social media toolsDo you have more than one Twitter account?

If you use social media for your business or to promote other companies, you probably have many different accounts to keep track of.

Dashboard apps can help you keep tabs on various networks at once and update multiple accounts.

However, when you want an enhanced Twitter experience from your browser, these three free tools can help.

#1: Silver Bird

A feature-packed little extension, Silver Bird offers a multitude of Twitter features in a smart pop-up box.


Main view in Silver Bird's pop-up box.

Silver Bird uses neat tabs to organize separate views of your timeline, mentions, direct messages, favorites and lists. A search box is tucked in between the tabs as well, for quick hashtag or keyword searches.

silverbird options

Extensive options give you complete control.

An extra tab titled “Unified” is a collection of tweets that you choose. This can include mentions, direct messages, lists and your home timeline—or just some of these options—which allows flexibility and control.

silverbird trends

A recent update added a trending topics feature.

Silver Bird’s icon changes color to notify you of new tweets, which is an unobtrusive way of keeping you up to date. On the settings page, you can choose which colors the bird will change to, depending on what kind of new tweets come through; for instance, you could make it change to green for mentions and yellow for new tweets in your home tab.

silverbird notification

A number icon shows how many new tweets you have.

Composing a tweet in Silver Bird is simple, with the now-standard options of adding media and shortening links included. The compose box stays out of sight until you open it, making for a smoother view of your timeline.

silverbird compose

Two clicks to start composing a tweet make this a great tool to share thoughts quickly from within your browser.

Silver Bird has some other handy features that make it extra useful, including a “mark all as read” option, a preview of image links and follow/unfollow features. You can also set on-page pop-up notifications if you find them useful.

Silver Bird is free to download from the Chrome web store.

#2: Tweetings

Tweetings is based on the same open-source Twitter extension as Silver Bird—the no-longer available Chromed Bird. Thus, the two are similar in many ways. The design, however, is much better in Tweetings.


Tweetings uses icons to distinguish each tab.

As you can see, the basic layout is very similar to Silver Bird. Tweetings puts the compose box at the bottom, but keeps it open so you can create an update with just one click. The basic timeline view is very simple to navigate, with unread tweets in bold font to make catching up much easier. As with Silver Bird, you have an option to “mark all as read,” which I find very useful.

tweetings search

Map previews make your Twitter feed more dynamic, without loading extra pages.

Twitter lists, searches and trends are all available in Tweetings, so you can keep up with tweets on any topic. As in Silver Bird, the app comes with detailed settings, including the option to change the color of your icon for notifications.

tweetings button

An extra cool feature in Tweetings is that the icon can show two different colors at once.

This app includes some handy features to stay connected to your Twitter community, such as follow/unfollow features and the ability to view other users’ timelines. One of my favorite features is the auto-completion of usernames, which I use regularly.

tweetings person

Clicking on a username gives you several options to connect with the person.

Lastly, Tweetings offers Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone versions of its app, which you can sync with the Google Chrome extension. You can grab the extension for free from the Chrome web store, and download full apps from the Tweetings website.

#3: TweetBar

TweetBar takes a very different approach than the full-featured Silver Bird and Tweetings extensions. Simply put, TweetBar lets you send tweets from the URL bar of your Chrome browser. This is certainly one of my favorite additions to Chrome, as there are many times I have wanted to quickly send a tweet without opening a full-fledged Twitter client (probably because I closed them earlier to help me focus!).

Using TweetBar couldn’t be simpler. Once your account is connected, typing “t” and hitting space or tab will let you type in a tweet. Hitting enter sends your message to Twitter. That’s it!

tweetbar sendtweet

A character count will show up in Chrome's drop-down box when you start typing. Image source:

If you often find yourself needing to send a tweet right away, this is the quickest and easiest way I’ve found to do so. Forget opening a new window or even a new tab in your browser—just type and send.

You can download TweetBar from the Chrome web store.

While none of these extensions offer the features (like multiple account support) of full-blown dashboard apps, they are useful to keep on top of a single account, especially if you spend a lot of time working in your browser.

