social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Bart Steiner, CEO of Bulbstorm, where media agencies and consumer brands can capture the passion of their fans.

Bart shares how he created the Bulbstorm community for anyone to come with their own ideas and share them with others.  He also shows how brands can use this new game theory to acquire faithful followers.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How Bart came up with the idea for Bulbstorm
  • How to capture the passion people have for ideas and use this to create an engaging community where people have fun
  • How brands benefit from the dynamics of sharing passion
  • Fun and engaging ways brands become part of the conversation
  • What brands can get out of combining their marketing with the sharing of ideas
  • Why the new game theory rewards all types of participation
  • Why people want to have fun even if they’re doing something serious at the time
  • How behavior has changed and why this impacts marketing on Facebook

Connect with Bart on Twitter @bulbstorm, find out what the latest Bulbstorm challenges are on Facebook and check out the Bulbstorm community.

What do you think about this game theory for brands to build stronger communities? Please leave your thoughts below.

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  • This is a great idea — especially given how critical new product development and entrepreneurship are to the economy.  I’d like to get students from my Social Media Marketing class involved in helping.  We call the program “Students Helping Startups” and I’ll teach it in the fall at Howard University.  Students will develop and implement a social media campaign for startup clients including a blog as a hub for other social media like Facebook and Twitter.  You can get more information and find the link to apply here:  The program is FREE, although we’re looking for a sponsor to cover hard costs.  I plan to work with about 30 startups.

  • Glad you liked the interview. I would imagine you won’t have a hard time finding businesses who could use help.

  • Sure, lots of businesses could use the help, it’s a matter of getting the word out.  Thanks for giving me a soapbox to share the info.

  • Game theory and Gamification are two very different things (as someone with an Economics background and a Social Media background). I think the latter was meant here.

  • Bulbstorm creative name.

    I think fun + creativity = Facebook.

    Killer combination if you can add fun element to anything you do especially in business.

  • Hey Kevin – Thanks for your comment.  This might be an interesting read: (it’s about game theory’s application to business)

  • I kept thinking the same thing throughout the interview. Whilst Game Theory applies to all aspects of our life, Gamification is subtly different.

    Nice catch Kevin.

  • Awesome interview – thanks.

  • Thanks Rich!

  • iangoldsmid

    bulbstorm looks really superb – however the term “Game Theory” is usually associated with the Prisoner’s Dilemma – see here: – I think your interview with Bart is really about his fantastically successful use of “Game Mechanics”: – or Gamification: – although maybe you chose not to use those as they are a bit ‘played out’ – as terms anyway.

    Tying to find time now to read your new book, Launch, Michael – which just arrived 🙂

  • iangoldsmid

    Oops, I just noticed a couple of other folks, Dino & Kevin, had already commented on the use of the term Game Theory. What would be really interesting is the application real Game Theory to leveraging collaboration for social & business good. “Real” Game Theory is based on some pretty serious math which although incredibly powerful would take significant innovation to apply it usefully to projects like bulbstorm, and other crowdsourced innovation and co-creation projects.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  • Today, i have joined your Facebook page and saw the link of this post. I’m learning much more from you guys thank you for writing very potential and productive articles.

  • John

    XLNT interview. What an innovative idea Bulbstorm is. I will check it out as I have a few little rumbling ideas in my grey matter that I’d like to get out there. My only revervation, and understand I haven’t checked it out yet, is that if the ideas are out there, what is the protection on intellectual property? Thanx again. Cheers!

  • Hi Micheal !! lots to digest. Thanks for generously sharing this useful info. Really a great interview. Thanks once again for the share.

  • I am learning I likely did get my terms wrong 🙂

  • Afashiondog

    great articles, thanks for sharing.

  • Garf

    Nice ideas, but you are conflating “Game Theory” which is an Economics concept using mathematical models to optimize ones out come ( and Gamification.

  • This is exactly what our platform can help brands do.  We are a free social media tool that brands and groups can use to engage their community via contests.  Afterall isn’t a contest a game too.  Check us out and see what we can do for you.