social media how toAre you frustrated with your YouTube and video marketing efforts?

Most business owners test the “YouTube waters” by uploading a few videos, then walk away.

They return in a few weeks to notice each video has only a handful of views.

Is that your experience? If so, fret not! All is not lost…

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you five of the most powerful steps that you can put into action today to literally breathe life back into your existing videos, so your YouTube marketing efforts won’t be in vain.

Ready? Here we go!

You can watch this video for a step-by-step of these 5 Ways Your Existing YouTube Videos Can Triple Their Visibility (or keep reading…)

#1 Action-Step: Identify Your Keywords

Reworking keywords is the best place to start when working with your existing videos.

Using Google’s Keyword Research Tool, you can quickly uncover the exact questions, topics and issues your buyers are searching for, and you can market your videos accordingly.

Let’s start by picking just one of your videos. Did you use a highly searched keyword in the title and description? If not, add it to the beginning of your video’s title, your description and your tags. It’s OK to change your video title information at any time if the video has not been “pulling its weight.”

Once you’re logged into YouTube, simply click the “Edit” button above your video and you can change, tweak and improve your video information in seconds!

video sales letter

This video is ranked #1 on YouTube for "Video Salesletter." The keyword is in the title AND description.

Do this properly, and your video will start to get ranked at the top of YouTube and Google for your keyword. And this will obviously result in more targeted views!

#2 Action-Step: 3x Call to Action

If your video does not tell people what to do or where to go after the video ends, your viewers are simply going to move on and forget about you completely. You need to tell people precisely what to do next and exactly how to do it.

Here are three ways you can add a call to action to each of your existing videos to convert each view into highly targeted traffic.

  1. Use the Call-to-Action Overlay: This powerful, fully customized banner ad allows you to direct viewers straight to your site by clicking on the button right inside your video. It takes a few minutes to set this up, but it’s totally worth the extra effort!
    call-to-action overlay

    The call-to-action overlay.

    To add YouTube’s call-to-action overlay to all of your videos, sign up here.

  2.  Put your domain in the description: Don’t forget to add your domain name (with the “http://”) at the beginning of your description. It is simply another place people can click to go directly to your website.
    full domain name

    Notice the full domain name is at the beginning of the video description.

    To add your URL, simply click the “Edit Video” button at the top of your video’s page once you’re logged into your account.

  3.  Add Annotations: Annotations can be extremely beneficial if used properly. They take about 30 seconds to create, and can do wonders for your videos. You can’t turn annotations into clickable links that direct visitors to your website, but you can get people to subscribe, like your video or watch the next one in your playlist.

    Use annotations to direct viewers to your next video.

    Adding annotations is fun and easy. Once you’re logged into your YouTube account, simply click the “Edit Annotations” button directly above your video.

#3 Action-Step: Upload Your Transcript

This is one of my favorite strategies, because 99% of video marketers simply fail to do it! Head on over to or pay 12-year-old Billy down the street to write out a complete transcription of your video and save it as a .txt file.

Then, upload the transcript to YouTube so they can sync it with your video. Once you’re logged into your YouTube account, click the “Edit Captions” button directly above your video and follow YouTube’s instructions for uploading.

Using magical software, YouTube will now index every single word of your transcript (your video’s dialog) and incorporate it into its search algorithms. You’ve just put your video SEO (search engine optimization) on steroids!

add a caption track

Uploading your transcript is as simple as selecting the .txt file and uploading it to YouTube.

Most people will never upload a transcript, and YouTube is forced to determine what a video’s topic is based solely on the video’s headline and description. You’ll have the upper hand with a complete transcript of your entire video!

#4 Action-Step: Get Backlinks

Anyone who has ever had experience with SEO knows that Google loves backlinks to your website. This same concept applies to YouTube and ranking your videos at the top of search results.

Whether you hire someone to do this for you, use a service or do it yourself, adding a few backlinks or inbound links to your video AND your channel URL will make a considerable difference in where your videos will rank, and ultimately how many views you’ll receive.

getting to first spot

Getting to the #1 spot in YouTube search results can make a difference of several thousand views!

#5 Action Step: Promote the Video

Once you’ve completed all of the steps above, it’s time to go back to your sphere of influence and share your updated video with your friends and followers.

I like to embed my video on my blog and share the blog post with my email subscribers and my social media followers.

share your videos

Remember to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Make sure to include a simple call to action and ask your friends and fans to share the video with their friends for that extra boost. This is the easiest step, but if you want more views, sometimes you’ve just got to ask!

Final Thoughts…

At the end of the day, the time, effort and energy you put into creating an incredible “video of value” is far more extensive than sending out a quick tweet or updating your Facebook profile.

