social media how toDo your Facebook fans have questions they want answered? Would they like to have access to industry experts who can answer their questions?

Are you aware of the Facebook Friday expert sessions Social Media Examiner has been doing?

Here’s how they work.  We bring an expert to our Facebook wall for an hour to answer questions.  The expert gets great exposure and the fans get their questions answered.

These sessions  are a great way for fans to quickly get the information they need. And you can model this for your business. These open Q&A sessions with industry experts are a great way to encourage engagement with your fans and get your updates to show up more in your fans’ news feeds.

A recent Facebook Friday session on our Facebook page starred Jeff Widman, CEO of BrandGlue . He gave our fans some great advice. Jeff helps businesses make their Facebook marketing sizzle, and of course many of our fans had questions to ask him. And he shared some great nuggets of advice.

This article will show you how we do them by highlighting a recent session.

Find the Right Questions to Ask Fans

It’s so much easier to create a strong Facebook marketing plan when you ask the right questions. Jeff helped Angie Swartz do just that to get more interaction on her page.

Identify Your Needs

If you’ve been on Facebook for any length of time, you know that things change. Facebook can get overwhelming. But a clear understanding of what you need and why you need it will help you to get the most out of Facebook as it continues to evolve.

Jeff helped Mindy get a clear understanding of why she may or may not want to learn FBML, given that Facebook is moving to iFrames in January.

Get a Deeper Understanding

What goes on behind the scenes on Facebook affects how often our updates are seen by our fans. It’s hard to stay up-to-date on everything and it’s always great to hear from the experts on what works best today.

Andy had a question about how often you should post on your Facebook page. It’s interesting to learn how the Facebook algorithm impacts your reach on Facebook.

Get Help in Setting Up Your Social Media Marketing

When you start to set up your social media marketing, you’ll have lots of questions. The Q&A session with Jeff helped Paula get on track to figuring out the best number of pages her company should have.

Get Easy-to-Follow Guidelines

Information overload hits all of us. The Q&A format on Facebook makes it easy to get simple guidelines from social media experts who do this for a living. Naimah got solid advice from Jeff to help her get started on her own.

Get Useful Tips for Your Business

It’s not always obvious to businesses how they can connect with their particular audience on Facebook. Having access to someone with experience across a variety of businesses is useful.

Jeff gave Sheri and Rachel a great way to start promoting their cause on Facebook.

Get Feedback on Things That Appear Complicated

Facebook seems to be the social media platform where people have the most questions on how to set up their profiles and pages and how to use them. And it’s not always easy to find answers to basic questions.

Jeff explained to Lisa the “yes and no” answer to whether she could change the name of her fan page.

Ask All Sorts of Questions

An open Q&A session with a social media expert is a great place to ask all sorts of questions, even the ones that may appear to be too simple.

Jeff explained to Natasha how to change a personal profile page to a fan page.

Get Expert Advice for Your Social Media Tactics

It’s great to seize the opportunity to ask an expert for advice. These questions and answers are useful to everyone.

Here’s one such question from Cathy about dealing with attrition rates on Facebook. Jeff’s answer is useful to all businesses with Facebook pages.

Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Did you notice the stats for the number of impressions in other people’s newsfeeds and feedback percentage in all of the screenshots of the questions shown above?

These statistics are only visible when logged in as an admin for your Facebook page.

They are an indication of your reach and how much engagement you have on Facebook. It’s an easy way to see which updates got the best results on your page.

Now, your updates may not get as many impressions in the newsfeeds of your fans. Social Media Examiner’s Facebook page has been a tremendous success. In only a few months, we’ve reached over 15,000 fans and this shows in the number of impressions and the feedback percentages.

Showing recognition is another way to increase fan engagement.

But you can ask questions and follow the advice shared with the social media experts in our Facebook Friday sessions to improve your social media marketing. So remember to “Like” the Social Media Examiner Facebook page and keep an eye out for the Facebook Friday sessions.

Facebook Success Summit 2010

You can also dramatically improve your Facebook marketing by attending the Facebook Success Summit 2010, where you’ll learn:

  • How these expert sessions fit into Social Media Examiner’s Facebook marketing with Amy Porterfield and Cindy King.
  • More about Facebook marketing with Jeff Widman.

There’ll be 22 Facebook pros to learn from and an active LinkedIn group reserved exclusively for summit attendees where you can network with your peers.

Now it’s your turn. What do you like about these expert sessions on Facebook? How could they help your business? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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  • Lezlie

    Great Post! Thanks so much for the info – I will definitely be joining in!

  • Awesome awesome post. Probably something it seems like I mutter a lot around here lately, but I couldn’t control myself on this one. I have slowly gone from using social media to market our small business’s to being a full fledged social media addict that can’t stop trying to connect with my customers.

    Now with that said.. I wish I would have thought of this. Thank you!

  • What are the list of elements that are factored into the newsfeed algorithm? I know Google’s algorithm factors in about 200 elements from my research.

  • pam

    excellent post.

  • You mentioned newsfeed optimization throughout the article. I would love to hear some newsfeed optimization tips. I am wondering if my newsfeed is resonating with the audience. What steps do I take to optimize the newsfeed?

