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Testimonies from Last Year’s Attendees

“As a first-timer, this was a great experience. Thanks for the awesome content! The sessions provided solid, detailed and actionable information for all the different platforms that will be invaluable as we implement a social business strategy.” – Kelli Hoffman

“Thank you is a very small thing to say but what I have learned is giving me a fantastic future!” – Debra Sillanpaa

“It was an amazing experience! You really learn. It’s great the material that you receive.” – Claudia Ferreira Martins

Incredible value for money! Love that this quality of knowledge and expertise was available to me from my home office. Incredible job, Michael. Thank you.” – Vanessa Carrington

Do it! Experts who are actively having success in their specific social media arena lead the webinars. They bring RICH content that can’t help but get your creative juices flowing! In my book, it’s a must-attend event! – Miriam Battson

“I am extremely happy that I attended this summit and look forward to future summits and workshops. You guys are amazing! Thank you for helping all of us excel at our jobs.” – Steph Synoracki

“Social Media Success Summits are every bit as professional and useful as any in-person conference. You get the sense presenters really try to give you the very best they have to offer.” – Scott Scowcroft

I’m very grateful that the recordings will be available. I know that I’ll be reviewing sessions again. I absolutely would (and will) recommend this. I’ll be back next year, too. :) – Julie Norris

Love the transcripts. I didn’t have the time to attend the live events. Even when I did, preferred spending my time going thru the transcripts and recordings so I could pause and take notes/have time to absorb all the content.” – Kris Hodges

The Social Media Success Summit is packed with information that can help someone plan their social media success!” – Shelly Maciujec

The summit is the best way to decode the social media landscaping.” – Luis O DeLaHoz

It’s one of the best and most adaptable forms of learning, to grow your social media marketing skills. Truly convenient and easy to use and by far great, great content and relevancy to the market.” – Debra Sillanpaa

Great way to keep current on social media—trends, what works, nuances, practical tips.” – Liz Horgan

The Social Media Success Summit is one of a kind. Not only do you have the flexibility to ‘attend’ the summit when your schedule allows, but the content and presenters are highly regarded in our industry.” – Steph Synoracki

“I learned a lot of new information and the caliber of speakers was really high. Also it was great to be able to watch/review as my convenience and have info accessible when I needed it. Finally, really helpful, concrete, and applicable tips.” – Courtney

The information is timely and delivered by subject matter experts who are authors in their field. The all online training format allows busy business professionals the convenience of attending from the office or from home. The added bonus is that all sessions are recorded and accessible for up to one year. This is great when your schedule changes and you can’t make a live session.” – Donna Gilliland

“Mike, continue this Social Media Summit; it is necessary for us social media strategists and forward-thinkers. This summit was very rewarding, as a businessman and professor who assesses faculty, I thought your presenters were great!” – Dr. Dwayne D. Jakes

I have been in advertising for the past 18 years, and this summit was incredibly helpful. It brought me up to speed with all things social media that I recommend to my friends and clients daily! This was my first social media summit and I LOVED it! I will definitely be back for the next.” - Kat Medina Nino

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