Your video marketing efforts should never be in vain, and if you spend a little time on the “video aftermath” (everything you need to do AFTER your video is on YouTube), you’ll begin to see your video work for you for a long time to come!

Take the time to revamp all of your existing videos using these five simple action-steps. As long as you have created a “video of value” that is worth seeing and worth sharing, the views will happen!

What do you think? Do you have any tips to share? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Great tips!

  • genialjoe

    I see this all the time. It’s really worth the effort to optimise, you have already done the hard work in producing the content.

  • Uploading transcript to Youtube was something I didn’t knew existed. I research a little bit and found it only works in English (at least for the speech processing algorithms). The other options are captions. By the way, great article.

  • Another fabulous article! I really appreciate the tip on the transcripts. I knew that was a feature, but honestly didn’t realize the SEO implications of it, so I never bothered. That one tip was totally worth the price of admission…yes, I consider my time very valuable and it was time very well spent reading your post! It is so easy to forget about what you already have put out in the world, becasue you’re so focused on what you’re going to produce next. So, I appreciate the reminder that even old content can potentially be revitalized and  made more productive.

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  • This is a great resource and amazing list of tips James! the transcription tip is a gem 🙂

    …one thing I also do is select “autoplay” for the video on the home page which not only gets the visitors attention (with your pre-selected message) but also increases views for that video with each visit to your channel…

  • James you rock! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Dan!! – Mike Stelzner

  • I really like the transcript idea but I have to disagree with the 4th step. I think backlink building should be focused to your website or whatever place that does the actual conversion from visitor to customer. Promoting it with mentions around social media is a good idea, but spending the effort of creating backlinks to your video is likely to be wasted effort, unless of course video is a significant portion of your traffic to your site…

  • Rev. Akasha Lonsdale

    Great information – and I love how you present it.  I watched right through first time!

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  • I too love the transcription tip – thanks! Regarding embedding the video on your blog (or website) I did that for  a client, who then complained that when the video ended, it took you to YouTube, where competing business videos were right there. I couldn’t find a way to embed the video that didn’t take the viewer to YouTube at the end. What are your thoughts about this?

  • Lots of great ideas. I haven’t actually made any videos yet, but have been thinking about doing it. Now I feel a bit better informed about it. Thanks.

  • James the video ninja!. You rock buddy! Awesome tips.

    Another tip is create a “video response” on a highly ranked video with similar keywords as yours. It is pretty simple to do, just type in your keywords in the search bar on YouTube, choose the top video, click to leave a comment, and instead of typing simply choose the video response option and select your video from the list. Note that some videos disable video responses.

    Cheers brotha,


  • Jameswedmore

    The English version is still in “Beta,” so I’m sure Youtube will roll it out to other languages shortly.  Over 70% of Youtube Traffic comes from outside of the U.S. so it’s kind of a no-brainer for them!

  • Yes!  It’s like double the efforts!  Good tip!

  • k you Louise!  🙂

  • I like to do BOTH (website and youtube videos)  I also notice that Youtube videos rank inside Google with much more ease than a website.  

  • This is really easy!  There are two things you can do:

    1.  When you select your EMBED option on Youtube, there is a check box that will allow you to choose NOT to allow “related videos” when your embedded video finishes.

    2.  There is a function with annotations that allow you to PAUSE your video.  I use this pause function to pause on the final frame of my video so it remains on my “call to action” and never shows another video option

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    Sue Bates

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    The transcript tip is the golden gem….Thanks for that pearl.
    Rick Fraser, MD

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  • Excellent article, James, especially the tip on transcripts. The comments also gave some additional gems. I’ll be sharing this post with my various social media communities!

  • HAha, love the honesty Sue!  😉

  • Thanks Dan!  Grt seeing ya the other day!

  • Thanks Meredith!  Yes, looks like everyone’s loving the transcript tip!  

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    But when I read in the comments about the video response-  now that is slick

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    Really excellent post and it’s amazing how little changes can yield big results with video.

    I’m no expert on video, but I’ve been pleased with the result of even my early attempts and I have gone back to YT and implemented as many of your tips as I could!


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    Have a nice day & fun.

    Matthieu from Paris (France)

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  • Great post, thanks James. Two questions if I may: Re. tip no.5 Does linking other videos of your own count as a back link? And re. tip no. 4, I thought that youtube/Google were now able to index the words in your video, without the need for transcribing?Would love your thoughts. Thanks again
    (ps, love your annotations ‘Pause’ tip above) 🙂

  • Indeed, James! You have helped us all help ourselves! VIDEO POWER to the people! 

