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Here’s the Complete Agenda

This fully online summit will help you master social media marketing with advanced how-to sessions from the world’s top social media experts and book authors.

The event is spread over 4 weeks. If you can’t make a session live, you can watch the recordings, which we provide within hours of each live session.

Below you’ll find a schedule overview and a detailed schedule of all sessions.

Amazing Content to Inspire You

We have 40+ expert-led sessions designed to give you practical yet advanced how-to tips to improve your social media marketing. But you don’t have to choose among these sessions. Your pass gives you access to all of them.

At traditional summits and conferences, groups of sessions are often held at the same time, so it’s impossible to attend them all. Not this summit. When you register, you’ll be able to take advantage of EVERY business-building opportunity. If you miss a live session, we’ll provide you a video recording, MP3 audio and transcript for FREE.

When you register we’ll provide a link to import these events into Google, iCal or Outlook. Are you outside the United States? Click here for a time converter (Select location: U.S.A. – California – San Diego.)


Week 1: Covers social media strategy, tactics and tools

Week 2: Deep dives into Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing

Week 3: Digs into blogging, Pinterest, podcasting and video marketing

Week 4: Examines content marketing, Instagram marketing, social media ROI and analytics


KEYNOTE: How to Succeed by Continuously Showing Up: Drip Feed Marketing 
INSTRUCTOR: Mike Stelzner

TOPIC: Social Media Strategy

What would happen if your business was constantly “top of mind” with customers and prospects? This is easier to accomplish than most marketers think. And you don’t need to be an excellent writer, have a good voice or look good on video. Instead, you need a system that allows you to keep delivering value to people who most want it, over and over again. In his keynote, Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner and author of Launch) reveals a new way to nurture a following who’ll gladly evangelize your business and purchase what you have to sell. You’ll leave empowered to rethink the way you approach social media and content marketing.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 7 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Use Visual Content to Drive Massive Social Media Engagement

TOPIC: Visual Marketing

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? In the world of social media, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Study after study confirms that visuals are shared more and drive more engagement than any other type of content. In this session, visual content strategist Kim Garst shares tips, tricks and techniques to find, create and distribute stunning visual content. More importantly, you’ll discover how to use visuals to tell your company story, reveal its core values and promote your products and services.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 7 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How Examining Two Numbers in Your Analytics Will Make You a Better Blogger
INSTRUCTOR: Andy Crestodina

TOPIC: Advanced Blogging Analytics

Do you know what content on your blog is the best? Here’s a hint, it’s likely not what you think. The real truth is waiting to be discovered in your analytics. You just need to know where it’s hiding. Join Google Analytics expert Andy Crestodina (author of Content Chemistry) as he shows you how to measure what matters most and breaks down the factors that’ll help you gauge the success of a blog post. You’ll discover how small changes can have a big impact on your future content.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 7 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 1, DAY 2; THEME: Social Media Strategy

Unlocking Your Perfect Social Media Strategy
INSTRUCTOR: Mark Schaefer

TOPIC: Social Media Strategy

Do you need a social media strategy? Coming up with a strategy for your marketing plan might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Join Mark Schaefer (author of Social Media Explained and Return on Influence) for this fast-paced and entertaining session. You’ll discover the six questions you need to ask to formulate a smart social media marketing strategy.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 8 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Build Powerful Relationships on Facebook and Beyond

TOPIC: Relationship Marketing

Does your marketing depend on strong relationships? Facebook has created a paradigm shift in how we communicate and do business around the world. In this session, Facebook expert Mari Smith (author, The New Relationship Marketing) reveals the art and science to using Facebook to build relationships. You’ll discover how to foster power relationships with key influencers, how to reach more of your potential audience and how to convert people into customers.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 8 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic and Revenue

TOPIC: Blogging Strategy

Is your blog receiving the traffic you think it deserves? Are you looking for ways to make more from your blog? In this session, blogging expert Syed Balkhi (founder of WPBeginner) shares actionable insights on how to grow your blog, optimize your workflow and increase your revenue. You’ll discover how to use Twitter to drive more traffic, how to scientifically utilize your site’s real-estate to maximize your results and how to keep more visitors on your site.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 8 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 1, DAY 3; THEME: Social Media Strategy

