social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Greg Swan, VP of Digital Strategy at Weber Shandwick, one of whose clients is the U.S. Army.

Greg shares how the U.S. Army encourages soldiers to blog, develop authentic connections and participate in the conversations about joining the army.  You’ll find out what blogger outreach can mean to your business and pick up useful insights to successfully connect with influential bloggers.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • The story behind Army Strong Stories
  • How the U.S. Army uses social media and technology to share stories
  • How to encourage authenticity and transparency to build credibility
  • How to actively listen and why that is important for developing advocates
  • The reasons to consider a blogger outreach campaign
  • How to look for the influencers relevant to your business
  • How to use alternative channels to connect with influencers

Connect with Greg on Twitter @GregSwan, on Facebook and check out Greg’s music blog, Perfect Porridge.

What do you think? Can influential bloggers help your business? Do you have a blogger outreach campaign? What tips do you have to share? Please leave them below.

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  • Great interview. Actually, this comes at a good time, as I was speaking to someone on how to navigate a blogger/influencer outreach program. When it’s all said and done, it’s about relationships. There just happens to be an online component to the process which augments but does not replace face to face interactions.  

  • Thanks Nick – That is so true about building those relationships

  • This
    is an excellent interview. It is interesting to know about how the U.S. Army encourages
    soldiers to blog and build up connections and participate in the conversations about
    joining the army.
    Your effort in coming up with such an amazing and interesting interview is very
    much appreciable. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Great interview Greg; thinking that there will be a 2nd strategic component to Army personnel who are “back home” who may or may not have PTSD, who can find resources (online or in person) to help them through those channels. 

    Also the other component of marketing is to do your “due diligence” when listening online to find the influencers and then researching how to find and connect with them.  Email by default doesn’t always work! 

  • Thank you so much Suneeta

  • Sarah Bauer

    Blogger outreach campaigns are all about brand transparency, and being “flawsome”. Swan says it best in the interview: authenticity and transparency online legitimates positive feedback.  Can this work for every kind of business? I would imagine that private medical businesses would be less willing to seek out brand advocates and open up the conversation in a unfiltered way. However, I think Swan’s blogger outreach strategy makes so much sense for where online marketing is headed, where authenticity rules. 

    Great interview, thanks Michael!

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

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  • This interview (a great one BTW) is an example of why I love Social Media Examiner and the SME Clubs. Michael, you are so involved in your business; you are out front, on the line and a public face and not some “fat cat” in a conference room full of “yes men suits.”

    I wrote this article about a year ago: “How to Become a Social Media Thought Leader Through Example” ( and you represent the kind of leader we all strive to become.

    On Blogging: A blogging outreach program should include a list of niches. Find the folks who are willing to write from their own experiences for any given niche (items they are passionate about too) and you have a start.  But the list of niches is first.  If you cannot find a person to write for a specific niche, start researching and write those articles yourself or assign someone in your organization to research and write.  Cover all your bases and you’ll W.I.N. the G.A.M.E.!  

    W.I.N. = Working Interactive Networks
    G. = GENERATE sales 
    A. = AUGMENT website traffic 
    M. = MOTIVATE people to take action 
    E. = ENCOURAGE people to take action. 

    W.I.N. and G.A.M.E. are terms. 😀


  • Nice to hear Greg and his work for the U.S. Army. I appreciate the emphasis on authenticity. Nice work Michael.

  • I think authenticity and transparency will work for the majority of industries including healthcare with proper training, strategy and guidelines. Most organizations need to evaluate their performance as a whole as part of their Social Media engagement journey.

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  • Thanks much 🙂

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