social media interviewsIn this video I interview Jay Berkowitz, author of The Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Workbook.

Jay shares an innovative way to beat your competition using special social channels and critical tips on how to improve your social media marketing.

Be sure to check below for the other takeaways.

In this video you’ll also learn:

  • Why you should listen first to monitor what’s happening then go out and make friends
  • How the 3 “E”s help improve your social participation
  • Why the first Golden Rule is there are no rules
  • How his podcast only has 30 direct competitors (compared to his blog with millions)
  • How to get experts on podcasts using Technorati and WeFollow
  • Where social media is going

Jay’s busy with his Internet Marketing Club which is free to join. Be sure to check out Jay’s website Ten Golden Rules and the Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing podcast.

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What do you think?  Do you like Jay’s ideas?  Please comment below…

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  • Wow. I’m getting ready to launch a podcast and Jay’s tips and know how are amazing! Thank a lot.

  • Listening is a great point, you need to see what is out there and how you can add a new element to the niche you choose.

    Hope Spark

  • What I love most about social media is that there is never any end, you can go on forever with new ideas and strategies on using social media to develop your online (or offline) business. It’s fast and for the majority it’s free.

  • Yes, great advice from Mr. Berkowitz. His imperatives to listen and respect the three “E’s” are directly related to Covey’s habit “seek first to understand, then be understood.”

    Like he said, the beautiful thing about internet marketing strategies is they have a short shelf life, meaning the transition from developing a strategy to seeing results can only be a matter of days. The way that social media’s growing these days, we have to react that fast to stay involved.

  • Randy dunn

    I have been in business for 30 yrs, and i have learned more in one week than i ever thought possible.
    thanks for all the advice.
    rRandy Dunn- Dunn Construction
    thanks a lot.

  • DO join Jay’s Internet Marketing Club for excellent ongoing tips. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Jay Berkowitz

    Josh, I recorded a podcast ‘Ten Golden Rules for Launching and Promoting a New Podcast’ there might be a few tools to help:

  • Jay Berkowitz

    Thanks Ann. We’re having a ton of fun networking and learning with people from all over the world at !

  • Thanks for a great interview Jay and for stopping by!

  • Kpusateri

    This video is great. I’m working on launching a new social media campaign for an old company with very little resources or technical equipment. I was nervous about not having video, but you encouraged me to start by making a simple video for youtube. Thanks

  • Thank you Jay, I found it to be a big help. And I actually got a small but somewhat influential internet community to back it up. We just launched today at 2pm and I am waiting for iTunes to finish processing us.

    Here’s the Show:

  • Apritchard

    it drives me crazy that I can’t view the videos on all the subjects you post up – come on – not all of us are fortunate to have an iPhone!

  • No, it does NOT work on an iPhone or iPad but does on anything else as long as you have Flash installed

  • StephenCooper

    Hey Mike,
    Thanks for these tips. I like the way you do your videos, short and right to the point.

    I can get what I need and put the tips into action.