How to Take Control of Your Social Body Language to Maximize Your Social Brand
INSTRUCTOR: Bryan Kramer

TOPIC: Social Media Strategy

Do you pay attention to your personal social body language (your collective behavior across the Internet)? While there’s no way to control every perception, you can certainly guide it toward a direction that’s right for you… but only if you’re mindful now. Bryan Kramer (author of There is No More B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human) will reveal practical steps to create and maintain your social body language. You’ll discover how to maximize your time building your personal social brand to and how to create authentic interactions online.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 9 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Streamline Your Social Media Activities with Proven Tools

TOPIC: Social Media Tools

Are you spending too much time managing your social media accounts? With the right tools and know-how you can save significant amounts of time and dramatically improve your results. In this session, social tools expert Ian Cleary reveals a variety of cost-effective tools that’ll make a big difference in your social media marketing. You’ll end up spending less time and getting better results with your social media marketing.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 9 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Find Out Where Your Ideal Audience is Using Social Media
INSTRUCTOR: Neal Schaffer

TOPIC: Social Media Strategy

A smart social media strategy begins with setting up shop on the right social platforms. But where exactly are your customers and prospects hanging out these days? As consumers become users of multiple social networks, how can your business know where to focus your marketing efforts? In this actionable session, Neal Schaffer (author, Maximize Your Social) shows you how to determine which platform your audience is on and reveals how to engage with your customers once you find them.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 9 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 2, DAY 1; THEME: Google+ Marketing

How to Use Google+ for Social Search Engine Optimization
INSTRUCTOR: Martin Shervington

TOPIC: Google+ Marketing

Do you want better search results? Google+ and Google Search are tied together in ways most marketers don’t realize. In this session, Google+ marketing expert Martin Shervington (author, The Art and Science of Google+) reveals how to use Google+ as more than just another social network. You’ll discover how content is indexed by Google and how it can appear in search. Martin will also show you how to build a community that loves what you do and how that positively impacts search results.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 13 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Create a Google+ Content Strategy
INSTRUCTOR: Lynette Young

TOPIC: Google+ Marketing

Do you have a Google+ strategy? In this session, Lynette Young (author, Google+ for Small Businesses) shows you how to design a content marketing strategy that leverages the power of Google+. She’ll reveal actionable ideas to create valuable content that works on Google+ and beyond. You’ll discover how to use Google+ Events, Hangouts on Air and Google+ Local to save you time and increase your reach to a relevant audience.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 13 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Maximize Engagement on Google+: What Really Works
INSTRUCTORS:  Martin Shervington with Rebekah Radice and Ryan Hanley 

TOPIC: Google+ Marketing

Are you wondering how to get better engagement with your Google+ followers? In this session, Martin Shervington (author, The Art and Science of Google+) is joined by Rebekah Radice (author, How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition) and Ryan Hanley. You’ll discover actionable tips to take your Google+ engagement and marketing to a new level.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 13 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 2, DAY 2; THEME: Facebook Marketing

How to Use Facebook to Build Relationships that Lead to Business
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Porterfield

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Imagine what it would feel like to stop wondering if you’re using Facebook correctly, and be able to confidently spend your time following a simple yet effective plan. In this session, Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies) reveals tips and techniques to create a plan that will produce more exposure, leads, traffic and sales for your business with Facebook.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 14 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques Used by the Pros

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Top brands and marketers are seeing big benefits from Facebook ads, and the secret is in the targeting. In this session, Facebook ads expert Jon Loomer will reveal advanced Facebook advertising techniques that’ll help you reach just who you want. You’ll discover new ways to get people to engage with your content, click your links, opt-in to your offers and ultimately buy what you have to sell.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 14 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Use Your Facebook Insights to Engage With More Fans

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Would you like to get more Facebook engagement–for free?  In this session, Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies) shows you how to dive deep into your Facebook Insights so that you can learn what really resonates with your community and get more engagement.  You’ll discover which metrics are most important to watch, how to examine the downloadable spreadsheets, and some of the best techniques to increase your Page visibility on Facebook.  She’ll also share free or low-cost tools to help you analyze your insights further and give you hidden information on your competitors!

