social media how toDo your Facebook ads get noticed?

Wondering how creating ads with Power Editor makes a difference?

When you build ads in Power Editor instead of the Facebook Ads Manager, you have more control over your creative elements.

In this article you’ll learn how to use Power Editor to create Facebook ads that get results.

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Discover how to use Facebook Power Editor to create outstanding ads.

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#1: Use More Characters in Headline and Text Areas

One of the big benefits of creating ads with Power Editor is that you get to use more text in ads for website clicks or website conversions. Typically, for those types of ads in the Ads Manager, you’re limited to a headline of 25 characters and text of 90 characters. The only type of ad that allows longer text is boosted posts (also known as promoted posts).

ad with limited text blocked

In the Ads Manager, your headline and text are limited.

Here’s how you can create those same ads using Power Editor, and avoid the text limitations enforced by the Ads Manager.

ad options in power editor

Create your ad using Power Editor to get more text.

Once you start your campaign, and then name the ad set and ad, you can start configuring the ad in Power Editor. You’ll see the text limitations aren’t showing.

longer ad text in power editor

Use Power Editor to avoid the text limitations in Ads Manager.

Now you can use the ad text to tell a more complete story about your subject.

ad with longer text in news feed

Longer text allows you to tell more of the story about your product or service.

#2: Customize the Display URL Area

In Power Editor, you can customize your Display URL area. Think outside the box and use this area for an extra text message. Maybe add a message about your product or tell people when a deal will end.

display url area with descriptive text

You can use the Display URL area to add more information about your offer or product.

This Display URL area is a great feature for when your URL is long and unwieldy. For example, if you use extra tracking in the website URL and you want to make sure people know where they’re going, you can add the real website address in the Display URL field. Use it to show the main URL where you want clicks on your Facebook ad to go, rather than extra tracking information.

display url field

Use the Display URL field for an extra message or to clarify the website address.

Want to reinforce your call to action? You can also use the Display URL area to highlight the Sign Up button.

add with display url highlighting call to action button

Use the text in the Display URL field to highlight the Sign Up button.

#3: Tag Other Pages in Ads

Another benefit only available in Power Editor is the ability to tag other pages in the ad text. This makes the ad look more like a regular post, while potentially increasing its visibility.

As always when you tag other pages, make sure the tag is relevant and complementary to that page.

You can also tag pages if you do a standard page post and then boost it, or in an unpublished post (also in Power Editor). However, the benefit of doing a website clicks or website conversions post is that you can optimize for that goal and you get the call to action button.

news feed ad with tagged pages

In this ad, Michael Hyatt tags the pages of people mentioned in his ebook.

To tag another page, just type the @ symbol followed by the page name into the Text box and then select it from the drop-down menu.

tagging pages in an ad

Power Editor lets your tag other Facebook pages in your ads.

NOTE: No one outside of Facebook knows exactly how the news feed works, so it’s not clear if tagging pages gives an ad any further reach. On the other hand, tagging in an organic post does increase your reach. And although you most likely have to pay for any reach you do receive through tagging, the ad may stand out more to the fans of those pages.

#4: Access Additional Ad Types

Two types of ads that are only available in Power Editor are dynamic product ads and carousel ads. There are some differences between the two types.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads use your whole catalog of products along with a user’s browsing history to show more complex ads to him or her.

You use the Business Manager to upload your catalog as a .csv file. Facebook then uses the conversion pixel and a basic template to show different products (or even multiple products with the carousel ads) to each Facebook user.

csv sheet of product info

Upload your whole product catalog as a .csv file to use Dynamic Product Ads.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are set up directly in Power Editor and can display up to five products. This involves more than simply selecting different images for your ad because each ad can be sent to a unique website where the product is displayed. Each ad also has its own description and headline.

For carousel ads, it’s important to use 600 x 600 pixel images because the typical Facebook ad image size (1200 x 628) gets cut off and doesn’t look good.

carousel ad set up

Carousel ads show up to five products and send viewers to unique landing pages.