TweetBar is a definite favorite of mine; it certainly fills a need I have. If you’re on the lookout for a specialty app like this, I’d love to hear about it.

What do you think? What features are you looking for in an app that you haven’t found yet? What needs do you have that haven’t been met? I would love to hunt down some tools to help you fill the gaps. Leave a comment below and let’s chat about what you need.

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  • Dan

    Just installed and tried TweetBar. Awesome suggestion!  Definitely a cool way to send out tweets without going to Twitter and losing countless minutes (hours??) viewing the timeline, responding to people,etc.  Should help me stay focused a bit better during the work day

  • Nice suggestions, thanks.  Bit overloaded with tools and add ons for twitter with the exception of browser extensions so worth while checking these out.

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  • I think I’d use TweetBar out of all of them. Though I use the browser “RockMelt” which makes it REALLY easy to share any webpage to Twitter or Facebook with the simple click of a button. It also has sidebars in which you can set up your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc, so that you can see your new messages right in the browser without having to open another tab or use a desktop application (though I still use a desktop application for Tweeting certain things). I don’t work for RockMelt, I just use it and think it’s awesome. 🙂

    Cool post!

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  • Kirsten Woebbeking

    These are great suggestions. Chrome browser extensions are one of many reasons why I love Chrome! Out of the browser extensions listed, I like Silver Bird the best. Although Tweetings is very similar. 

  • Hi Corina,

    These look all great! I think I’ll go with the last one those for Chrome as that seems to be the simplest.  Thanks for sharing them!


  • Sales Chat Sean

     Hi Corina,

    Thanks for this great post. I have used Silver Bird and it really helps in many ways but don’t you think when it comes to managing a Twitter account there should be a tool that can help you un-follow people who are not following you back or to follow people who are following you but you are not following them.

    Tweepi has helped me alot in managing all the Twitter accounts.


  • This is the kind of information that’s cool and fun to read but that business must now be very cautious about. The rate of application development and the availability of tools is accelerating, FAST. It has quickly become the distraction of not only effective business use of social media but of effective business.  If you are not considering your strategy and plan prior to choosing tools your effort will not be successful. “Better Social Management,” comes from considering your mission and goals, how you are going to measure success and then determining the best tools to meet those objectives – not what browser extensions you use. It’s time to give responsible advice and information rather than posting what will get the most shares. 

  • I was hoping they’d offer some competition to HootSuite – although I’m still using it I need to do more research into app’s that support multiple accounts… One just isn’t enough!

  • I’m still using Hootsuite, the chrome extension is awesome for when I’m just generally browsing the web 

    + the dashboard for more organized updates and not just because they sent me a T-shirt + the insights they give about people, reports and just opened up to other apps I think it’s great 

  • Hi Dan,

    I agree – it’s definitely a time-saver for me! Thanks for reading.

  • Hey Morgan,

    I haven’t had a chance to use RockMelt yet, but I used to be a heavy user of the social browser Flock, which worked in pretty much the same way. I loved having my social networks integrated into my browser experience.

  • Hi Ilka, thanks for reading. The last one is definitely a handy, simple solution to tweeting quickly from your browser. Definitely worth a go.

  • Hi Jeff,

    You’ve made a really good point here. I’m certainly a fan of using your social media plan as the basis for choosing any tools you use.

    As you pointed out, ” “Better Social Management,” comes from considering your mission and goals, how you are going to measure success and then determining the best tools to meet those objectives”, you also mentioned that the availability of tools is accelerating. I agree with you on both counts, and I hope that by sharing tools that others may not have heard of, I can help people who are on the hunt for “the best tools to meet those objectives” to find the perfect solutions (or as close to!).

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hi Rouvanne,

    If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution like Hootsuite, you probably want a full-blown dashboard app, rather than a browser extension. I highlighted 3 that you could try in this post: may also want to try Seesmic, Tweetdeck or Twimbow. To be honest though, Hootsuite is the best solution I’ve found so far in this department.