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 14 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 2, DAY 3; THEME: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Prospecting Gold! 5 Steps to Finding, Engaging and Closing Leads with LinkedIn!
INSTRUCTOR: Viveka von Rosen

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

Do you want more customers? Did you know that one out of every three business professionals in the world are on LinkedIn? Plus, LinkedIn is the top social network for driving traffic to corporate websites. In this session, Viveka von Rosen (author, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day) shows you how to create a LinkedIn lead generation system. You’ll discover how to attract prospects to you, how to find ideal leads, what works for making connections and much more. You’ll also walk away with the resources to help your future LinkedIn prospecting.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 15 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Improve Your Networking With LinkedIn
INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Sammons

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

Do you want to stand out from everyone else on LinkedIn? In this session, LinkedIn marketing expert Stephanie Sammons reveals her Linkedin “influence networking” system. She’ll help you research who you should be connecting with based on your business goals. You’ll discover techniques to foster real relationships with influencers using special LinkedIn features that most people overlook. The result: You’ll become valuable to the people you most want to work with, leading to countless opportunities.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 15 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate More Leads for Your Business
INSTRUCTOR: Melonie Dodaro

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

Do you need more quality leads? In this session Melonie Dodaro (author, The LinkedIn Code) shares her three-step formula for success on LinkedIn. You’ll discover practical and relevant ways to create a LinkedIn profile and a plan that attracts more leads, prospects and clients. She’ll show you the top change you must make with your profile before you invite new people to connect with you on LinkedIn. She’ll also reveal how to show up higher in LinkedIn search results and her steps to turning a LinkedIn connection to a client.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 15 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 2, DAY 4; THEME: Twitter Marketing

How to Use Twitter to Drive More Traffic to Your Content and Products

TOPIC: Twitter Marketing

Is Twitter helping you achieve your business goals? In this session, Erik Fisher (Social Media Examiner’s community manager), reveals how to use Twitter to drive significant traffic to your content and products, without sacrificing engagement. You’ll discover how to formulate a winning Twitter strategy for your business. The result: You’ll have greater authority, more engaged followers and higher traffic to your landing pages and content.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 16 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to use Twitter to Build Relationships that Lead to Business
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Schmittauer

TOPIC: Twitter Marketing

You’ve heard the amazing stories of relationships built through Twitter, but you’re not quite seeing how it affects your bottom line. It’s time to step-up your networking skills with the one true social media platform–Twitter. Digital marketing coach Amy Schmittauer shares the ritual techniques and style that’ll quickly turn your Twitter presence into a lead generator. Be prepared for relationships that matter, a new love of networking, and no, you don’t have to tweet your lunch.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 16 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Build a Social Media Army Using Twitter
INSTRUCTOR: Jessica Northey

TOPIC: Twitter Marketing

Do you want to learn how to build and maximize your relationships with your Twitter following? In this session Jessica Northey will show you the very strategies she used to build “Country Music Chat” (aka #CMchat) on Twitter into a massively loyal audience that has generated over six billion impressions. Discover how to build, vet, train, pay and prepare your very own social media army for action.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 16 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 3, DAY 1; THEME: Blogging

How to Convert Your Blog Readers into Customers

TOPIC: Blogging

Discover simple ways to turn your blog readership into a reliable source of income for your business. In this session, Stan Smith (co-author of Born to Blog) shows you how to take your blog to the next level with this timely and profitable look at blog conversion tactics. You’ll discover ways to move your readers down the path to becoming paying customers.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 20 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

