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social media how toDo you want to build a stronger community?

Looking for ways to spark engagement with your followers?

Your fans and customers can play an important part in developing a social media presence that shares authentic stories.

In this article, you’ll discover four creative ways to include fans in your social media marketing.

include followers in social marketing

Discover four ways to include fans in your social media marketing.

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social media how toAre you wondering how your business can use Facebook Live?

Looking for examples to help you get started?

Using live video will improve your Facebook reach and it can take less time than writing individual posts.

In this article, you’ll discover six ways your business can succeed with Facebook Live video.

facebook live for business

Discover six ways to use Facebook Live video for your business.

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social media how toDo you want to improve awareness for your business?

Have you considered collaborating with influencers?

Working with influencers to promote your product or service to their audience is an effective way to meet your marketing objectives.

In this article, you’ll find four influencer marketing examples and ways to connect with influencers.

work with influencers

Discover four influencer marketing campaigns you can model.

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social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news.

To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week

Facebook Adds Audience Restrictions to Facebook Live: Facebook rolled out “the ability to target live videos to only stream to certain ages, genders, languages or locations of viewers” with its Graph API v2.7 update. This capability makes “live streaming more accurate and relevant,” but is currently limited to users who post Live videos to Facebook through the platform’s API. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Marketing Land that this includes “media companies, professional creators and brands using software to send the stream that’s shot using fancy cameras or game and screencasting tools” rather than typical users “livestreaming within Facebook’s app.” In addition to audience restrictions, Facebook added continuous live video, enhanced page insights, ad placement updates, and new daily ad budget logic in this latest update.

Periscope Introduces Replay Highlights, Embedding, and Live Autoplay: Periscope introduced three new features “to make it easier for you to discover and watch the broadcasts that you’re interested in.” These new features include Highlights, “which automatically generates a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast” and the ability to embed Periscopes “anywhere on the web by simply embedding the Tweet.” Periscope also rolled out autoplay for live broadcasts on Android. According to the Periscope blog, “live broadcasts will autoplay in the Watch Tab and Global Feed without sound, so you can see what’s happening around the world immediately when you open Periscope.” Replay highlights are currently available on iOS and Android. Live autoplay is available now on Android and is “coming soon” to iOS.

periscope highlight feature

Periscope is “introducing a new feature called Highlights, which automatically generates a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast.”

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Do you run Facebook ads?

Are you familiar with the latest changes?

To explore a number of recent changes to Facebook that will impact all advertisers, I interview Jon Loomer.

More About This Show

The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode, I interview Jon Loomer, a marketing expert who specializes in Facebook advertising. Jon is host of the Social Media Pubcast and blogs at

Jon explores Facebook ad changes and what you need to know.

You’ll discover updates to the 20% text rule, custom audiences, and more.

podcast 207 jon loomer facebook ad changes

Listen as Jon Loomer shares what marketers need to know about Facebook ad changes, and how your business can take advantage.

Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below.

Listen Now

You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, Stitcher, or SoundCloud.

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social media how toDo you use Instagram for your business?

Wondering if an Instagram business profile is right for you?

Making the switch to an Instagram business profile will give you access to a number of features that business owners may find useful.

In this article, you’ll discover what marketers need to know about the new Instagram business profiles.

setup analyze instagram business profiles

Discover the new Instagram business profiles and how to setup and analyze your activities.

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social media toolsDo you want to improve your WordPress blog?

Have you considered customizing WordPress with plugins?

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is the sheer number of easy-to-use plugins that help marketers add functions with little hassle.

In this article, you’ll discover 26 WordPress plugins for marketers.

marketing wordpress plugins

Discover 26 WordPress plugins for social media marketers.

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social media how toAre you overwhelmed by the amount of analytic data found on social media platforms?

Want to know which metrics to follow?

Knowing what to measure and how to apply the data makes it easier to modify your marketing for better reach, engagement, and visibility.

In this article, you’ll discover four ways social media insights can improve your marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

optimize marketing with analytics on facebook and twitter

Discover four ways to improve your marketing with Facebook and Twitter analytics.

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social media how toDo you want to create better engagement with your fans and followers?

Wondering how your business can come across as more human?

Engaging on social media with authenticity helps you turn online connections into customers who feel like they know you.

In this article, you’ll discover four ways to humanize your engagement on social media.

increase authenticity in social marketing

Discover four ways to humanize your social media updates.

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