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This fully online summit will help you master social media marketing with how-to sessions from the world’s top social media experts and book authors.

The event is spread over 4 weeks. If you can’t make a session live, you can watch the recordings, which we provide within hours of each live session.

Below you’ll find a schedule overview and a detailed schedule of all sessions.

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We have 33 expert-led sessions designed to give you practical how-to tips to improve your social media marketing. But you don’t have to choose among these 33 sessions.

Your pass gives you access to all of them. At traditional summits and conferences, groups of sessions are often held at the same time, so it’s impossible to attend them all. Not this summit. When you register, you’ll be able to take advantage of EVERY business-building opportunity. If you miss a live session, we’ll provide you a recording and transcript for FREE.

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Many days have a theme like LinkedIn marketing, blogging, Pinterest marketing or video marketing.

Detailed Schedule

KEYNOTE: Why You Need to Rethink Your Social Media Marketing

TOPIC: Social Media Marketing

If you want your marketing to take off in this hyper-competitive world, you’ll need to reformulate your social strategy.  This means rethinking your content and social activities.  Jay Baer, author of Youtility, reveals an unconventional approach to social media marketing that works.  The result: greater attention, more sales, increased loyalty and improved customer advocates.  This innovative and thought-provoking session will change the way you think about modern marketing.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 1 at 12:30pm Pacific (3:30pm Eastern)

How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing: 7 Power Techniques

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Are you looking for creative ways to improve your Facebook marketing? The queen of Facebook, Mari Smith (co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day), will show you how!  She’ll reveal seven proven tactics to grow a fiercely loyal community of raving Facebook fans.  You’ll discover how to convert fans into qualified leads and paying clients. You won’t want to miss this practical session.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 1 at 1:30pm Pacific (4:30pm Eastern)

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Traffic and Sales

TOPIC: Twitter Marketing

Does your website need more traffic?  Are you looking to enhance your sales? In this session, Twitter marketing expert Kim Garst reveals how and why Twitter is the most important social platform for her business.  She’ll show you how to find your ideal clients with laser-like accuracy, create content that people actually want, drive massive traffic to all your online platforms and turn conversations into sales.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 1 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

How to Grow Your Social Media Influence
INSTRUCTOR:  Mark Schaefer

TOPIC: Social Media Influence

Are you wondering how to build an influential presence with social media?  In the “real world,” a job title or even a diploma can bring people influence. But none of that matters online. In this session from Mark Schaefer (author of Return On Influence), you’ll discover how to gain respect and attention with social media. He’ll show you precisely what you need to do.  You’ll walk away with practical tips you can immediately put to use.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 2 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing With Free Tools

TOPIC: Social Media Management

Are you struggling to manage your daily social media activities?   In this practical session, the “social media tools guy” Ian Cleary will show you free (and low-cost) resources that will help you save time and improve your social media results.  You’ll be equipped with tools and techniques you’ll be itching to try out.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 2 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Build a Facebook Community in 10 Minutes a Day

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Are you struggling to make Facebook work for your business? In this session, Andrea Vahl (co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) will show you how to build a thriving Facebook community in as little as 10 minutes a day. You’ll also discover how to improve Facebook engagement and analyze your results while building brand advocates who will gladly support you.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 2 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Integrate Social Media Marketing With All of Your Online Marketing Efforts

TOPIC: Integrated Marketing

Companies are investing like never before in content, search and social media. But are those efforts integrated? Are they aligned to create a consistent and compelling experience for buyers? The customer journey from awareness to purchase is by no means linear, so why should our online marketing be? During this content-rich session, Lee Odden (author of Optimize) will provide you with proven insights, tips and tactics on integrating and optimizing social media, search and content marketing to attract more customers and grow your business.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 3 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Leverage SlideShare Marketing for More Exposure and Revenue
INSTRUCTOR:  Todd Wheatland

