Testimonies from Prior Attendees*

“This is one of the best educational seminars I’ve attended. If you weren’t a social media expert before the seminar, you will be afterwards.” – Cindy Viadella

“This was an amazing Summit and completely exceeded my expectations. The speakers were very engaging and helpful and I learned an amazing amount from each and every presentation!” – Julia Jackson

“The Summit has the most influential social media experts that cover every aspect of social media marketing. It’s worth every penny!” – Gabe Chesman

“This was one of the best investments I have made career wise. The presentations and the people providing them went above and beyond to provide value for the audience. I can’t say enough about quality of this event.” – Kira

“The BEST social media professional development out there–an annual MUST for anyone working in social media!” – Elisa

“For two years in a row I have turned the knowledge I gained into money.” – Kevin Forrest

“The format was really convenient for my schedule and I enjoyed the presenters!” – Katie

“This was the BEST place with the most incredible training to address ALL areas of Social Media, WOW.” – Regina Floyd

“The Summit was intense, but I learned so much. Every session gave me valuable, actionable information I could use to grow my following and my business. I highly recommend it.” – Charmin Foth

“Truly a wonderful supportive professional community, everyone from the hosts to instructors to the attendees.” – Daphnie Manzione

“This Summit is a must to keep up with the fast moving social media world. I highly recommend any program offered by Social Media Examiner because of the consistent high standards and value created.” – Elisabeth Gortschacher

“I would say that it’s the most wonderful and cost effective way to learn from the best experts in the industry. I love it.” – Mary Jane Kinkade

“No matter how much you know, you will walk away from the Summit with something new!” – Terilyn Cobb

“The speakers, the transcripts, the audio. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Thank you!” – Marybeth Park

Having the sessions available for one year will be helpful as I progress through the content and dive into areas that are completely new to me.” – Lucretia Apperloo

“It’s intense, but it’s worth the time: a great way to catch up with what’s happening in the social media world.” – Sabine McKenna

“I signed up last year and it was full of actionable tactics that we implemented immediately. Looking forward to year 2!” – Ashley Williams

“The Linkedin group was really helpful to collaborate and ask questions.” – Traci

“The information in this Summit is invaluable. The presenters are the best in the business.” – Kathy Kane

“I’ve lost count of how many of these Summits I’ve digitally attended over the years… always great insights, moderators and speakers!” – Robert Burns

“The playback and download for a year is amazing and spectacular for busy people. Sessions were fantastic; speakers were serious high quality.” – Sara Chapman

“Social Media Examiner is the most professional and thorough source of info and training in the field. I’d be a fool not to sign up!” – Rima Runtzel

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