  • Thanks for your great advice. I have been working with my facebook fan page and this information will help me be more responsible in designing an appropriate set of fan page editorial guidelines.

  • Deb

    Great interaction on FB. Congrats. Great post, too.

    I looked up the part about the stats on impressions, etc. Bummer! FB says, “This feature is only available to authenticated Pages, where the minimum barrier is a Page with 10,000 fans. Once a Page reaches 10,000 fans, the administrator is provided instructions on how to authenticate the Page.”

  • I like the part that highlighted the fact that most people posting replies from their newsfeeds instead of from the wall of the pages they like. That’s what I’ve been doing all these times. I just never realized how important that fact is for my own Facebook page. I hope to join this soon. Thank you for this!

  • Hi Cindy, I don’t have those stats on each post you mentioned and I am the creator and owner of my page. Any ideas? Thanks 🙂

  • This is some of the best information that I have found about Fan Pages and building yourself on Facebook. Thanks so much for this.

  • Wow – there’s so much to learn and this post was great at providing so many useful tidbits I can’t wait to implement! Can’t wait for the Facebook Success Summit to start~

  • Samantha

    Just looking at a link in one of the comments Jeff made: I was trying to find my pages metrics and the Page didn’t show up.. Is this a bug or what?

  • Samantha

    By the way, fantastic article Cindy!

  • Didier Mormesse gives us a run down of the CNN Global Research Study
    Made Social on 30 September 2010 at today

    The objective of the project Didier was talking about was to explore the power of recommendation and value of shared news from an advertising perspective. They wanted to demonstrate how influencers drive traffic to news through shared links and how their endoresement of these news stories increase the engagement of advertising embedded within them.

  • Thanks for the great advice in both the article and the associated replies from Jeff. This can be an important social media component that highlights the 2-way interactive nature that differentiates Facebook from other media.
    When is the next SocialMediaExaminer Facebook Friday (7-8 PM EST?)?

  • Natascha Thomson

    What a fantastic idea. Sorry I can’t meet you in Mountain View next week but hopefully in the future.

  • Craig Cannings

    Hi everyone, for those of you who are interested in developing more skills in utilizing iframes given the upcoming changes with Facebook, this upcoming “Facebook Technology Readiness” clinic might be of interest to you… – timely event for sure!

  • Discussions are the very effective way to be in touch with your fans. Either you or your hire expert can provide the very good stuff to the fans through Ques.&Ans. Q&A’s are the very best piece module a forum or a social media had captured in the present scenario. It makes you curious about the topic you want to know more with the effective answers very soon.

  • Bezprizvanniy

    Great Post! I really think that you should post all these great adivices as text, not images! Lets other people be able to find them as well!

  • Noaeshed

    Thank you this has been incredibly helpful. Any chance of posting such summaries of future Friday session?

  • Noaeshed

    Also, can you please explain how we can get the impressions data on our brands facebook pages?

  • Hi Lezlie, they really are a great way to get some good social media tips. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • John, this “addiction” seems to be contagious! Lots of us have it.

  • Great question Nick. I think we are all wondering the same thing. The best I’ve read on this is a bit dated. Hopefully we’ll get some up-to-date info on the Facebook Success Summit.

  • Thank you Pam

  • Silvia, have you been monitoring your Facebook Insights?

  • Great to hear it’s been useful to you Ann!

  • Thanks for the feedback Deb. Let’s hope this changes in the future.

  • Yes, it’s very important to realize that lots of people interact with you directly from their news feed. This changes what we focus on, doesn’t it?

  • Hi Linda, Deb (above in these comments) found out that you need to have 10,000 fans before these stats show up. Let’s hope Facebook changes this in the future.

  • Hi Elaine, glad you found it useful.

  • Kim, I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re doing on the FBSS LinkedIn group!

  • Hi Samantha, apparently these stats are only visible if you have over 10,000 fans…

  • Lol. I guess it could be worse right 😉

  • This was great, so helpful! It is so useful to find out how other business do things. People ask questions I didn’t even know I needed the answer to yet!

  • Kaleema04

    People are most likely to join a social media for many different reasons and there are great tips to assist businesses also.

    Kashanna Johnson

  • This is a fantastic idea! I plan to implement it on the Facebook page I manage for my company (SAS Training). It’s a very different audience and topic than what is covered here, but I think it will work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I saw this post and immediately had to comment…

    I am running a facebook page ( that focuses on sustainable tourism…a few months ago we implemented some kind of “live-interview” on our Wall. Till now we have done 2 Inteviews and they worked extraordinary good for us. The feedback of the community and the persons we interviewed was great! In a next step we want to engage more member of the community to post their own questions in the live-interview!!!

  • I would be interested in more specific ideas for using FB for boring stuff that most people don’t care about except when they need it, like once every 5-7 years……a mortgage! Any examples of a mortgage FB fan page that is blowing up and creating a ton of leads? Any Realtors?

  • Hi,
    great post.
    Thanks to share

  • Great Post !!! I It was really a very informative post.. Discussions are the best part of learning from others.. It helps to get more and more. Really I think that you should post all these great adivices as text, not images! But still it was gr8 post..Keep sharing