TOPIC: SlideShare Marketing

Are you leveraging the power of Slideshare? With 60 million monthly business users, SlideShare has become the secret weapon for smart B2B marketers. Join Todd Wheatland, author of The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare, as he reveals how marketers are using SlideShare to manage content, gain visibility and generate leads.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 3 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Succeed on Instragram: A Brand Panel
INSTRUCTORS:  Stephanie Shkolnik with Kathleen Ngo (Sony) and Bryce Kristensen (E! Online)

TOPIC: Instagram Marketing

Are you wondering what types of content really work on Instagram? Join Stephanie Shkolnik (social media director for Digitaria) as she reveals best practices from industry leaders E! Online and Sony. Discover how to best engage your community, the top tips and tricks for hashtags and how to land on the popular page. You’ll see how to gain traction and maintain momentum on Instagram, one shot at a time.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 3 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Rapidly Grow Your Email List With Facebook
INSTRUCTOR:  Amy Porterfield

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Is your Facebook marketing providing high-quality leads? Join Amy Porterfield (co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) as she reveals how to rapidly grow your email list without ever leaving Facebook or breaking the bank. You’ll discover how to get your Facebook fans to build your email list for you. Amy will show you some successful list-building examples and unveil three opt-in strategies tailored just for Facebook that will bring you immediate results.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 8 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Unlock Facebook’s Most Powerful Yet Underused Advertising Tools

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Are you looking for better ways to target your ideal audience and build your brand? There’s no better way than through Facebook ads. Unfortunately, most marketers only skim the surface when it comes to advertising on Facebook. That’s because the most effective features are locked away inside Facebook, just waiting to be discovered by marketers. Join Facebook expert Jon Loomer as he shows you powerful ways to leverage Facebook ads to benefit your business.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 8 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Succeed With Google+: Five Google+ Success Stories

TOPIC: Google+ Marketing

Are you struggling to determine how Google+ fits into your business plans? It’s one of the largest social networks, yet many businesses find it a mystery. Fortunately, several businesses have already seen a lot of success on the network. In this session, Jesse Stay (author of Google+ for Dummies) reveals five Google+ success stories your business can follow. This session will be sure to give you a leg up on the competition—and help you stand out.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 8 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Make Your Blog Stand Out in a Noisy World
INSTRUCTOR:  Marcus Sheridan

TOPIC: Blog Marketing

Are you wondering how to make your blog stand out from the competition? In this session, blogger and content expert Marcus Sheridan will reveal proven strategies to bring your blog significant traffic and attract more customers. He’ll also show you how to create content that can help you become the leading digital voice in your industry.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 9 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Create Blog Posts People Love to Share
INSTRUCTOR: Jeff Bullas 

TOPIC: Blog Marketing

Are you wondering how to get more people to share your blog content? Join blogging expert Jeff Bullas as he reveals his recipe for creating contagious content that everyone will want to share—without you ever asking. You’ll discover the types of blog posts people prefer to share on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ll also find out how to overcome writer’s block and key ingredients to include in every blog post.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 9 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Optimize Your Blog for Search
INSTRUCTOR:  Rich Brooks

TOPIC: Blog Marketing

Is your blog tapping the power of search engines? Want to know how? Join blogging expert Rich Brooks as he reveals the tools, tips and tactics needed to put your blog on the first page of search engine results—without spending a dime on advertising. You’ll discover what your ideal customers are searching for, how and where to use keywords in your blog posts, and how to optimize your blog for maximum results. Follow the steps laid out in this session and you’ll gain more traffic and leads.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 9 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Video Views
INSTRUCTOR:  James Wedmore

TOPIC: YouTube Marketing

There’s nothing worse than spending all your time, effort and energy creating a YouTube video that no one watches.  You can’t buy views, you can’t afford to sit around waiting for it to go viral and sharing the video with your mother can only get you so far.  In this presentation, YouTube expert James Wedmore will show you how anyone can gain mass views with any video using a few free and easy to follow social sharing tactics.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 10 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Use Online Video to Generate Leads
INSTRUCTOR: David Siteman Garland