    I have a question…I am able to do all but the last…I haven’t many email of contacts nor do I have a FB nor Twitter presence. I have just gotten started on LinkedIn (nearly 100 contacts…and I know all but 4 personally). Do you think your 4 other tips will help me? Many marketing efforts are so viral these days, but I don’t know if 100 folks is enough to get started with a ‘word-of-mouth’ campaign. (I’m worried that the first four should culminate with the last one…)

    Your advice is appreciated..

  • James, nobody has perfected the YouTube “Video Aftermath” like you have.  Thanks for tying it all together in a very understandable way, and sharing so freely.

  • Holli

     this was one of the best articles I’ve read about video and SEO.  I’ve got quite a few videos up online already and am going to go back and  try to follow all 5 steps with them.   What service is available to backlinking on youtube?  I’m very interested in learning as much as I can because video is my preferred method of reaching my audience.  If I didn’t have to put on makeup, I’d do video every day – LOL.
    Happy Holidays!  Thanks for sharing,  Holli

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  • Those were excellent tips!!
    and i would like to ask about those steroids to vide, the transcript : how do you sinc it to video’because i had notice that the youtube engine distribute the words on the duration of the video not necessarily  in a logical way
    Where is the place to learn how to do it properly ?


  • Please do elaborate….James, I took your advice and added a transcript to one or two of my 20+ videos and noticed the timing problem. I thought to go in and edit my transcript…but that didn’t help. I’m afraid viewers will make a value judgement on my service by the mis-steps of my video. The timing is really off…

    What to do? or appreciate the initial advice and understand how it will give me a leg up with regards to video SEO, but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot in front of my customers and potential customers!Best

  • Jim Lauria

    Thanks again for posting this great resource. I wanted to update the group on the results of my following the recommendations from this article and video of 5 Ways Your Old YouTube Videos Can Triple Their Visibility.

    The first thing I did was get a baseline of my web presence. I Googled both my name and my company’s name to see where we ranked. Another way I checked my Internet presence was with . Besides seeing what photos and other information like articles and blog posts are connected to my name, the Tag Cloud section showed the Internet word associations attached as well.

    I uploaded a recent video I wrote and directed on water technology to YouTube:

    Then I followed the 5 action steps:

    Step 1 – Identify Key Words
    Since I wrote the script for the video, this part was easy. I condensed the transcript (see Step 3) into highlights which became the description. And the key words from the description became the tags.

    Step 2 – Call to Action
    My video is pretty clear in telling the audience to visit our website to learn more about our technology. As instructed I also added my web address in the description. Since my video was professionally produced by WaterWorld magazine they did a good job on the annotations. One thing I discovered during the uploading process is that you can choose which frame you want as the “thumbnail” for your video. This frame can be annotated for a more powerful display on the video.

    Step 3 – Upload Your Transcript
    As I stated above, this was already available, and although it was a little more complicated than described in the article, it seems well worth the effort.

    Step 4 – Get Back Links
    Besides linking the video to my company website, I also back linked it to my Huffington Post blog – . One other important thing I did was post the video on my LinkedIn profile page. You can easily do this by following the instructions on, what else, a YouTube video:

    Step 5 – Promote the Video
    Here is where I can use all your help. If you would like to see how the small country of Singapore is defining the future of wastewater treatment, please watch this video and share it with your friends and colleagues:

    In just the first few days since posting my YouTube video, it has made it to the #3 spot for all of my company’s videos and based on being picked up on a Singaporean news site, the video is listed on the second page of a Google search of my name.

  • Michelle

    Great tips! I read recently that many blogs have the no-follow rule set up for backlinks. Would that apply to tip #4?

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    There is a problem with this, because the YouTube keyword tool SUCKS!

    All I EVER get is this crap “not enough data” – so how can you get accurate keywords?

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  • Now you can share on social media sites like reddit, Twitter, G+ to promote more !

  • some great starting points.

    Backlinks are hugely undervalued in the YouTube world so a special hat tip to that.

  • Peters

    Everything that is text based will be seen by Youtube, that means include your keywords in: Title, Description, Caption(first 10sec. and Annotation first 10sec). Never ever include your url in the two first lines of your description. Instead make a catchy text with as many related keywords. If people are really interested they continue reading the video description(use at least 300 words) there where your link is included. Because remember, you are trying to get your video on top NOT your website.

  • Lulu Matute

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  • I really enjoyed this and will be bookmarking your page. I have several videos up right now for my “quick singing tips” youtube channel and am only seeing a handful of views. I think this will majorly help me out! Best ,Marvin