social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week? Now Automatically Shortens Links: This is something Twitter users have wanted for a long time.  Now all you have to do is “just paste a link of any length into the Tweet box on” and Twitter shortens it for you.

twitter url shortener

After you’ve composed your tweet and you hit the “Tweet” button, Twitter shortens the link so it only takes up 19 characters.

YouTube Adds Creative Commons Library: “You can now access an ever-expanding library of Creative Commons videos to edit and incorporate into your own projects.”  And you can also label your YouTube videos under this Creative Commons license. There is only one choice of Creative Commons license and it allows for commercial use with appropriate attribution.

youtube creative commons

Any video you create using Creative Commons content will automatically show the source videos’ titles underneath the video player.

Facebook Turns on Facial Recognition for Tagging by Default: As Facebook continues to roll out tagging on their facial recognition features, you may want to check your privacy settings. Tagging is currently enabled by default. You can find out how to turn it off here.

facebook photo tag setting

You can turn off the default tagging suggestions through your privacy settings.

Broadcast Live Video on Ning: There’s now a Ning extension for Ustream available for all Ning Plus and Pro subscribers.  “The Ustream integration with Ning is designed to be easy to use so you can be up and running within minutes and play streaming video directly to visitors and members on your Ning social site.”

ning ustream

Use the Ning Ustream extension "to run a workshop, talk through a tutorial, or broadcast a live party."

Here’s a social media study worth noting:

New Study on Social Sharing: ShareThis (that little widget that gives users access to many social media sharing buttons) and Starcom MediaVest Group conducted a study on social sharing.  They looked at the sharing activity in March of this year across ShareThis’ network of 1 million sites (7 billion sharing signals analyzed) and concentrated on how and what people share and how sharing spreads content. Here are some of the big takeaways:

  • Almost all sharing and clicking on links is “first generation” with little viral effect, which leads to the conclusion that sharing matters more than virality
  • Out of 7 billion sharing signals analyzed, sharing accounted for 10% of visits that included 730 million page views
  • Sharing accounts for 31% of referral traffic (nearly half of what search accounts for)
  • Shared links are clicked on an average of 4.9 times, although this rate varies by sharing channel

And don’t miss this:

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What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Karen

    Thank you, Cindy, for all of this great information. I always get the absolute best information and tips from socialmediaexaminer.  I am a startup getting ready to launch an online community in the health and beauty space.  The website is almost completed, however, now I need to add all of the Share buttons and Facebook/Google login capabilities. Do you know of any web designers who could help us out with this at a pretty reasonable cost?  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated address is  Thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing this recap.  Social media is evolving and users are adapting to this evolution.  But is the social media bubble ready to burst?  Check out some signs here: and let me know what you think.

    I’ve also been asked to write a book on my specialty — the intersection of social media and marketing.  Any ideas of topics that are a MUST for the book.  

    Thanks and keep up the great work.  We appreciate it.

  • Always enjoy the updates! Thanks for making me a little more social media savvy!

  • Ben Comer


    Thanks for an excellent article! 

    Karen, I happen to know of some great web designers that could meet your needs at a reasonable cost. I believe it’s always good to find web designers and developers that are knowledgeable about more than just their area of expertise. Having an understanding of SEO, social media, and the conjunction of the two is a must in today’s market. 

    Angela, I don’t think the social media bubble is ready to burst as this supposed tech bubble is probably not going to burst anytime soon. Take a look at what the founder of Netscape says about the tech bubble.

    Also, take a look at Mike’s post from about a week ago where he talks about marketing. Should be a good reference point for you.

  • Karen

    Thanks Ben, I would greatly appreciate the contact info. for a web designer who might me able to help me out with social media plugins for our website.  My email is in the previous post.  Thanks again!

  • Thanks Cindy, just got the book…pretty excited to get started 🙂

  • Ben Comer

    Karen- I can definitely help you out. I’ll send you an e-mail shortly!

  • Excellent updates Cindy! I love the automatic shortening of links in Twitter. it really helps save more space with the status updates. Facial recognition in Facebook is also really a cool new feature in Facebook. I heard news about people who claim that this feature is an invasion of personal property. I don’t quite get those people when the purpose of this feature is to make tagging of photos much easier. 

    Also, awesome statistics about social sharing. I’m surprised with the figures. Thanks so much for sharing Cindy. 

  • Askfisher

    Always good information and I can understand it! Thank you so much.

  • Not sure if this is what you need but check out


  • Great information as always, this is my fave spot to go for updates.  Question:  will be able to track the click thrus on the shortened twitter links?

  • Enjoy it Jonathan!

  • As always a great weekly wrap up. Social media examiner gives me more info on all apps which can be used in Social media. Thanks for the share.

  • Good article as always, bud how many people use Ning these days?

  • These new features are sure to make sharing quicker and easier. Good news for us!

  • Thanks Cindy for keeping us updated with the latest updates in features of different social media sites. And shortening URLs in Twitter is great. I will not going to use anymore when tweeting for a certain link information. And also the facial recognition of Facebook in tagging is awesome. These new features would definitely benefit people in their social media marketing. Thanks again.

  • Janey033

    Wow, that’s a great improvement. It saves time.

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  • I absolutely love that Twitter has a url shortener now. It’s so easy now to post things and not have to go to to shorten my links. It’s nice!

  • Karen, most of the social media platforms give instructions on how to put the share buttons in. The technical person that helped you with your site should be able to put in the codes.

  • Angela, there’s definitely talk now with people wondering if you are in a social media bubble.  As for your book, I’m sure you’ll find lots of ideas here on this site.  

  •  Thank you 🙂

  • You’re welcome Ben!  

  • Thanks for the feedback John. I’ve been using that new Twitter shortner too.

  •  Glad it’s quick and easy to understand  🙂

  • Becca, it doesn’t seem so at this time, but I’d keep an eye on this. 

  •  There are a lot of social media apps, aren’t there?

  • That’s a good question. I left after they introduced the paid service. But I’ve seen a number of businesses use it. 

  •  Indeed!  I’m really happy for the Twitter links!

  •  Anne, keep an eye out to see if Twitter allows us to use later on.

  • DNicoleMims


    Thanks for this information I will definitely be using them.

  • Some really useful updates! Especially with Twitter’s shortened URL application.
    Although, I am not too sure how well the Facebook facial recognition tagging will go over.
    I can see some complaints coming from that!

  • Nice new features. Actually we were wondering about the Face Recognition in Facebook. What would happen if there were twins in a picture? I would love to see how the recognition would react to that! Very nice article overall. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  • Thanks for sharing these new features:)Especially with Twitter!Now I can use directly twitter and not tweet deck.