TOPIC: Video Marketing

Are you wondering how to use videos to grow your business? In this session, web show producer David Siteman Garland (host of The Rise To The Top) will show you how to create a lead generation machine with video marketing.  He’ll reveal the surprising video mistakes many businesses make and how to fix them. He’ll also show you the success secrets of some of the world’s leading video marketers. You’ll be inspired and equipped to get video working for your business.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 10 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Use Online Video to Get Big Brand Results
INSTRUCTORS: Paul Colligan with Jim Louderback (Discovery Communications) and Clayton Talmon de l’Armee (Salesforce)

TOPIC: Video Marketing

Are you taking full advantage of YouTube in your marketing? YouTube is more than a free video hosting site. It is a social network with powerful tools like HD Broadcasting and Google+ integration that can help get your message out in ways never before possible. Join Paul Colligan (author, YouTube Strategies) and his panel of high-profile YouTube users as they reveal their strategies for organizations of any size to leverage what YouTube has to offer. Discover the specific steps you can take today to bring the power of YouTube to your business.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 10 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Run Successful Pinterest Contests
INSTRUCTOR: Melanie Duncan 

TOPIC: Pinterest Marketing

Are you wondering how to do a contest best on Pinterest? Join Pinterest expert Melanie Duncan as she takes you behind the scenes of her Pinterest marketing success.  You’ll discover how to use Pinterest contests to gain more followers, generate more leads and increase your sales. You’ll walk away with many useful ideas you can implement right away.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 15 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Use Pinterest for More Traffic, Leads and Sales
INSTRUCTOR: Cynthia Sanchez 

TOPIC: Pinterest Marketing

Are you trying to figure out how to generate real business from Pinterest? As one of the fastest-growing new social networks, Pinterest has already created massive amounts of traffic and sales for businesses. In this session, Cynthia Sanchez (host of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast) will reveal how to use Pinterest to drive the right traffic to your site and how to incorporate it into your overall social media marketing plan.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 15 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How Big Businesses Do Pinterest Marketing
INSTRUCTORS: Beth Hayden with Michael Bepko (Whole Foods) and Angela Thompson (Target)

TOPIC: Pinterest Marketing

Do you know how to convert eyeballs into dollar signs? That’s every marketer’s quandary and Pinterest makes the game fun. With real-time analytics to measure the effectiveness of your graphics, the stakes have increased. No wonder big brands have jumped in head first. Join Beth Hayden (author of Pinfluence) as she unveils the hidden secrets used by two household name brands in their notable Pinterest marketing efforts.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 15 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Use LinkedIn for Corporations
INSTRUCTOR: Neal Schaffer

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

Is your company maximizing the advantages of LinkedIn? Join renowned LinkedIn expert Neal Schaffer (author of Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing) as he shows you how to leverage your employees’ presence on LinkedIn.  He’ll reveal how to improve your corporate branding, build community, engage with customers and generate new leads. Discover how marketing and public relations departments can use LinkedIn together to promote the entire enterprise.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 16 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Use LinkedIn for Prospecting
INSTRUCTOR: Viveka von Rosen

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

Do you need leads?  Would you like to know how to best use LinkedIn for prospecting?  In this practical session, Viveka von Rosen (author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day) will show you six advanced LinkedIn strategies to generate quality leads. You’ll leave this session with a valuable LinkedIn action plan for immediately generating leads.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 16 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Influence
INSTRUCTOR:  Stephanie Sammons

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn members are more active, engaged and affluent than any other social network. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about LinkedIn to generate opportunities for business success, but you do need to know how to position yourself as an influencer. In this session, LinkedIn expert Stephanie Sammons reveals her strategies, tactics and tools for building an effective LinkedIn strategy that will maximize your influence and help you achieve your personal business goals.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 16 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Thrive With Content Marketing: 10 Forgotten Strategies
INSTRUCTOR:  Joe Pulizzi

TOPIC: Content Marketing

Did you know that over 90% of all companies in North America use content marketing, but just one in three feel they’re good at it?   There is more content created by brands than ever before, yet most has nothing to do with business objectives. In this session, content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi (author of Epic Content Marketing) will show you how to make sure your content drives sales and retains customers.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 17 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Measure Your Social Media Return on Investment
INSTRUCTOR:  Nichole Kelly

