The New Digg: A Video Interview

social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Emily Crume, a sales executive at Digg. Emily shares how Digg has changed recently and how it’s now more accessible to the everyone.

For example, with the New Digg you can now automatically submit your blog posts to Digg.  Brands are encouraged to create brand profiles and become thought leaders through their presence on Digg.

Watch the video to hear how this New Digg works and be sure to check out the takeaways below.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What the new features of Digg are
  • How Digg works
  • How brands can benefit from participating on Digg
  • Whether the “Digg effect” is still powerful once you get on the front page of Digg?

Check out the Top News on Digg and log into Digg and create your profile.  Click here to follow Social Media Examiner on Digg.

Have you tried out the new Digg? If so, please share your thoughts below.

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About the Author, Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner is the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast. He also authored the books Launch and Writing White Papers. Other posts by »

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  • Seiji Kato

    A very interesting video, its nice to hear about a product from someone who is involved in the company. It certainly sounds like a good site to join and the Digg feature should prove very useful for other companies. The additional features should certainly come in handy.

  • Fisherstudios

    Hi five to Kevin & Co. for staying ahead of the curve and reassessing their business model. In particular I appreciate Mike’s focusing on business use of Kevin’s new tool for integration in to Facebook.

  • Phyllis Khare

    Now I get it. Amazing how just one human conversation can explain what countless text posts tried to explain. Thanks Michael for taking the time to create this video with the screen shots – as I used this as a sort-of tutorial. I’ve had a Digg account for a long time, but now I can see the possibilities. In fact, I’m going to add back in the Digg icon in my sexy bookmarks on my blog because of this.

  • Phyllis Khare

    oh and btw – I dugg this post :-)

  • Gguerrera

    So if I already have a Digg account should I create a new one?

  • DeniseWakeman

    Great interview, Mike. I have been ignoring Digg because it seemed like it was a full time job to figure out how to get any exposure and influence. I like that one can now feed their own blog to the site and syndicate everywhere else. Though I can also do that with Posterous and Tumblr, and other similar sites.

  • Tommy Van De Voorde [WoDh]

    aha! The fog has lifted – thank you for this! I’m off to re-explore Digg and also integrate it for other people too

  • Margaret

    I couldn’t get the video to play… Shucks… valuable information…

  • Best Mobiles View

    Very well post thanks for sharing this new features on digg i liked

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