social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

LinkedIn Makes it Easier to Grow Your Professional Network: LinkedIn rolls out an update for the People You May Know feature with a streamlined user experience and improved accuracy and relevance of your recommendations.

TweetDeck Updates Lists, Activity, Media and More: “This update introduces some great new features as well as a host of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Check out this video for a quick tour of the updates, and read on for more information.”

Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App Rolls Out: Google+ is enabling developers to share any hangout app with the entire Google+ community and SlideShare is one of the featured apps at launch.

slideshare google hangout

"This new app allows you and your friends and colleagues around the world to present and discuss SlideShare content in real time."

Updated Pinterest Terms: These “updated Terms of ServiceAcceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy are easier to understand and better reflect the direction our company is headed in the future.”

Here are a couple of social media tools worth noting:

Cacoo:  Check out the new Google+ hangout Cacoo app to wire-frame, mind-map and diagram with others.

google+ hangout with cacoo

Using Cacoo for Google+ hangouts, members can share diagrams during a live video chat.

Mighty Apps: This new suite of apps, management tools and analytics from Strutta enables marketers to launch apps on an unlimited number of Facebook pages with an unlimited number of fans under a single subscription.

mighty apps

Mighty Apps allows marketers to create everyday social experiences for their fans on Facebook.

And don’t miss this:

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What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Chris Markham

    Hi Cindy

    Thanks for the excellent content as ever – the videos make it so fast and easy to get
    up to speed.
    We don’t have the new LinkedIn yet here in the UK, and no amount of
    updating can make me go back to TweetDeck – it was never zoomable and Hootsuite
    wins hands down on that front making it much easier to read.

    Have many people switched from professional services like GotoMeeting to Google hangouts? What’s
    your experience if you have?

  • Josaphat DJ Perez

    Thank you for your update Cindy.

    Always valuable info.

  • Tony

    Very good info as always, I am starting to use linkedin more than ever.

  • Cindy King

    It’s interesting how we all have favorite social media management dashboards! Personal preferences come into the equation for sure.  

    I don’t have any solid information to share about GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts. But I do think that Google Hangouts is an attractive option for many businesses who don’t want to commit to other services. 

  • Cindy King

    You’re welcome DJ!

  • Johnney Pauley

    Thanks for the post. Glad to see Pinterest updating TOS, I think they made alot of people nervous in the beginning, especially IMers. I’ve been using it for about a month or so but in the last couple of weeks I have just
    started to get alot of comments and repinning of my pins and a little bit of traffic as well.

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  • Marc Baldwin

    Any idea why the People You Know feature isn’t working for me? I keep getting an “invitation rejected” notice.

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  • Cindy King

    Hi Marc, That’s the first issue I’ve heard. They may be rolling it out slowly. Otherwise you might want to check with LinkedIn to see if there are any issues with your account there.

  • Allenbrayan

    I also got a mail from linkedin..In that mail they mentioned the extra skills. Which is suite on my profile  and gives me a chance to add more skill in linkedin account so, this kinds of facilities users wants.I hope next time linkedin make another enhancement in their website.

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  • Gloria Hennings

    Its great to know that Linkedin has updated their platform. Because of my linkedin contacts I have also noticed that I have started receiving people you may now suggestions for business profiles like and Since I am starting my own business it helps me to do further research on other businesses and how they use social networking sites for marketing.