social media how toAre you struggling to keep up to date with the latest Facebook changes?

Are you conducting activities that are against Facebook’s policies?

It isn’t easy to keep up with all of Facebook’s updates.

Here are 5 ways marketers can stay up to date on Facebook updates and policy changes.

#1: Follow Facebook’s Business Pages for regular updates

Just like businesses keep their Facebook Pages updated with the latest announcements from their company, Facebook also keeps their Pages updated to inform their users about the latest changes and announcements.

In particular, Facebook for Business, Facebook for Privacy and the Facebook blog often post updates when there is a change to their guidelines.

Facebook for Business takes you step by step to create a business Page that is effective but also follows their guidelines.

facebook for business page

Facebook for Business Page to learn how to reach the right audience.

The Facebook and Privacy Page post an update every time they revise a guideline or policy.

In addition, they post tips every week to make sure people are informed about some of the changes that they made previously. Following this Page will allow you to stay up to date when there is a new announcement and also stay informed about older policies.

facebook and privacy page

Facebook and Privacy Page, how to exercise your choice to share what you want.

example of update

Here's an example of a Facebook and Privacy update.

Finally, you can find updates on the Facebook blog.

You can add the Facebook blog to your RSS feed so you receive a notification every time there is a new post. This can help you gather real-time information to make sure your presence online is always relevant.

facebook blog

Facebook blog where you can find out what's happening behind the scenes at Facebook.

#2: Follow the Facebook Tag on TechCrunch

Technology journalists jump at the news of a Facebook update. One of the best ways that we as marketers can stay updated on this topic is to follow technology journalists or even the Facebook tag on websites like TechCrunch or Mashable.

To find the tag, scroll to the bottom of an article and you will see at least one tag on the article.

To find all Facebook articles on TechCrunch, you can go here.  This will allow you to quickly and easily find all of the latest updates to Facebook in one place.

facebook tag on techcrunch

The Facebook tag on TechCrunch.

#3: Set a Google Alert for Facebook Updates

A hack to get Facebook updates as soon as they happen is to set up a Google Alert with the term “Facebook Privacy.” That will send an email right to your inbox with any articles that are written about updates to Facebook guidelines or new privacy rules. And you can be sure that there will be a ton of articles written whenever Facebook updates anything.

Once you create your Google Alert, type in “Facebook Privacy” as your search query.

You can choose what type of results you want, whether its news, blog articles, videos, discussions, books or everything. You can choose the frequency you wish to receive these updates and the number of updates you would like. Finally, you can insert your email address to let them know where you want the results delivered.

google alert

Facebook Privacy Google Alert setup.

After that is set up, you will receive emails that look like the image below. They will separate your information by the type of result, allowing you to be instantly notified when there is something important to know about Facebook.

google alert preview

Facebook Privacy Google Alert Preview.

#4: Follow New Posts on AllFacebook

AllFacebook is the unofficial Facebook blog that can be a great resource for anything new that is posted about Facebook. They consistently update their website with new information on Facebook, whether it be news about their guidelines and privacy issues or just general updates that marketers should know about.

In addition, they host an annual conference called the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in San Francisco where attendees can learn even more about marketing with Facebook.

allfacebook blog

The AllFacebook blog.


AllFacebook Marketing Conference coming in June 2013.

#5: Follow Social Media and Tech Experts

In addition to the blog articles you can read and conferences you can attend to learn more about Facebook updates, there are many thought leaders who can be great resources to learn everything you need to know to market on Facebook.

People like Mari Smith, Andrea Vahl and Pete Cashmore are great resources to follow on Twitter and stay updated on Facebook news.

When there is something that marketers need to know, you can be sure they will be discussing it and sharing their knowledge on the subject.

You can also read Social Media Examiner’s This Week in Social Media articles published every Saturday to stay current on the latest Facebook updates and other social media news.

Review Facebook Updates and Policy Changes Regularly

By staying up to date on any announcements and blog posts that are written on Facebook marketing, you will be able to create relevant and effective campaigns on Facebook and take advantage of all that Facebook has to offer.

With the constant changes to Facebook policies, it can be a scary task to market on Facebook. However, don’t hesitate as Facebook is a great way to generate leads for your business and show off your company or brand.

What do you think? What other ways have you stayed up to date with new Facebook policies? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Helpful post Rachel! Thank you for the tips.
    Have a great Tuesday everybody.


