How Social Media Is Changing Publishing (a Merritt Colaizzi Interview)

social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Merritt Colaizzi, publisher of SmartBrief, a media company that aggregates content in more than 150 daily business publications covering 23 industries (including social media). We work with SmartBrief to help us promote our events.

In this interview, Merritt talks about how social media is changing the world of publishing and how social media will continue to change the publishing world. And you’ll also get an inside look at SmartBrief’s publishing model.

Some of the takeaways in this video are:

  • Blogs enable everyone to become a publisher
  • Twitter is the best publishing platform to develop your personal brand
  • Businesses are interested in learning more about mobile strategy and content aggregation

SmartBrief tests different tactics with their social media readers and is finding new ways to integrate reader input and develop their community further. This is why Merritt predicts audiences will get even more involved in the creation of the content they consume in the future.

What do you think about the future of publishing? Any comments? Please add your voice in the box below.

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