social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook News Feed Update Delivers Higher-Quality Content: Facebook will “be doing a better job of distinguishing between a high-quality article on a website versus a meme photo hosted somewhere other than Facebook when people click on those stories on mobile. This means that high-quality articles you or others read may show up a bit more prominently in your news feed, and meme photos may show up a bit less prominently.”

facebook news feed update

“Soon, after you click on a link to an article, you may see up to three related articles directly below the news feed post to help you discover more content you may find interesting.”

Twitter Announces Global Availability of Tailored Audiences: Tailored audiences are “a new way for advertisers to define your own groups of existing and potential customers, and connect with them on Twitter with relevant messages.”

twitter tailored audiences

“With tailored audiences you can reach users on Twitter who have shown interest in your brand or your category even away from Twitter.”

SlideShare Introduces New Homepage: You can now like, share and save SlideShares directly from the homepage. There are larger thumbnails and a new look and feel for how you experience content on SlideShare. And there’s a new Topics section.

slideshare homepage

You’ll notice a few key changes to the SlideShare homepage.

Foursquare’s New iOS 7 Delivers More Local Notifications: When you arrive somewhere new, Foursquare “tells you what you need to know (like the best thing to order or a money-saving special), even if you don’t open the app.”

foursquare notifications

Foursquare shuffles the deck “every time you open the app so you don’t miss a thing. Just swipe to explore great tips, find money-saving specials near you and check out the feed to see what your friends are up to tonight.”

Here’s some upcoming social media news worth following:

Instagram Reportedly Eyes Private Messaging: “You might soon be able to privately message your Instagram friends.”

Facebook Is Replacing Its “Hide All” Button With “Unfollow”: This will give users an easy way to block content they do not want to see from their friends, without unfriending them.

Here are a few interesting social media tools worth noting:

AuthorRank: A free tool, currently in beta, to determine your AuthorRank based on an algorithm that takes into account the quality, quantity and diversity of your authorship posts.

author rank

Virante’s AuthorRank scores the aggregate average search engine ranking strength of the Google Authorship–connected content of authors.

Social Searcher: A free social media search engine that allows users to search for content on social networks in real time and provides deep analytics data.

Social Searcher

Users can search without logging in for publicly posted information on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, save searches and set up email alerts.

ShareBloc: A community of professionals that shares, curates and discusses business content that matters; currently in public beta.


ShareBloc is “building a community of like-minded professionals to share, curate and discuss business content that matters.”

What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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  • Thanks for the great roundup Cindy!

  • todd

    Terrible design on this page for mobile. I can’t even read the article because you have this floating bar with all your social media links covering up the left side of the page.

  • Michael Lucy

    Facebook’s announcements are non-sense, I wish they would be a little more transparent about their true intentions. The true intentions is to reduce the organic reach by “Pages” (businesses, organizations, brands) and promote paid advertising. The facts are consumers LIKE meme’s. Our reporting from over 50 managed FB accounts prior to March 2013 indicate that Meme’s were the best performing posts. FB has GREATLY diminished the reach for images, pictures, memes and has absolute CRUSHED the reach for links to 3rd party websites. As marketers we understand and accept these changes and now are much more active in sponsored stories and ads but the media refuses to report the facts and only report what Facebook is publicly saying.

  • Hey Todd – Thanks for the feedback. What mobile client are you using? We don’t see this on iPhones and I want to get to the bottom of it

  • mymarketer

    @michael_lucy:disqus : It sounds like an article that Social Media Examiner should have you write about! I would at least be interested in not only learning more about what fb has done to push towards advertising, but also how a small business can truly have successful content on fb.

  • marciabrown

    Great article. I am especially interested in Social Searcher. I had not run on to it before. It sounds like a search engine that would really help me locate those interested in my niche. Thanks!

  • lbwireless

    We’re finding that the projections offered for Promoted engagements are verging on fraudulent. They may suggest, say, 10,000 – 18,000 exposures, and run through the budget at 6,000.This is routine. Recently, we selected a demographic with four subsets, and the whole budget ran on one subset. Getting pretty disgusted with FB!

  • great topic!

  • I find that on my Android with any digg digg buttons on the side, hard to leave comments etc. with them. I switched mine to ShareJuice.

  • Love the Author Rank tool, thanks for sharing. I heard of it but wasn’t sure how to check until I found your post – very nice roundup. I’m off to check social searcher next.

  • I removed the Digg Digg plugin on mobile so we should be good

  • I’m using my IPod Touch to read this post. Looks great to me.

  • Anuradha Agarwal

    Extremely useful article. Thank you. Only change that seems weird is that of Facebook. Perhaps why our text posts do better even though what users want to see is varied formats of content, especially memes / photos!?

  • Steve

    I’ve read in some article, that in the case like yours, FB just run the ad on the subset that looks the most profitable, so you should split your budget into 4 individual campaigns instead.

  • Exactly, Michael. I’ve been saying that for nearly 2 years, and have been warning all of my clients that the changes and updates have been leading to more and more paid advertising. I don’t understand why more people don’t see this?

  • I find targeting ads to similar audiences works far better than subsets. Find a leader or two in your industry, and promote using their name as a topic.

  • David Cheng

    Thanks for the mention Cindy! If you’re interested, we can tell you more about how we plan on growing and what we can do with SME.

  • Dan Linstroth

    Another great tool for real-time social marketing in Social Searcher. Keep these coming!

  • Michael Lucy

    Thank you Amethyst!!! I find it so frustrating when the media is reporting only what Facebook is saying and not what they are actually doing!

  • Ramon M

    Totally agree with you Michael. This is just another trick to nickel and dime page owners. I manage a page with 390k fans and usually get around 60-80k impressions on our posts, after the recent changes that number dropped to less than 20k!

    But they aren’t really hiding this anymore… Facebook’s spokesman confirmed this last week by saying: “We’re getting to a place where because more people are sharing more things, the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.”