social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Merritt Colaizzi, publisher of SmartBrief, a media company that aggregates content in more than 150 daily business publications covering 23 industries (including social media). We work with SmartBrief to help us promote our events.

In this interview, Merritt talks about how social media is changing the world of publishing and how social media will continue to change the publishing world. And you’ll also get an inside look at SmartBrief’s publishing model.

Some of the takeaways in this video are:

  • Blogs enable everyone to become a publisher
  • Twitter is the best publishing platform to develop your personal brand
  • Businesses are interested in learning more about mobile strategy and content aggregation

SmartBrief tests different tactics with their social media readers and is finding new ways to integrate reader input and develop their community further. This is why Merritt predicts audiences will get even more involved in the creation of the content they consume in the future.

What do you think about the future of publishing? Any comments? Please add your voice in the box below.

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  • Social Media is changing everything, how you find a job, how you market your business, how to get noticed as an artists.

    it amazes me that with EVERYTHING being affected by social media, that people still say there is no benefit to incorporate SM into anything you do, business or life.

  • I read a good article the other day that asserted that we should get past the idea that “social media” is a singular discipline but rather embrace that soon all media will be social. I cannot even begin to recount how many positive things have occurred in my life as a result of utilizing social media best practices. It really has changed everything.

  • I so agree, Brandon. This ‘voice’ that’s being given to anyone who wants to ‘publish’ is truly a revolution. The positive things occurring in my life are highly influenced by the social media practices I’ve embraced. Thank you again, SME, for this high-level interview and article. On the pulse, everytime…

  • Thanks Michael! I love when you guys through a cutting edge service like Smart Brief out to your viewers. It helps be stay one step ahead. Thx.

  • Thanks. Great video on how Social Media is changing publishing. Good resources. Kudos!

  • Having worked for several years in publishing, the writing has been on the wall for many years that the Internet would eventually cannibalize the print industry.

    Content certainly isn’t dead – there is much more information available than ever before.

    With new technologies and tools such as Kindle and the iPad facilitating online reading, paper books may (sadly) go the way of vinyl albums and VCR tapes. The bonus for some will be the portability of carrying hundreds of books. And classroom textbooks will allow students to virtually visit natural animal habitats or places around the world.

    If we all move towards e-readers, I will hold on to my cherished favorite paper books, but will welcome the immediacy of downloading content I want, when I want it.

    Publishers who embrace Web 2.0 will continue to evolve. Those who don’t, will perish.

  • I subscribe to the AVMA smartbrief–didnt realize it was produced by a different company. Couldn’t live without it! I am currently researching e-readers and plan to get one soon.

  • Thanks for sharing this very interesting article about social media. It’s very substantial.

  • helenconnor

    Working for a magazine publishing company, we discuss this very matter often. We often hear clients asking us if print is dead. I don’t believe it is or that it will die – but I do feel that the conversations that are taking place and the move towards our becoming more connected can actually only strengthen the content that we put out.

  • I was recently at a writer’s conference. I posed the question about the change and I got a traditional answer. No big changes ahead in publishing blah blah blah
    thanks for nailing it. Keep us updated

  • I don’t think that we will ever lose paper books completely, but the demand for them will shift as we embrace ebooks and electronic media. The evolution of digital readers, social media for promotion, and audio books on the iPod make it easier than ever to consume books–and this could actually be GOOD NEWS for those in the publishing industry who embrace these changes and climb aboard this fast-moving train.

    I think it’s an exciting time to be involved in publishing, internet marketing and social media, and we have only begun to see the changes. I have a Kindle, and iPad and an iPod (plus a laptop, a desktop PC, and a Blackberry) and sometimes the amount of technology we’re using today seems overwhelming. But I’m quite excited to watch and participate in this evolution of information online and beyond. Instead of fearing change, it’s time to embrace it!

  • I recently decided to go start my own online business as a proofreader and editor for Self-published and Independent authors and I’m doing it completely digitally. I’m making announcements completely online, I’ll proofread the authors’ manuscripts on my computer, convert their manuscript to PDF if they like, and I’m hooked up to Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and quite a few other social networks. As an author too, this has all worked for me. So, I think the traditional publishing business missed the boat by a few years on this one.

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