4 Proven Ways Your Blog Can Fund Your Business
INSTRUCTOR: Leslie Samuel

TOPIC: Blogging Monetization

Is your blog delivering revenue? In this action-oriented presentation, Leslie Samuel from Become A Blogger provides you proven blog monetization techniques you can employ to grow your business. You’ll discover four ways to take your business (and your revenue) to the next level using the power of blogging.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 20 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Maximum Exposure: Proven Tips and Tricks
INSTRUCTOR: Mana Ionescu

TOPIC: Blogging

Writing for web takes time, but doesn’t always translate into more readers… unless you know the tricks. In this session you’ll discover how to power up your writing for maximum impact. Mana will show you tips, tricks and hacks to help you find topics that people want to read, craft titles that get clicked and write posts that get shared. You’ll be able to optimize your posts using smart tools and you’ll create more compelling content in less time, every time.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 20 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 3, DAY 2; THEME: Pinterest Marketing

How to Get Noticed on Pinterest
INSTRUCTOR: Cynthia Sanchez

TOPIC: Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has proven itself to be a great way to promote and share content. In this session, Cynthia Sanchez (host of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast) shows you how to enhance your Pinterest account and your images to help you stand out from the rest. You’ll discover how to make Pinterest your number one source of traffic.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 21 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How Pinterest Became a Marketing Game-Changer for Whole Foods Market
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Bepko (Whole Foods Market)

TOPIC: Pinterest Marketing

Want to know how a major brand is using Pinterest? Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social networks. In this session, Michael Aaron Bepko (global community manager for Whole Foods Market) shows you how Whole Foods’ Pinterest presence is designed and managed. You’ll discover how Pinterest became a key component in their digital infrastructure and how it’s reshaping Whole Foods’ approach to marketing.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 21 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Use Visual Content to Get More Shares and Drive More Traffic to Your Blog
INSTRUCTOR: Donna Moritz

TOPIC: Visual Marketing

In an age of information overload, how can you catch the attention of users and engage them to drive traffic to your blog and your business? The answer lies within visual content and having a clear image strategy.  In this session, visual marketing expert Donna Moritz will reveal innovative and creative ways to use visuals to get more social shares and drive traffic to your blog. You’ll discover her secrets and tools for designing shareable graphics and infographics that gets results.  Donna will also share how to inspire fans to not only share, but create and share visual content about your business. It’s easier than you think!

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 21 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 3, DAY 3; THEME: Podcasting

Six Reasons Why Podcasting is the Best Investment For Building Your Platform
INSTRUCTOR: Cliff Ravenscraft

TOPIC: Podcasting

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Are you wondering how a podcast could help your business? In this session, Cliff Ravenscraft, host of The Podcast Answer Man podcast, will explain why creating an audio podcast is the best investment you can make to get noticed in this noisy world. Cliff has produced over 3000 episodes of his many shows and has trained top business podcasters including Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, John Lee Dumas and Michael Stelzner. He’ll show you how podcasting can give you more online leverage than blogging or video production and get you started down the path to success.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 22 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Five Proven Methods to Grow Your Podcasting Audience
INSTRUCTOR: John Lee Dumas

TOPIC: Podcasting

John Lee Dumas (author, Podcast Launch) will share five podcasting strategies to grow the most important aspect of your business: your audience. Podcasting is an incredibly exciting and powerful marketing tool when wielded correctly. Join John as he teaches the strategies he used to grow EntrepreneurOnFire into a 7-figure business with over 750,000 unique listens a month. Get ready to take your business to places you never before thought existed.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 22 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Build a Successful Podcast by Interviewing Others
INSTRUCTORS: Michael Stelzner with Pat Flynn and Lewis Howes

TOPIC: Podcasting

Do you enjoy talking to others? If so, you have what it takes to grow a successful podcast by interviewing experts in your field. In this session, three top interview-based podcasters show you how they do it. Join Michael Stelzner of the Social Media Marketing podcast, Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income podcast and Lewis Howes of the School of Greatness podcast as they reveal their tips and strategies for creating engaging shows that are listened to by tens of thousands of people.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 22 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 3, DAY 4; THEME: Video Marketing