  • Bruce Bixler

    Thanks for the info, especially about Tweetbar. I find it to be a very convenient add on for Chrome. 

  • Corina, Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your perspective. I too have a passion for the tools, especially if they impact workflow with significant time-savings and allow for sharing responsibilities across teams. 

  • Hi Bruce,

    Glad you found it to be helpful!

  • Oh! It would be really helpful to me to update my multiple accounts of my business at once.Thanks to Corina for sharing this valuable information. I will  try to use it right now.

  • These are really helpful, I have used Silver Bird before, but it did give me a few problems so will try the others 

  • Hi from Theo at Auckland NZ , Tweet Bar sounds great i use the seamonkey browser, easiest browser i have found so far that is good on your PC or your memory stick as portable apps. i work as a designer , so have moved thru many offices, so having a mobile office is a necessary, open source keeps you separate from anything on the office PC bar using the web, Twet bar will be a usefull tool is is seamonkey compatable ? , also looking for a mobile app to post to linkedin and squidoo pages even facebook would be usefull from a quick utility, i took a look at yoono but its too slow to connect to anything…  cheers THeo

  • I use Silverbird and find it quite awesome, except for the fact that I have to wait for the pop up after I click the icon, and then, if I go to another page and come back, the pop up is gone. So – I am going to try the Tweetbar and see how it works for me. 🙂 I remember using another program which did the same, except I once ended up tweeting my mailbox 😀 and felt quite stupid later – the perils of tabbed browsing!. One useful thing about the Silverbird thought is the autosuggestion, when we type @ it automatically brings up user names. I like it, even though I am the weird sort who remembers peoples’ twitter handles.
    Thank you! I learned something from this post! @twitter-23290075:disqus  (<<< hey, this is cool too!)

  • Ray

    Man it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all these things. Then, I hear about more cool tools and such. I try to keep up with the latest twitter goodies. I will definitely take a peek at these in my spare time. Please slow down a little so an old dog (yikes I feel old) can catch up with the current trends!

  • Buffer is still the most useful tool I’ve found for managing multiple accounts. My primary interface is via Tweetdeck, with Hootsuite as a back up (for time-scheduling specific tweets – more reliable than Tweetdeck which can be inconsistent).  Buffer launches so quickly from a small icon on your desktop – you can tweet or post to Facebook in a timed way or immediately.

  • Hi Corina – have you tried out Buffer and their browser extension – very cool:

    Te extra value from Buffer is that is ‘buffers’ your tweets to be sent out at optimal times and intervals during the day.

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  • thanks for pointing out tweetbar.  Started using it immediately

  • So great you’ve mentioned Flock, Corina,  it’s a shame it didn’t survived, although I’m actually still using it as a standalone RSS reader, I haven’t found a good RSS readerr for browsers as good as the native one Flock had.

    Great article, btw, as usual 😉


  • Mark Jacobs

    These are some great tools, thanks for the Chrome tool. I’ve been using a Firefox extension for my single Twitter account that allows you to Tweet right from the browser, kind of like Hootsuite but just right in the browser. You can also search Twitter and read your stream right from the browser. It’s the Tweet Theme from a company called Brand Thunder:

  • Lillie

    SilverBird looks very helpful!  I will be checking it out for myself after reading your article.  Thanks for the heads up!

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  • Suse Coon

    I have a business account and a personal account with Twitter. Different email addresses and passwords. But I can’t get them both onscreen at once. Thought Tweetdeck might be the answer but it only recognises one account. Is it possible to set things up so that you can work both at once and if so how? Thanks.

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  • Very nice post but their is a extension like Facebook unfriend type for twitter.

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  • simdigg

    QuickTweet is a Chrome extension that can help with accessing multiple Twitter accounts faster. It allows us to mange 10 of them. However, we cannot access multiple accounts at the same time. 

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  • I just tried it and it’s awesome! Hehe keep up the good work, definitely time-saver. 🙂