Martha and Hilda marvel as their crystal ball discovers social media for the first time.

Gypsy Tweet

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out more of Sean’s artwork here.

Do you remember when you first experienced Twitter? Was your reaction like Martha and Hilda?  Let us know by commenting below.

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  • therobbrennan

    I have to admit – the first time I tried using it, I was completely unimpressed. I kept hearing great things about it on podcasts, other blogs, etc – but despite giving it a few solid attempts it just seemed worthless. My mistake was following higher profile folks; who offered NOTHING in the way of interaction. I saw a world full of a generic spam tweets “I followed … to win an iPhone”, etc – and found a lot of people I contacted simply had nothing to say in return.

    I finally became hooked when Phish reunited – as Twitter was lighting up with comments about the band and the show all night long. From that point forward, I wound up with several great followers (and people I was interested in) and finally Twitter began to have some value.

  • LisaG

    When I first checked Twitter out, I thought it was a lot of navel gazing combined with too many sale pitches. With the first demonstrations in Iraq I realized it’s powerful immediacy. Now I’m trying it again as a great filter for finding blogs and for following thought leaders.

  • smartwomentrav

    I remember feeling like I walked into a room of 1000s of people all speaking a foreign language and I didn’t know where to start. That was 14 months ago and I was just reflecting this week about how many great friends I now have on Twitter. I’ll be meeting many of them this summer at the #TBEX10 event in NYC and can’ wait to meet them in person! Will I call them by their twitter_id or their first name? Probably the twitter_id!
    Carol Margolis

  • Sean – I really like this one! I’m sending it across the Twitterverse right now-

  • I still have a lot to learn about this. Am starting to unravel some of the mystery little by little. It’s encouraging to see the posts above and how “real” connections have been made via SM.

  • I remember my first tweet– almost a year ago. Back then I thought I was writing to one individual. You can imagine my surprise when I later learned that all tweets (except DMs) are completely public! I’m learning how to use that feature advantageously. The follow/unfollow game is still on, and it’s hard to tell if there’s a winning strategy.

    So if I met Martha and Hilda, I’d say: it’s not broken; it’s breaking new grounds.

  • myaggie2

    I waited almost a year after signing up to get active. I couldn’t figure it out at all. It took me starting to use HootSuite to finally understand how to use twitter! I’m posting this to all my twit followers!

  • I joined Twitter 16mths ago to follow my geek brother on a trip to Iceland (his suggestion!). Immediately, I was being followed by many. It took only a matter of a couple of weeks to see the potential in networking for business. To this day I’ve had numerous inquiries, gained new clients and made some amazing new friends from all parts of the world. I now assist small business owners to get set up for social media networking and about to undertake the Social Media Marketing Specialist course via the VA Classroom. It was Twitter that has lead my business in this direction. It’s funny – but I do still meet people that just don’t “get it”.

  • I’m a marketing addict and I just love to promote with the new Social Media Marketing Tools. Twitter is by far one of the most misunderstood Social Media Phenomena. Having said that I’ve found that it has an unbelievable marketing potential for creating awareness to a large base of people in a very short amount of time. The advice that I repeatedly offer to people (my age.. 50+) is accept that Twitter is here to stay and rather than “run from it…RUN AT IT! Please feel free to join me…Twitter_ID “stanfossum”

  • I remember within a few minutes of my first tweet and starting to following some people I knew I got 4 or 5 @ mentions welcoming me to Twitter. It was strange, but inviting!

  • When I first checked Twitter,it was completely new for me and I even don’t know the way to use it.Followers,following and specially Tweet is such new things for me.Now I am used to with Twitter and always like to get new updates.

  • Twitter has been a very successful social media marketing platform for me. I really embraced it from day one. I guess it’s like anything – if you do it right and put enough into it, you will see the results…

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