How to Shoot Better Videos with Less Time, No Budget and No Help
INSTRUCTOR: Caleb Wojcik

TOPIC: Video Marketing

Let’s face it, making videos is intimidating. In this session, Caleb Wojcik, a solo filmmaker and videographer, shares a simple, repeatable process for making videos. You’ll discover how to start without any special equipment and what gear to invest in if you want to make a better impression. Caleb will reveal how to properly use video on Vine and Instagram, and the five types of videos you can easily make.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 23 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Use Google Hangouts on Air to Get Real Business Results
INSTRUCTOR: Ronnie Bincer

TOPIC: Video Marketing

People need to believe and trust you before they’re able to fully process what you have to say. Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air allow you an opportunity to become known and trusted by those you want to reach. In this session, Ronnie Bincer, a Google Trusted Tester for Hangouts, will show you conventional and non-conventional ways to take advantage of these free tools from Google to yield real results.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 23 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Use YouTube Advertising: A Greatly Underutilized Opportunity!
INSTRUCTOR: Gideon Shalwick

TOPIC: Video Marketing

Have you ever seen those ads in front of YouTube videos? Have you ever thought about the massive opportunity that lurks behind those video ads? What if there was a way to get people on YouTube to actually WANT to watch your video ads… and even click on them? There is a secret to getting this right. In this session, YouTube marketing expert Gideon Shalwick shows you how to drive extremely targeted and affordable traffic to your site using YouTube ads.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 23 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 4, DAY 1; THEME: Content Marketing

How to Use Content Marketing to Become a Dominant Player in Your Industry

TOPIC: Content Marketing

Do you want to become a dominant player in your space? Is content a core part of your strategy? In this session, Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, reveals how he created one of the largest online platforms in marketing. You’ll discover tips on how to create content, how to encourage a network of influencers to share your content via social media and how to measure performance.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 27 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Create Content That Will Win You More Fans, Customers and Advocates

TOPIC: Content Marketing

With a cornucopia of content marketing possibilities available to businesses large and small, many marketers don’t know what kind of content will help them break free from competitors who have huge marketing budgets. In this session, Lee Odden (author, Optimize) reveals how you can use evergreen, repurposed, curated and co-created content to help your business attract, engage and convert more fans into customers–without breaking the bank.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 27 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Use Slideshare to Generate Leads
INSTRUCTOR: Todd Wheatland

TOPIC: Slideshare Marketing

Top B2B marketers frequently rate SlideShare as the social platform delivering highest ROI. With LinkedIn’s acquisition of SlideShare and the continued visual marketing boom, SlideShare has 60 million unique monthly business users. Join Todd Wheatland, recovering Fortune 500 marketing VP and author of The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare, as he shares the secrets of companies large and small in managing content, gaining visibility and generating leads with SlideShare.

DATE AND TIME: Monday, October 27 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 4, DAY 2; THEME: Instagram Marketing

How to Implement a Successful Instagram Marketing Plan

TOPIC: Instragram Marketing

Instagram is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice for many people around the world. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this highly engaged audience, this session will give you what you need to get started. Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman will show you what types of photos and videos work well on Instagram to maximize audience engagement. She’ll provide tips and tricks to create the best posts, show you how to use hashtags to grow your audience, and how to track your analytics to ensure your strategy is successful. Finally, Jenn will teach you how to format your profile and use powerful calls-to-action to drive high quality traffic to your site and grow your sales from Instagram!

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 28 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Use Instagram to Sell
INSTRUCTOR: Sue B. Zimmerman

TOPIC: Instragram Marketing

Instagram is not just a place to post photos of food. It can be a powerful visual platform for selling your products and services. In this session, Instagram marketing expert Sue B. Zimmerman (author, Instagram Basics for your Business) will reveal advanced marketing techniques for Instagram. You’ll discover how to use direct messages to target select groups of super fans, why tagging and @ mentioning in your post is important, how to leverage geotagging and much more.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 28 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Create Attractive Visuals for Social Media Marketing
INSTRUCTOR: Melanie Perkins

