social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Steve Rubel, EVP/Global Strategy and Insights at Edelman Digital.

Steve reviews the biggest changes in social media over the past 12 months.  He also shares the latest social media trends and gives tips on what businesses should focus on in the future.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why globalization of social media is now skyrocketing
  • Which companies are doing social media right
  • How to monitor the “irritations” shared on social media to improve your business
  • How the increase in real-time communication impacts businesses
  • Why it’s important to focus on when you engage on social media
  • Why Twitter is in the future of media
  • How to connect the ROI of social media on a business level
  • Why the leadership of social media will come from outside the U.S. in the future
  • How privacy issues impact geolocation on social media

Find Steve at Edelman Digital (@EdelmanDigital). You can also connect with him on Twitter at @steverubel and at

What social media trends do you monitor? How will they impact your business? Please leave them below.

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  • Great Insight Steve. Particularly interesting is the ROI conversation. Have you done any first-touch link tracking? Or do you base your tests on last touch (i.e. Google Adwords)?

  • Nick – Steve is one smart guy!

  • Thanks for making this video Michael. I’m the social media arm of TRA360 and it’s the bulk of our marketing strategy being a relatively small b2b business. The ROIs on social media are much higher than other marketing forms because of the exposure and inexpensiveness of generating and linking to content. Giving customers valuable information is good for at least three reasons- they trust you and think you’re knowledgeable, additionally when customers start their buying process you’ll already be in their mind as a good guy which is critical when traditional ads are drowned out by clutter.

  • queersotv

    Edelman made several good observations about Twitter and Facebook. I’m disappointed that you didn’t ask him about Google+.

  • Allison Bliss

    another great interview, interesting ideas on trends, more great content from Mr. Stelzner, the Guru of SM, imho.

  • Edelman said that Facebook was unstoppable. I too was wondering what he thought about Google+ 

  • A great interview from somebody in the social media trenches with his clients! 

  • Most of the small companies are still blissfully ignorant of social media influence on customer choice of products/services. This post should help them know that you can no longer ignore FB, Twitter or Youtube while planing their marketing strategy.

  • Michael, we filmed this before Google plus came out. I know Steve is very bullish on Google plus

  • We filmed this before Google plus was announced

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  • queersotv

    I suspected as much. Social Media Examiner is awesome. Thank you.

  • Awesome feedback Steve.  I think his views on measuring social media success and calculating ROI based on industry was on the money.  I would’ve liked to have heard more about his views on this issue.  

  • According to video source ( Steve was interviewed 7 months ago, Dec 7, 2010. What went wrong?

  • Daniel – nothing went wrong. We release these interviews over time

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