  • Awesome post Rachel! It’s really important to follow what’s happening on Facebook to optimize our Facebook marketing strategy, though in my case following people like Mari Smith, Andrea Vahl, Amy Porterfield, and sites like SME have already given me enough resources and ideas to work on, as well updates on all social media marketing sites!

    Let’s all have a wonderful day everyone! Stay inspired!

    ~John Lee Dumas

  • If you search “facebook business” in Facebook’s Graph Search, all that comes up are web search results. It was easy enough to get there via the link in this article, but this was surprising.

    PS – Great article.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Matthew!

  • Great article Rachel – thanks so much for the shoutout! Lots of great resources there for sure. Another great resource is some of the already curated Interest Lists on Facebook. Mari Smith has a wonderful one that people can follow: and you can also search through the Interest lists to find others.

  • I wonder why Facebook’s blog’s last update was over a year ago? Having a consistent blog has been pounded into our heads so much that it seems odd that Facebook isn’t following that.

    Thanks for the compilation though, majority of it is a great reminder 🙂

  • Ken Gullette

    Rachel, you have sprung some good information on us! Thanks!!!

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  • Ant Polonio

    Incredible insights Rachel….on the all the unique ideas and concepts available as to how to stay breast and in tune with the policies, procedures and by laws of Facebook business pages and changes…I find it quite interesting and am very appreciative of you for taking the time to share your expertise. For that I am grateful and thank you.

  • There are tons of great resources out there. And this is a great list! My advice is to just commit a few minutes every day to keep up to date. Even by just doing a daily Google search for Facebook news and reading for 5 to 10 minutes, people can really stay ahead of the curve. Doesn’t matter what people follow, like or whatever if they don’t consume it.

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  • Great post Rachel, thank you!
    I wonder why you still recommend Google Alerts as it returns almost nothing compared to TalkWalkerAlerts.

  • Ritika Verma

    Great article on how to keep updated on Facebook policies and guidelines. It really does help to keep a tab on the Facebook guidelines page, privacy page using blogs, articles, key experts. Also, when new policy changes are made they are brought to notice to the admin. These notices are for all Facebook properties like Business pages, Apps and more. As marketeers it is important for us to stay constantly updated.

    Ritika Verms

  • Y8

    Well, I hope you’re happy. You’ve managed to impress me, the unimpressionable one. My friends will make fun of me for this. You did well.

  • Thanks for the reminder on all these, Rachel! Great info.

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  • Rachel Sprung

    Haha Thanks Ken! This is my favorite comment. 🙂

  • Rachel Sprung

    That’s great advice, Mike. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rachel Sprung

    Thanks! I’m glad you found this post helpful!

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  • A question someone might be able to help me with: When I add a comment (as a FB Page admin) to a post, who exactly see this comment? The others who added comments to the post? Page fans? Thanks.

  • Tony Nguyen

    Hi there Rachel, I am just wondering whether facebook updates new features in everywhere at the same time or they make it different between countries? So there are updates but some countries might not get them instantly?

  • elzuck

    Hi Rachel, this is great. Thank you. Since you’re the expert, I have a question for you. I have a client that has a FB personal page and a completely separate business page that she created a while ago when the rules were different. She has 150 “likes”, but as you know it’s limiting – she can no longer “Like” other businesses with a FB biz page only (not connected to her personal login). I was going to suggest to create a new page using her personal profile and encourage all the old fans to go over there and “Like’ the new page, but I know from experience, we’ll lose many and it will take time to build the audience again. Although in the long run it’s a better move. What do you think? Thanks! Elisa – Long Pond Consulting, LLC

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  • Jennifer Agrazada-Schreiner

    Thank you for sharing those tips. I always read up on developments from Facebook but only from concerned blogs like this one. It’s also good to hear how the actual sites announce their progress.

  • Lindsay

    I have been sharing posts from other facebook pages and facebook

    organization pages on the facebook I maintain. Is there approval needed for this? Is it okay that I add my own comments when I share these posts?

    The other day I came across a best practice that I am now using to reference the source when sharing by providing the @ symbol and then the company.

    Is is okay that I have many shares on my page that do not reference the source?

    – A worried and learning social media intern

  • Leah Mackey Schultz

    Previously I had subscribed to the Facebook for Business blog ( But as of yesterday, it appears that there is no longer an RSS feed associated with it. Why don’t they just have a “subscribe to this blog via email” option so we can all get email alerts delivered to our inbox?! I actually had an IFTTT recipe set up to do this for me, but without an RSS feed it won’t work. Any other ideas???