TOPIC: Visual Marketing

Graphics are the most effective way to foster engagement across almost every social network. In this session, Melanie Perkins (Canva co-founder and CEO) reveals how to create your own beautiful social media visuals for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You’ll discover practical tips on how to create engaging social media content, the fundamentals of branding and how to create memorable templates. By the end of the workshop, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to create great visual content and be ready to take your design to the next level.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 28 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 4, DAY 3; THEME: Social Media Analytics

How to Measure Social Media ROI with Google Analytics 
INSTRUCTORS: Nichole Kelly and Arsham Mirshah

TOPIC: Social Media Analytics

Do you know how to track the return on your social media investments? In this session, Nichole Kelly (author, How to Measure Social Media) and Arsham Mirshah reveal the keys to measuring social media so you’ll know how it contributes to sales volume, revenue and costs. You’ll discover a Google Analytics-based measurement framework for social media with step-by-step instructions so you can pull reports that get down to the core metrics you’re looking for. You’ll be able to measure social media’s impact on website traffic, conversions and more.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 29 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Employ Advanced Social Media Analytics That You’ve Likely Never Heard Of
INSTRUCTOR: Christopher Penn

TOPIC: Social Media Analytics

Followers, fans, Likes, and clicks are all good starting places to understand the impact of your social media programs. But there’s an entire world of sophisticated methods that you’ve likely never heard of that provides you greater insights into your social media successes. In this session, Christopher Penn (author, Marketing White Belt) shows you how you can use these methods and ideas–many with the tools you already have (but have never used in this way) to explore social media’s ultimate impact on your organization.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 29 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Use Twitter Analytics and Ad Tools to Connect With Your Audience
INSTRUCTOR: Susan Beebe (Tyson Foods)

TOPIC: Social Media Analytics

Connecting with followers on Twitter seems like trying to catch drops of water under Niagara Falls. But it’s really not that difficult if you know how to use Twitter’s analytics and advertising tools for insights into your audience. Susan Beebe (manager of social media & online communities for Tyson Foods), will show you how to decipher the analytics and convert that information into actionable strategies that will cause your business to rise to the top of your followers’ Twitter feed. Whether you have a big budget or no budget, these tips will show you exactly what works and who your audience is.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 29 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

WEEK 4, DAY 4; THEME: Social Media Strategy

KEYNOTE: Why Your Social Strategy Needs to Pump Up the Volume

TOPIC: Social Media Strategy

The structure, economics and mathematics of the major social media platforms have radically changed in the past 18 months. Reaching your audience (even your fans) reliably in social media has gotten more and more difficult for businesses of all sizes. Faced with these changes, it’s most likely time to overhaul your social media strategy. Join Jay Baer (author, Youtility) for this fast-paced presentation that will have you rethinking much of what you know about social media.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 30 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How to Measure Social Media: Practical Steps
INSTRUCTOR: Lewis Bertolucci (Humana)

TOPIC: Social Media Measurement

Social Media ROI continues to be a hot topic marketers struggle with. According to eMarketer, 70% of marketing professionals feel that they can’t quantify ROI of social media marketing efforts. As social media matures and brands continue to invest in social, it becomes critical for social media practitioners to showcase the value that social brings to the table. For social media to stay relevant in the marketing mix and continue to source future funding, ROI becomes a must. In this session, Lewis Bertolucci (social strategist at Humana) will help you determine your social media ROI through practical steps.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 30 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Visually Stand Out in an Image Saturated World
INSTRUCTOR: Jessica Gioglio (Dunkin’ Donuts) 

TOPIC: Visual Marketing

Are you looking for inspiration for your visual marketing efforts? Consumers are faced with more social media channels and messages than ever before, making it hard for marketers to stand out. In this session, Jessica Gioglio (social media manager for Dunkin’ Donuts) reveals how her brand gets noticed in an image saturated world by cleverly leveraging visuals that cater to the company’s passionate consumer base. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and more, discover how Dunkin’ Donuts approaches visual content. You’ll walk away with valuable tips that will inspire your future social media activities.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 30 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

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