years ago that tried this, linking your licence plate to your cellnumber. Perhaps the positioning as an automotive flirting tool was what killed it, or maybe it was ahead of its time, because I haven’t heard anything anymore after the launch.

    Furthermore, I think that Bump as a standalone tool doesn’t stand a chance, because the chance that two people who would like to connect both have Bump, or even know about it, is remote. I think if they want to be successful, they need a Facebook plugin and a great viral, or something similar.

    However, it is great to see initiatives like this being developed!

  • Charlie Elwis

    I can’t handle the many emails I get from you on the same subect everyday. How do I unsubscribe?

  • Dude…i strongly disagree with your mode of action..anyhow, the unsubscribe link is there…ctrl+f and u will find it