social media expert interviewIn this video I interview LaSandra Brill, the social media marketing manager at Cisco.  She talks about the cool stuff Cisco is doing with social media.

LaSandra shares insights into how Cisco reached 90 times the audience at one-sixth the cost on a recent social media product launch and how they did this compared to a similar launch using traditional marketing. You’ll also hear about other ways Cisco uses social media to deepen relationships and connect with customers.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Use blogger outreach for your social media product launch to connect with a wider audience
  • Show a lighter side on Facebook to get more engagement with customers there
  • Adapt to your social media audience: Cisco uses MetaCafé in addition to YouTube due to their global reach
  • Identify the channels you want to target so you don’t spread yourself too thin
  • Follow how B2B companies are integrating the Facebook Like button

Connect with LaSandra on Twitter @LaSandraBrill and with Cisco @CiscoSystems.

How is your company using social media to connect with customers? What tips do you have to share? Please share them in the comment section below.

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  • Those are great examples of cost effective ways to launch a product and building a community using social media. When it came time to discontinue a product, though, Cisco appeared to back away from embracing social media. Their Flip Camera Facebook page isn’t showing a response to customer inquiries about the death of the popular camera.

  • Hey Mark – Yeah, I was sad to see the death of the Flip

  • Timz

    This is weird?

    Cisco just made a terrible hash of social media?

    They built up 345,000 flip fans on facebook, and a bunch on twitter, then when it came to the crunch they blew them out. Stopped posting on facebook, blocked any conversation, never offered an apology or explanation to their fans – just blanked them.

    Al of the work before has been trashed and they have made a joke out of social media!

  • As @LaSandraBrill hinted at, upload your video to multiple sites at once for maximum reach.

    Here’s a summary of the tools available:

  • Paul

    Michael, you didn’t address the point?

    All week many social media sites have picked out that cisco have treated their flip fans poorly and
    made a pigs ear out the cancellation of the flip and their use (or should i say lack of social media strategy)

    where do you stand?

  • Hey Tim,

    Cisco is a huge company and I know that LaSandra is on the B2B side. I’m not up to speed on what happened with their Flip division.

  • Paul – We filmed this a few months back and LaSandra is on the B2B side of things. I haven’t tracked their social media handing of the Flip

  • Timz

    it’s one of the most important stories this year in terms of brand loyalty and social media

  • Very useful insight. Thanks

  • Eric

    Is anything at all coming to replace the Flip? Anyone….Anyone? LOL know the answer to this

  • but cisco already networks ; )

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing this, great interview and lots of learnings which Cisco shared. I’m currently with SAS Institute, a B2B enterprise business analytics solution company, and we’re running a FB page where we’re just reaching out to influencers together with paid media (FB ads) to drive engagement. The content on the page is similar to Cisco’s where whereby we’re sharing more ‘engaging’ content rather than the enterprise solution specific content. (Check it out here if you’re keen – )

    Really love the part about integrating FB’s Like button onto B2B sites and will look into that. 🙂


  • Greta Smalley

    This article is a joke. Cicso are NOT connecting through social media, they are just doing old school marketing in a social media environment. I have been watching the Cisco fbk site for a while now and they have ignored all comments about the flip and have now cleansed the site of vitually all comments (except the one saying I hear Cisco are deleting flip comments – v sneaky!). They are not engaging in a conversation, unless it’s one that suits them – it’s quite clear they will not talk about this issue even though their customers are trying to discuss it with them. Cicso are good at giving the appearance of social networking, but anyone who’s really looking, or trying to talk about the flip, is getting a very different picture!

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