Your Feedback

Please take a couple minutes to evaluate each session you attend immediately following the session (before you forget). Your feedback will be invaluable to help us improve on future events. PLUS, each survey you complete enters you into a drawing to win a ticket to Social Media Marketing World 2017 (no more than 17 entries possible and incomplete entries may be discarded). Surveys completed after April 29, 2017 will not be included in the raffle.

General Survey

Go here to provide general feedback on the event.

Networking Survey

We work hard to help you make meaningful connections during our conference. Let us know what we can improve here.

How to evaluate sessions…

1. Select the room you are in below (see pages 30-31 of the conference guide if you are not sure)

2. When the survey loads, select the session you want to review on question #1

Select Room:

  • Keynotes / Hall D
  • Room 23ABC
  • Room 24ABC
  • Room 25ABC
  • Room 26AB
  • Room 28ABCDE
  • Room 29AB
  • Room 29CD
  • Room 30ABC
  • Room 30DE
  • Room 31ABC
  • Room 32 AB
  • Room 33 ABC
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