Chances are good that dynamic product ads show more return for businesses that have multiple products, since the image is larger (the same size as regular ads). However, with the right set of images, carousel ads can attract a lot of attention.

The Wrap-up

Whatever strategy you use on Facebook, it’s important to stay on top of the trends that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Even small changes can affect how your ads perform in the news feed. The right image or text can be the difference between a conversion or a “scroll on by.” Power Editor gives you more control over these tweaks, and will help you make the sale!

What do you think? Are you using Power Editor instead of the Ads Manager to create ads? Have you tried any of these techniques? What has been your experience? Tell us in the comments below.

how to create facebook ads that stand out

Tips for using Facebook Power Editor to create ads that stand out.

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  • Interesting Fabio – yes they keep moving more and more to the Ads Manager and it feels like it changes daily!

  • Frederic Gonzalo

    Awesome post, Andrea. I use Power Editor, but not as frequently as I should. I did not realize that we could put more text and characters in the headline and text area. That’s cool.
    Regarding the carrousel ads, this feature has been available for a couple of months as well now directly in Facebook Ads Manager, but you are right: there are often more features in Power Editor than in the regular Ads Manager.

  • Exactly 🙂

  • I’m still exploring how to make my ads effective. I’m an author, and have short book videos directing people to my website. So I’m wondering does Facebook have anything that you can create ad sets with multiple videos? I can’t seem to find anything.

  • No there isn’t anything like that at the moment unfortunately. Just a single video.

  • Thanks Frederic!

  • Thanks. 🙂

  • Hi Andrea, can the image carousel in the facebook power editor be used to display videos rather than images? if not, is there any update on it.

  • LaurenRFrantz

    Start working at home>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • No unfortunately there is no way to do multiple videos in the carousel ads.

  • Though I am not a fan of Facebook ad because of my previous experience using Facebook ad, trying this power edition to make Facebook ad seems a little enticing. may be I give it a chance.

  • Vanessa Cabrera

    Hey Andrea,
    Thanks for the info. I was wondering, there are some ads I see that look like they could go way over the 20% text rule. Does the power editor help with this rule? Thanks

  • Power editor is no doubt the best way to manage and run Ads on Facebook. But I never experimented with the Display URL option, that can be an added advantage over the competitors.

  • Interesting information of Facebook Ad

  • No – even if you get the ad approved for a short period, it’s fairly likely that it will eventually get “unapproved”. Sometimes you see ads that are way over the text limits and that is usually what has happened 🙂

  • Great!

  • Always sometime new to try 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Ksenia Newton

    Hi, thank you for this article! It was very timely and informative! My question is, if Power Editor is so powerful and effective, why ad manager is still there? Can you compare them? Thank you

  • Ksenia Newton

    Exactly what just happened with us. Our image was our logo with text on it, i tried to argue about it, but it didn’t work….

  • You are welcome Ksusha. So that’s a great question. The Power Editor came after the Ads Manager and I think the Ads Manager is much more “intuitive” for beginner Ads users so I don’t think it will ever go away. In fact, they are migrating more and more capability over to the Ads Manager that used to only be available in Power Editor. I think the Ads Manager still is a great tool to use if you don’t need some of the features Power Editor has (extra text or some of the features mentioned here). Hope that helps!

  • Glen Hooke


    I’ve been using the straight ‘Ads Manager’ to create my ads, then I upload them into the ‘Power Editor’ and enhance them with longer descriptions….Different URL display etc.

    Instead of doing that, am I better to just open the PE and create all my ads straight up in there.


  • Steven Adair

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the great information, I’m just looking into doing some FB ads and will look into the Power Editor for sure….do you know if it or any other program that helps you to create a share opt in button on you ad ?


  • khalid

    Thanks alot for useful tips

  • Yes, that is what I would do – I think it will save you time overall.

  • So any ad created on Facebook has to be created in either Ads Manager or Power Editor. There are other programs that assist with Ad creation in Facebook for a fee such as Ad Espresso. Hope that helps!

  • Alex Kennedy

    You guys are the best!

  • philnolan3d

    Why would I want to put something on facebook? They don’t deserve to make money form me.