social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

LinkedIn Enhances Business Profiles: New additions to LinkedIn profiles include Projects, Honors & Awards, Organizations, Test Scores and Courses. “LinkedIn’s new profile sections give you the opportunity to highlight achievements to potential employers and industry experts who can help shape your career.”

linkedin sections

Go to your LinkedIn profile page in edit mode, and click the blue “Add sections” bar under your profile summary to find this pop-up window.

Scribd Launches Float: Float is a new digital reading service that allows you to “easily read and share Twitter, Facebook, and Scribd, as well as web content from more than 150 publishers, including Fortune, The Atlantic, TIME, People, Scientific American and more!” It’s currently available as an iPhone and web-based app.

American Express Launches “Link, Like, Love” on Facebook: American Express cardholders can access couponless deals on Facebook.  And merchants get more statistics to follow on how deals impact their businesses in the long run.

american express facebook

Get American Express deals and experiences based on the things you and your friends Like and Share on Facebook. Link your card to get started!

Spotify Lands in the U.S.: The award-winning music service that’s taken Europe by storm has landed on U.S. shores. Millions of tracks ready to play instantly on your computer and phone.

Here are a couple of social media tools worth noting:

Likester Lists: A powerful way to understand what’s happening with brands that you care about, as well as competitors, trends or anything else that’s important to you. You can put people, places or things into your Likester List, and then enable Daily Like Tracking to see how many Likes each item in your list is getting each day. Track Likes for free.


Here's an example of a list. Click through to see the full results.

Tribalfish: A real-time discussion network for quality conversations with more than just 140 characters. Tribalfish enables users to complete discussions typically started  on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ in a long-form content environment.


Tribalfish makes it easy to discover topics and capture new audiences.

Be sure to sign up for this free webinar from HubSpot:

The Science of Social Media 2011: Dan Zarrella, author of The Social Media Marketing Book, reveals brand-new research from 9.6 billion pieces of social media data!

hubspot webinar

This is a free webinar.

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • P Elizabeth Anderson


  • Is anyone besides me totally over this Spotify thing? 
    I’m annoyed with how it’s all over everything.

    It’s kind of a drag that you have to pay $10 for mobile streaming. Doesn’t seem like that great of a deal to me.

  • It’s always good to hear about new webinars from Hubspot.  They are always share valuable info.  Thanks, Cindy

  • Kelly Wanlass

    Has anyone tried Tribalfish yet?  

  • i think that the major social network players are putting a greater focus on expanding their business profiles

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  • Social media is such an imporatnt part of our digital ecosystem and this enewsletter enables me to better keep up the the changing social media relm

  • Hi Cindy.

    I might be mistaken, but think LinkedIn’s change primarily was directed towards students.

    Else got my Spotify profile up and running on my Mac here. Really awesome.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist

  • Haven’t tried Likester yet but it seems promising and exciting. Thanks for sharing this tool Cindy. I really appreciate it. 

  • Tim

    at the same time that people are over it, others are discovering it.

  • Hi Are!  Yes, that’s how their announcement read. But I also think it’s applicable to people with long professional careers. Because let’s face it, many of us also get involved in activities outside of our primary place of employment.  I for one have a very non-traditional professional trajectory and find the new additions helpful to give a more rounded picture of what I can bring to the table.

  • You’re welcome John!

  • Glad it’s helpful to you Bill!

  • Well, I do have a few music lovers around me who appreciate this type of service.  I tend to buy what I like most and put it on auto-play until I move onto the next one.

  • Glad you like it Elisabeth. It is fun to see the changes! 

  • Hubspot webinars are a great resource!

  •  Hi Cindy great post and loved reading this post.There is no doubt that the internet has forever changed the world in which we live. So it can only be expected that it would change the way we sell and marketing our businesses globally. And these new entries will helps us to achieve it…

    Recently posted:

  •  Interesting. This week will be busy week with social media 😉

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  • Hi Cindy.

    Very good point to adopt the process to the overall networking principle. Thinking outside the box is a good quality. 


    Are Morch
    Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist

  • I recently downloaded Spotify.  It’s such a competitor to iTunes, I must say.  You don’t need to wait for a song to download or even purchase it.  It’s there time and time again.  You can even create playlists like in iTunes. That Float application is definitely on my “to download” list as well.

  • Thanks for keeping us updated about the happenings in the online social world!

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  • I just paid $22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from,

  • Andrew

    I was wondering if anyone out there had any advice for me.  I own a small business (wedding photography business) with my wife and we have fb, twitter, merchant circle, and linkedIn….. We are trying to get more business through social marketing and seem to have just hit a wall the last few months…. Is there anything new we can be doing?  If there is anyone out there that wouldn’t mind taking the time to write me an email or if you can leave me some tips here…I love this blog and read it every week, but this is the first time I have written a comment.  Thank you all so very much!  My email is