TOPIC: Social Media ROI

Can you prove the worth of your social media marketing? Do you know how to connect social activities to sales growth, cost improvements or customer retention?  In this session, Nichole Kelly (author of How to Measure Social Media) reveals exactly what to measure, how to do it and how to show the results. You’ll be able to stand up to the most brutal executive questions.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 17 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Turn Tweets to Dollars: Lessons from Top Brands
INSTRUCTOR: Neal Schaffer with Jennifer Lashua (Intel) and Alicia Picciotti (American Express)

TOPIC: Big Brand Twitter Marketing

In this dynamic panel, Neal Schaffer (author of Maximizing Twitter for Business) brings together social media leaders from major brands—including American Express and Intel—to explore how they use Twitter to gain measurable business results. You’ll discover practical tactics and tips you can employ in your Twitter marketing. Listen in as leading brands share the secrets they’ve learned to get their messages seen and build a strong following that leads to revenue.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 17 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

How to Grow Your Business With Podcasting: Tips from the Pros
INSTRUCTORS:  Michael Stelzner, Michael Hyatt and Chris Brogan

TOPIC: Podcasting

Whether you’re just getting started with a podcast or you’ve been at it for years, this power panel will give you an inside look at some of the secrets to using a podcast to enhance your sales. Join Michael Stelzner (Social Media Marketing podcast), Michael Hyatt (This is Your Life podcast) and Chris Brogan (Human Business Way podcast) as they share how they use their podcasts to impact their businesses.  You’ll gain ideas you can apply to your podcast. Come ready to ask your questions.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 22 at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern)

How to Create a Podcast Your Listeners Will Love and Share
INSTRUCTOR:  Cliff Ravenscraft

TOPIC: Podcasting

Are you thinking about starting a podcast, but wonder if anyone will listen? Do you have a podcast, but wish you could get your audience to share your content with others? In this session, Cliff Ravenscraft—The Podcast Answer Man and the world’s leading podcast expert—will reveal the tips and tactics he teaches his clients to help their podcasts climb the ranks of iTunes (many have reached the top 25). He’ll show you the ingredients that will make your audience love your podcast so much they will want to share it with everyone!

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 22 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Conduct a Killer Podcast Interview

TOPIC: Podcasting

Recording a conversation with a guest is easy. Turning that conversation into pure gold that your listeners will love, share and want to listen to again is an art and skill that you can learn. Pat Flynn, host of the top-rated Smart Passive Income Podcast, will reveal what he’s learned from conducting interviews that have been downloaded over 100,000 times each.  You’ll discover exactly how to create professional podcast interviews your listeners can’t help but talk about.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 22 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Reach Your Customers on Their Smartphones With Social Media
INSTRUCTOR: Jamie Turner

TOPIC: Mobile Marketing

In the old days, social and mobile were considered two separate marketing channels. But today, social is mobile and mobile is social. Join Jamie Turner (co-author of Go Mobile) as he takes you on an information-packed journey into the world of social and mobile.  You’ll discover how to connect with your customers via social media on their smartphones—devices they have with them nearly 100% of the time.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 23 at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Get Started With Mobile Marketing
INSTRUCTOR: Greg Hickman

TOPIC: Mobile Marketing

Are you wondering where to start with mobile marketing?  In this session, mobile marketing expert Greg Hickman will help you set the foundation for mobile marketing success. He’ll explore what mobile users actually want and lay out a roadmap to integrate mobile into your marketing mix to generate leads and sales. You’ll leave with actionable tips and techniques that will help you quickly get your mobile marketing started.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 23 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Get Big Brand Results From Facebook
INSTRUCTORS:  Rick Mulready with Chad Mitchell (Walmart) and Jason Townsend (NASA)

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

You don’t need a million fans to get million-dollar results from your Facebook marketing. What you need is a smart plan that leverages the lessons learned by the million-fan businesses. Join Rick Mulready (host of the Inside Social Media podcast) as he reveals the secret sauce that makes large brands successful on Facebook.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 23 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

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